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The Coasters Web Site  Bobby Nunnīs Coasters.Cornell Gunterīs Coasters.
The Coastersī Off-Shots - by Claus Röhnisch
Thanks to Stefan Pingel-Wriedt, Charles Sheen, Todd Baptista, Joy Stewart-Evans, Bob McGrath, and Matthew Broyles.
The recordings by The Coastersī ex-members
: Members of the non-original Coastersī groups may not all agree with the editorīs "fake Coasters" labeling.

Contrary to common belief, the Coasters did not sing behind Little Richard on the film track of "The Girl Canīt Help It" (neither did the Robins), and not behind any Elvis recordings. There is, though, a possibility that the Coasters sang behind LaVern Baker on her March, 1957 Los Angeles recording of "Jim Dandy Got Married". There is also some evidence stating the Coasters backed Bobby Hendricks on "Itchy Twitchy Feeling" in mid 1958, and that it was the Coasters backing Hendricks on the Drifters' recording of "Drip Drop" in April, 1958.

Bobby Nunn, Leon Hughes, Cornell Gunter, Billy Guy, Will Jones, Billy Richards Jr, and Grady Chapman have all in one way or another launched non-original Coasters groups (and so have others who have no direct connection to the originals).

Bobby Nunn   with
Billy Richards Jr, Bobby Sheen, Grady Chapma
n, Randy Jones
Nunnīs Coasters, originally called "The Coasters, Mark II", started acting in late 1962 and were well established on the West Coast and toured the South and even Germany (during the first years including Billy Richards Jr and Bobby Sheen - and from 1964 also Grady Chapman of the early Robins). Billy Richards Jr is a nephew of the Robinsī Billy Richard. Richards Jr ironically sued Carl in 1991 for using the Coastersī name. Bobby Sheen (born 1941, died in LA on November 23, 2000) had joined the Robins already in 1958 (after leaving high school) together with Richards Jr. In late 1962 (after having acted with Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans for Phil Spector) Sheen and Richards Jr joined Nunn to form Nunnīs Coasters, Mark II, soon joined by Grady Chapman. The four continued to tour until 1966, when Randy Jones joined (Randy had sung with the Flairs, the Penguins, and the Flares and acted with almost all the fake Coasters groups. He died in 2002). In 1970 Nunn "handed" the name "The Coasters" to Sheen and Richards Jr. After Nunnīs death the two of them started their attempts to copyright procedures (originally managed by Larry Marshak - ending in an agreement between Gardner and Richards Jr). Bobby Sheen had told his son at the time of Nunnīs death that there were nine groups claiming to be "The Coasters".

The remnants of Nunnīs group turned into two groups - one led by Billy Richards Jr and one by Grady Chapman. The Billy Richards Jr group toured as Billy Richardsī Coasters and also as "The (West) Coasters" - with managements in Tennessee, California and New York (Larry Marshak, SIC). His group originally included remnants of the late Nunnīs Coasters group - Randy Jones, Tommy Turner and Bobby Sheen - sometimes also Tony Ruiz and Dexter Tisby. In 1989 the group consisted of Richards, Sheen and Randy Jones. By the late ī90s Richardsī group featured Henry Miller, Larry Tate and Sandy Wyatt (who continued to perform after Richardsī brain anuerisym). Billy Richardsī Coasters (with Richards Jr still up front - although in bad condition) still acted in 2002 - singing all The Coastersī original hits; and with Larry Tate acting bass "equally as good as Dub Jones" (fan Sam Leandro reports).
Billy Richards' Coasters of today have a web entry at with a lot of "borrowed" material from this site, but also some audios and extra information of that group. Members of the group according to that entry in 2006 are: Billy Richards, Larry Tate, Duane Jackson, and Larry Hicks.

Grady Chapmanīs group toured as Grady Chapmanīs Coasters (originally featuring Nunn) and as "Bobby Nunn Tribute Coasters Group" - after Nunnīs death. Gradyīs group also sporadically featured Leon Hughes, Billy Guy, Will "Dub" Jones, sometimes even Billy Richards Jr, and especially Jerome Evans (who was a constant member - originally from the Furys and who also had sung with Bobby Hendricksī Drifters), plus Charles Jackson and Randy Jones. Bobby Sheen joined Grady and the two performed together, on-and-off, through the 1980s and 1990s together with Jerome Evans right up until a few weeks before Sheenīs death - using the name "The Fabulous Coasters" (with performances in a club in Tustin, California and in the year of 2000 in Hobbs, New Mexico). "The Fabulous Coasters" even toured Germany in October, 2000 (featuring Grady with Robert Baker, Jerome Evans and Randy Jones). During 1993 Grady substituted a couple of times for Carl Gardner in Gardnerīs true Coasters group and Grady recently has started his own new line -up of The Robins (probably featuring the most recent line-up of Chapmanīs "Coasters" (Robert Baker - who used to sing with Gunterīs group, Bobby Johnson - who sang with the Hollywood Flames, and Billy Foster - from Vernon Green & the Medallions. (Thanks Joy Stewart-Evans for information on the latter-day Chapman Coasters. Also thanks to Jackson Hart concerning some of the information on the California Coasters - and to Charles Sheen).

