Let's Go Mets! OCTOBER 4 - HOME GAME #81 vs Washington Nationals (83-78)

Jacob deGrom (14-8) starts the last game of the season against Tanner Roark (4-7)


Lets Go Mets! After being unable to get a base hit last game, the Mets turned the tables on the Nationals by not allowing a Washington hit until two outs in the sixth inning. Both teams matched zeros until the bottom of the eighth when Mets RF Curtis Granderson homered to give the Mets a 1-0 lead. Familia closed the door in the ninth for the victory.

Ticket Cost: $138
Time of game: 2:34
Attendance: 41,631

Game #81 view

The last game of the season. I tried to get a seat in center field with the 7Line for this final game but they sold out their 868 seat section in less than a minute weeks ago. So I picked up two seats in the Delta Club and invited my friend Murph to join me for some Mets baseball. We had a very fun day but the 1-0 game went by way too quickly.

Murf & Skid after the game

It was a strange feeling day. Last game of the season but not the last game. It wasn't a day of goodbyes. And there was no sorrow at Citi. Things were not done, the Mets had more to do. I still couldn't believe this had all happened in front of me all season. Post Season Baseball!

Michael Conforto - My 2015 new favorite Player

After winning and shaking hands with each other, Terry Collins and some players went out to acknowledge The7Line and all the fans who supported the Mets. Bullpen coach Ricky Bones threw a whole bag of baseballs into the 7Line crowd. Travis d'Arnaud and Jacob deGrom ran to Bones to snag some baseballs to throw but the bag had already been emptied by Ricky.

As the players circled the field celebrating the fans, Murph and I managed to get invited by a Guest Services person to move up and stand behind home plate and get some pictures. It was a nice end of season celebration for the fans.

After the players left the field Murph and I slowly made our way towards the exit when we stopped and chatted with Christine and Andy. Standing near one of the souvenir stands I realized that it was the last game of the regular season and I had not purchased a 2015 Mets yearbook. So I bought one and while thumbing through it later I found an ad for Mets Fantasy Camp on page 209. Among the collage of photos was one of me from Fantasy Camp making a throw from left field.