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  The Coasters in the recording studios 1960. Billy Guy, Willl Jones, Carl Gardner, and Cornell Gunter.


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Biography - The True Story - Discography
- by Claus Röhnisch
with 50 Years of R&B History and the Golden '50s
This site is dedicated to Carl Gardner Sr. - the true Coaster!
This  Coasters Shrine  is a true R&B ExtraVaganza

The Coasters in Port St. Lucie, Florida on December 16, 2016 (Christmas Extravaganza Show)
with Veta Gardner, Dennis Anderson, Primo Candelaria, Joe Lance Willliams, and Robert Fowler.


J. W. Lance
(Joe Lance Williams)

Primo Candelaria

Robert Fowler

Dennis Anderson

NEW 2-set CD October 2016

Acrobat Music ADDCD3180 (56 tracks)
“The Complete Singles As & Bs” (1954-62)
featuring all 27 singles by The Robins and The Coasters 1954 – 1962
(plus 2 album tracks of 1957 and 1962)
with a very fine 24-page booklet comprising liner notes by Paul Watts
(and complete 54-62 session discography with both US and British singles noted)
- discography picked from Claus Röhnisch’ Coasters Web Site.



The Coasters were one of the vocal groups of the ‘50s and early ‘60s who bridged the gap between the doowop and R&B eras of the early ‘50s through to the rock ‘n’ roll explosion and beyond, with a run of hits that extended into the 1960s. They began life as a spin-off from the doowop group The Robins, adopted by the up-and-coming songwriting and production team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller as a vehicle for their work, changing their name after their first hit from The Robins to The Coasters as they switched from Leiber & Stoller’s Spark label to the Atlantic subsidiary Atco when the duo signed a production deal with the label. This great-value 56-track 2-CD set comprises all their A &B sides as The Robins and The Coasters from their Spark debut in 1954 through to 1962, plus, as a bonus, the two titles which appeared on their albums during the period and were not otherwise released on singles. It naturally features their eighteen chart entries from the period, including the legendary US and UK hits “Searchin’”, “Yakety Yak”, Charlie Brown” and “Poison Ivy”, plus other memorable US successes like “Smokey Joe’s Café”, “Down In Mexico”, “Youngblood”, “Hog For You Baby”, “Along Came Jones” and “Little Egypt”. It’s not only a hugely entertaining slice of R&B-flavoured rock ‘n’ roll, with hits that were landmarks along the rite of passage for many baby-boomers, but a testimony to the songwriting and production genius of Leiber and Stoller, their humorous ‘street saga’ songs providing the biggest of the group’s hits.

The Coasters in Coral Springs, Florida on October 19, 2013 (Battle of the Boros)

 Great videos:
Smokey Joe's Cafe    and   enhanced version
(with Carl Gardner, Ronnie Bright, Jimmy Norman, and Thomas Palmer, 1991)

 and a fine   Coasters Promo

The Coasters sing "Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart" November 4, 2015

The Coasters on TV in 1959

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  Top Rhythm & Blues Records  1943-1971
  THE Blues Giants  - of the 1950s
  THE Top Ten Vocal Groups - of the Golden '50s
  Ten Sepia Super Stars of Rock 'n' Roll - ten great performers 
  Transitions from Rhythm to Soul  -  Twelve Original Soul Icons

The True R&B Pioneers - twelve Hit-Makers of the Early Years
  Predecessors of the Soul Explosion  in the 1960s
Clyde McPhatter - the original Soul Star
  JLH Session Discography  - John Lee Hooker with essay
A special Favorite Top 30 supplement

  Those Hoodlum Friends  - The Coasters
   The Clown Princes  of Rock 'n' Roll:
   The Coasters by Todd Baptista (with discography)



  Image right - Sample page of "THE Top Ten Vocal Groups of the Golden '50s"

Sample page "THE Top Ten Vocal Groups of the Golden '50s"

The Coasters at Malt Shop Sea Cruise November 4-8, 2015

The three photosbBelow: The Coasters in 2016 - Lance, Anderson, Fowler, and Candelaria.

with musical director (guitarist) Ray Sabatello

Message from Veta Gardner :

Coasters Christmas CD Released by Cleopatra Records 10/30 2015. Fans please, it's different, and you will enjoy listening to the new versions of these Christmas songs by the only Coasters group with legal right to use the name The Coasters which are doing it great justice. Fans all over the world should know by now that all of The Original Coasters that were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall are deceased. This is Carl Gardner's group that he has left to carry on the legacy. Just like the Glen Miller Orchestra and the Mets there are no original members but they have the right to use the name legally. The CD can be ordered at Cleopatra Records or amazon.

Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer
Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer
White Christmas
Silent Night
Winter Wonderland
Let It Snow
What Christmas Means to me
Blue Christmas
Put A Little Love In Your Heart
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Jingle Bell Rock
Some Day At Christmas

another great CD!

The first new recordings in 35 years by America’s premiere vocal group!
- doing 14 Magical Classics (non Coasters)!
get it here


1. All I Have To Do Is Dream
2. Cool Jerk
3. Don't Be Cruel
4. If I Had a Hammer
5. Just My Imagination
6. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
7. Lyin' Eyes
8. Shout
9. Dock Of The Bay
10.Turn Back The Hands Of Time
11.You Send Me
12 Twisting The Night Away
13.Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
14.Dream Baby

Not many bands can boast about celebrating 60 years together, but the legendary vocal group The Coasters are doing in style with their first new album in 35 years. The current line-up of Joe Lance Williams, Primo Candelaria, Dennis Anderson and Eddie Whitfield have been performing together for the last five years with Williams holding the most tenure in the band (15 years). The original Coasters were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987, being the first group inducted in.

