Let's Go Mets! OCTOBER 3 - HOME GAME #80 vs Washington Nationals (82-78)

Matt Harvey (13-7) faces Max Scherzer (14-12) in the second game of a day-night doubleheader.


Lets Go Mets! Matt Harvey was in fine form for his playoff tuneup. Matt gave up only 4 hits, 0 walks, 1 unearned run and struck out 11 in 6 innings. But Max Scherzer out did Harvey by going 9 innings, allowed no hits, no runs, no walks and struck out 17 including nine of the last ten batters. Even while watching the Nationals run onto the field to celebrate after the last out, it didn't matter because the Mets are going to the postseason and the Nats are going home after tomorrow's game.

Ticket Cost: $81
Time of game: 2:14
Attendance: 41,480

Game #80 view

One of the things I've always wanted when going to a baseball game was to see a no-hitter. Now I have seen two no hitters and I'm not happy about either one. Why did they both have to be against the Mets? The young power pitchers that the Mets have will mean something special could happen at Citi Field one day soon.

Best Wishes for Rusty Staub

During the game the Mets made an announcement about former Mets great Rusty Staub, who had a medical emergency on a flight from Ireland to New York. The flight had to return to Ireland and Rusty is resting comfortably. Get better soon Rusty!

NY Mets NL East Champs

There were a lot of reminders around the ballpark and on the video screen that the Mets were 2015 NL East Division Champions. That was nice to see since the division clinching game was in Cincinnati and only a lucky few Mets fans were fortunate enough to be there for the clincher.

Cowbellman (L) & Pinman (R) with
the owner of the famous sign from
the clincher in Cincinnati (M)

The last out of Scherzer's No Hitter

If you watch the above video, watch the bullpen players of the Nats running in from right field. The lead guy trips and another player goes down over him. Funny stuff. Silly Nats.

The first four RIOT albums.

Another RIOT story coming soon.