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"50 Golden Years with The Coasters" CD issued October 2005 [ctsy 2005 Veta Gardner & Jane Caggiano]
Edited by Claus Röhnisch, updated February 25, 2008
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Front cover of The Definitive Soul Collection (Rhino/WEA 2CD-set)."Young Blood" ad [The Cash Box mag].The original Coasters, October 1955 [].

The Robins with Gardner and Nunn, 1955 [Bill Millar: "The Coasters", photo ctsy Norbert Hess].The original Coasters in late 1955 (Gardner, Nunn, Hughes, and Guy [publ photo edited by American Legends Records]The Coasters, 1956 [Atco publ. photo].1956 from promo [Milton Deutsch Agency].The original Coasters [ Atlantic Records].The Coasters, 1956 [Atco publ. photo].1957 (publ photo)."50 Coastin´ Classics" double-CD [Rhino Records].The Coasters, 1956 [Publ. photo].The Coasters, 1956 [Publ. photo - edited by CR].Atco ad, 1956 [The Cash Box mag..The Coasters, 1956 ["First Pressings", Big Nickel - from Billboard ad].Billboard ad for "Young Blood" in 1957 [The Billboard magazine, 1957).Atco ad of 1957 [The Cash Box mag].Steve Allen TV-show 1957.From "The Cash Box" magazine cover  1957. The Coasters are awarded a double golden disc at the Steve Allen TV-show for "Searchin´" b/w "Young Blood".Atco 33-101 - the first Coasters LP [Atco Records, 1957]..The original Coasters in 1957: Carl Gardner, Billy Guy, Bobby Nunn, Leon Hughes, and Adolph Jacobs.1957 [Atco Records]."The Coasters" - their first LP, 1957 [Sequal Records].The Coasters´ first EP (Atco 4501) [Original Atco EP cover].The Coasters, 1958 [Rhino Records, publ photo].1958 (publphoto)The Coasters in 1958 [publ. photo].The Coasters in 1958 (publ. photo).The Coasters, 1958 [Röhnisch collection]."The Coasters On Atco". (Rhino Handmade CD cover)Publ photo [Atco]The Coasters, 1958 [Rhino Records CD booklet].The Coasters´ third EP [original Atco EP cover].The Coasters in 1958: Jones, Gardner and Gunter with Jacobs and Guy bottom [fromt he Swdish Atlantic "Top Hits" EP].The Coasters EP Atco 4507 (US) [original Atco EP cover].The Coasters, 1958 [Claus Röhnisch shot from Swedish London EP].Gardner and Nunn in 1958 [Röhnisch collection].Billy Guy and Cornell Gunter in 1958 [Röhnisch collection],Lester Sill and the Coasters [Lester Sill collection - from Arnold Shaw: "The Rockin´´50s"].1958 [Claus Röhnisch collection}.The classic Coasters (publ).1958: Guy, Jones, Gardner, Gunter, and Jacobs [Claus Röhnisch collection].1958 [publ photo - from TV appearance].1958 [original French EP cover].1958 [publ photo].The classic Coasters of 1958-1960: Will "Dub" Jones, Carl Gardner, Cornell Gunter, Billy Guy, and guitarist Adolph Jacobs.  [publ photo enhanced by Veta Gardner].1958 [publ photo].1958: Jones, Gardner, Gunter, Guy, and guitarist Jacobs [publ photo; edited].The Coasters, 1958 [Rhino Records].The Coasters, 1958 [edited - from Rhino Records]."The Very Best of The Coasters", CD [origingal Rhino Records CD].The Coasters, 1958 [Claus Röhnisch collection - from publ photo].European Coasters CD [original CD].1958 [publ photo - from Atco Records].The Rhino/Flashback CD "Yakety Yak And Other Hits" of 1997 (ten classic tracks - and reissued on Collectables Priceless series in may, 2004 as "Yakety Yak & Other Favorites".The Coasters in 1958 (publ).The Coasters in 1958 [photo edited by Claus from Rhino Flashback].1958 [unknown fan collection - from publ photo].1958  from publ photo].The classic Coasters of 1958 [Atco publ].The Coasters  Hallmark CD [CD cover Hallmark].Golden Greats CD, featuring 1973 titles [original CD].1958 (from "The Golden Greats of the Coasters - Yakety Yak" CD).The Coasters in Arizona, 1958 [photo: Johnny Franklin, ctsy Samuel Hill].The Coasters, 1959 [Claus Röhnisch ceollection - edited from TV ad]."Charlie Brown" on TV 1959.1958 [Claus Röhnisch collection, from TV ad]Early 1959 [Atco Records].Greatest Hits, 59 [original LP cover].Early 1959  [from Atco 33-111].1959. The Coasters, L-S, et all [Atlantic Records publ photo].1959 [Atlantic Records, edited by CR].The Coasters, 1959 [Claus Röhnisch collection - edited from Atlantic Records publ photo].In the studios, 1959 [Jerry Leiber-Mike Stoller collection - from Robert Palmer: "Baby, That Was Rock & Roll"].In studios 1959 [Leiber-Stoller collection - from "Baby, That Was Rock & Roll"].1960 [Atco's "One By One" LP cover]."The Coasters - One By One" LP, 1960 [original Atco LP cover].Golden Hits ITC CD featuring 1973 revival titles [original CD].1960: Jones, Gardner, Gunter, and Guy [publ photo].The Coasters of 1960 [Claus Röhnisch collection - publ photo].The Coasters, 1960 [Claus Röhnisch collection - Swedish newspaper in 1962].Billy Guy, Will Jones, Carl Gardner, and Cornell Gunter [original French EP].1960 (from French EP "The Climb").Circa 1961 [unknonw]Circa 1861 [unknown]On TV "American Bandstand" in 1960.Backstage in Phoenix, 1960 [photo: Johnny Franklin]."Coast Along With The Coasters" LP, 1962 [original LP cover].Chubby Checker & Claus Röhnisch, 1963 [Claus Röhnisch collection -from local newspaper].Carroll, Jones, Gardner, Guy (at the Apollo in November, 1963) [from the original Atco LP "Apollo Saturday Night"]..1965 [Röhnisch collection].Circa 1965 with Gardner, Jones, Carroll, and Guy [James Evans, publ photo].The Coasters, 1965 [Claus Röhnisch collection - edited from publ photo].Cirak 1965 [from Japanese LP "All About The Coasters").The Coasters, 1965 [Rhino Records CD booklet].The Coasters in circa 1965.The Coasters, 1965 [Atco pub photo].The Coasters circa 1965 (publ photo by james J. Kriegsmann) [James Evans management].Cirka 1965 [from DeLuxe CD "20 Greatest Hits"].Varèse Sarabande "Down Home" CD (Cover)."20 Greatest Hits" CD with all King/Date tracks 1966-1973 [original CD, 1986)."What Is The Secret Of Your Success?" LP cover (with images from 1965) [original LP cover, ctsy Jonas Bernholm].Shindig TV February 10, 1965.At Shindig  TV in 1965.Shindig TV February 10, 1965.At the "Shindig" TV show in 1965 (ctsy Jonas Bernholm collection).Shindig TV, 1965 [unknown]The "Charlie Brown" CD of May, 2000 [with cover "borrowed" from Mr R&B].1966 (Bill Millar).1966 [promo photo, ctsy Veta Gardner].At The Apollo in 1969 [original LP cover].The Coasters at the Apollo in 1969 [from the Trip "Sanitary" album"].Three of the four Coasters in 1969 [unknown photographer].The Coasters in 1969 [Claus Röhnisch collection - edited from King LP cover].Poster of 1971/72 (alternate) [King/Starday ad].Love Potion # 9 poster [King/Starday publ photo].Ad for Love Potion No. 9 in 1971 [publ photo).In Concert CD on Time Machine Records (recorded in Boston in 1973 - issued in 2001) [original CD].1971 [publ photo ].1971 [King Records, Nashville]1972 [publ photo - originally on British London LP "On Broadway" 1973].Circa 1972 (or 1969) [from the Wispeack bootleg CD].Circa 1972 or 1969  publ photo.1973-1974 [James Evans (manager) publ photo].1974 [cts James Evans].In Australia in 1974 [ctsy manager James Evans].In Germany, 1974 [Norbert Hess collection - ctsy "The History of Rock", Ortis Publ Lt].The Coasters in the late 1970s [promo photo James Evans; from ebay].Late 1970s [James Evans].The Coasters in 1979 [James Evans, ebay].Bright, Gardner, Carroll, Palmer  1979 ["Rockin´ My Soul" CD cover - Sterling].On stage in 1979 with Bright, Gardner and Carroll. [unknown].The Coasters in  1979 [Claus Röhnisch collection - ctsy manager James Evans and Carl Gardner].1982: Norman, Gardner, Bright [Graham Barker collection, ctsy "The History of Rock", Ortis Publ Ltd].1986 [Veta Gardner Management, promotion photo].The Coasters, 1986 [Claus Röhnisch collection, ctsy Veta and Carl Gardner].The Coasters, 1988 [unknown origin - Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary].Jones, Gardner, Gunter and Guy at Atlantic Records'  40th Anniversary in 1988 ["What'd I Say - The Atlantic Story"].1988 Rock n Roll Hall of Palace, Florida). 