Now The Coasters are celebrating their anniversary with an album of covers entitled "Magical Favorites." The fourteen songs that make up this release range from everything like rock ballads such as The Eagles' "Lyin' Eyes" to folk staples like "If I Had A Hammer." The best of this release is when The Coasters take on the classic R&B songs like "Cool Jerk" and "(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay." Their voices mesh perfectly on the identical cover of The Temptations' "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)" and uplifting swing of Sam Cooke's "You Send Me." They still know how to have fun with "Twistin' The Night Away," before finishing the album with the Roy Orbison classic "Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)" as The Coasters due justice to this and all the songs on this new release.

The Coasters' "Magical Favorites" released on March 31 through Stardust Records in association with Cleopatra Records.

Official Website: The Original Coasters

Adolph "Al" Jacobs died July 23, 2014
Here is is story

Long-time Coasters member Ronnie Bright died on November 26, 2015 - check.


The Coasters 2012. Photo: Mrs J.W. Lance, artwork: Jane Caggiano, ctsy Veta Gardner.



The Coasters toured the U.S.A.
with this show Autumn 2014 -
Spring 2015.


National Tour 2014-2015
Starring the true Coasters

The Coasters on
April 6, 2013 at Tarry Town Music Hall in New York.
Photo ctsy Veta Gardner.

Dennis Anderson, Eddie Whitfield, Primo Candelaria, and J.W. Lance.

Great new live-CD recorded April 29, 2012 in Port St. Lucie, Florida (the Civic Center).
ask for it at


Released February 7, 2013 in Britain
Two terrific double CDs on History of RnB Records
Covering the complete 1954-1962 sessions &
featuring all their classic hits and never-before-issued outtakes.

R001  The Definitive Coasters -
A Sides & B Sides
(61 tracks 1954-1962)
Disc One: A Sides & Hits           Disc Two: B Sides & Bonus Tracks

R002  Those Hoodlum Friends -
The Coasters In Stereo 
(49 tracks 1957-1962)
Outtakes, Stereo Versions and Album Tracks

Disc Three: Alternate Stereo Versions & Album Tracks     Disc Four Composites & Alternate Takes

R001 includes a 24-page booklet featuring
a complete career summary, lineups sheet 1954-1967, and a detailed hits chart.
R002 includes a 28-page booklet featuring
a single & LP discography, an exhaustive session discography 1954-1962,
and a touring schedule of the same period.

Don't Miss These Great CDs !!!!!
Check review!

  Disc One: A Sides & Hits

1.  Riot In Cell Block #9  (Spark 103, LP 101) 
  2.  Framed  (Spark 107, LP 101)
  3.  Whadaya Want?  (Spark 110, Rhino CD 71090)
  4.  One Kiss  (Spark 113, LP 101)
  5.  I Must Be Dreamin  (Spark 116, LP 101)
  6.  Smokey Joe´s Cafe  (Spark 122, 6059, LP 101)
  7.  Down In Mexico (6064, LP 101, 111)
  8.  One Kiss Led To Another (6073, LP 101)
  9.  Searchin’ (6087, LP 101, 111)
10.  Young Blood  (6087, LP 101, 111) 
11.  Idol With The Golden Head  (6098, Clarion LP 605)
12.  Sweet Georgia Brown  (6104, LP 111)
13.  Dance!  (6111, Sequel CD 868)
14.  Yakety Yak *  (6116, LP 111)
15.  The Shadow Knows *  (6126, LP 111)
16.  Charlie Brown *  (6132, LP 111)
17.  Three Cool Cats (6132, Clarion LP 605, AD2-4003)
18.  Along Came Jones  (6141, LP 111)
19.  Poison Ivy  (6146, LP 111)
20.  I’m A Hog For You  (6146, LP 111)
21.  What About Us  (6153, LP 135)
22.  Run Red Run  (6153, LP 135)
23.  Besame Mucho (Part I)  (6163, Edsel LP 156)
24.  Wake Me, Shake Me  (6168, LP 135)
25.  Shoppin’ For Clothes *  (6178, LP SD371)
26.  The Snake And The Book Worm  (6178, LP 135)
27.  Wait A Minute  (6186, LP 135)
28.  Little Egypt (Ying-Yang)  (6192, LP 135)
29.  Girls Girls Girls (Part II)  (6204, MrR&B LP 102)
30.  (Ain’t That) Just Like Me (6210, LP SD135)
31.  Teach Me How To Shimmy  (6219, MrR&B LP 102)
* Indicates stereo version from original 8-track tape
(same master as the mono edition).
The stereo editions first
appeared on the UK Sequel CDs in 1997.