Cornell Gunter (and his off-springs)
Cornell Gunterīs Coasters started working in 1963, often called "The Fabulous Coasters" (during the first years), and toured heavily (and visited England in the ī60s) with several engagements in Las Vegas. Cornellīs first new group comprised remnants from the Penguins, with Teddy Harper (who worked with Cornell several years - Teddy passed away on January 14, 1985), Dexter Tisby, and especially Randy Jones - who also sang with Bobby Nunnīs and Grady Chapmanīs Coasters and sometimes even with his own Coasters group. Cornellīs most consistent bass singer was Nat "Buster" Wilson (whose body was found in Modesto, California in May 1982, he was murdered in 1980 - on December 8, 1984 the groupīs manager Patrick Cavanaugh was convicted for murder). The group recorded as "Cornell Gunter" (with sister Shirley as guest star). Leroy Binns sang bass/baritone with Cornell's group for a while. In the mid 1980s Cornell's trio included Charlie Duncan (who had been with Cornell - first as a drummer - since the ī60s), Edwin Cook (from Buck Ram's Platters, who was handpicked by and replaced Harper in 1983. "Cornell Gunterīs Coasters" of the mid 1990s were a fake group led by Randy Jones with Billy Williams and Clarence Walker (Randy was featured with Willie Daviesī the Jacks after Will Jonesī death). After Cornell's death "Cornell Gunterīs Coasters Inc." (often promoted by Dick Clark), featured Duncan, Cook, and Lionel "Z" Pope. Another off-spring group of Cornellīs is a group led by Terry Evans (not the 1944 Mississippi-born soul singer). He may have been with the Coasters before Will Jones arrived and nowadays tours with a tribute group. Lately the Cornell Gunter's Coasters mentioned are led by Edwin Cook and also featuring Bruce Anderson, Otis Hombre and Geno Williams; but in 2007 Charlie "D" started a web site showing a group without Cook (featuring Lionel "Z" Pope and Tony "T" Scruggs and advertised as The Original "Cornell Gunter's" Coasters.

Billy Guy & Will Jones
Billy Guy made his first attempt as a solo artist back in 1962, when he recorded 16 tracks för ABC-Paramount and Lloyd
Priceīs Double L label in New York - with no great success, although the recordings were pretty interesting (and later turned up as by "The Coasters").  Still recording and touring with the Coasters up to 1973, he often was substituted by Vernon Harrell on stage and later by Jimmy Norman. Guy continued recording several records in his own name for other labels after 1973 but also waxed couple of sessions as by "The Coasters" during the 1970s - especially a session for King/Gusto in Nashville in 1977 with Will "Dub" Jones. Jones himself had already recorded as "The Coasters" (the album "The World Famous Coasters") around 1976 together with Leon Hughes. Jones settled in Los Angeles around 1979. He acted during the ī80s and '90s (staring in 1983) with an L.A. Coasters group, led by Billy Guy and sometimes featuring  Grady Chapman. They worked as "The World Famous Coasters" and as "The Coasters" in later years. . Will was semi-retired during his later years, mostly acting as a gospel singer. Billy Guy started to semi-coach a Las Vegas "The Coasters", often billed as "Billy Guyīs Coasters", managed by Larry Marshak of RCI Management in New York during the latter part of 1998. Marshak had negotiated a business deal with Guy after the termination of a similar contract with the Billly Richards group (see more on "Coastinī with The Coasters"). Marshak is the organizer behind several of the new, phony name-sakes in the U.S. - young groups billing themselves and touring as "The Platters", "The Drifters" or/and "The Coasters"

Leon Hughes & Young Jessie
Leon Hughes has worked with a group called "The Original Coasters" on several occasions and also toured with a revival line-up of the Hollywood Flames
and still promotes himself as "Leon Hughes - one of the original Coasters". Leon also sang with Dub Jones on "The World Famous / Just Coastinī" album. Even Young Jessie (who substituted for Leon in L.A. recording studios in 1957) has recently acted with his own "Coasters" group.

Bogus (promotor: Larry Marshak, with Early Clover et al)
Gardner, Guy, Jones and Gunter were "handed" the name The Coasters individually from Lester Sill (who had the "business rights") by a written assignment in the mid ī60s, but there is only one group truly deserving the name of THE COASTERS - Carl Gardnerīs group (Carl filed a Service Mark of "The Coasters" at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on July 15, 1986, No. 1401608, for 20 years). In early 1998 Gardner settled an agreement with Billy Richards, and Carl thereby got the sole right to use the name of "The Coasters". In early 2000 Billy Guy handed over his "rights" to Carl and retired, and later Gardner won a court case against Larry Marshak, but Marshak immediately made a deal with Gunterīs sister Shirley and started to promote "Cornell Gunterīs Coasters" at Capitol International (who where the same fake group that Billy Guy had semi-coached during the latter part of the ī90s). That group sometimes continued to name themselves "The Billy Guy Coasters" and also simply used "Coasters" (see image below). The name used most often these days though is "The Cornell Gunter Coasters" (with several engagements in Las Vegas and a couple of CDs issued). The first fake Coasters group Marshak managed was the Billy Richards group (after Nunnīs death). Richards signed a strange deal with Marshak handing over the "rights" to use the name the Coasters. When Richards changed management, Marshak signed a deal with Billy Guy during the late ī90s (using the name The Billy Guy Coasters) and when Billy settled with Gardner in the year of 2000, Marshak again found one to "fool" - this time Shirley Gunter (the blind sister of the now diseased Cornell) who let Marshak use Cornell Gunterīs name (meanwhile the true remnants of Gunterīs old fake group started Cornell Gunterīs Coasters Inc - thatīs why there are several groups using Gunterīs name). Marshak filed bankruptcy in mid 2002. The Cornell Gunter Coasters of 2002 (and 2008) lead singer Early Clover who joined the bogus Coasters in 1988 and also acted with the fake Platters and Drifters groups and
also tours as a solo artist (still leading one of the fake Marshak Cornell Gunterī's Coasters).
| MORE! | In early 2005 the Cornell Gunter Coasters featured Dave Revels (still lead in 2009), Earnest Harrison, Mike Raysor, and Ron Beau. Later that year veteran Revels was flanked by Mike Bossard, Thomas Ross, and Lee Bellinger. The Sahara Cornell Gunter's Coasters in 2006 - and in 2007: Steve Smith, Cliff Dawson, Donald Pinkney and Early Clover.  (more). In early 2007 Dennis Anderson, James Hayes, Tom Ross and Sam White acted as the Cornell Gunter Coasters on the West Coast. Marshak's groups consist of different singers at different events.  | The fake Coasters in Las Vegas, September 2007 | (note - not Beary Hobb's Drifters anymore, but "the legendary lead singers of the Temptations" or "The Temptations Reunion Show" for a short while - and then suddenly The Marvelettes) -  Sahara Hotel site.

