Twin Cities Mission Trip

Twin Cities Mission Trip

I went on a “co-mission” trip to the neighborhood I grew up in for the week of Monday, July 22nd-Saturday, July 27th. I asked God to use me effectively during my 1 week “vacation” in St. Paul. I wanted to spend “quality time” with family and friends. After a pumped-up sermon about "Evangelism" last week in my local church, I wanted to make this vacation an effective co-mission vacation. He answered this prayer and desire! Please read below of my day to day testimonial report:

Note: I do not use last names or include information about each person for personal confidential consideration.

Monday, July 22nd- After arriving from Morris (2 ½ hours drive) last night, I woke up around 8am to get a head start of my vacation. First, I shared my unexpected driving stories from last evening with family and friends: Last night, I left Morris around 8:30pm after taking out my co-host or our “Good News Radio Show” to McDonalds to show my appreciation. I dropped him off and went to my house to pick-up my luggage before heading to the cities. As my heart to be used by God effectively in this “evangelistic” radio show that evening, I fasted that day from main course meals (just ate fruits). There was this fire and hunger in my heart to be used by God effectively that day and all week while I’m in the cities. On my way to the cities, I decided to stop over at my friend/brother in Christ-Terry at Starbuck, MN (30 minutes east of Morris on Hwy 28). I ended up praying with him and sharing some encouraging Scripture verses to encourage him in his daily walk with God. I then started what it began to be “the evangelism tract outreach” for the entire week. I stopped at the Conoco gas station in that same town and I just played my radio (tuned to KCGN 101.5 FM-Christian radio station) loud while I was getting gas. Before I left, I dropped a $ tract (John 3:16 & Romans 10:9) on the gas pump. I then headed for an unusual trip to the cities that Sunday evening. As I was passing Monticello (close to Albertville) on I-94, I saw all these flashing light vehicles coming the opposite (going west bound) way. As I was about to pass these vehicles from the opposite side, I noticed a car upside down in the ditch with its’ tires facing up. I right away thought about Prince’s accident last winter of last year. I then started praying for that person who was in that car. There was this nudge in my heart on whether I stopped to pray for this car accident victim, but this other thing in my mind kept on saying “you’ll be a distraction to the emergency vehicles”. I would later on regret this Monday evening after my friend, Leo, shared about his friend’s (car accident victim) encounter with a Christian that came up to him and prayed with him. I drove through that accident scene praying for this accident victim and wondered if I would ever know this person’s condition (physically and spiritually). As I was nearing towards my destination, I was looking up for the name of the song of the CD I was listening to in my car. When I looked up (11:39pm), I saw this bald headed guy running across the 6 lane highway section by Mounds Park Boulevard (east of downtown St. Paul). I almost nearly hit him! I ended up praying for that guy after asking God to forgive me for not fully paying attention on the road. I finally reached my parents’ home around 11:45pm and shared these stories with the ones that were awake. I went to bed around past 12 midnight after an interesting evening.

