Let's Go Mets! OCTOBER 29 - 2015 World Series GAME #3 vs Kansas City Royals

Noah Syndergaard (9-7 3.24) starts game 3 at Citi Field against Yordano Ventura (13-8 4.08). The first playoff game in Citi Field history will be monumental. An expected record crowd of close to 45,000 screaming Mets fans will be on hand to change the momentum of the Series.

Lets Go Mets! David Wright's first World Series home run in the first inning charged up the record Citi Field crowd. The Mets offense knocked in 9 runs, 4 by Captain Wright. Curtis Granderson also homered early to support Noah Syndergaard's 6 inning effort. Syndergaard's first pitch of the game was up and in to the KC leadoff batter, prompting him to have a seat at home plate. Several Royals players were not happy and expressed their dissatisfaction verbally. Noah admitted to throwing up and in and said "I just didn't want him getting too comfortable. If they have a problem with me throwing inside, then they can meet me 60 feet, 6 inches away. I've got no problem with that." Noah, you are the man.

Ticket Cost: $340
Time of game: 3:22
Attendance: 44,781

I am excited that this day has finally come. This short video reminds me of the anticipation of a big October day and how short enjoying it can be.

Dusk view from the tailgate party

I got to the game 4 hours before first pitch. There were all kinds of tents, trailers, merch booths, and talking heads pontificating before cameras. I picked up a World Series program and a pennant, taking them back to the car so I wouldn't have to carry them around inside. I then saw my friends Kevin and Sharon Chapman tailgating in their usual spot and they kindly invited me to join them. We were joined by Brian and his son who I met in Atlanta, Len who is a fellow Californian Mets fan (NY transplant), and my blogging friend Greg. There were a few others that I met but my name recall is very suspect. We ate up some Kansas City ribs not knowing it would be a premonition of the games results. Then we all shared a champagne toast to the Mets National League Championship victory over the Cubs. This was the first tailgate I had done all season, with the exception of a beer with Ken and Lisa in Atlanta.

Lineup introductions

Unveiling the large American Flag

First pitch by Mike Piazza

Nation Anthem sung by Billy Joel

There was a lot of pageantry before the game with lineup introductions and the unfolding of a huge flag in the outfield by many military service members. I was still a bit unbelieving that I was at the first World Series game in Citi Field history and the first Mets World Series game in 15 years.

Thor's 1st pitch sent a message

Realizing the importance of the game, just before Noah threw the first pitch I pulled out my phone and got a picture of the high and tight 98 mph fastball that buzzed the first hitter and went to the backstop. The baseball is just before the plate near the feet of the on deck batter for KC. It again was cold but I came prepared and it wasn't bad at all.

Cold again

This was an enjoyable game as the Mets broke out of their slump. Syndergaard threw a great 6 innings and everything was again Wright in Metsville for an evening. I exited through the Delta seats, waiting as the Mets family and friends were escorted down to the tunnels beneath the stadium before me. Guest Services employees were patting me on the back and again telling me I was the good luck charm of 2015.

I exited out of the ballpark and wandered around the hoopla that was going on. Fans chanting "Let's Go Mets" behind the talking head's stages, holding up signs and trying to see themselves on the video monitors. I got home late and was so amped up I didn't go to bed until nearly 4 am. And that hurt as I was up at 7am to go to JFK and pick up my wife who was coming out for game 4.

Mets Win!