Myles Savage (from the modern-days Platters), Barry Gunn (from Cornell Gunter Coasters), Ira Greig (from Beary Hobbs' Drifters), and Wolf Johnson (from Richard Street's Temptations) toured together during 2007 - and in 2008 Savage did some shows as "The Stars" with Glen Leonard (Temptations), Bobby Hendriks (Drifters) and J.W. Lance from the Coasters.

Below are listed all recording sessions issued as by "The Coasters", but which are not by Gardnerīs group. Each entry begins with a track time identification (when known). 

Billy Guy and Will Jones, 1977.
Off-Shot Coasters Discography
Discography compiled by Claus Röhnisch
- with thanks to the late Brian Watson, and to Ray Baradat, Jack Grochmal, Charles Sheen,
Joy Stewart-Evans, Jackson Hart, Cord Coslor, a.o.

(Billy Guy, lead vcl; and Jim Gilstrap, bass vcl).
Unknown accomp. incl. reeds and rhythm with male and female back-up vcls. Arr and cond by Gil Askey. Prod by Robert Bateman. Acquired by Lloyd Price and Harold Logan.
Detroit, 1962
2:20    Women *  (The Prophet)   Double-L 719 *, Joy(E) LP 189, Trip LP 8028, TVP LP 1002, EscLP 3311
2:45    Whip It On Me Baby  (aka Whip It On Me)     as above plus Trip LP 16-7, Archive LP 613, Bellaphon(G) LP 15230, Stateside(J) LP 40028, (not TVP)
2:40    Hungry    189, 8028, 1002, EscLP 3311
2:07    Oh, Rocking My Soul  (aka Rockinī My Soul)     as above plus 15230, (J)40028, LECD, (not TVP)
2:50    She's A Humdinger * (aka Humdinger)   ABC-Paramount 10397* plus as above
1:59    T.V. Fanatic      189, 8028, 16-7, EscLP 3311
2:26    As Quiet As Itīs Kept   (aka He's In Love)   ABC-Paramount 10320 plus as above
2:39    It Ainīt Sanitary   (aka Sanitary)    189, 8028, 16-7, 613, 15230, (J)40028, 1002, EscLp 3311
2.30    (The) Deodorant Song   as above plus LECD
2:25    It Doesnīt Take Much *  (It Donīt Take Much)      ABC-Paramount 10397* plus 189, 8028, 16-7, 613, 15230, (J)40028, EscLP 3311
2:57    (The) Prison Break   189, 8028, 613, 15230, (J) 40028, 1002, EscLP 3311
2:21    Here I Am     ABC-Paramount 10320 plus 189, 8028, 613, 15230, (J)40028, LECD
2:38    You Donīt Know What Youīre Talking About (ka Ask Somebody and Sister Blabber Mouth)    613, 15230, (J)40028, LECD
2:12    She Ainīt Got No Hair     as above
2:24    Call On Me    as above
2:21    Wonīt Be No More  (aka Little Black Book)   as above
Note: All 16 tracks are on German Stateside LP 40028 "The Coasters". Japanese Stateside LP 40028 not identical to the German issue. The two ABC-Paramount singles issued as by Billy Guy in 1962. Double-L single released 1963 as by "Billy Guy" (with "Women" as title of one side). Original album issued on Joy in England in 1971, titled "Hungry", followed by the U.S. Trip LP (1973), titled "It Ainīt Sanitary". Trip TOP LP 16-7 also issued on Phoenix20 LP 602 (US 1980) and AFE LP 1059 (E 1982) as "Juke Box Giants". Escobar LP 3311 (from 1980) includes ten tracks, titled "Breaking Out"). All titles on the Trip Top LP re-issued in stereo on MasterTone Abracadabra CD AB 3119, titled "Yakety Yak – 17 Classic Coasters Tracks" (with "One Foot Dragginī" added as a bonus). MasterTone (US) CD 8338 features 14 tracks, with the six listed above plus "Jumbo Bwana" and "One Foot Dragginī", but excluding "Searchinī" and "Along Came Jones" from Gardnerīs Trip session. LECD is Wisepack(E) "Legends" LECD 076 (issued 1994, which also contains Atco Coasters recordings and later Gusto recordings). Diverse tracks from above issued on several "Coasters" CDs (see Coastersī Session Discography - Trip session; and CD Guide with albums - Platinum Pop, Bam, Kingfisher/Ichiban). There is no CD featuring all the tracks from this session.