It’s Monday morning and I pretty much woke up asking God how I can be used by Him this week. I checked my e-mail and planned my schedule getting together with friends I e-mailed last week. I wanted to spend some quality time with them as I told them I was going to be home for a week. I ate lunch with my dad as I wanted to take advantage of this time while I was home. Later in the afternoon, I called Leo Serrano, a Filipino-American, whom I just met just a couple of times from Ami. We wanted to get together as we had some similar backgrounds (Filipino, Christian, male). He lived only 5-10 minutes from my house in St. Paul, so we met at McDonalds (corner of Rice St. and University Ave.) and carpooled together as I wanted to show him around the new neighborhood he just moved into. We drove along the Asian predominately business neighborhood along University Avenue (Frogtown) and I showed him some some stores to go for certain necessities. It was almost time for me to pick my sister from work. I went to turn on Larpenteur Ave. after going north on Snelling Avenue past the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. As we were waiting for the green light on the left turn lane, we notice one of those “We will work for food” people. I noticed her the last minute, so I just got a Bible and threw it out to her in front of her feet. I then started praying for her as we drove past her. Looking back at this, I kinda wish I could’ve stopped (after parking) and actually prayed with her. I told Leo that I will do this next time, which God did give me this opportunity 4 days later (Read ahead!). Leo shared some stories of his personal experiences with meeting people unexpectedly on the highway and streets. He really encouraged me to “be ready” (Ephesians 6 “feet of readiness”) when God gives me a similar situation. I dropped him at his new house (lives with his brother) around 5:25p and hurriedly drove to downtown to pick-up my sister from work (U.S. Bank)-on time-oh yeah! I came home around 6pm to find out I got a call from an Admissions Representative of Brown College. “Wow, that was quick”, which I said to my dad as I told him that I just applied for their information this morning. The Admissions Representative, Jenny, called me around 7pm and invited me for a tour Tuesday morning @10am. My sister and I went to Blockbuster Video (only several block from my parents’ home) to get two interesting movies: “Black Hawk Down” & “Vanilla Sky (starring Tom Cruise and ?). While picking out videos, I secretly put a Bible tract on one of the video displays. I was glued on watching “Black Hawk”, which had some political and very few religious significance. I was kind of disappointed because it was very one sided (doesn’t explain the background of Somalians, which the producers made them look like “savages”). As a Christian, I feel God loves them and we should love our enemies/neighbors. Yes, they killed 19 Americans (1,000 Somalians were killed), but we need to understand one another. However, I did like the ambition of the U.S. Army to rescue a “fallen soldier”, which gave me some motivation as a Christian/soldier for Christ (spiritually through intercessory prayer) to look out for the backslidden Christians/brother-sister in Christ!

Tuesday, July 23rd- I woke up to get ready for my appointment with the Admissions Counselor/Representative @10am. Attention Readers, I begin each day with a devotional time with God through prayer and reading the Bible to get me “fired” up and to be used by Him. I was impressed with the courses they offered for a Radio Broadcasting major and the updated equipment in these classrooms after the tour. However, I was shock that it was a private school, which got me somewhat ready to hear the expensive tuition cost-$25,000 (just for a year and half of courses)! I ended up applying to see what would my financial aid cost. Before heading back home from Inver Grove Heights, I wanted to stop over at my old college friend’s family’s donut shop. I drove to West St. Paul and forgot the exact location. I took the wrong turn, so I ended up driving back where I drove from. Along the way, some guy honked at me. I looked to my right during a red light and this guy yelled, “I like your bumper stickers, you seem to be very bold about your faith” (paraphrasing). Then he went on to, “I live out for Jesus everyday myself too”. I responded, “Cool” with a thumbs up. Then he out of the blue asked me, “Are you republican or democrat”. I then responded, “neither, which I stay neutral”. I was about to give my reason, but the light turned green and I had to move. I yelled out “God bless, and keep it up!”. I had to get to my right lane, so I drove in front of him to get him to see my stickers before I exited to “Granny’s Donuts”. I ended up praying that he will continue to grow in a relationship with God. I got home around past 1pm after stopping buy my old friend’s family’s donut shop called “Granny’s Donut”. I brought home some discounted and extra free donuts (God’s favor!) that they gave out of their heart. My dad and the whole family was surprised of the outstanding tuition costs! God willingly, I’ll consider attending this school if the circumstances work in place. Aunt Toni (my dad side) called and mentioned she will not be able to do a get-together with Thelma and I today. However, she asked if I could mow her lawn. I agreed to do it as this would be a good time and only to spend some time with her this entire week. It was a good time to reflect my childhood while I was mowing. I used to visit my Aunt with my siblings once a week, so we were very close. Since college, we have somewhat grew apart due to our “busyness” and other priorities in life at our age. She gave me some cool tips in rehabilitating my injured knee (I was in crutches for 2 weeks earlier) and talked about some of what’s been going on our lives currently. I then left at 4pm to drive to Merit Chevyrolet to see if I could get my passenger seat belt fix. They ended up ordering some parts, which I would find out later in the week that they would not be able to work on it. This is due to the parts would not come in time. I was invited to a small birthday party (Andre) that evening @8pm, so I drove to Northwestern Book Store in Roseville to pick a gift certificate. I hanged out with the family and Leo. We stayed till 12:30am to share how God has been good and ended the evening praying together!