Disc Three: Alternate Stereo Versions
& Album Tracks (in stereo)

   1.  Three Cool Cats  (extended stereo master, take 12)
(6132SD, Clarion LP SD-605)
  2.  Yakety Yak  (Clarion LP SD-605
, LP 371, CD33111)
  3.  I´m A Hog For You  (slow version)  (Mr.R&B CBCD-102)
  4.  Sexy (take 4 - Gardner, lead)  (Mr.R&B CBCD-102)
  5.  Charlie Brown  (6132SD, Clarion LP SD-605)
  6.  Along Came Jones  (Clarion LP SD-605)
  7.  That Is Rock & Roll (dubbed arr – Jones, lead)
(Clarion LP SD-605)
  8.  Poison Ivy  (stereo master)
       (poss LP SD111, Atlantic LP K-30057, CD33111)
  9.  Run Red Run  (LP SD135)
10.  What About Us  (LP SD135)
11.  Wake Me, Shake Me  (LP SD135)
12.  Stewball  (LP SD135, Edsel LP 156)
13.  The Snake & The Bookworm (dubbed arr – King Curtis, tensax)
(LP SD135)
14.  Little Egypt  (LP SD135)
15.  Girls, Girls, Girls (Pt. 1)  (LP SD135)
16.  Keep On Rollin’  (LP SD135)
17.  Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good To You  -Guy  (LP SD123)
18.  The Way You Look Tonight  -Jones  (LP SD123)
19.  Moonglow  -Gardner  (LP SD123)
20.  But Beautiful  -Jones  (LP SD123)
21.  Moonlight In Vermont  -Gardner  (LP SD123)
22.  Autumn Leaves  -Gunter  (LP SD123)
23.  On The Sunny Side Of The Street  -Gunter  (LP SD123)
24.  Easy Living  -Gunter  (LP SD123)
25.  Don’t Get Around Much Anymore  -Guy  (LP SD123)
26.  Satin Doll  -Gardner  (LP SD123)
27.  You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To  -Jones  (LP SD123)
28.  Willow Weep For Me  -Gardner  (LP SD123)
Nots: Last twelve tracks stereo versions *, originally in mono
on LP 33-123 (same takes)

Disc Two: B Sides & Bonus Tracks

 Wrap It Up  (Spark 103, LP 101)   1.
  Loop De Loop Mambo  (Spark 107, LP 101)   2.
  If Teardrops Were Kisses  (Spark 110, Sequel CD 868)   3.
I Love Paris  (Spark 113, Sequel CD 868)   4.
    The Hatchet Man  (Spark 116, Rhino CD 71090)   5.
    Just Like A Fool  (Spark 122, 6059, Rhino CD 71090)   6.
  Turtle Dovin’  (6064, LP 101)   7.
    Brazil  (6073, LP 101)   8.
    Lola  (LP 101)   9.
My Baby Comes To Me  (6098, MrR&B LP 102)  10.
What Is The Secret Of Your Success?  (6104, MrR&B LP 102)  11.
    Gee, Golly  (6111, MrR&B LP 102)  12.
  Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart *  (6116, LP 111)  13.
  Sorry But I´m Gonna Have To Pass *  (6126, Edsel LP 156¤)  14.
I’m A Hog For You 
undubbed stereo master)  (Sequel CD 871)  15.
Crocodile  (stereo master, take 14)  (Mr.R&B CBCD-102)  16.
Hey Sexy *  (Rhino CD 71090)  17.
That Is Rock & Roll  (6141, LP 111)  18.
Stewball  (6168, LP 135)  19.
 Keep On Rolling  (6192, LP 135)  20.
Besame Mucho (Part II)  (6163, MrR&B LP 102)  21.
  Lady Like  (6341, Edsel LP 156¤)  22.
Thumbin’ A Ride  (6186, Edsel LP 156¤)  23.
Ridin’ Hood *  (6219, Edsel LP 156¤)  24.
Girls Girls Girls (Part I)  (6204, LP 135)  25.
  Hongry  (6341, MrR&B LP 102)  26.
  Bad Blood  (6210, LP 135)  27.
  My Babe (LP SD135)  28.
  The Climb (vocal) * (6234, Clarion LP 605)  29.
Bull Tick Waltz  (6251, MrR&B LP 102)  30.
first six tracks of Disc One and Two by The Robins


Disc Four: Composites & Alternate Takes

Yakety Yak  (take 9, alternate master)  (previously unissued)   1.
    Poison Ivy  (alternate stereo version)  (LP SD371)   2.
 The Shadow Knows  (take 2 stereo outtake)  (Mr.R&B CBCD-102)   3.
    Besame Mucho (composite Parts I and II)  (MrR&B LP 102)   4.
    Riding Hood  (take 28, uptempo stereo) (Mr.R&B CBCD-102)   5.
    Bad Blood (stereo alternate)  (LP SD135)   6.
    The Slime (Clarion LP SD-605 – titled The Climb)   7.
  Soda Pop (Coca-Cola Commercial 1965)  (Mr.R&B CBCD-102)   8.
    Dance (extended edition)  (Clarion LP 605)   9.
My Baby Comes To Me (alternate outtake) (Mr.R&B CBCD-102)  10.
The Shadow Knows (takes 11, 12, 13)  (uniss)  11.
  I´m A Hog For You (Yea Yea)
  (takes 1, 2, 3, 4)
(**)  12.
Yakety Yak (takes 1, 2, 5)  (uniss)  13.
  Yakety Yak (take 3)  (Rhino CD 7740)  14.
  Charlie Brown (takes 14, 22, 23, 27) (uniss)  15.
  Three Cool Cats (takes 1, 7, 8) (uniss)  16.
  Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart (takes 1, 2, 7) (uniss)  17.
  Crocodile (takes 3, 5, 12) (uniss)  18.
 Hey Sexy (takes 8, 10, 12 feat King Curtis, tensax) (uniss)  19.
Sorry But I’m Gonna Have To Pass (takes 2, 3, 11) (uniss)  20.
  Stewball (takes 8, 9, 10) (uniss)  21.