THE COASTERS featuring Cornell Gunther
(Cornell Gunter, lead vcl; and Bobby Seeger /Stregar/, Nat "Buster" Wilson and Lloyd Wolf, vocals). Unknown accomp. incl. horns and rhythm. Bootleg recordings by Ron Bartolucci / Little Walter De Venne.
Paulīs Maul, Boston, Mass., 1970
8:46    Intro & Medley: Itīs Your Thing/Knock On Wood/Funky Broadway/Land Of 1.000 Dances/Yakety Yak    New Rose CD 5110, FanClub (F) CD 110
6:40    Medley: Searchinī/I Canīt Help Myself/Get Ready    as above
3:05    Shoppinī For Clothes    as above
3:25    Charlie Brown     as above
3:32    Medley: Whatīd I Say/Long Tall Sally/Jenny Jenny/Lucille/Tutti Frutti     as above
Note: The group is presented as "Cornell Gunter and the Coasters" by the MC. CD live album issued in 1992, titled "The Coasters featuring Cornell Gunther", and recorded in 1970 (although the CD wrongly credits 1969). Also includes four titles by Carl Gardnerīs Coasters (see "Session Discography"). Observe the common misspelling of Gunterīs surname.

(Grady Chapman, Leon Hughes, Bobby Nunn, and Jerome Evans, vcls); unknown accomp."Bumps" Blackwell, arr/prod.
Los Angeles, Calif., 1975
Searchinī 75
    Chelan 2000
Young Blood    Chelan 2000
Note: Chelan was owned by Bumps Blackwell (and thanks Joy for the information!).

(featuring Billy Guy). Billy Guy, solo vcl (on SalWa) and prod. Unknown accomp.
Hollywood, 1975  (prob two diff. sessions)
2:27    You Move Me    SalWa 1001
1:57    Take It Easy Greazy    SalWa 1001
2:30     Watergate (Put Some Funk On, Cause The Money's Been Long Gone)    BlackCircle 102
2:10     Hockey-Puck     BlackCircle 102
Note: SalWa has publisher Screen Gems. BlackCircle record prdouced by Guy and H.B. Barnum.

(featuring Cornell Gunter, lead; with Teddy Harper, Nat "Buster" Wilson; plus Gaetano "Lee Diamond" LaMotta).
Unknown instrumentation incl strings, brass, organ and rhythm. Unknown prod. Single issued as "Cornell Gunter".
Wally Heider Studios,
San Francisco, November 1975
2:46    Down In Mexico    Together 101
2:36    Poison Ivy   unissued    
3:13    Love In My Heart    Together 101
2:27    Wishing Well    unissued   
Note: Thanks Gaetano LaMotta for information on this session. Last two tracks filed as "Cornell Gunter Originals".

(featuring Will "Dub" Jones, bass vcl-1/lead-2; Leon Hughes, vcl + unknown singers). Almost certainly the vocal-line ups are two different lineups - therefore prob. two sessions. J. Rhys, engineer.
Orchestration incl. horns and rhythm. Andy Di Martino (aka Aloysius De Marino),prod.
Los Angeles, ca 1976
4:41    If I Had A Hammer   -2    American International Artists AI -1122, LP AIA-333, GAP WSH LP 016, DJM(E) LP 22053
2:40    I Got To Boogie    -1   
LP AIA-333, GAP 016, DJM(E) LP 22053
2:48    Searchinī     as above
2:14    Charlie Brown     as above (not GAP)
2:40    Poison Ivy  as above (not GAP)
1:45    Yakety Yak    as above (not GAP)
2:07    Young Blood    as above
2:40    Along Came Jones    as above (not GAP)
3:17    Benjamin And Loretta   -1     as above
2:46    The Chick Is Guilty    as above
Note: "I Got To Boogie" written by M. Smotherman (publ. A. Dimartino Music /Valentine). AIA-LP is probably the original album issue on American International Artists (see image on the "disco version" - the B-side of "If I Had A Hammer" - with the same track on each side of the single - track time 4:40 - the A-side is same track with time 3:15). The GAP LP is a US Garner Artist Production and  DJM album is the British issue, both titled "The World Famous Coasters" and reissued on C-Five C5CD 579 as "The Coasters - Just Coastinī". The three noted tracks and poss. a couple of the others definitely feature Will Jones (on "I Got To Boogie" the lead asks "Dub" to pass his jug). Leon Hughes most possibly on all tracks. Thanks Ray Baradat for the information about Leon Hughes on the above session. The A-side of 4:41, now 3:20, reissued on Ripete 3-track single REP-1039 as by Carl Gardner & The Coasters - with the flip by the Tams and by Clarence Carter. The GAP LP has ten tracks: If I Had A Hammer, Steps To Your Heart, Helpless In Love, Searchin', Everybody Needs Somebody, I Got To Boogie, Youngblood, Benhamin And Loretta, The Chick Is Guilty, Midnight On Boothill (some of those tracks may feature a complete different white group).

