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Coasters Re-Cap
& Atlantic Records

The Coasters Story: Short Re-Cap *revised* Photo Chronology
Atlantic Records - The Early Years
Jazzinī The Blues | Atlantic Soul Stars

Coasters Re-Cap
& Atlantic Records
Edited by Claus Röhnisch (updated January 13, 2010)

Lester Sill, Jerry Wexler, The Coasters, Ahmet Ertegun, and Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller at the Atlantic Records office in 1959.

The Coasters Story:
Short Re-Cap

   | Time-Line |


Bobby Nunn with The Robins start to make hit records for Johnny Otis on Savoy Records in Los Angeles in December.


Late this year two young Jewish Los Angeles residents, Jerry Leiber (born April 25, 1933 in Baltimore) and Mike Stoller (born March 13, 1933 in Belle Harbor, Long Island), start to co-operate with distributor-agent Lester Sill.


Leiber-Stoller bring Thatīs What The Good Book Says, their first studiorecorded song (and first record issue), to the Bihari Brothersī Modern label in Los Angeles  where it is waxed by Bobby Nunn & The Robbins (sic - should be Robins) on March 2. Carl Gardner (born April 29, 1928 in Tyler, Texas) plans to leave his home-town (and Houston) where he had sung with Lasalle Gunterīs territorial band to join his brothers Richard and Howard in Los Angeles.


Leiber-Stoller publish "Kansas City" and "Hound Dog".


Carl Gardner has arrived in California and gets established in Los Angelesī blues and jazz clubs as a night club dance band vocalist, singing ballads and jazz standards (often with jazz pianist Carl Perkins), and playing drums at "The Oasis" (the new Johnny Otis club) in Watts. The Robins are contracted to RCA Victor (with Grady Chapman as fifth singer) in January. Leiber-Stoller write Ten Days In Jail for the Robins on RCA (with Chapman lead singer). Leiber and Stoller and their mentor and guide, Lester Sill, born in L.A. January 13, 1918 (who had been sales manager for Modern Records, and later was manager of the original Coasters), embark serious business partnership.


Carl Gardner joins The Robins as their new lead singer around February-March and records "If Teardrops Were Kisses" for Spark Records. The Leiber-Stoller composition "Riot In Cell Block #9" by The Robins is a regional California hit during the Summer. Cornell Gunter creates The Flairs with Richard Berry and Young Jessie. In New York Earl Carroll founds The Cadillacs, and Ronnie Bright joins The Valentines.


Will "Dub" Jones forms The Cadets in Los Angeles. The Robins with Gardner as lead hit with "Smokey Joeīs Cafe" on Atco Records in November (recorded for Spark - possibly in January or around August/September). The Coasters are formed via a Leiber-Stoller / ATCO Records deal on September, 28 (as Gardner and Nunn leave The Robins). If one wants to pin-point a specific date for the birth of The Coasters it is September 28, 1955.


The Coasters debut with "Down In Mexico" on Atco Records in January (featuring lead Gardner, second tenor Leon Hughes, baritone Billy Guy, bass Bobby Nunn, and guitarist Adolph Jacobs).


The Coasters are awarded a double golden disc in August for the double-sided smash "Young Blood" (led by Gardner) b/w "Searchinī" (featuring baritone lead Billy Guy). Atco Records issue their and The Coastersī first LP, "The Coasters", in November.


The Coasters move from California to New York in January, and sell a million with "Yakety Yak" during the Spring (featuring new-comers Cornell Gunter and Will "Dub" Jones - who replace Hughes and Nunn). King Curtis is featured on tenorsax. Jimmy Norman joins Jesse Belvinīs Chargers.


The Coasters hit internationally with "Charlie Brown" and "Along Came Jones" during the year and have a fourth million seller with "Poison Ivy" in the Autumn. The Coasters second Atco LP, "The Coastersī Greatest Hits", is issued in October.