Last eleven tracks feature studio chat; Take 1 of Crocodile only
issued on RHM 7740; Take 5 of I’m A Hog For You, and take 4,5
of Riding Hood only on CBCD-102  One alternate take of
Riding Hood only on Sequel CD 870.
**) Parts of tracks 11,12,13,15,16,18,19,21 on Mr.R&B CBCD-102.



Vocal group harmony pioneer Earl "Speedo" Carroll, lead singer of the Cadillacs and a long time member of the Coasters, died this morning, November 25, 2012, in a New York City skilled nursing facility after a long illness.  He was 75.  In recent years, Earl endured the loss of his wife, his longtime singing buddy Bobby Phillips, suffered a heart attack, struggled with uncontrolled diabetes and, ultimately, lost his vision.  At his peak, he was a fantastic entertainer and comedian, a great singer, a precise dancer, and a sharp businessman.  We will remember him with love.
Todd & Kristen Baptista                                          N-Y. Daily News


Photos above;
The Coasters on
April  6, 2013 at Tarry Town Music Hall in New York. Photos ctsy Veta Gardner.
Primo Candelaria, Eddie Whitfield, Dennis Anderson, and J.W. Lance.

The Coasters at Washington County Fair August 12, 2012 (Richard Nader’s Doo-Wop Show)

The Coasters in 2012.
Photos above ctsy Bob Briede, J.W. Lance, and Veta Gardner.

The Coasters on December 31, 2011 with Veta Gardner.  The Coasters on December 31, 2011.
The Coasters with manager Veta Gardner in Arizona December 31, 2011.
Photo left; J.W. Lance, Eddie Whitfield, Veta Gardner, Primo Candelaria, and Dennis Anderson.
(ctsy Veta Gardner, photo. Mrs. J.W. Lance)
The Coasters of today with Dennis Anderson, Eddie Whitfield, J.W. Lance (front), and Primo Candelara Uphoto ctsy Veta Gardner, 2012).

Memories of you  - buy it at  (direct to the book)



Report from the event



Jerry Leiber dies at 78      -     Jimmy Norman dies at 74



J. W. Lance
(Joe Lance Williams)

Primo Candelaria

Robert Fowler

Dennis Anderson

  Veta Gardner, manager  Ray Sabatello, guitarist / musical director    


J. W. Lance  

Joe Lance Williams 
(aka) J. W. LANCE  - lead

Born June 16,1949. Performed live on stage with Carl Gardner, the original lead singer and founder of THE COASTERS since 2001. He grew up in Ponchatoula, Louisanna, just 60 miles known as “The Big Easy”. He grew to love the musical sound of  Country and Western Music. At the very early age of nine he was encouraged to develop his talent of  singing and playing the guitar, when he realized he could play the rubber band box and finally the guitar in New Zion Baptist Church of his hometown. Mr. Williams is a very talented singer, musician/songwriter. His talent includes singing bass, baritone, or if required, second tenor. Toured and performed with the Broadway cast “Smokey Joe's Cafe”6/2014 -1/2015.  J.W. has been a great asset to The Coasters group and has been a faithful leader since the passing of  Mr. Gardner in 2011.  J.W. lives in Conyers, Georgia


Primo Candelara



Born October 3,1952 Joined the group in 2008 after being auditioned by Mr. Carl Gardner. Primo has been singing and performing since he was 10 years old. He teaches choreography and also produced many shows before joining the Coasters. He  sang with the group “Chapter One” for several years and also sang with “The Intruders”. Toured and performed with the Broadway Cast “Smokey Joe's Cafe” 6/2014 to 1/2015. Primo lives in Philadelphia, Pa.



Eddie Whitfield



He joined the Coasters in November 2009 after auditioning for Carl Sr. He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Born December 26,1948. Nicknamed "Fast Eddie", Whitfield started singing when he was a teenager and can sing both bass and baritone. He toured with a group by the name of Neighbors Complaint for four years. They recorded "Piece of Mind". His great bass really impresses on "Charlie Brown", "Yakety Yak" and
"Zing! With The Strings of My Heart".


Born September 3,1961 (Replacing Eddie Whitfield in 1/2015) Robert has performed on several Broadway shows such as “The Producers”, “Beauty &The Beast”, “Dreamgirls” and most recently “Smokey Joe's Cafe” where he was singer, actor and choreographer. He is also very involved in his church. Robert lives in Jersey City. He is our bass singer and has a very distinguished bass/baritone voice.


Dennis Anderson


Born October 11,1946. Started playing guitar for many groups including The Broadways”, and “The Escorts”. Dennis came from a musical family background, singing  gospel in his hometown church at a very early age. In 1979 Dennis played the role of Judas in  the Broadway Show “Jesus Christ Super Star” and in 1982 “Ain't Misbehavin'. Over the years he performed on stage with other groups before joining THE COASTERS in 1911 after the death of Carl Gardner. Dennis also toured and performed with the Broadway Cast “Smokey Joe's Cafe” 8/2014- 1/2015. Lives in Jackson, New Jersey.