(featuring Leon Hughes, vcl + unknown singers). Produced by Leon Hughes and Rayce Gentry.
Unknown accomp.
Live in Lake Tahoe (Calif.-Nevada) and Japan, circa 1977
So Fine       AceHi M-101
Baby What You Want Me To Do     AceHi M-101


(Billy Guy, lead vcl; Will "Dub" Jones, bass vcl; and Jack Grochmal, harmony vcl).
Louis Lofredo, dir/prod; Jeff Tweel and Pete Thomason, co-prods; Jan Robin Meurer, sub-prod; Mike Stone,eng. Musicians: Clay Caire, Jack Grochmal, Sid Johnston, Larry Sasser, Stephen Shaffer, Rod Smarr, Denis Solee, Pete Thomason, Jeff Tweel. Background vocals: Pebble Daniel, Linda Hargrove, Marcis Routh, Pamela Thacker, and some of the musicians.
(Thanks Jack Grochmal for the information on the fact that "Dub" was in on this session in Nashville!).
King/Gusto studios, Nashville, Tenn., late 1977
3:28    Ainīt No Greens In Harlem      Fleet(H) 15674, Ariola(H)unkn. #, Polydor(G) 2040.273
3:22    Jumbo Bwana     as above, plus MasterTone (US) CD 8338
1:48    Yakety Yak    King-Gusto GT4-2057, Bellaphon (G) 100-27-077, Gusto LP PO-310
2:21    Charlie Brown     as above
2:47    Searchinī    Gusto LP PO-310
2:48    Little Egypt   as above
2:20    Young Blood    as above
2:55    Along Came Jones   as above
2:44    Poison Ivy    as above
3:35    One Foot Dragginī    as above, plus LECD, Bam KLMCD 036, MasterTone (US) CD 8338, CD AB 3319
3:48    Beaver Dreamin'   Download "Rock Masters"
Note: 3:35 composed by Charlie Craig (Power Play Music). The Gusto LP, titled "The Coasters Greatest Hits", also features "Love Potion Number Nine" and "D.W. Washburn" by the Coasters (see King sessions) and was reissued on Highland/Hollywood HCD-282, Onyx Point CD 264136 and as "Best of the Best" on Federal FED-CD-6543. 3:28 composed by Carl Fisher and 3:22 by Peter K. Thomason and Jeff Tweel (both published by Roba/Baiesie). All tracks on LP PO-310 reissued in 1986 on DeLuxe(Canada) CD 1006 "16 Greatest Hits" together with eight tracks from the Coastersī "On Broadway" album for King plus on Highland/DeLuxe LP DLX-7786 and CD DCD-7786 together with all tracks on the Coastersī"On Broadway" album as "The Coasters - 20 Greatest Hits" in 1987 (reissued on Gusto/TeeVee TV-0750-2 in 2006). Leiber-Stoller-Bienstock had sold their shares of King/Starday before these recordings. Bam CD titled "Young Blood". "Beaver Dreamin'" is featured on the downloadable album, titled Rock Masters (issued 2005), also featuring six Gusto and the Fleet tracks, plus tracks from Guy's 1963 and "Love Potion No.9" from Gardner's Trip session.

(Bobby Nunn, Bobby Sheen, Billy Richards Jr, Randy Jones,
vocals). Orchestration incl. horns, strings and rhythm: Joe Clark, Ben Bena, Jimmy Nunya, Billy Bass, Wilton Gites, Bobby Haines, Brother John, Dave Hemper, Gary Ferguson, James Ingram, Billy Mitchell, Bill Como, Don Preston, Roland Hill, Brenton Banks, Vince Charles, The Good Brother OīDell, Bobby Sheen, Jerry Summerville, Gary Barone, The Salsa Band. Jimmy Nunya, Bobby Sheen, Billy Richards,prod. Engineers: Al Ramirez, Art Stewart, Joe Connizzaro, Joe Klein. Jimmy Nunya, manager. Mark Traversino, studio manager at Drew Studio.
Drew Studio on Sunset-Gower, Star-Trak Rec. Studio, Marvin Gaye Studio, and Joeīs Place
Los Angeles, California, c:a 1977 and 1978
4:35    Charlie Chan   - 1  Salsa Picante SLP 10001
4:25    Dance Coasting    as above
5:35    Disco Calypso    as above
2:46    One Of These Days    as above
4:55    My Sweet Baby    as above
3:56    Love Is A Funny Thing   as above
3:38    The Big Rip-Off    as above
Note: Salsa Picante LP issued in U.S. in 1979 as "The Coasters...Coasting". "Charlie Chan" possibly recorded earlier. Mark Traversino ("Charlie Chan"), Richards, Sheen, Nunya, McPhilbin and Kent Harris listed as composers on the seven disco-type tracks on that LP; Harrisī composition "The Big Rip-Off" - featuring Nunn and Randy Jones is not disco-music, but true ghetto blues. Photo on Salsa Picante LP features Nunn, Sheen, Richards Jr and Randy Jones (and was probably used, as a drawing on Guyīs Archive LP). Thanks, Mark Traversino, for additional recording information. Jerome Evans sings lead on another version of Traversinoīs  "Charlie Chan".

