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Sal's Family

standing in front of Camp Snoopy (indoor park in Mall of America)

"Life is too short, LIVE your life! Don't let it pass before your eyes or it'll be too late too notice what you have missed!"-Sal

I was born in St. Paul, Minnesota on March 18, 1977. My name is Sal. My parents come from the Philippines. In Spanish, my first (full) name (Salvador) means "savior", and middle name Cruz means "cross". cool-huh!

My sister and cute!

I went to Battle Creek Elementary/Magnet School from K-5th grade.

From 6th-8th Grade, I went to Battle Creek Middle School. Then I went to Harding Senior High School from 9th-12th grade. At Harding Senior High, I ranked 18th out of 367 in my graduating class, which I finished in the top 5% percent. I participated in the Asian Club. The sports activities I joined were: Baseball (second basemen), 9th-10th, Soccer 11th-12th, and Track & Field (long-distance runner) 12th.

  • City of St. Paul

    Sal's Family

    {Monte___ "Minnesota" Family Tree}

    My Monteagudo family of 5 lives in the East Side of St. Paul. My parents are from the Philippines. My dad is A__/C___ Monteagudo, born on August 13 19?? in Narcalan, Laguna- Philippines. His grandfather is Spanish, so this is why I'm 1/8 in Spanish descent. My mom (own place since April of 2006) is N___, born in April 6, 19?? in Labrador, Pangasinaan-Philippines. She has and is currently working for Minnesota Revenue Department. They were married on January 10th of 1971 (story on how they met). She was a teacher where she grew-up for 13 years at a elementary school, which I had the opportunity to visit when I visited the Philippines in 2001.

    mom and dad's wedding

    I have a brother, M___ (Ceo) Monteagudo, who went to Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter,MN his freshmen and sophomore year. Then he transferred to University of California-Irvine his Junior year. Finally, he transferred to University of Minnesota-Morris his senior year, where he graduated 2000. He born in January 31, 197_


    My "baby" brother will be getting married (pictures) on August (January 04'-new date) in Shoreview, Minnesota. Sorry, I can't give the exact date or place wo/ my bro's permission!

    My brother and I at a carousel ride in Como Zoo Park

    Currently, my brother continues in the business field as he works for (Sapphire in 2005 => Harbinger Consulting Group ) Sum Total Systems Inc. (started April 10') in downtown Minneapolis.

    I have a sister, T____ M____, who went to Central High School in St. Paul. She was born on April 14, 19__. She is always keeping me accountable all my life.

    My sister and I dancing for the camera

    Currently (as of 2005), she works for U.S. Bank in the downtown riverbank of St. Paul, which she will be working there for 3 years when April of 2005 comes. Also, she is continuing her schooling by taking an online-course called intercultural communication (as of 2008)

    {Family Tree}

    My Family's Personal Testimony

    "When work is a pleasure, life is a joy! When work is a duty, life is slavery." -Ghandi

    "There is no joy in luxury without joy in work." -Thomas Equinas (Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work)

    Dear Lord,

    Every single evening
    As I'm lying here in bed,
    This tiny little Prayer
    Keeps running through my head.

    God bless all my family
    Wherever they may be,
    Keep them warm and safe from harm
    For they're so close to me.

    And God, there is one more thing
    I wish that you could do,
    Hope you don't mind me asking
    Please bless my computer too..

    Now I know that it's unusual
    To Bless a motherboard,
    But listen just a second
    While I explain it to you, Lord.

    You see that little metal box
    Holds more than odds and ends,
    Inside those small compartments
    Rest so many of my friends..

    I know so much about them
    By the kindness that they give,
    And this little scrap of metal
    Takes me in to where they live.

    By faith is how I know them
    Much the same as you,
    We share in what life brings us
    And from that our friendships grew.

    Please take an extra minute
    From your duties up above,
    To bless those in my address book
    That's filled with so much love.

    Wherever else this prayer may reach
    To each and every friend,
    Bless each e-mail inbox
    And each person who hits send.

    When you update your Heavenly list
    On your own CD-ROM,
    Bless everyone who says this prayer
    Sent up to


    My Relatives-Philippines

    My Aunt T__ and siblings in St. Paul home

    our relatives in the Philippines taken when Ceo and Dad visited in 1999

    Our Uncle L__ and Aunti L__ came to the United States for the first time around January of 2005/6. We had the chance to show them all over the Twin Cities: St. Paul-Winter Carnival (Jan 07') and Taste of Minnesota (Jul 06' and 07'), Wisconsin (06'), and other parts of Minnesota (Alexandria (July 07')-including my current hometown of Morris (July 07').

    Our aunt M___ (Mom's side)....

    sharing a laugh while packing (Saturday, July 21st of 2007) at my Mom's place

    .... came to visit America for the first time from Tuesday, July 17th -(today) Sunday, July 22nd of 2007. I wasn't able to see her until yesterday, but the rest of my family took her around the Twin Cities: Mall of America, St. Paul-mom's workplace/Ceo&Khua's place for Kong's baby shower, and several different restaurants. During my short-time, I was able to take some pictures of her visiting Como Park, Science Museum, and ended Saturday evening at the Minneapolis' Aquatennial to see some cool fireworks (the best in the region)!

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  • Sal Carvao, Brazilian restaurant

  • *saw this for the first time when I was in Chicago for a wedding in the summer of 2006



  • Eduardo Monteagudo

  • "He is the son of Philippe Monteagudo and Carmen del Berro, painters of deserved reputation and well known all over Spain. Their reputation as artist formed in Paris where they first met. Seeking for a calmer place to raise their family they moved back to Spain, settling in Fuentealbilla."



  • Monteagudo Airport
  • -Miscellaneous

  • Ayuntamiento de Monteagudo
  • Monteagudo is a town located in the province of Navarra, in the autonomous community of Navarra, in the North of Spain.

  • Castillejo of Monteagudo


  • Family
  • Musician

  • Rafael Monteagudo, from

  • "Rafael Monteagudo (Drummer/Percussionist) arrived in the US in 2000 from Havana, Cuba. His areas of focus include jazz, funk, fusion, Latin Jazz, and Afro-Cuban. He plays drumset, timbales, congas, bata, and bongos. It was the thriving musical environment that he came from that inspired him to play drums at the young age of eight. He grew up in Cayo Hueso, a neighborhood in Havana that has produced some of the most famous Cuban musicians. The musical traditions in Cayo Hueso are rich in both popular and folkloric music. It was through sharing the strong African traditions that are inherent in Cuban culture that Rafael gained such a wide range of styles."


  • Juan De Mendoza Monteagudo

  • "Spanish poet, soldier, and adventurer. When aged 15 he left for the New World and, after wandering through several countries, enlisted under Francisco de Quiñones in Chile in 1599. The verse chronicle he composed, Las Guerras de Chile (1610), has been edited by J Medina (Santiago de Chile, 1888). As poetry it is negligible, but it provides a valuable picture of Chilean life and society at the turn of the 17th-c. Its 8000 lines are divided into 11 cantos."


  • Restaurante Monteagudo
  • Sports

  • Aurelio Monteagudo, former MLB baseball player in the 1960's
  • Ren e Monteagudo, from Wikipedia

  • "Monteagudo was born in Havana, Cuba. Signed by the Senators, he debuted as a pitcher on September 6, 1938, but bothered by a sore arm, he switched to the outfield. In 1945, for the Phillies, he was the most used and most successful pinch-hitter in the league, going 18-for-52 (.346). He also pitched 14 games in relief."

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