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Gateway-Summer 98'

Gateway Students of 1998

Gateway Students of 1998

Gateway Student Program 10th Anniversery-Homecoming Oct. 8th-10th 2004

Some Events:
Friday, Oct 8th
3-5p "Multi-Ethnic Meet and Greet" TMC
6:30p Alumni Awards Banquet (awards for outstanding minority alumni)
9p BSU sponsored dance

Saturday, Oct 9th
7:30-9a MSP Brunch and Reception at La Fave House (featuring Gateway Prog exhibit)

Keep it Positive!


  • Aaron Bridges
  • Angel Hahne
  • Calvin Miller
  • Camilla Davis
  • Carneius Byther
  • Christina Gish
  • Jaclyn Green
  • Keisha Fletcher
  • Lakeisha Love
  • Latoya M. Vaughn
  • Mia Swift
  • Misty Hahne
  • Nicole Ly
  • Peggy Froemel
  • Phyllis Jordan
  • Raziya Webster
  • Shakeena Walton
  • Tyesha Davis
  • Xia Thao
  • Mentors

  • Alex Williams
  • Andrea Richardson
  • Randy Gardley
  • Salvador Monteagudo
  • Jenny Redlin
  • Minority Student Program Staff

  • Michael T. Snowden
  • Gateway Program,info. of this summer program

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