(Line-up prob. as above, incl. Bobby Nunn). Orchestration incl. horns and rhythm. Prod. by Sheldon A. Saltman, Arthur Forrest, Fabian A. Forte, Oscar P. Arslanian, Eric Taub and Richard Kulis. Remixed at I & II Recording Studios, Los Angeles. Fabian, MC.
Bob & Ronnieīs Live Music, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, c:a 1985
Yakety Yak   Silver Eagle LP 1041, Warwick CD 2080
Charlie Brown    issues as above
Poison Ivy   Silver Eagle LP 1041
Along Came Jones   as above
Note: Originally issued on HomeCooking/Magnum video ("Americaīs Music Rock īNī Roll Volume 1" MMGV 049). Silver Eagle is a triple LP-set and Warwick a CD, both from Canada with different live artists and titled "Good Time Rock īNī Roll".

(Leon Hughes with Darryl Reynolds, Larry Hicks, and "Little Dion" Overstreed, vocals). Unknown instrumentation.
Prob. Los Angeles, California c:a 1992
Yakety Yak    VHS Video (unkn. label), Oldie CD (unkn. #)
Charlie Brown     as above
Poison Ivy        -
Stand By Me        -
Searching      -
What A Wonderful World      -
Rock & Roll      -
Love Potion      -
Note. This video is titled "Tribute To Their Greatest Hits" and includes six tracks of above with a total of 26 minutes. The CD contains all eight tracks, titled  "Leon Hughes - one of the first original Coasters" (issued 1998).

(Billy Richards Jr, Randy Jones, Bobby Sheen, and Tommy Turner, vocals);
with Billy Ciuffi & The Monte Carlos instrumental back-up. Album titled "Best of The Coasters - Live on Tour".
Prob. Los Angeles,
ca 1994-1995
Chicken Shack (Monte Carlos)   Dar-Kat Music CD DK-1001
Poison Ivy -
Searchinī  -
Charlie Brown  -
Young Blood  -
Hog For You  -
Leavin It Up To You -
That Is Rock & Roll -
Along Came Jones  -
Let The Good Times Roll  -
Proud Mary -
Little Egypt -
Yakety Yak  -

(the Larry Marshak bogus line-up, definately not Gardner, vocals - probably featuring Early Clover & Bob Rivers).
Orchestration incl. horns, and rhythm.
Unknown location, 1996 (issued on Canadian labels - "digitally recorded 1996")
3:09    Run Red Run   Prime Cuts CD 23552
2:50    What About Us     -
2:47    Little Egypt    -
2:56    Poison Ivy   -
2:30    Charlie Brown    -
2:52    Down In Mexico    -
1:51    Yakety Yak    -
2:15    Young Blood    -
2:53    Searchinī    -
2:54    Along Came Jones    -
Note: Originally issued as "Greatest Hits" in 1996 on Prime Cuts, reissued on St. Clair-Prime Cuts (Canada) CD SLD 23552  (in 1999), on St. Clair CD FGD 58192 (as "Forever Gold", also in 1999) and on Direct Source CD 75382 (as "Roots of Rock īnī Roll" in 1996). Does anyone know anything about these - I have these Canadian issues - and I canīt locate the group - is it Cornell Gunterīs Coasters Inc. ? - or more probable: the Larry Marshak bogus group? Available at Internet download - Choice Oldie Cuts.

THE COASTERS - The Clown Princes of Rock N Roll (first CD)
(second CD)
(Unknown line-up; in fact Billy Richardsī Coasters). Unknown orchestration.
Some tracks may come from the
first Richards session. On the second CD the credit suggests a Larry Marshak production. First CD titled "Live On Tour" (with an image of Marshakīs group) and the second CD titled "The Billy Guy Coasters - Live On Tour" (with same track order).
Prob. California, ca 1997 (second CD edited 1999)

Poison Ivy - unknown labels
Youngblood   -
Searchinī   -
Charlie Brown   -
Little Egypt   -
Dock of the Bay   -
A Capella Sing Along   -
Ruby   -
Zing (Went The Strings Of My Heart)  -
Goodnight Sweetheart   -
Yakety-Yak   -
Shout  -

(Billy Richards Jr, Sandy Wyatt, Henry Miller, Larry Tate, and Duane Jackson, vocals);
with Will Porter and The All Stars back-up band. Album titled "Cruisin
ī with Billy Richardsī Coasters - Live on Tour II". Produced by Billy Richards Jnr.
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, California, July 4, 1999
Watermelon Man
(Porter & all stars)  - Dar-Kat Music DK-1002
Poison Ivy   -
Searchinī   -
Charlie Brown   -
Young Blood   -
Hog For You   -
60 Minute Man   -
Georgia On My Mind   -
That Is Rock & Roll   -
Along Came Jones   -
Dock Of The Bay   -
Higher & Higher   -
When A Man Loves A Woman   -
Yakety Yak   -

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(The Larry Marshak bogus line-up, vocals; some tracks probably the Billy Richards group, who was managed by Marshak during the early 1990s). Unknown orchestration. Note: Several of the tracks come from the earlier sessions above. CD title probably "Cornell Gunterīs Coasters" (although not confirmed).
Unknown location, ca 2000
Charlie Brown
  - unknown label