The group records an underrated, but wonderful LP, "One By One", in June and waxes the magnificent "Shoppinī For Clothes" in July.


During the Summer "Little Egypt" hits the U.S. Hot 30 and Earl Carroll (who had disbanded his Cadillacs) replaces Gunter by suggestion from the group's soon-to-be new manager Lover Patterson.


Thomas "Curley" Palmer joins The Coasters as new regular guitarist around February. The Coastersī third Atco LP is issued, "Coast Along With The Coasters". Several of the tracks on the stereo edition of that album turn out to be alternate and edited takes. Billy Guy starts to record as a solo artist - still recording with the group for a further ten years.


Both Bobby Nunn and Cornell Gunter start to compete with the original Coasters via their own separate new line-ups of "Coasters". Leiber-Stoller leave Atco later that year.


The Coasters are featured on Atco Recordsī "Apollo Saturday Night" LP.


The budget LP "That Is Rock & Roll" is issued on the Atco subsidiary Clarion around January. The group appears on the Shindig TV on February 10 with a live "What Is The Secret..." (plus "Along Came Jones" and "Searchin'"). Billy Guy leads The Coastersī original recording of "Letīs Go Get Stoned" in April. Lover Patterson dies.


The Coasters move from Atco Records to Columbiaīs subsidiary Date in November - renewing their collaboration with Leiber-Stoller and around this time James Evans succeeds Patterson as manager.


The Coasters wax the original of "D.W. Washburn" for Date Records in October (later reissued on King).


Ronnie Bright joins the Coasters - replacing Will "Dub" Jones - in April.


The Coasters record for Lloyd Priceīs Turntable label (with Jimmy Norman the producer). Gardner, Guy, Carroll, and Bright appear at the Boston Tea Party (ten live recordings from one of their shows there will surface on the CD "Greatest Hits In Concert" in 2001).


Cornell Gunterīs "Fabulous Coasters" are engaged in Dick Clarkīs revival shows and Leon Hughes starts his "Original Coasters" tribute group.


British Joy issue an LP by "The Coasters", titled "Hungry" (which actually features 12 Billy Guy recordings of 1962, which he had done for ABC and Lloyd Priceīs Double-L). The German Stateside LP issue of those recordings, titled "The Coasters", comprises all 16 Guy ABC/Double-L recordings. Atco issue "Their Greatest Recordings - The Early Years", comprising hits and alternates. Carl Gardnerīs original and true Coasters hit the U.S. Hot 100 with a re-rendition of "Love Potion Number Nine" on King Records in December (written and produced by Leiber-Stoller).


The Coasters are featured in the movie "Let The Good Times Roll". The last record with baritone Billy Guy as a member of The Coasters, "The Coasters On Broadway" LP on King Records, is issued during the latter part of the year.


Jimmy Norman now definately replaces Guy in the line-up. The American release of Billy Guyīs "Hungry" LP is issued, now titled "It Ainīt Sanitary", on Trip. Carl Gardnerīs true Coasters wax ten re-recordings of their hits, including "Love Potion #9", for Trip (issued in 1975 as "16 Greatest Hits" - with six "bonus" tracks from Guyīs LP). Gardnerīs Coasters (with Norman) again appear at the Boston Tea Party (and four new live recordings are included together with Cornell Guntersī Coasters of 1970 - featuring bass Nat Wilson - on a New Rose bootleg CD several years later).


Billy Guy starts his luck as a producer and comic story teller (aka "The Tramp") for All Platinum /Snake Eyes. Bill Millar publishes his book "The Coasters" on Star Books in the U.K.


Leon Hughes and Bobby Nunn (together with Grady Chapman and Jerome Evans) cut a single in Los Angeles, produced by Bumps Blackwell, featuring newly recorded versions of "Searchinī" and "Young Blood". The record is issued as by "The Coasters - Two Plus Two". Around the same time Billy Guy is featured on another "Coasters" single, "You Move Me" (actually Guy solo).


