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Sal da Pal

Salvador Cruz Monteagudo

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"I can show you the world..."-from Alladin

"To make this thing called life work, we gotta lean and support. And relate and respond. And give and take. And confess and forgive. And reach out and embrace" -Charles Swindoll

I Love Jesus!
"READ the Bible-The Pathway to life"

*see Bible

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City of Morris-2004 All American City Finalist!


Sal's 2009 Reflections
Twin Cities Festival 04'

Click the following to see the World of SAL:

  • Goodnews Everybody, MySpace personal site
  • Sal's Family, my family In St. Paul
  • Resume
  • Jesus, my personal "savior" and way to heaven-
  • why?
  • What I'm Thankful For!, praise reports/testimonies of what my Heavenly Father has done
  • Philippines, Don't forget where you came from!...another home
  • Taco Bell, Yo Quiero Taco Bell!
  • Other Interest
  • My Friends
  • God's Adventure in Life for me in...

    University of Minnesota-Morris as a Student (95'-99')

  • West-Central Minnesota Summer 99' Institute of Ministry, with the Morris Community Church
  • Diversity Gospel Explosion 99', Saturday, May 22nd @1p.m. UMM Student Center/Mall
  • UMM Experience, activities I've been involved in so far at the
  • Asian Student Association, pres.(98'-99') of an org. where my identity is not hidden
  • Clayton A. Gay Hall Residents of II-III 97'-98', the resident adviser of II-III
  • Gateway Students of 1998, a mentor
  • Liberal Arts for the Human Services, classes to get a Bachelors Degree
  • ...Morris, MN

  • Ravenwood Home, a consumer counselor for a group home
  • Alpha & Omega 99'-01', (new) adviser to christian student organization in UMM"
  • Morris Community Church, servant to help fulfill the "Great Co-mission" (eg. International Student Ministry)
  • City of Morris, by info-link
  • Good News UMM, a table ministry (99'-01') and now a college resource outreach
  • See You At the Party 2000, a youth outreach event
  • Good News Radio Show, KUMM 89.7 FM Sundays @6-8pm! (only back in the summer of 2002)
  • UMM Alumn Questionaaire Feedback 03', going back 4 years!
  • Morris Leadership Retreat 2004, follow-up community project
  • Literacy Project, teaching ESL and GED too (Wednesdays-restarted in the Fall of 04')
  • Special Touch Ministry, a chapter in Morris to serve the "physically challenged" population
  • ...West-Central Area Minnesota

  • Friendship Fest 2000, Glenwood,MN Youth Event
  • Living Waters Ministries
  • See You at the Party 2002 in Alexandria, MN
  • >

    ...Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul

  • Spirit Shine: Bennefit Concert for the Children & Poor of the Philippines
  • Filipino Fellowship, a fellowship group in the Twin Cities
  • Woodland Hills Church, home visiting church in St. Paul!
  • Heart of the City, worshipping God as one in Christ (denominations, races/ethnicity, class, etc...)
  • Twin Cities Mission Trip, a 1 week suprise!
  • ...Minnesota

  • Camping Trip 2003, hiking in north central MN
  • English Teaching Degree, currently (08'-14') pursuing through Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota (online!)-looking for scholarships
  • ...United States

  • Family Trip to New York City 90', in NYC, New York
  • Disney World 91' Trip with my Aunt and bro&sis in Orlando, Florida

  • Hmong Youth Conference 96', in Washington, DC
  • Harvard Asian American Intercollegiate Conference 1998, attended in Cambridge-Boston, MA
  • Smithton Outpouring 99', attended in Smithton, MO
  • Impact Movement 2000 attended in Atlanta, GA
  • U.S.-Mexico Border Mission Trip 01', in Nogales, AZ
  • Hungry Horse Camp Trip 02', attended in Hungry Horse, MT
  • ...World

  • Mexico Trip 2001!
  • Celebrate Messiah 2000, conf. Dec. 27th 2000-Jan2nd 2001 cancelled!
  • Philippine Trip 2001!, Oct. 4th-20th (first time since 1980)
  • GAIA Community, a global-online community to "make a difference"

  • Any questions? Please e-mail me at:

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    Other favorite quotes:

    "Happiness does not come with things, even though with 20th century things, it can come with work and pride in what you do."
    -Mahatma Gandhi ("Gandhi", the movie on this great man's struggle and work for India's freedom)

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