Let's Go Mets! OCTOBER 17 - NLCS GAME #1 vs Chicago Cubs

Matt Harvey (13-8 2.71) starts game 1 at Citi Field against Jon Lester (11-12 3.34)

Lets Go Mets! HAPPY HARVEY DAY! Daniel Murphy had his second straight postseason game in which he homered off of a lefty. Matt Harvey had terrific stuff and held the Cubs in check most of the game. Murphy and Travis d'Arnaud homered and Travis's homer bounced off the center field apple. Daniel Murphy capped the game with a two out-one on grab of a hit to right and fired to first to end the game. One of the more fun games I have been to.

Ticket Cost: $140
Time of game: 2:55
Attendance: 44,287

Game #1 view

As I drove into the Citi Field parking lot nearly four hours before first pitch I was greeting by the parking crew of Alex and Michael. After paying my $25 to park [I had free Citi parking for 71 games this year] I talked to supervisors Max and James. After my feeling ill on NLDS game 4 and not seeing anybody on my way in and way out, parking 300 yards away from the ballpark and fighting my way to the exits, it was great to see my Citi family parking guys. Max & James let me park in my usual spot right by the exit as I had all year long.

The Citi parking crew: Alex, James, Maxie, & Michael

Being early I wandered over to McFadden's to get a beer and meet up with one of my Fantasy Camp friends Matt. McFadden's is the only place to hang out before games, there is nothing else very close to the ballpark. But it gets loud in there the closer to game time and their "DJ" just loves to crank up the music making it hard to hear conversations. It was good to see Matt again. I then went out to the parking lot where I met up in the cold wind with my friend Greg with Kevin & Sharon and other Mets fans tailgating. Kevin and Sharon put on a great tailgate party. I met some of their friends and had a great time pregame partying for the NLCS. Once first pitch approached Greg, Sharon and I ended up walking into the game together.

My Fantasy Camp friend Matt

I had dressed warmly and brought my gloves to keep my hands warm. It was about 48 degrees at game time with a biting wind blowing. Everyone was walking around and in concession lines, it was difficult to walk around the park. I took my seat after getting a hot link sausage for my pre-game meal.

Mets announcer and Legend Keith Hernandez threw out the first pitch

It was cold and windy all game. After the Mets scored in the first on red hot Daniel Murphy's home run, the crowd was loud and rowdy. It never stopped the whole game. The Mets fans were enjoying this big time. Everybody around me was into the game except two women in front of me who seemed to enjoy their own company instead of the game. A group of four guys were sitting two rows in front of me. As they entered I noticed one was wearing a new blue Mets jersey with GROTE 15 on the back (catcher for '69 Mets) while the guy on the aisle wore the same blue jersey with AGEE 20 on the back (outfielder for '69 Mets). "Agee" turns to everyone and yells "We are all family tonight!" to which I turned to the guys behind me and said "Every family has a crazy Uncle Agee".

As the game progressed and we were sharing high fives all around (except the couple in front of me, the girls were too busy with their own hands) Agee comes and whispers in my ear "You have to zip me up". OK, I may have heard that phrase before but not at a baseball game. Agee pulls up his sweatshirt to reveal a costume underneath. Two of his friends do not know his supervillain plans. [remember it's Matt Harvey pitching - known as the Dark Knight]

Around the 6th inning, Agee gives me a signal and comes back by me and sits in the aisle. He starts taking off his shoes and pants, then sweatshirt to reveal a bright green Riddler costume. I zipped up the back, he put on his shoes and a mask, then proceeded to run up and down the aisle exhorting the crowd to the shock of his friends. It was hilarious.

A special guest at the ballpark!!


Later I learned that the Riddler's name was actually Freddie. A very nice guy and crazy Mets fan (aren't they all?) It was so cold he ended up putting his clothes back on by the end of the inning. It just added to the fun of beating the Cubs for the first time this year. Freddie and I exchanged phone numbers.

Too Much Fun!

Mets Win!

A great Mets win! After the game I ran into another friend Dave, who runs the Facebook page Dave's Mets Dugout. He invited me to join his group for a beer in the parking lot. Dave told me he is moving because his wife got a new job - in California! We planned to hit a Raider's game together. Afterward I left Dave and his great group of friends to watch the SNY stage in front of the rotunda entrance. This was the closest I had gotten to Gary, Keith, and Ron, the SNY TV broadcasting team for the last 10 years. Also with them was Gary Apple and former Mets manager Bobby Valentine. I hung around just in case an opportunity to catch them and sign my scrap book came about.

The SNY aftergame show