Carl Gardner and his true Coasters record a single for Wilson Pickettīs Wicked label. Will Jones and Leon Hughes lead a "Coasters" group on GAP/DJM, "The World Famous Coasters" (including the Jones-led "If I Had A Hammer"), later reissued on a C5 CD as "Just Coastinī".


Billy Guy and Will Jones are featured on a King-Starday "Coasters" session in Nashville. An LP, titled "Greatest Hits" will be issued the following year. The session also produces the European single "Jumbo Bwana" and the later so often reissued "One Foot Dragginī".


The true Coasters, now without new recordings, have to settle for an Atlantic compilation issued in the U.K., "20 Great Originals" (featuring stereo alternates of their Atco hits).


Bobby Nunn with Bobby Sheen, Billy Richards Jr, and Randy Jones are featured on a disco-styled "Coasters" album on Salsa Picante, titled "Coastinī". Earl Carrol, who had actged with The Coasters since 1961 and had been on stage with them withouth Norman in the very late 1970s, leaves The Coasters by the end of the year (after more than 18 years with the group).


A true Coasters compilation on the Swedish Mr. R&B label, titled "What Is the Secret Of Your Success?", comprising rare Coasters Atco tracks is issued.


Earl Carroll reforms his Cadillacs and Jimmy Norman returns to The Coasters.


A marvelous double-LP on Atlantic-DeLuxe, titled "Young Blood", is issued in U.S. and Europe (featuring 21 original Atco super-sounding mono tracks plus three bonus tracks from "On Broadway"). The album has extensive liner-notes by Robert Palmer and a serious try at a session discography (based on the discography Kurt Mohr and Norbert Hess had supplied to Bill Millar).


Grady Chapman (formerly of The Robins and Bobby Nunnīs Coasters) tours with his own fake Coasters. Billy Guy & Will "Dub" Jones perform with their combined "Coasters" group in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Several Atco Coasters albums are issued in Japan on the Warner/Pioneer label (also featuring alternates) during the early 1980s.


Edsel in the U.K. issue "Thumbinī A Ride" with rare Atco tracks.


After 30 years of fame, and of late-coming struggles, Gardner meets Veta, marries and moves to Florida.


Carl Gardnerīs original and true Coasters (featuring Norman, Bright and Palmer), now managed by Gardnerīs wife Veta face new regular bookings all over America. Warner (WEA in Europe) issue The Coastersī very first CD, "The Ultimate Coasters". Bobby Nunn dies in November, but Billy Richards Jr (of The Robins) continues to tour with a West-Coast version of "Coasters".


Gardner, Guy, Jones and Gunter are inducted into the Rock and Roll of Fame in January as the first vocal group receiving that honor. The "On Broadway" LP is reissued on a Highway-DeLuxe CD titled "20 Greatest Hits" (also featuring 8 tracks from the Guy-Jones Nashville session - and reissued in 2006 on Gusto TeeVee).


The classic Coasters reunite for a one-time-event to participate at Atlantic Recordsī 40th Birthday concert at Madison Square Garden in May (and do it again seven years later for Lester Sill). The original four million records awards are completed with yet another two Golden Records - for "Young Blood" and "Along Came Jones". The Coasters wax six live recordings at Wolfman Jackīs "Little Darlinīs" rock īnī roll club in Orlando, Florida (also issued on Video and on a great DVD on K-Tel in 2003).


Atco reissue "The Coastersī Greatest Hits" (comprising 12 super classics) again - they had done so several times before - this time though on compact disc. The CD features "Poison Ivy" in the original version - with no wood percussion. Gardnerīs Coasters appear in the movie "Phantom of The Ritz".


Cornell Gunter is shot to death in Las Vegas in February - remnants of his group continue to tour.


The Coasters (with Carl Gardner) perform at the New York Pops concert at Carnegie Hall in May.