Ray Sabatello's Bio

Born in Queens, New York, and currently residing on Long Island, Ray Sabatello has been a professional musician his entire life. He began his professional career playing guitar and arranging music for many stylistically diverse bands. In the studio he has produced countless recordings for local and regional talent. On the national stage, Ray has been the music director for Grammy nominee, Sophie B. Hawkins and producer/collaborator for blues recording artist Little Mike and The Tornadoes.  He is a member of ASCAP as a songwriter and publisher, and received his BFA from CW Post College as a guitar major. He holds a Masters Degree from SUNY Stony Brook and studied vocal composition and choral conducting at The Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey. Ray has played over 100 musicals as a pit orchestra guitarist. While working at The Gateway Playhouse in Bellport N.Y., he met The Coasters who were featured in "Smokey Joe's Cafe." He subsequently played the "Smokey Joe's Cafe" 2014-15 National Tour with The Coasters. After the tour, Veta Gardner hired Ray as music director and guitarist for The Coasters and he has been working for them since February 2015.

J.W. Lance
J. W. Lance
Primo Candelara
Primo Candelaria

Eddie Whitfield
Eddie Whitfield

Dennis Anderson
Dennis Anderson

The Coasters in August 2011
The Coasters of Today in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in September 2011.

Four interesting "public-domain" double-CDs
issued 2014-2015

check them out at

Tom Prestopnik interview:
Carl Gardner and The Coasters in Goldmine (June 19, 2009) pdfile ctsy Prestopnik

Read about:
Concert in Harmony Hall, Fort Washington, Maryland -  August 21, 2011

A great interview with Veta Gardner

Carl Gardner Tribute Video
A Great Video for the Memory of Carl Gardner Sr.
(Tribute video ctsy Veta Gardner and Paul Shepherd)
Don't miss it  - it is simply GREAT!

Veta Gardner's book "Beyond the Dream" (2010).
Veta Gardner

Manager of  The Coasters
New book!



Since 1986, I have managed and promoted THE COASTERS, of which my recently
deceased husband Carl Gardner Sr., was the original lead singer and founder.
On June 12,  2011, my husband passed away leaving all his personal properties to me.

Carl Gardner, Sr. assigned the name THE COASTERS,  to the Corporation
"The Original  Coasters, Inc", a legal entity registered in the State of Florida on
November 27, 2000. which he formed to protect me and its structure in the future.
I am now the sole owner and manager of THE COASTERS.

My husband instructed me over the years to keep the group going even after
he was gone. I INTEND TO DO JUST THAT.!

His son Carl Gardner, Jr., came into the group for a second time when his father retired
in 2005 after suffering a mild stroke. However, now Carl Gardner Jr. has chosen to take
his career in a different direction, which no longer has any association, or connection,
or legal right to the name/mark of the Coasters. We wish him well.

We have enjoyed working with all of you for these past 50 years. We now look forward
to even more good music as we honor the memory and wishes of Carl Gardner Sr.

My thanks and gratitude to everyone who supported my husband and I over the years.

All engagements will continue to be booked exclusively
through The Original Coasters,Inc.
at (772) 380-9607, fax (772) 380-9618
or email:

Yakety Yak
I Fought Back

- My Life with
The Coasters

The Carl Gardner Autobiography!
The book cover - "Yakety Yak" of 2007.
- with lots of
rare photographs!

Here is a "teaser"!

at AuthorHouse



"The Authentic Coasters" are managed by the wife of the late Carl Gardner Sr., Veta Gardner, who is now the owner
of The Coasters name, and intends to carry out her husbands wishes to keep his memory, his legacy and music alive.
The Coasters name is a licensed trademark and is not owned by Carl Gardner Jr.
Carl Jr was an independent contractor like all the other members performing with the group since 2005.
It is my understanding that hiring him may be a violation of trademark law. 


Carl Gardner, the last surviving member of The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Coasters,
passed away on June 12th, 2011 at Port St. Lucie Hospice Home
at 7:15 P.M. after a long battle with Alzheimer and congestive heart failure.
Besides his wife of 24 years, the former Veta Ryfkogel, who Carl married in 1987,
Gardner is survived by two daughters, Brenda (Dallas), and Ricki West (Los Angeles);
two sons, Carl Jr (Dallas), and Ahilee (Pennsylvania);
three stepsons, Hanif, Ramon, and Wayne Lalloo (Port St. Lucie);
his brother, Howard (Los Angeles); his sister, Carol Bartlett (N.J);
eight grandchildren; and a great-granddaughter.

pdf, The Clown Princes  by Todd Baptista (with lots of new images)

In Loving Memory of Carl Gardner
nthony Bruno's Photo Album (June 21, 2011)
Great slide show from the funeral services!!

Carl Gardner in his prime, 1960.



Carl had been the love of my live, my husband,
and my best friend. We traveled together on the road
for over 20 years and I am going to miss him.
I was with him 24/7.  Took care of him for the many years
that he was ill. I will miss all of his funny jokes
and his beautiful voice, which always mesmerized me.
I know that he is in heaven with his heavenly father
watching over me. He is at peace.
He will also be missed by thousands of people.

