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UMM Alumn

This is an example of a similar e-mail sent out prior and after to UMM's Homecoming Week of 2003

Hi former UMM Students,

How are you all doing? This is Sal, still around doing campus ministry work at UMM! God layed in my heart to gather up former UMM Alumns experience and growth tips to help current and future UMM students that I interact in day to day basis while living in Motown-Morris, MN.

I've already gotten results from questionaaires (like down below) to Int'l students, former Alpha & Omega members, International Students, IVCF students, MCC UMM Alumns, and now UMM Alumn students overall. There is just one or several question that was added from the others...

Please feel free to add any additional questions or any other input...

UMM 99' Alumn

P.S. I plan to e-mail this website after the Homecoming Weekend (this weekend) to current students. Please feel free to e-mail me back whenever you do get the chance from your busy schedule. If you can, can you send this to as many UMM Alumns you still keep in touch. Thanks for your time!

Below are survey-results from a questionnaire....


Address/contact-phone# (will not be put in website, but used for data base for future references):
City, State,-Country:
Year Graduated:
What were your expectations of UMM before coming here?
Did you meet these expectations?
What were the biggest challenges here?
What were the biggest accomplishments?
Do you have any advice for current/future students that come to UMM-Morris, MN?
What's life like after UMM for you; what do you do now (eg. family, job, adventures, etc...)?
Any questions, comments, etc..?

...e-mail sent out after UMM's 2003 Homecoming to UMM Alumns to give some background information and tips to help current-future UMM students. You are highly reccomended and welcome to add any additional information in the future.

Other UMM Alumn Related Websites

Below are separte student organization's I was involved in when I attended UMM from 1995-1999. I met many diverse people in UMM when I got involved with different student organizations (culturally, religiously, etc..) Sadly to say, it does appear these links I set up are segregated. Explanation down below.....

  • UMM Alpha & Omega Alumn Questionaaire Feedback
  • UMM Asian Student Association Alumn Questionaaire Feedback
  • UMM International Student Association Questionaaire Feedback
  • UMM IVCF Alumn Questionaaire Feedback
  • UMM Morris Community Church Questionaaire Feedback
  • UMM Overall Questionaaire Feedback
  • UMM Alumni Relations

    *Note: I'm not intentionally segregating each race. I'm actually distinguishing each student organization I was involved in with each former alumn's experience (each has a different question as each member came from a different background and went through a different experience here at UMM) with each organization. God has opened my eyes when I was an "involved" student at UMM and continues to do so after living here. Getting involved with various student organizations was a time of searching my identity, which I found it-in Christ-one of many God's children I think that is why it's been hard to leave "Motown"!

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