The Coasters perform regularly at Wolfman Jackīs rockīnī roll club in Orlando, Florida. Rhino Records issue the double-CD "50 Coastinī Classics" (Atlantic had planned a CD, titled "Poison Ivy" in their "The Best Of"-series in 1991, but that CD was withdrawn in favor of the Rhino issue).


Gardner regularly faces the problem of competing with fake and bogus line-ups of "Coasters" managed by Larry Marshak (and others). At times there are as many as ten "Coasters"-groups active. Several fake "Coasters" albums are recorded during the early 1990s (among others a Leon Hughes video).


Rhino Records issue "The Very Best of The Coasters". Gardner recovers after a short cancer treatment. "Sorry But I'm Gonna Have To Pass" hits the British charts # 41 in August. Lester Sill dies in October.


The Leiber-Stoller musical "Smokey Joeīs Cafe" hits Broadway and also hits internationally (featuring several Coasters classics with new performers).


Carl Gardner records his solo CD "One Cool Cat" in Florida in April.


The four original Atco Coasters LPs are reissued on four British Sequel CDs, this time though all comprising several bonus tracks, giving the buyer a total of 100 Coasters recordings, including alternate stereo tracks and stereo masters of the original hits. Alvin Morse joins The Coasters in November.


Billy Guy "leases" his name to Larry Marshakīs fake Coasters (just after an agreement between Billy Richards and Carl Gardner about the use of the Coastersī name). Jimmy Norman leaves Gardnerīs Coasters around February to start a new reggae career - replaced by Carlīs son, Carl Gardner Jr.


"Yakety Yak" is awarded a Grammy Hall of Fame. "The Coasters Web Site", approved by Veta and Carl Gardner, is published; and Gardnerīs Coasters are legally recognized as the true Coasters.


Will "Dub" Jones dies in California in January. Cornell Gunterīs sister Shirley "leases" Gunterīs name to Marshakīs Coasters (right after Billy Guyīs agreement with Gardner). A phenomenal CD with 1958 Atco studio recordings and studio chat is issued, titled "Charlie Brown", not yet another compilation but 24 superb true stereo Atco tracks, comprising unissued masters, the-never-before issued "Crocodile", an alternate "Hey Sexy" with Gardner doing a superb lead, new versions of "Iīm A Hog For You", alternates including studio chat, false starts and outtakes etc etc..


Veta Gardner and Claus Röhnisch start The Coasters Fan Club and make it possible for Coasters-fans to buy Coasters merchandise including a repackage of the 1958 studio CD. Two new official Coasters web-sites are published. JW Lance replaces Gardner Jr in July.


Yet another Official Coasters Website is published. On November 5, Billy Guy dies in his sleep at home in Las Vegas, Nevada (on the day of Nunnīs death 16 years earlier). Carl Gardner, Jr forms a Coasterīs Review in California.


Carl Gardner is 75 years old on April 29 - and a huge celebration is held in early May. On December 26, exactly two years after its recording, the DVD titled "Live from The Palace of Auburn Hills" is issued, featuring the present Coasters. This is not the first Coasters DVD - earlier in the year K-Tel had issued "The Best of The Coasters - live from Rock ''n'  Roll Palace" with six great classics with the Coasters at Little Darlin's in Orlando in 1988. We havenīt heard the last from The Coasters yet!


Carl Gardner celebrates 50 years of recording activities in February - debuted with "If Teardrops Were Kisses" (lead for the Robins in February, 1954). In November Carl Gardner, Jr. returns to his father's group after more than three years of working in California. In December Collectables ( reissue The Coasters' original ATCO LPs "The Coasters" and "One By One" on one CD (which will be coupled in late 2005 with "Coast Along with The Coasters", featuring the alternate stereo takes).


On November 5 Carl Gardner Jr officially takes over lead vocals from his father, who semi-retires (still the group's leader and coach). The album "50 Golden Years with Carl Gardner & The Coasters" is issued, featuring rare and unissued recordings. The story of The Coasters continues.