Wednesday, July 24th-I dropped my sister off at work @10:30am and decided to take the long cut home. I drove through 3rd St to reflect on the times driving through here during high school. A sad memory came to me on the intersection of 3rd and Maria: During the summer of 94’, a gas line leaked and caused an explosion. Several people were killed including the utility guy who accidentally cut through this gas line. I remembered seeing the fire and smoke all the way from Harding Senior High School, where I was outside for gym class during summer school. As I was driving further on E. 3rd St., I then reflected another sad story: That same summer, 2 St. Paul police officers were killed on duty along Johnson St. It was so serious, that they had to block most of that neighborhood to catch this guy. I decided to drive to Harding Senior High School to see if I could get my academic transcript to apply at Brown College. The staff wasn’t there at the time, so I ended up picking it up that afternoon. It was fun to see my Class of 1995 picture on the front entry of the school’s office and somewhat toured around in & out the building. After 5pm, I called Wanny (an old-time close high school friend) to schedule a time to hangout during his off-day from work. We ended up hanging out at Embers around 9:30pm after I attended a prayer gathering in my local St. Paul church-Woodland Hills Church. I try to attend this church whenever I get the chance while visiting the cities once a month. Pastor Riley organized a “Concert of Prayer” to have the different groups pray for variety of topics: covering (spiritual) over our church body/building, a particular pastor, families to be together, etc… I met some cool people that I ended up getting their e-mail to keep in touch. The prayer meeting lasted 2 hours! I went home and had supper before meeting with Wanny for another small appetizer meal. I had a great time meeting with Wanny despite the restaurant unexpectedly closing earlier than expected @10pm. God was there! I had the opportunity to share my testimony and a verse leading to salvation on my business card. I later (Saturday morning) e-mailed him some scriptures to answer some questions he had about Christianity. I left a Bible tract on the seat of where I sat at the restaurant to not get the waitress confused that it’s not a tip. I came home and watched Vanilla Sky with my brother before going to bed.

Thursday, July 25th- I woke up around 9am (as I wasn’t able to get to bed till 2am), which I had to meet with the folks at Brown College to work on my financial aid. They came up with $15,000 left of the tuition for me to come up with from own pocket. It was still too expensive, which kind gave me some confirmation that I will not agree on going to this school unless God provided! That was a whole new topic in itself! I talked with my dad about this, which he told me to not focus too much on this school since radio broadcasting is just a hobby. I told him, if the money is there (through scholarships, etc..) then I’ll consider in attending this fall. That was a whole new topic in itself! I pretty much stayed home and waited till we as a family went out for supper. My mom wanted to go together as a family for supper since we will be all busy this weekend. I spent quality time fellowshipping with my family during our buffet at Great Moon in Maplewood. Like every day this week, I didn’t didn't let any doorto share the Gospel. I left the restaurant by putting a Bible tract in my seat and slid it in the table when I left (like what I did at Embers last evening). After a BIG buffet, my sister and I went for a walk around the neighborhood to digest all that “buffet” food in our stomachs. We stopped over by the big playground with all these softball games going on in our backyard. One of the funny sights was a team wearing their pajamas. The player that got our attention was this guy wearing puppy slippers! It was more than an hour by the time we walked the whole BIG block. While my brother was working on putting some stereo equipment in his car, we went to Blockbuster Video to rent more movies: “Amelle (French movie that won a lot of Academy Awards)”. I had to do my phone calls, which I had some good conversations with several friends I haven’t talked to for a long time! By the time I finished my last call, it was midnight-I then called it a night!

