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Residential Advisor

Gay Hall II-III Residents of 97'-98'

Clayton A. Gay Hall II-III Residents of 97'-98'

"Mixed Nuts"

1997-98 Residents

“Mixed Nuts”

I was a proud Residential Advisor to 30-35 + residents (some left and some came throughout the 97’-98’ academic year) at Gay II-III (2nd of 2 towers and 3rd floor of 250 +/- residential hall) in UMM. We as a floor somehow came up with a name for ourselves, called “Mixed Nuts”! Why? We pretty much had the most culturally diverse floor that year and probably ever in the history of this rural small town. We had African-American, Asian-American, Native American Indian, Latino-American, Caucasian-American, and "any other types of American" (America is filled with mixed racial/ethnic people, which I have to be careful not putting a race label; For example, I myself am a Filipino-American, but my great grandparents is from Spain=>Asian, Latino, Caucasian-European-American!) collegeIt’s been over 5 years now as I’m writing this. They came as far as: Chicago, IL; El Paso, TX; New Orleans, LA, etc.. (places located by each name down below)

Any Gay II-III Alumns that visits this page, please feel free to contact me with your current contact information (address, phone, e-mail, etc..) with an update on what your life is like after UMM. Also, feel free to share/not share any favorite past-time stories while you were living here during 97-98’ that I know or I didn’t know about (e.g. the “behind the closed door” activities). Give a “shout” to the other fellow former Gay II-III floormates!

Kirk Albertson-Spearfish, SD
Luke Albrecht -New Ulm, MN
Judy Brown -New Orleans, LA
Trinity Donovan -Gettysburg, SD
Ryan Fair -Chicago,IL
Sara Flieder -Benson, MN
Dan Ford -Ananheim, CA
Justin Haugen -Flandreau, SD
James Hegreberg -Ada, MN
Violeta Hernandez -El Paso, TX
Daniel Hill -Chicago,IL
Marlena James -Chicago,IL
Arthur Johnson -Rochester, MN
Keia Johnson -Chicago,IL
Chad Ladda -Buffalo, MN
Jinna Lane -Chicago,IL
Juliette Liesing -Crooks, SD
Carol Mcfarlane -Chicago, IL
Orlend Menze -Starbuck, MN
Salvador Monteagudo-St. Paul,MN
Gina Nordstrom-Eagan, MN
Philip Otto -Hutchinson, MN
Kristina Schaffer -Bemidji, MN
Pat Schneider -Gettysburg, SD
Christina Seyfried -Fergus Falls, MN
Daniel Specht-Apple Valley, MN
Shiney Vang-St. Paul,MN
Wen Hong Wang-Taiwan
Michael Wong-St. Paul, MN
Ker Xiong-St. Paul, MN
Phoua Yang-St. Paul,MN

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{97'-98' Photo Gallery}

One of several football games we played as a floor

Visiting Orlend's Farm in Starbuck, MN

Residents getting ready to "trick-or-treat" at the Hall

Floor Supper in December

Getting a suprise b-day from friends and residents

Ben and Noel (Gay II-II RA) at the Indy-Gay Hall Party

My soon to be roommate the following year at the card table

Counseling one of many "troublemaking" residents

Enjoying a game of volleyball outside of the hall during Spring Quarter

I decided to write this during my 1 week summer vacation of 2003 from my day to day life at Morris after interacting with many Gay II-III Alumns. Earlier this summer, I was happy to attend one of my former resident’s wedding all the way in Chicago. Just this past weekend, I hanged out with another former resident with my old high school friends that I still keep in touch to this day.

The main reason for writing this is to share what God did during the 97’-98’ academic year that I now see was preperation to what God has for me today. During my year as an RA, some Christians suggested a weekly get together as a floor to discover our spiritual background. It was titled, “Where are you spiritually?”, where we can have an open environment to discuss/share about God. I remember the first week, we had a large number of residents that came as this was a very new “thang”. The Gospel or “Good News” was very evidently shared with seekers and non-seekers. People shared their testimonies on how one became so much into their Christian faith, people questioned about Christianity, and people asked about Jesus!,

This prepared me to help co-start Alpha & Omega, a minority focused Christian student organization that was predominately African-American! Since then, it’s been one church ministry to another as I’m currently serving at my local church; specifically reaching out to international students.

Above are some links I’ve gathered based on my experience with the different ethnic groups I’ve interacted so far. I’m no expert on ethnic/racial cultural backgrounds, but a fellow brother/friend/neighbor in Christ who loves “all people” ! Please feel free to contact me of any questions, comments/complaints, suggestions, testimonies/shares, or prayer requests relating to the information above.

Gay II-III Rocks Forever

Gay and Indy Hall's Casino Night


This was the floor I lived my freshmen year (95'-96') with RA Jason Schomoer from Little Falls, MN. Just this past summer's Heart of the City picnic 03', I met a lady from the town Jason grew-up and knew him to-wow!

Ritsuko (Japanese int'l student), Luyen, Ledat, and Poniman (Indonesian int'l student) studying hard at Gay Hall II-II's Study Lounge

Ledat, Ritsuko, I, and Luyen posing before a dance

Gay Hall II-II Reunion, which only a handful were able to make it before many of us in this floor graduated or left UMM

Gay Hall II-I

I lived in this floor my sophomore year (96'-97') with RA Mitch Dorr

Some of my floormates does some kaoroke at the Gay Hall-Indy Hall Dance


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    This Page is Dedicated to:
    Dan Ford

    Mr. Ford lived in Clayton A. Gay Hall from 1993-1998 as he was a "traditional" student by the time he graduated. When I came to UMM in 1995, I was neighbors somwhat as I lived on the floor above him. Our floors interacted with one another-especially the "Spring 1996 Hall Awakening" when many were coming to accept Christ in their lives. Mr. Ford would later become "floor neighbors" with me when I moved to his floor from 96'-97' (along with my roommate Paul). We would fellowship more the following year, when I became his RA from 97'-98' (an akward position as he was older than me; however, there was another resident older than me too-see story). He was a true blessing these years knowing him residing in Gay Hall. Thank you Dan Ford for being open and used by God while you were in UMM (spoked a word of encouragement-prophecy to me about startring Alpha & Omega in 1998 when I was an RA then)-especially at this Hall.

    Dan found his now-wife at UMM during his last year at UMM. They got married in the summer of 1999 at the city they serve the Lord-Fairbault, MN. Last time I talked to him in person was in the Spring of 2001/2, when he was willing to come encourage the local IVCF Men during a local Men's Retreat at my old local church building. I believe He's still serving the Lord as youth pastor there at an Evangelical Free Church. Thanks Dan and may you continue to be willing and wear those shorts during the cold winter Minnesota months!

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