Carl Gardner's Autobiography "Yakety Yak I Fought Back - My Life with The Coasters" is finally written down with Veta Gardner and ready to be published.


Gardner's book is out for grabs in July! On August 27 VarčseSarabande (VarčseVintage) issue all of The Coasters' Date/King sides, titled "Down Home" (CD 302066844-2). On December 12 a terrific 4CD-compilation on Rhino Handmade, "The Coasters On Atco - There's A Riot Goinä On" is issued, featuring the complete Coasters Atco Recordings (113 tracks on Rhino RHM2 7740). Rhino are also to issue a 2-set CD in their "The Definitive Soul Collection" series, comprising 30 Coasters tracks in chronological order, featuring all their Pop Hits.


The Coasters' touring schedule is steady and regular. Rhino’s planned issue of a 2-set CD for their "The Definitive Soul Collection" series, comprising 30 Coasters mono tracks, featuring all their Pop Hits chronological, is still delayed(but Rhino reissue "The Very Best of". Veta Gardner’s site decides to redirect visitors to The Coasters Web Site. On April 29 Carl Gardner Sr. is 80. In October Alvin Morse is replaced by Primotivo Candelara.


Late this year Ronnie Bright, who was a member for over 40 years,  is replaced by "Fast" Eddie Whitfield.


Year-By-Year Photos
The original Coasters in October 1955 - Gardner, Nunn, Hughes, Guy.
Top: Nunn, Gardner. bottom: Hughes, Guy.Gardner, Guy, Nunn, Hughes, Jacobs.Guy, Jones, Gardner, Gunter, Jacobs.
1956, 1957, 1958
Gardner, Jones, Guy, Gunter.Guy, Jones, Gardner, Gunter.
1959, 1960
Gardner, Jones, Carroll, Guy.Carroll, Gardner, Bright, Guy.
1965, 1969
Bright, Gardner, Guy, seated Carroll.Carroll, Norman, Bright, Gardner, floor: Palmer.Bright, Gardner,Carroll, Palmer (bottom right).Bright, Norman, Palmer, Gardner (bottom center).
1971, 1974, 1979, 1986
Bright, Palmer (back turned), Gardner, Norman (plus orchestra leader).Bright, Gardner, Palmer, Norman (bottom center).Bright, Gardner, Gardner Jr, Morse, Palmer (plus orchestra guitarist).
1991, 1993, 2000
Ronnie Bright, Carl Gardner, J.W. Lance, Thomas Palmer, and Alvin Morse in Palm Springs, October 2002.

Atlantic Records
- The Early Years

Occasional re-unite of the classic Coasters at Atlanticīs 40th Birthday Concert at Madison Square Garden in 1988.
Will "Dub" Jones, guitarist Thomas Palmer, Carl Gardner,
Cornell Gunter, and Billy Guy in 1988 (at Atlanticīs 40th Birthday Concert).

The exciting first years of Atlantic Records
(representative songs with master number, record issue, recording date, producer,
chart-entry month / month of issue, R&B amd Pop Chartings):
All recordings done by Atlantic in New York unless otherwise indicated. 1954-1955 recordings produced by Ertegun/Wexler unless otherwise indicated.
Original issue of Tweedle Dee spelled Tweedlee Dee.
1948-1953    |    1954    |    1955

Note: Headings below are representative recordings for the early Atlantic years.


SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL - Joe Turner (1954)
Atlantic Records, formally founded in October 1947 (recording several jazz-oriented titles during the last months of that year) started true business in New York around  March/April 1948. The founders were jazz enthusiasts, record collectors and original owners Ahmet Ertegun (from Washington, D.C., born July 31, 1923; died December 14, 2006) and Herb Abramson (1920-1999; who had helped the Ertegun brothers staging jazz concerts; also former producer for National Records in New York and short lived label owner of Jubilee Records - with Ahmet handling the jazz affiliate Quality label). Atlantic Records was one of several small R&B independents, who emerged during the early post-war years, aiming their business at the so called "Race" market - soon-to-be named "Blues & Rhythm" or "Rhythm & Blues" - although Ahmet and later co-owner Jerry Wexler (born 1917; died August 15, 2008, Billboard editor - who coined the term "Rhythm & Blues" in 1949) later said that a more accurate tag would have been "Rhythm & Soul". Michael Lydon summoned the early importance of Atlantic Records in one sentence in his book "Ray Charles - Man and Music": - The Atlantic team had caught its stride. Jesseīs bluesy charts, Dowdīs full-sound palette, Herbs rough "get it on wax" approach, and Ahmetīs Manhattan polish began to mesh in a distinct style - talkinī ībout veteran arranger Jesse Stone (1901-1999 - who regularly arranged several of the Atlantic recordings up to 1959); engineer Tom Dowd (21 years of age in early 1947 - died on October 27, 2002 - 77 years old; he stayed with the label for all of the golden years); and the original two share-holders - (completed with Herbīs wife - manager, chief-of-office and early share-holder - Miriam Abramson).   | In Memory of Ahmet Ertegun | | more on Ahmet |

YAKETY YAK - The Coasters (1958)
Atlantic became the largest and most successful independent - and was the only one to survive through the years of original "Rock īnī Roll", "Teen Pop", "Soul" and "Black Music" eras. During the exciting first decade of business Atlantic signed at least one major long-term R&B act each and every year to their ever-growing roster, including some of "the best".

LOWE GROOVINī - Joe Morris (1948)
Swing/jazz Alabama trumpeter Joe Morris, fresh out of Lionel Hamptonīs band, was mustered in late 1947. He later rivaled West Coaster Johnny Otisī revue with his band vocalists and one-nighter tours, and hit R&B #1 in 1950 with Anytime, Any Place, Anywhere, featuring Laurie Tate on vocals. Morris left the label as original company president Herb Abramson was drafted by the army in mid 1953, but was re-recruited by the returned Herb in 1956.

SO LONG - Ruth Brown (1949)
The young Virginia thrush Ruth Brown, stationed in Washington, D.C., and spotted by Ertegun in 1948, was managed by the legendary Cab Callowayīs sister Blanche. Ruth joined the label in 1949 and waxed a revival of the beautiful ballad So Long. Later she was accompanied by Atlanticīs newly appointed musical director, baritone saxophonist Budd Johnson. He directed her on the jumpy Teardrops From My Eyes, which hit the R&B charts for half-a-year during 1950/51 (and held #1 for 11 weeks). Ruthīs new-found husband Willis Jackson backed her on the 1952/53 hit Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean, which also went Pop. "Miss Rhythm" became original vice president Ahmet Ertegunīs most productive artist (almost 150 tracks), and a true super-star with her crying ballads and rocking blues, engineered by the youngster Tom Dowd, both staying loyal, and highly credited for the especially "Clean Atlantic Sound".

MARDI GRAS IN NEW ORLEANS - Professor Longhair (1950)
After the rocking country success of Stick McGheeīs Drinkinī Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee Ahmet and Herb started to find the country blues sounds outside New York and regularly visited both New Orleans and Chicago, recording blues and boogie-woogie (by the likes of Professor Longhair, Meade Lux Lewis, and several more). This formula continued when Jerry Wexler joined the staff.