Ephesians 6:18 "pray in the Spirit in all occasions"
1 Chr 5:20 "He answered their prayer"

Friday, July 26th-I woke up early this morning as I wanted to start the day early. I called Prince, who asked me to contact him through e-mail yesterday. He was heading to N.Y. to visit some family visiting the United States. Before heading to the airport he wanted to get some gifts for his visiting sister to bring back to Ghana. After shopping at Roseville, we were heading back to his place at the Twin Cities campus. We entered the University Ave. crossing from 35W in Minneapolis and met some young people carrying "Hungry" & "Travelers" signs. It was a green light on the left lane turning east on University Ave, so I wasn't able to give my response (ran out of Bibles too, like the one I threw to someone in a similar situation-SEE story 7/22). I look back and they seem mad with dissapointment. Remembering my bumper stickers on my car, I asked God if You want me to talk to them, let them be there when we head to the airport. Prince was all packed and we headed out with one hour before his flight departure from the MSP-Int'l airport. As we were about to exit to 35W south from the University Ave. exit, I wanted to see if those same guys carrying that sign was there. Well, they were there! Being obedient, I put my flashers on of my car parked to the side and walked to talk to them. I ended up talking to one of the guys (the two others were across the street). I asked him, "Where are you guys going to?". He looked at me with confusion, so I pointed to the "Traveler" on his sign. He then told me an unexpected answer, "California..for a ? (forgot the name) concert". I wanted to know their destination and purpose because in my thought-I started to think about that cult "Heaven's Gate-(Hale Bopp comet watchers)". I didn't want to be responsible in giving money to help a group get into a cult! I asked him what his name was, "Eric", which I then introduced myself. I then told him, "I would like to help you guy financially, but I want you to give me an opportunity to share about the Bible". (paraphrasing). I then told him, "Remember 9/11, if you were in the WTC and got killed, would you know if you would go to Heaven". His answer was, "I'm not sure". I told him "Would you like to be sure?". I then quickly shared the "Gospel" as I looked to my side (30-40 feet away from the car) that Prince stepped out of the car waiting for me. He did the salvation prayer…. "Heavenly Father, I'm a sinner like Sal and I'm not pefrect. I thank you for sending your Son Jesus Christ who died on the cross and rose again the third day for the forgivness of our sins. I ask you rith now to forgive me of all my sins. Come live inside of me and be the Lord of my life everyday, so I'll totally give me dependence on you. If you want me to go to California, I believe you will provide. Protect me in my travels. I ask all this in Jesus ' name. Amen!' (paraphrase)

…with me to make sure he know's that he's going to Heaven. I quickly asked if I could hug him and told him "I trust that God will be with you IF you do go to California". I handed him the Bible tract and told him, "I'll be praying for you". It was 2:35 (15 minutes has passed), which Prince and I prayed together for him as we headed to the airport. Despite the early afternoon traffic along 35W Southbound, we were able to make it around 2:45. I didn't hear from Prince that evening, so I trust that God had favor for him to be on time for his flight departure to NYC. As I look back at this unexpected "Gospel opportunity", I wished I could sit with him and asked more of his background. One of the things I regretted was not leaving a contact information as a follow-up. I decided to write 1.888.NEED.HIM on all the tracts while waiting for my sister that afternoon from my car before picking her up. On my way home from the airport, I decided to stop over at the Super America along W. 7th St. I thought about my close high school buddy, Kevin, where he worked the last time I visited him. After parking my car in front of the gas station, a young teenager (boy) yelled out, "I like the stickers on your car", as he was leaving (he actually almost tripped as he was walking backwards when he yelled this to me on the parking concrete curbs) with his friends with some junk food. I went into the SA store and asked about Kevin, which the employees didn't recognize his name. I left with some disappointment and prayed to God to "…send a brother and sister in Christ his way". I pray this all the time for friends and family almost everyday, which I feel it's my duty to do the same with the people God puts in my life.

