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Sal's Liberal Arts for the Human Services College Years (1995-1999)

(Goodnews UMM Liberal Arts Perspective)

-Sal's courses taken from 95'-99' at the University of Minnesota-Morris (UMM) with related links


Anth 1100-"Intro. To Antrhopology" (S-96)

Anth 3380-"Culture Change" (S-97)


Biol 1003-"Conservation Issues (F-96)

  • World Population Clock
  • "Then God said, "Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it , according to their various kinds." And it was so. The land produced vegetation: plants bearin seed according tot their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according tho their kinds. And God saiw that it was good."- Genesis 1:11


    Econ 1100-"Intro to Economics"(F-96)


    History 1402 "Sex Role Society in the U.S." (W-99)
    *see L.A. Women, Ladies, Mom, Mother, Feminists, Feminism, etc..

  • Women's Issues Net Links
  • Feminism and Women's Resources
  • History 1103-"Intro To World Hist" (1850-Present)(S-99)

  • History on the Internet, this is chronological, which sets our foundation!
  • Interdisciplinary Studies

    IS 1020H-"Inquiry:Values Changing World"(F-95)

    IS 3855-"Prof Ethics:Human Services"(S-98)

    IS 3947-"Prior Learning" (F-98)

  • American Cancer Society
  • Management

    Management 3220-"Organization & Theory" (W-99)



    Psych 1201-"General Psychology I" (F-97)

    Psych 1202-"General Psychology II" (W-96)

    Psych 3525-"Social Psychology" (W-98)

    Psych 3500-"Child Development" (F-98)

    Psych 3501-"Adolescence" (W-99)

    Psych 3502-"Dev. Psych: Adulthood, Aging" (S-99)

  • McGraw-Hill Developmental Psychology, careeers working with the elderly
  • Political Science

    Pol 1100-"State in the Modern World"(W-98)

    Pol 1200-"American Government and Politics"(S-96)

    Pol 1300-"Intro to Political Science Analysis"(F-98)

    Pol 1400-"World Politics"(F-97)


    Soc 1100 "Intro. to Soc"(W-97)

    Soc 3401 "Sociology of Gender" (F-97)

    Soc 3305 "Social Stratification" (S-98)

    Soc 3416-"Prejudice, Discrimination, and Oppression" (S/98)

  • William Wiilberforce, a white man that spoke against slavery!
  • Speech

    Spch 1100H-"Intro: Public Speaking" (W-98)

    Spch 3310 "Intercultural Communication" (S-99)

    Spch 3322 "Organization Communication Theory & Research" (S-99)

    Other courses
    ArtH 1100-"Principles of Art"(S-98)

    ArtS 1503-"First-Year Drawing"(F-96)

    CSci 1100-"Introduction: Computer World"(W-97)

    Engl 1111-"Fundamentals of Writing"(F-95)

    Engl 1301-"College Writing I"(W-96)

    Engl 1302-"College Writing II"(S-96)

    Geol 1000-"Geology in Daily Life"(S-97)

    Math 1150-"Intro to Statistics" (W-97)

    Mus 1300-"Intro to Piano"(W-99)

    Span 1110-"Intermediate Spanish I"(F-95)

    Span 1120-"Intermediate Spanish II"(W-96)

    WSS 1100-"Intro to Health"(F-96)

    WSS 1232-"Badminton" (S-98)

    Recommended Resources


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    1990s From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "Mainstream "Techno", as it is dubbed by the media, became hugely popular in Europe and the U.S. From the early raves of 1990 to about 1996, electronic music gradually gained widespread recognition as a new genre in its own right. This trend reached a head in the latter part of the decade as underground parties were largely replaced by massive commercially sponsored parties, and as music media such as MTV began coverage of it...


    1990s From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    International Issues
    The Taliban seize control of Afghanistan in 1996.
    # Great Britain hands sovereignty of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China on July 1, 1997.
    # The government of the People's Republic of China led by Jiang Zemin announces major privatization of state-owned industries in September 1997.
    # Both India and Pakistan reveal their acquiring of nuclear weapons in two separate missile tests in both countries in 1998.
    # After the bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania by Al-Qaeda militants, U.S. naval military forces launch cruise missile attacks against Al-Qaeda bases in Afghanistan in 1998.
    # In May 1999, Pakistan sends troops covertly to occupy strategic peaks in Kashmir. A month later the Kargil War with India results in a political fiasco for Nawaz Sharif, followed by a military withdrawal to the Line of Control. The incident leads to a military coup in October in which the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is ousted by Army Chief Pervez Musharraf.
    # Portugal hands sovereignty of Macau to the People's Republic of China on December 20, 1999.
    # East Timor breaks away from Indonesian control in 1999, merely a year after the fall of Suharto from power, ending a twenty-four year guerrilla war with more than 200,000 casualties. The UN deploys a peace keeping force, spearheaded by the Australian and New Zealand armed forces. The United States deploys police officers to serve with the International Police element, to help train and equip an East Timorese police force.

    Before College


    Years After College

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