FOOL FOOL FOOL - The Clovers (1951)
The Clovers from the Washington/Baltimore area, trend-setters with their mixture of blues ballads and gospel styled harmonizing, were brought in by Lou Krefetz (soon also sales manager at Atlantic) in late 1950. The success of the "Mighty Clovers", scoring 19 Top 10 R&B Hits for Atlantic, also depended on saxophone solos by Frank Culley on their debut Donīt You Know I Love You, and soon by Willis Jackson on the classic One Mint Julep in 1951/52 (with original lead singer John "Buddy" Bailey). Later Sam Taylor (from Cab Callowayīs band) became Atlanticīs favorite tenor sax soloist, backing the group on the sexy and highly influential Good Lovinī, produced by Ahmet Ertegun in 1953 excluding Herb Abramson, and with an exciting guest lead by Charlie White, who had sung with Clyde McPhatter in The Dominoes. Atlanticīs favorite rhythm section during the early years comprised Van Walls, Hank Jones or arranger Ernie Hayes, pno; Mickey Baker and later Alan Hanlon, gtr; Lloyd Trotman, bs; and Connie Kay or Joe Marshall, dms.

SWEET SIXTEEN - Joe Turner (1952)
Kansas Cityīs original blues shouter Joe Turner, "Boss of the Blues", was signed by Abramson in 1951, and became the ownersī special favorite. Herb had recorded him already during the ī40s for National. "Big Joe" was marketed with Harry Van Walls at the piano on the ballad hit Chains Of Love in 1951 and on the original Sweet Sixteen blues in 1952. He recorded Honey Hush in N.O. (produced by himself and with Kathy Thomas on the superb piano) and T.V. Mama in Chicago (featuring Elmore James on guitar) in 1953. Turner and the Clovers - and all the other early Atlantic stars - were coached at Atlanticīs combined office/studios in New York City by another K.C. veteran - Jesse Stone (alias Charles Calhoun) - who served as head musical director and A/R man for Atlantic from the beginning. He was responsible for the creation of several classic R&B titles, a. o. The Cloversī Your Cash Ainīt Nothinī But Trash (from 1954, with a swinging lead by new group member Billy Mitchell, who had sung for Joe Morris back in 1951), and Turnerīs Shake, Rattle And Roll, the most long-lived R&B charter of the 1950s (32 weeks on the charts in 1954/55, although The Chordsī "cat music" original, Sh-Boom, on Atlanticīs short-lived subsidiary Cat Records, outsold it).

DONīT YOU KNOW - Ray Charles (1953)
Piano playing soul blues pioneer Ray Charles - "The Genius" - was bought out from California by Atlantic in connection with a tour with the Joe Morris Revue and recorded the unsuccessfuls The Midnight Hour and Mess Around in N.Y. 1952 and the soulful Donīt You Know in N.O. 1953. Ray recruited his famous band, which debuted on Iīve Got A Woman in Atlanta late 1954, and transformed Jesse Stoneīs Cookies to the Raylettes (aka the Raelets) on the double-sided "risky" soul-gospel classic Whatīd I Say in 1959. Ahmet Ertegun wrote several of The Cloversī, Turnerīs and Ray Charlesī early titles.

OF COURSE I DO - LaVern Baker
The multi-talented "Countess" from the Mid-West, LaVern Baker - ex Little Miss Sharecropper, who had been singing professionally and recording under Al Greenīs management for years - was signed in mid 1953 by the new Atlantic co-owner Jerry Wexler, debuting as Ertegunīs co-producer on Bakerīs Soul On Fire ballad in June, written by Ertegun, Wexler, and Stone. Baker launched Americaīs first "Rock īnī Roll" pop hit, Tweedlee Dee in 1954/55 and became "Empress of Rock īnī Roll". The vocal back-up were the Cues (credited as the Gliders on the record labels). They also backed her famous Jim Dandy hit. In 1958/59 LaVern hit the Pop and R&B charts with the lovely ballad I Cried A Tear, and stayed with the label up to 1965, leaving the company with eight wonderful LPs on her credit.