When I arrived home, I had 2 hours to relax before picking my sister up from work. I checked my e-mail, a habit of mine when I have nothing else to do. One of my e-mails was from a guy I've been waiting for to connect together in person. His name is Joey, who went on a mission trip to the Philippines (Sept 01'-April 02') from Woodland Hills Church. I contacted him after reading his monthly newsletters that I try to pick-up whenever I get the chance to visit that church. We contacted by e-mail off and on at times during those months he was there. When he came back, our schedule seem to not work right for us to meet. Well, that opportunity finally came, which I called his work place to agree on meeting together. The funny thing, prior to this meeting, I was planning to check out the Street Evangelism (a weekly outreach to the Twin Cities that opens up to anybody across all churches to join together). However, I asked God if you don't want me to do this, then I asked you that you show me by not having me pick my sister from work today. My dad couldn't pick her up because he had to do some errands in town for some rental property he owns. This was a confirmation sign, so that confirmed me to call Joey at work to meet tonight after I pick my sister from work. I told this to my sister, which I dropped her off and went to meet Joey at Amore Café on Grand Aveune. We met around 6pm and talked about the Philippine culture and how he got plugged into Woodland Hills Church. Joey wanted to show me pictures he took, so we went over to his house.

Saturday, July 27th- I had a chance to meet with my old high school friend, Sean. He told me a praise report that God answered our prayer (we prayed together for physical healing a month ago together) for his wife-Halleluah! We talked about what's been going on in our life these days. I encouraged him to read Luke 5 on healing as a follow-up to his wife's answered prayer.

He gave me a car baby seat, which I can used for carrying children in my car or even give it to a parent in my church in need. What a blessing from God! He made some good Filipino eggrolls too for me to eat before we left to test drive new "used" car. I went home to eat one of my favorite dishes my dad makes. After lunch, I e-mailed Wanny a follow-up on our recent conversation at Embers. Then I drove over to Spring Lake Park's Sam;s Club to get some food for my mom and the church Hogroast Pot-luck the following day. I drove all the way here to just head to New Hope for the "Love Seminar" that Wefellowship/Hear & Obey sponsored. The storm was wicked when I drove from St. Louis Park to New Hope. It was soo bad that I had to exit 394 and take the side roads. I finally arrived around 4:30pm, which the seminar was just finishing. It was good to see my fellow Filipino brothers and sisters in Chris since the May 11th "Spirit Shine: Philippine Children Benefit Concert" at Inver Hills' Assembly of God. Cecilia asked if I could drive one of the guest speakers, Pastor Louis Salonga, whom I enjoyed the conversation on the drive to the house. He thought I was still I school because of my youth look. Salonga shared countless stories of signs and wonders God has done through him and the Philippine churches overal. We got so overwhelemed, so we told him to rest and share these stories when the guest comes for Andre's 2nd Bigger Birthday Party this evening @8pm. Around 9:30pm, we had a time to hear these stories and more with a captivated guests of 10-15 people (with new people coming in late). Below are just some powerful testimonies of miracles, healing, signs, and wonders that "Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever":


"Brand New Eyes" John 14:14. Anything you ask in my name? He ask God to heal him of his bad eye vision (Mark 10:52, Luke 18:42). He longer wears no glasses! 30-45 minutes later, he received that joy of laughter!

"Ear heals" He asked God to hear and was healed 100% It made a pop, which he can hear clearly now.