1988 - the longest lastin lineup (unknown origin).The Coasters in Texas in 1988 [Claus Röhnisch collection , ctsy Veta Gardner].MP-1956 (original CD back cover].1993Carl Gardner at the Carnegie Hall in 1991 (ctsy SoulSounds & Veta Gardner).Carl Gardner, 1991 at Carnegie Hall [Claus Röhnisch collection, ctsy Trevor Caijao}.The Coasters at Carnegie Hall in 1991 [Claus Röhnisch collection, ctsy Veta Gardner].1991 [promotion].Carl Gardner in the l1990s [Veta Gardner Management].Veta Gardner, Claus Röhnisch and Carl Gardner, 1992 [Claus Röhnisch collection - photo: a Swedish friend].Gardner with his six golden records, 1992 [Carl & Veta Gardner collection].Carl Gardner´s Coasters circa 1993 [from at phony Coasters CD titled "Rots of Rock´n´Roll].1993 [Veta Gardner, and Claus Röhnisch collections].1993 [publ photo; Veta Gardner management].The Coasters, 1993 [Veta Gardner collection, ctsy Trevor Caijao].Carl & Veta Gardner, 1993 [Veta Gardner, and Claus Röhnisch collection].The Coasters, 1993 [ctsy Carl Gardner].Jones, Gardner and Guy, 1994 [Veta Gardner, Trevor Caijao, and Claus Röhnisch collections].Carl Gardner, 1996 [original CD].1998 [ctsy Veta Gardner management].The Coasters, 1998 [Veta Gardner, and Claus Röhnisch collections].Carl Gardner and The Coasters in 1998 [Claus Röhnisch collection].The Coasters in 1998 [promo ctsy Veta Gardner].The real Coasters (1998): Alvin Morse, Thomas Palmer, Carl Gardner, Ronnie Bright; and Carl Gardner Jr [Veta Gardner Management].Carl Gardner & The Coasters in circa 1999 with frl. Bright, Gardner, Carl Gardner Jr, Thomas Palmer, and Alvin Morse. [ctsy Randy Hendrix).The Coasters in Florida, Febr. 2000 [ctsy Veta Gardner Management].October 2000.The Coasters in 2001 (photo Veta Gardner´s  Management and Claus Röhnisch archive).2001 [ctsy Veta Gardner].The Coasters of 2001. Frl:  Bright, Morse, Lance, Palmer and center front Gardner [Veta Gardner Management].The Coasters in August, 2001. Palmer, Gardner, Bright, Morse, and Williams [ctsy Veta Gardner Management].The Coasters in early 2002 with Bright, Morse, Lance, and center front Carl Gardner (photo: Veta Gardner´s Management and Claus Röhnisch archive).Early 2002 [ctsy Classic World Productions DVD cover]. CD CWP-1201 cover - very rare CD featuring the Coasters' "Very Best".The Coasters: Palmer, Bright, Morse, Gardner, Lance [Classic World prod].Ronnie Bright and Carl Gardner at Auburn Hill in December, 2001 [ctsy Neal Hollander Agency].The Coasters in 2002 [ctsy Veta Gardner].
Bright, Gardner, Lance, Morse, Palmer , 2002 [Classic World].The Coasters in 2002 [Veta Gardner Management].Ronnie Bright, Carl Gardner, J.W. Lance, Thomas Palmer, and Alvin Morse in Palm Springs, 2002 (ctsy Veta Gardner).
Bright, Gardner Jr, Palmer, J.W. Lance and Alvin Morse in February 2007, Myrtle Beach [WillieCs RnB Beach Music Cafe].June 28, 2008 in Louisiana: Bright, Gardner Jr, Lance, and Moore [ctsy Dennie Culbert,]
The Coasters in late 2008 ((photo ctsy Scott Wheeler, The 2009 (ctsy Veta Gardner).

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The Coasters Web Site
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