His loving wife for 24 yrs.
Veta Gardner

Carl Gardner (1928-2011)

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Carl Gardner, Sr., 83,
founder and lead singer of the Coasters,
died Sunday June 12, 2011
in Port St. Lucie, Florida after a long illness.
Carl had been ill with congestive heart failure
and vascular dementia for some time.
Please remember his wife Veta,
son Mickey (Carl Jr.),
and his family in your prayers.
Todd Baptista


Carl Gardner in the 1990s.



Photo of Gardner's grave ctsy Veta Gardner.

Obituary in Cash Box by Rockin' Robin

Carl sings "Young Blood"  on the Rock N Roll Graffiti show (1999)
or this

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For the Memory of Carl GardnerCarl Gardner in 1991.

Carl Edward Gardner, Sr., the founder and lead singer of the Coasters from their inception until his retirement in 2005, died at a Port St. Lucie, Florida hospice care facility on Sunday evening, June 12, 2011. He was 83.

Born in Tyler, Texas on April 29, 1928, Gardner settled in the Los Angeles community of Watts in early 1953 in the hope of establishing a singing career. Frequenting the local clubs, he heard and met the established Robins at Johnny Otis’ Oasis club, initially joining the act as a short-term replacement. Gardner’s clear and authoritative tenor was featured on songs including “If Teardrops Were Kisses” and “Smokey Joe’s Cafe”, issued on Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller’s Spark label in 1954-55.

“Leiber and Stoller felt that they needed to move on, so when Atlantic made an offer that they couldn’t refuse, they sold out the entire Spark label,” Gardner explained. “They were having distribution problems. This deal would allow them to be independent producers for Atco, a division of Atlantic. Leiber and Stoller asked me to come with them.” Gardner added his neighbor, Billy Guy, Robins’ bass Bobby Nunn, and Nunn’s friend, veteran singer Leon Hughes, to create the first Coasters lineup.

Various personnel changes would take place through the years, with fellow Hall of Famers Cornell Gunter and Will “Dub” Jones joining Gardner and Guy in 1958, but for a full half-century, Carl was their mainstay. He led the majority of the Coasters’ records including “Down In Mexico”, “Brazil”, “Poison Ivy”, “Young Blood”, “Idol With The Golden Head”, “Three Cool Cats”, “That Is Rock & Roll”, and sang on “Searchin’”, “Yakety Yak”, “Charlie Brown”, “Along Came Jones”, and “Little Egypt”, among others.

He was honored by the Vocal Group Hall of Fame and the Rhythm and Blues Foundation and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. He also worked tirelessly in pursuit of promoters and singers who attempted to capitalize on the Coasters name with their own knockoff groups, utilizing the press, the public, and the court system to help bring about change within the industry. He campaigned for artists rights, including health insurance and back royalty agreements for aging pioneers and helped raise money to fight cancer following his own battle with the disease in the 1990s.

Slowed by a stroke in 2004, Gardner retired from the road at age 77 and turned over the lead vocal duties to his son, Carl Jr., in November of 2005. His autobiography, Yakety Yak I Fought Back, was published in 2007. “I thank God I was able to perform for so many years,” Gardner summed. “I hope the group will continue on in my name.” In recent years, Carl suffered from vascular dementia and congestive heart failure and had been receiving hospice services since June of 2010.

Having had the privilege of writing the three-part series on the Coasters that appeared in these pages within the past year, I was honored by his friendship and struck by his humble, kind, and gentle nature. He was open and honest, fiercely protective of the group and the Coasters name, and had no qualms about speaking up when he felt it appropriate. The authoritative tone in Carl’s voice that came across so well on record and stage gave way to a warm, welcoming pitch when interacting with friends and fans.

Gardner’s first marriage ended in divorce. In addition to his wife of 24 years, the former Veta Ryfkogel, his survivors include a brother, Howard, of Los Angeles; a sister, Carol Bartlett, of East Orange, N.J.; his sons Carl Jr., of Dallas, and Ahilee, of Pennsylvania; two daughters, Brenda, of Dallas, and Ricki West, of Los Angeles; three stepsons, Hanif, Ramon and Wayne Lalloo, all of Port St. Lucie; and several grandchildren and step-grandchildren.

Funeral services were held on June 21 at Morningside Church in Port St. Lucie




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Carl Gardner interviewed at classicbands
The Coasters presented at classicbands

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Obituary (Associated Press)

Carl Gardner.
In this Jan. 20, 1988 file photo, Carl Gardner of The Coasters appears in New York City.
Gardner, original lead singer of the R&B group the Coasters,
died Sunday, June 13, 2011 in Florida. He was 83. (AP Photo/Ron Frehm, File)

June 13, 2011
- Carl Gardner, original lead singer of the R&B group the Coasters,
has died in Florida. He was 83.

Gardner's wife Veta said her husband died Sunday at a Port St. Lucie hospice following a long bout with congestive heart failure and vascular dementia. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987, the Coasters had a string of hits in the late 1950s, including "Searchin'," "Poison Ivy" and "Young Blood." Their single "Yakety Yak" reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 following its 1958 release. It also spent seven weeks as the No. 1 rhythm and blues song.