"Held-Up": Someone tried to rob him of his money when Pastor Salonga was walking on the street of Manila. This robber told him to give his wallet or he will be stabbed as this robber held a sharp-edged weapon (ice pick) against Salonga's back. Salonga, a pastor, asked the Lord what should he do. God told Salonga to tell His name. Salonga yelled "Don't move in Jesus' name", which he literally did. According to Salonga, this robber froze and the only part of his body moving was his eyes! Don't believe it? Salonga shared this at a church service one day, and a lady confirmed this by sharing a similar story. Her husband and her were walking in the dark. Some guy yelled, "I'm going to kill you". He approached to them in the length of their flash light, and this guy froze too.

"Financial provision testimony": Salonga was visiting his sister at the hospital. On his way, he encountered a guy (they call them "Bombay" -Asian Indian looking), know to decieved others for money).who gave him 2,800 pesos. This stranger told him that "This is from the Lord". As this stranger passed him from his left side, he didn't see him where he went. He was the only person to see this angel, which he found out after talking to some other people around him. They told him he was "crazy" because they saw him just talking to someone in thin air.

"God heals mother": Salonga took a 2 month vacation in the Philippines from doing God's work in Saudi Arabia. God told him that his mother will be healed from senile because there is NO senility in the Bible. Salong prayed, "I command the spirit of senility" out of my mother. Her mother's first words, "I can see now!" on December 28, 1988. Her mother couldn't walk (Acts 8:7) too, so Pastor Salonga told her mother to say to God "In Jesus' name I stand up!". She started dancing after this.

"Free from idoltary (Exodus 32) ": Mother found out she has been crippled and deaf after these objects of idoltary (Catholicism: statues, etc…) She got rid of this and after experiencing these healings, signs, and wonders; she finally accepted Christ into her life and became "born again".

"Trust not in Worldly Knowledge" (1 Cor. 2:11): The doctors told her that she will live only up to 3 months that year of 1988. God extended her life to 5 years. Before she died, she told her son "You know I died last night", which she told her son that she'll be leaving earth and will be going to Heaven (like Moses). She even said her goodbye to her family, which she died smiling. Before she died, she requested to have a "white" (curtain, casket, etc…) funeral ceremony. There is superstition that someone in the family will die if you bury an already dead family member on a Friday. As Christians, they don't believe in superstitions or it's not Biblical. They buried her on Friday, and no one yet in the family has died.


"Persecuted": Salonga was imprisioned for one day, which he was slapped and physically abused. Salonga prayed for him because he wasn't his enemy. The next day, this persecutor aplogized to him and ask him what he can do for him. Salonga requested to stay one more week to finish God's work.

"Cancer Gone": An Asian Indian in Saudi Arabia heard about what God is doing through Pastor Salonga. She met him in the airport. God told Salonga to send her back (Matthew 9:22, Mark 5:34,, 10:52)"your faith has healed you") -home and because "her faith has healed her" (Verse: ?) This lady was a believer. She went to the hospital back at home and was healed. She gave $10,000 to the church!

"Raised from the Dead!" God told him that I will raise this guy from the dead of the people of his congregation will not leave. This guy rose from the dead after 2 days in his coffin, which people were screaming and running after this guy rose from the coffin. This dead guy even had his organs/intestines removed, which God restored all this!


"Quezon City (neighbors Manila-capital city) Street Children": Why there is soo many children on these streets? One said many of their families do not know how to parent them. Some ministries got together to do a 3 day seminar on parenting, which 200 families came. After 2 weeks, there were no street children left! These children are now evangelizing to other children!

"New Life Baptist Church": A Baptist church invited a spirit filled guest speaker. God came down and the whole chuch congregation was baptized with the Holy Spirit, spoke in tongues, etc…

"Quezon City (neighbors Manila-capital city) Street Children": Why there is soo many children on these streets? One said many of their families do not know how to parent them. Some ministries got together to do a 3 day seminar on parenting, which 200 families came. After 2 weeks, there were no street children left! These children are now evangelizing to other children!