Yakety Yak    -
Along Came Jones    -
Poison Ivy    -
Searchinī    -
Love Potion Number 9    -
Love Potion Number 10    -
Little Egypt    -
Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart    -
Smokey Joeīs Café    -
Peggy Sue    -
My Heart Will Go On    -
Lucy In The Sky (With Diamonds)    -
Sgt. Pepperīs Lonely Hearts Club Band    -

(The Larry Marshak bogus line-up, vocals; some tracks probably the Billy Richards group). Includes both live and studio recordings. Unknown orchestration. Note: Several of the tracks come from the earlier sessions above. Album title "The Cornell Gunter Coasters - Gone Fishinī".
Unknown location, ca 2001
Thats Rock-N-Roll 
- unknown label
Twist - Lets Twist Again  -
Shake Rattle-N-Roll   -
A Capella: Doo Wad Diddy, Dancin In The Streets, Twist And Shout  -
Charlotte Brown  -
Smokey Joes Café  -
Its Allright  -
k of The Bay  -
Medley: Poison Ivy, Young Blood, Searchin, Zing, Charlie Brown, Yakety-Yak
Love Potion #9  -
Love Potion #10  -
Shout  -

(most certainly the "original" Cornell Gunter's Coasters, featuring Edwin Cook, Charlie Duncan, and Lionel Pope)
Unknown orchestration.

Live at the first Sponsors Concert, Sunset Park, Las Vegas
May 27, 2001
Unknown recordings
a.o. Young Blood     Inkatha CD #10

Off-Shot Coasters Singles
The following singles have been issued as by The Coasters, but feature former Coastersī members:

The Coasters Two Plus Two  Chelan 2000
1975    Searchinī 75  /  Young Blood  (feat. Hughes, Nunn, Chapman)

Billy Guy and The Coasters
Sal/Wa 1001
1975    You Move Me  /  Take It Easy Greazy    (Guy solo)
BlackCircle 102
1975   Watergate (Put Some Funk On, Cause The Money's Been Long Gone) / Hockey-Puck    

"World Famous" Coasters (feat. Will Jones & Leon Hughes)  AI-1122
AI= American International Artists
1976    If I Had A Hammer  (A1-1122A single with "disco version" on A1-1122B)

The World Famous Coasters (feat. Leon Hughes)
ca 1977 So Fine  / Baby What You Want Me To Do

The Coasters (feat. Billy Guy & Will Jones)
Polydor (Germ) 2040 273
1977    Ainīt No Greens In Harlem  /  Jumbo Bwana
King/Gusto GT4-2057
1978    Yakety Yak  /  Charlie Brown


  Billed as:


  incl. ex-member:

  The Coasters

  The Coasters, Mark II
   ī60s, ī70s



  The Drifters

  The (West) Coasters

  or later:
  Billy Richardsī Coasters
  ī80s, ī90s, 2000+

  Grady Chapmanīs Coasters
  or The Fabulous Coasters
  ī80s, ī90s, 2000+

  featuring Bobby Hendricks and Tommy Evans.

  Bobby Nunn
   - fronted by Billy Richards after Nunnīs death

   and still operating.
   Guested by several original Coasters.
   Bobby Sheen also led the group with Grady Chapman out   
  Grady is still active using "The Robins" name
   Randy Jones led a group in the ī90s.
  The Fabulous Coasters
   ī60s, ī70s


  Cornell Gunterīs Coasters
  ī80s, ī90s and 2000+
   The Original Cornell Gunter's Coasters
  Cornell Gunter
   remnants touring after Gunterīs death
  Billy Guy & The Coasters

   mid ī70s

  Billy Guyīs Coasters

   late ī90s

  Billy Guy
   Guy coach and cameo ī90s with the Larry Marshak

   bogus Coasters.
  World Famous Coasters

   late ī70s

  The Coasters

  ' 80s, early ' 90s

  ī80s, early ī90s
  Will Jones & Leon Hughes
  and later Will Jones & Billy Guy
  The "Original" Coasters

  Leon Hughes - one of the
  original Coasters
   ī90s plus
  Leon Hughes
  The Coasters
   ī70s, ī80s, ī90s
  Cornell Gunterīs Coasters  or:
  The Cornell Gunter Coasters
   no-one - several bogus groups (promoted byLarry Marshak,
   not including any ex.member, but sometimes ex-members of
   ex-member-led Coasters. Cornell Gunterīs Coasters "authorized"
   by Gunterīs sister Shirley)
  The Robins
  The Robbins
   often referred to as being transformed into the Coasters,
   only presented as "The Robins" - but including Coasters
   recordings in presentations; or vice versa!

Note: Larry Marshak originally managed Billy Richardsī Coasters, and when Richards cancelled that contract, Billy Guy sold his name to Marshak. When Guy settled his differences with Gardner, Shirley Gunter sold the Cornell Gunter Coasters name to Marshak.
There are more acts using The Coastersī name:
Coasterīs Review featuring Carl Gardner, Jr (Carl returned to his fatherĻs group in November, 2004);
Terry Evans with his Legends of Doo-Wop Coasters group; and Charlie Brownīs Coasters Tribute group.
Even Young Jessie sometimes acted  with a "Coasters" group.


  The Coasters
  Carl Gardner
  & the Coasters
  The Coasters,

  featuring Carl Gardner
  Carl Gardner
   October 1955 - present

above charts compiled by Claus Röhnisch.