"He loved his singing," Veta Gardner said of her husband of 24 years. "That was his whole life." The Coasters have continued to perform over the decades, with multiple changes to the lineup. Gardner has always held the rights to the group's name, and his son, Carl Gardner Jr., took over as lead singer when his father retired in 2005.

According to the group's website, the elder Gardner was born in Tyler, Texas, and moved to Los Angeles in the early 1950s. He became a founding member of The Coasters in 1955. The Coasters had 14 songs on the R&B charts, and eight of them crossed over to the pop Top 40, according to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Their hits were written by the famed team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

"The Coasters' parlayed their R&B roots into rock 'n' roll hits by delivering Leiber and Stoller's serio-comic tunes in an uptempo doo-wop style. Beneath the humor the songs often made incisive points about American culture for those willing to dig a little deeper," the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame entry on the group says. In the 1960s, their hits were covered by The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and other British Invasion bands.

Gardner had been a longtime advocate for legislation that would prevent bogus groups from using the names of famous acts like The Coasters, The Drifters, The Shirelles, The Platters and many others. Florida lawmakers passed such legislation in 2007. "He was such a humble person," his wife said. "If you met Carl, you would never know he was famous."

A viewing and funeral services are scheduled for next week in Port St. Lucie.


From the American Spectator - AmSpecBlog

Carl Gardner, R.I.P.

Posted by Aaron Goldstein on 6.15.11 @ 12:29PM

Carl Gardner, lead singer of The Coasters, passed away on
June 12th due to complications
from congestive heart failure and vascular dementia. He was 83.

The Coasters had a string of hits in the late 1950's
which remain an indelible part of the rock n' roll pantheon.
These hits included "Searchin'" (with an introduction by Steve Allen),
"Yakety Yak" (the original hit record), "Charlie Brown"  (original)
& "Poison Ivy" (live from Let The Good Times Roll, 1972)
    (Links to YouTube videos)

At the risk of sounding crumudgeonly,
they don't make music like this anymore.



Harmony Street

Ronnie's Radio Page

Blues & Rhythm cover No 259 (May 2011).

pdf, The Clown Princes
by Todd Baptista
Long Great Essay
and other Coasters extras
-(don't miss this one)
Lots of new images
and a Coasters discography

The Coasters at Dick Clark´s TV show (1958) with the gold record of "Yakety Yak". Jones, Gardner, Gunter and (bottom) Jacobs and Guy.
Yakety Yak

Complete alternate (2:26)
Studio take - March 17, 1958
- Never on any single,
LP, CD, or Bootleg
Only issued on History of RnB Records

Timeline on pdf-file (1 page).
Coasters  Time-Line  (pdf)

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(free download)

The full "Charlie Brown" on TV 1959

Poster of 1957. Poster of 1958.
Posters of 1957 and of 1958 - Courtesy of

Great Reading!
Blues & Rhythm cover (No. 258) - with the first part of Todd Baptista's Robins and Coasters essay (2011).Blues & Rhythm cover No 259 (May 2011).
Blues&Rhythm   Nos. 258 and 259, plus 260,
with great essays by Todd Baptista (The Clown Princes of Rock 'n' Roll).

The Clown Princes by Todd Baptista
Great Essay and other Coasters extras  56 pages

(don't miss this one  - lots of great new images)

Don't miss this:
The longest lasting lineup. Fr.l.: Ronnie Bright, Thomas Palmer, Jimmy Norman, and Carl Gardner Sr.
Smokey Joe's Cafe Live
- with the longest lasting lineup of The Coasters
featuring Carl Gardner Sr (acc by the Rockin Robin Band).

at Little Darlin's Rock 'n Roll Palace in Orlando
(Windows MediaPlayer)
5.44 min of great entertainment, 1991.
Exclusively at this web-site, ctsy Veta Gardner.

The Coasters - Searchin'   on You Tube

Check "Searchin'" at the Dick Clark TV show in 1960 (lipsyncing the 1957 original)

From "Those Hoodlum Friends" - pdfFrom the pdf-file "Those Hoodlum Friends".From "The Hoodlum Friends - Supplement" - pdf.
From two of the pages on the pdf-file "Those Hoodlum Friends" and
from the 
Supplement to "Those Hoodlum Friends"

"The Coasters On Atco".
Goldmine: ****     Blender: ****'      All Music Guide: *****

*  A terrific compilation on Rhino Handmade, "THE COASTERS ON ATCO - There's A Riot Goin' On" ,
The Complete Atco Recordings (Limited Edition) issued December 12, 2007
featuring 113 recordings in sessionography order in a digibox cover (Rhino RHM2 7740)
with almost 5 hours of great music!

(first track of "Three Cool Cats" is the original mono single master and last track, alternate of "Yakety Yak", is in stereo).


Along Came Jones 
What is the Secret of Your Success  (Shindig TV 1965)

From "Shindig" TV in 1965.From "Shindig" TV in 1965 - doing "Searchin'".
(Shindig TV 1965)

To: All Agents, Promoters and Buyers
From: Veta Gardner Re:  THE COASTERS

The Original Coasters,Inc.
Phone:  772-380-9607
Veta Gardner

Varèse Sarabande "Down Home" CD.
On August 28, 2007 Varèse Sarabande issued The Coasters' Date/King sides (the old "On Broadway" LP),
now titled "Down Home" (Varèse Vintage
CD 302066844-2) (check press info)
Track info        |        Varése Vintage "Down Home" CD

More info    |    order it at

The original Coasters with Gardner, Nunn, Hughes, and Guy in late 1955.