"New Life Baptist Church":. A Baptist church invited a spirit filled guest speaker. God came down and the whole chuch congregation was baptized with the Holy Spirit, spoke in tongues, etc…

"Unity": Churches are coming together across many denominations in the Philippines. When one church needs something, they ask another church for assistance or help. For example, Quezon City has over 600 churches, which they all know each other because "we love each other".

"Teacher becomes Born-Again":. A student was asked why he came to school early. This student's response, "I want my teacher to become born-again". The teacher did become "Born Again"

"Church Building Cracks": The worship was so powerful during a church servvice that the church building cracked. Pastor Salonga did not preach that Sunday after God told him to bask in the presence of God, so he just layed down on the floor during worship service. Romans 12:1 "Offer your body as living sacrifices" People were slain in the spirit and not everybody were "born-again" yet. Neighbors across the street even heard the cracked and were wondering what was the noise. Things that were happening in Tammy Tanny's book are happening here!

"Seeing Angels" Kids have reported seeing angels during praise & worship service. Some angels are not fully seen as they stand in small churches, which you can see only from their waist down.

“Raining Gold/Silver Dust”: There has been reported of these falling during a poweful presence of God during praise & worship (Fact: I personaly can take this an account because I've heard similar stories from pastors in the U.S. sharing this in Canada last year)

“Diamond on her shoulder”: During worship, a lady felt something heavy on her right shoulder. She just kept on worshipping. After worshipping, she looks to see what this heavyness on her shoulder. It ended up being a diamond stone worth 250 million pesos or 5 million dollars. They sold that diamond to a Japanese, which they used it to buy a bigger church building. This happened at a small church in Visayas in Cebu.

“Hollywood Christians” Many celebrities: actors and entertainers in the Philippines are becoming born-again.

“Born-Again Catholic” Mike Velarde, a charismatic Catholic, has a church member of 8 million called El Shaddai. When news in America about priests being exposed to child sexual mollestation, many Catholics are seeking the truth. During this share, someone in the house said this is "judgement" by God. I then thought to myself outloud that the corporations are also getting judged (Dow Jones going down, coporations, like Enron getting caught with financial/accounting scandals) too. Priests and nuns are becoming “born-again”. A priest, who has a 10,000 member church, went on television to announce he is born again.


He shared about his first trip to the United States. When he first set his foot in this country, he felt the spirit of loneliness. “God is lonely in this country. You are so blessed in this country, but you get so distracted from materialism and these blessings. But, you have forgotten about God. Don’t forget about your Creator, who created you in His likeness”.

“We were crying for American when we saw the WTC Fall in 9/11/01. We also prayed that God will send revival to this country. There was revival just for a short time, which American already is going back to their usual life since 9/11”.

Pastor Salonga is part of a team that has planted 26 churches. They are all part of “Jesus the Living Water” all over the 3 main islands in the Philippines islands. Also 13+ churches planted internationally Saudi Arabia, Holland, Dubai, and including the United States-Las Vegas! Pastor Salonga ask God, “What’s next?” every day.

After the amazing testimonies and shares, we finish celebrating Andre’s Birthday. It was around 10:45pm, which I wanted to spend time with my family before leaving to Morris early Sunday morning @7am. The following morning, Andre’s parents told me they had a prayer/prophetic time. It was good to see God moving after hearing those awesome stories from Salonga at their house.

This week seem to fly bye! I couldn’t ask God for more to do what He did this week. Many of these were unexpected, which I’ve learned to come with expecatations if you are willing to be used by God. I learned to make most everyday for God no matter if you travel overseas or home abroad. Take advantage of “every opportunity” to share the “Good News” with everybody God puts in your life. He didn’t put these people in your life for no reason. I try to ask God, how can you use me today? “ and “open my eyes, heart, soul, and mind on what you can do through me”. I pray that after you read this that you’ll seek God for your own personal testimonies/shares and share this with someone else that might be in need of hearing the “Good News”.

Book Referal (by Pastor Louis Salonga)Tammy Tenny's “God Chasers”

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