LAR Enterprises, Inc

    Phone: (631) 587-3565

    for bookings of The Coasters
    - the true / real Coasters, featuring Carl Gardner

The Coasters logo of Florida.  

The Coasters of the new Millennium (featuring Carl Gardner).  

Coasters Off-Shot Story Summary

The Robins - featuring Bobby Nunn - start recording.
Grady Chapman joins the Robins.
Carl Gardner embarks the Robins as lead singer.
Gardner and Nunn leave the Robins to form the Coasters with Billy Guy and Leon Hughes. The Robins continue their career without Gardner and Nunn. Carl is to lead his group for more than 50 years.
Nunn and Hughes are replaced by Will "Dub" Jones and Cornell Gunter. Billy Richards Jr and Bobby Sheen join the Robins.
Gunter leaves the Coasters to join Dinah Washington. Earl Carroll joins the true Coasters.
Bobby Nunn starts a "competing" Coasters group late this year - originally called "The Coasters, Mark II" - featuring Billy Richards Jr, Bobby Sheen and soon also Grady Chapman.


Gunter starts a Las Vegas Coasters group - originally called "The Fabulous Coasters" - featuring remnants from the Penguins.
Will “Dub” Jones leaves the true Coasters early this year, soon replaced by Ronnie Bright.
Billy Guy leaves the true Coasters, replaced by Jimmy Norman. Randy Jones sings with Cornell Gunterīs Coasters (and also acts with Nunn’s group).
Leon Hughes acts with a group called "The Original Coasters" in California - featuring Grady Chapman and Jerome Evans and also waxes a single featuring Bobby Nunn.  Hughes and Will Jones record as "The World Famous Coasters". Guy and Jones wax "Coasters" recordings in Nashville.
Billy Guy and Will Jones start to occasionally act with "their" Coasters up to 1999.


Bobby Nunn dies, but Billy Richards Jr continues to act with the group - now managed by Larry Marshak. Grady Chapman forms a new fake Coasters group (often called "The Fabulous Coasters") - featuring Randy Jones, Jerome Evans and also Bobby Sheen (none of the three any longer with us). These off-springs will multiply into several new versions of "Coasters".
Early Clover joins a Larry Marshak-managed bogus "Coasters".
Gunter dies, but remnants from his group, featuring Charlie Duncan and Edwin Cook start "Cornell Gunterīs Coasters, Inc" (a group which ten years later later will split to "Edwin Cook and his Cornell Gunter Coasters”). During the 1990s several other fake and long-shot Coasters relatives act with different Coasters groups. Sometimes as many as nine different Coasters groups are active.
Billy Richards Jr cancels his contract with Marshak and signs an out-of-court settlement with Gardner - Billy now calling his group "Billy Richards’ Coasters". Marshak finds new singers to continue his promoting of "The Coasters" - a group now completely fake.
Billy Guy hands over "his rights" to Marshak, who now uses the name "Billy Guyīs Coasters" for the Marshak group.
Guy settles with Gardner and retires. Gunterīs sister Shirley hands over the "rights" of "Cornell Gunter’s Coasters" to the Marshak fake group (which actually will multiply itself in different versions throughout the States and Canada).
Gardner’s son Carl, Jr  (who had joined his father in 1998) starts a "Coasters Review" group in California. Grady Chapman now reforms his "Coasters" into a new Robins group.
Carl Gardner, Jr returns to his father's true Coasters group in November.

Marshak’s Coasters still act as Cornell Gunter's Coasters, but Charlie Duncan now introduces his The “Original” Cornell Gunter’s Coasters.

THE COASTERS and their off-shoots SHEET  (pdf.file)

The following albums do not include Carl Gardnerīs Coasters, but contain recordings done by former members of the original and classic Coasters or by new-formed faked groups.
The British Joy LP.Trip TLP-8028 (with a photo featuring the true Coasters including Billy Guy, Earl Carroll, Carl Gardner and Ronnie Bright at the Apollo in 1969.Escobar LP 3311 "Breaking Out".Archives LP A613. (with an imae of Bobby Nunnīs Coasters)."The World Famous Coasters" on DJM with Will Jones and Leon Hughes.The "Just Coastinī" CD cover (reissue of "World Famous").This is the true Coasters, but the album is by Billy Guy (GustoLP and Hollywood CD).DeLuxe CD 1006.The Onyx Point CD of 1991."Best of the Best" on Federal CD - ten tracks listed on CD 6543 and 9 on CD 6545 (same cover).Salsa Picante SLP 1001 of 1979.
NewRose CD (with partly the cover of "Greatest Hits" Atco LP/CD).The British "Legends - The Coasters" CD (with images from 1969 and from 1957).Prime Cuts CD 2355 cover comprising new-recorded fake Coasters of the early hits.Forever Gold on St.Clair 1990s remakes of an unknown fake group.The Roots of Rock nī Roll CD with an image of The Coaster sof cirka 1992 (Bright, Gardner, Thomas).Album cover: "Leon Hughes & the Coasters" in the 1990s shown at the bottom of cover."Live on Tour II".Billy Richardsī Coasters and the part II live CD.The Billy Guy Coaters - "Live On Tour" bootleg CD."Rockinī My Soul"The Cornell Gunter Coasters (act fake Marshak group) and the CD "Gone Fishinī"."The Coasters" on Platinum Disc

Edited by Claus Röhnisch, June 20, 2008.
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