Let's Go Mets! OCTOBER 13 - NLDS GAME #4 vs Los Angeles Dodgers

Steven Matz (4-0) starts at Citi Field against Clayton Kershaw (0-1) as the Mets start another impressive rookie in the NLDS.

Lets Go Mets! The Dodgers pushed the series to the limit by getting 3 runs early off of Steven Matz. Clayton Kershaw shut down the Mets offense, limiting them to only three hits, including a Daniel Murphy homer. Troll Justin Turner knocked in two runs to give the Dodgers a lead the Mets could not overcome. Dodger closer Kenly Jansen shut down the Mets for four outs and closed the door on the Mets winning the series at Citi Field.

Ticket Cost: $118
Time of game: 2:50
Attendance: 44,183

After getting home from Game 3 late last night, I started to feel like I had the flu. At 3:30 am I woke up in a sweat, shivering. At 9 am my cleaning lady called and woke me up, she was here cleaning until after noon. When she left I went straight back to bed. I slept all afternoon and kept looking at the clock, watching game time getting closer and closer. Finally I got myself up and showered, dressed, and drove to the ballpark.

Game #4 view

I went straight to my seat and then realized there was still over an hour and a half until first pitch. It was very cool but for the first time I remembered to get my gloves out of my car. I was the only person in the ballpark that was wearing gloves. It was the hardest game to sit through. I hardly left my seat and once the Mets made 2 outs in the ninth, I headed for the exit. I didn't leave the ballpark before the last out to keep my streak of being present for every inning alive.

If the Mets lose game #5 in LA, this will have been my last game of the season and I am headed home. I felt terrible the whole game and not just because the Mets lost. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to anyone as I headed straight to my car to beat some of the traffic and get home to rest.

I was caught texting at game 3

The Mets have a panoramic picture of today and yesterday's filled ballpark. The panoramic pictures show the whole ballpark but like a google map you can zoom in and still have quality pictures. When I found myself in Game 3's crowd they had caught me texting on my phone. Later, when I saw Game 4's photo, I could not find myself because I was the only person sitting!

Stuff I've accumulated this season

Since I wasn't feeling 100%, I failed to get any pictures but one. So to fill space I've included a photo of some of the freebies that where given away during the year. Like a Duda growth chart, deGrom garden gnome, Lagares bobblehead, toy truck, player and schedule magnets, various souvenir cups, a couple hats, t-shirts and a fedora.