The Coasters Web Site is edited by Claus Röhnisch
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The Coasters in 1958 (frl: Gunter, Jones, Guy, Gardner, and Jacobs).
The Coasters:  Biography   |  The Coasters Story:  Short Re-Cap
The Coasters:  Today

Year-By-Year Photo Chrono   |  The Coasters - Members photos

The classic Coasters of 1958-1960: Will "Dub" Jones, Carl Gardner, Cornell Gunter, Billy Guy, and guitarist Adolph Jacobs.

For a guide on Coasters tracks on representative CDs, see Ultimate CD Collection.


Download the Best Parts of
The Coasters in the recording studios 1960. Billy Guy, Willl Jones, Carl Gardner, and Cornell Gunter.
with lots of images and quick-search
Please note that the pdf-file is re-edited
with some minor changes and constantly up-dated!

(full of great information)
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The Coasters in 1960.

pdf, The Clown Princes
by Todd Baptista
Great Essay and other Coasters extras
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Presenting The Coasters in
The Coasters in 1958.Gardner, Jones, Earl Carroll, and Guy in ca 1965.

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The classic Coasters (1958).
The four Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame Coasters

The original Coasters in 1956 with top Bobby Nunn and Carl Gardner; bottom Leon Hughes and Billy Guy.
The original Coasters

Read about group names' legality at
South Carolina legislation

Carl Gardner at the Carnegie Hall in 1991 (ctsy SoulSounds & Veta Gardner).

Bright, Gardner, Lance, Palmer, and Morse in Palm Springs, October 2002.
Video on The Coasters!
in Palm Springs, CA
October 2002
streaming ( full-screen

"50 Coastin´ Classics" 2-set CD - Rhino R2 71090 - the best Coasters buy. Gardner, Nunn, Guy and (kneeling) Hughes.

Atco 33-101 - the first Coasters LP, "The Coasters".
"The Coasters' Greatest Hits"  Atco LP 33-111 and CD 33111-2

Complete Coasters Collection

"The Coasters On Atco".

The Coasters CD Collection
The Coasters Fan Club CD "The Clown Princes of Rock n Roll" MP-1956 with 24 super studio tracks - repackage of "Charlie Brown".      Collectables CD "The Coasters & One By One" (featuring the tracks of the original LPs).

Varèse Sarabande "Down Home" CD.

"The Coasters One By One" - Atco LP 33-123.
Atco LP 33-135 "Coast Along With The Coasters".

The Coasters' 50th Anniversary

celebrated on November 5, 2005.

Veta and Carl Gardner in November, 2005.
Veta and Carl Gardner.
 50th Anniversary held at Club Med in Port St. Lucie, Florida -

featuring Carl Gardner Sr, Carl Gardner Jr & The Coasters
- announcing the retirement of Carl Gardner Sr.

The original Coasters of 1956,From "The Cash Box" magazine cover  1957. The Coasters are awarded a double golden disc at the Steve Allen TV-show for "Searchin´" b/w "Young Blood".The Coasters at Vocal Group Hall of Fame Museum (PA).
The Coasters at Vocal Group Hall of Fame   Inductees 1999
The Coasters at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame   Inductees 1987

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Carl Gardner.

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"50 Golden Years with The Coasters" CD issued October 2005.


"Yakety Yak  I Fought Back"
- My Life with The Coasters
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ISBN 9781425989811
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CD MP-1956 back cover.


The Coasters - Original Singles, EPs and LPs Gallery

The Coasters first 18 Atco singles (preferably the plug sides) plus "Smokey Joe's Cafe" and flip of "Searchin'" - "Young Blood".  The following (and last) eleven of the Coasters' Atco singles (preferably the plug sides), plus the three Date singles, the Turntable single, the three King singles plus "D.W. Washbunr" on the first King single (B-side of Love Potion) plus the Wicked single.
The Coasters' first five original LPs.
The British issue on Direction "She Can" - original flip of "Everybody's Woman", followed by the American original Date-version, "Love Potion Number Nine" (prob the original King cover - alternate of the above); and "Talkin' 'Bout A Woman" (the reissue of "She Can" and flip of "Cool Jerk")."D.W. Washburn" the re-issue on King in 1971 - flip of "Love Potion Number Nine".
The Coasters´ first EP (Atco 4501).Atco EP 4503.The third Coasters EP - Atco 4506.Atco EP 4505 (US).
"Their Greatest Recordings - The Early Years"  on Atco 33-371, 1971.The US King (Leiber-Stoller) LP 1972.The "Young Blood" 2-set LP on Atlantic-DeLuxe 1982.

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  The original Coasters - featuring Carl Gardner - far right.Rhe classic Coasters of 1958.The Coasters of 1965 with Gardner, Jones, Earl Carroll and Guy.Rge Coasters in 1958 on the Dick Clark TV-show.
The Coasters in 1958.
The classic Coasters in 1958: Guy, Jones, Gardner, Gunter, andf Jacobs.
The original Coasters of 1956: Gardner, Nunn, Guy, and kneeling Hughes.The classic Coasters of 1959: Gardner, Jones, Guy, and Gunter,

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