WHATīCHA GONNA DO - Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters (1954)
In 1954 the R&B market exploded. R&B had been adult black Americanīs music - now both black and white teenagers started to find their new idols on the independent labels. Ex-lead of The Dominoes (the first gospeloriented R&B vocal group) and Harlem-stationed, North Carolina born, Clyde McPhatter - "the original soul star", head-hunted by Ahmet - created his new vocal back-up The Drifters in 1953. Together they held R&B #1 for 11 weeks with the Jesse Stone-penned, rocking Money Honey. Clyde emerged as a "cult figure" during 1954 and recorded Ertegunīs master-piece, the gospel-tinged Whatīcha Gonna Do, with his Drifters. Clyde, who was managed by Irving Feld, soon went solo and hit the Pop and R&B charts in 1958 with the Brook Benton penned lovely beat ballad A Loverīs Question.

PAPA AINīT SALTY - T-Bone Walker (1955)
Atlantic Recordsī next two recruits were California veterans: Ivory Joe Hunter, embarking late 1954, and guitar wizard T-Bone Walker, who came in early 1955. Ahmetīs older brother Nesuhi Ertegun (1919-1989) joined the Atlantic staff as West Coast representative and head of the new jazz- and album divisions that year, producing The Driftersī Adorable hit in L.A. (the first without Clyde - featuring Johnny Moore, lead vocals). Nesuhi developed Americaīs "best" jazz catalogue and was highly credited for his superb R&B LP compilations. Veteran Howard Biggs and later Ray Ellis became added musical directors in New York with Dick Hyman, pno; Billy Mure, George Barnes and Al Caiola, gtrs; Wendell Marshall, bs; Panama Francis, dms; and Heywood Henry and Taft Jordan, reeds/brass as regular musicians. The successful signings continued.

ITīS TOO LATE - Chuck Willis (1956)
Atlanta, Georgia born Chuck Willis - "King of the Stroll" - started recording for Atlantic in early 1956, and hit R&B and Pop with the old blues C.C. Rider, re-arranged by Jesse Stone in 1957. Chuck, who had been a recording star since 1951, had supplied the company with several wonderful compositions before his own entrance to the roster (LaVernīs Of Course I Do, Ruthīs Oh What A Dream, The Cardinalsī The Door Is Still Open, and The Cloversī From The Bottom of My Heart). Also in 1956, Southerner Guitar Slim, who had worked with Ray Charles and Renald Richards in 1953/54, was recruited and Herb Abramson had returned, now head of Atco.

YOUNG BLOOD - The Coasters (1957)
Professional million-sellers The Coasters - Jerry Leiberīs, Mike Stollerīs, and Lester Sillīs favorite "creations" in Los Angeles - became Atcoīs first super-stars with original lead singer Carl Gardner doing superb jobs on Down In Mexico in 1956, and on Young Blood in 1957. Atco was a subsidiary label, founded in August 1955, in order to avoid too many Atlantic stars. The Coasters managed Atlantic/Atco their first gold record, Searchinī, in 1957 (with Billy Guyīs terrific lead). When the great comedians moved from Los Angeles to New York, young saxophonist King Curtis, originally from Texas, had become part of the Atlantic brand, succeeding honkers Arnett Cobb, Al Sears, and Jesse Powell. Curtis stayed on-and-off with Atlantic up to his violent death, and made several minor hits by himself. The Coastersī most classic recording was Yakety Yak in 1958 (where Gardner and Guy were joined by new-comers Will "Dub" Jones and Cornelius Gunter, and with Curtisī famous sax-solo). Leiber and Stoller worked as entrepreneuring producers for Ertegun & Wexler up into 1963 and wrote, produced and arranged most of The Coastersī hilarious records, a. o. the international hit Charlie Brown, and the "moral teaching" Poison Ivy in 1959.

SPLISH SPLASH - Bobby Darin (1958)
In 1957 Don Kirshner presented a young "blue-eyed soulster" from Bronx, Bobby Darin, to Herb, who produced the first couple of unsuccessful, but interesting, records by Darin. Abramson had been substituted by his wife Miriam
during his absense and was bought out by the Erteguns and Wexler in mid 1958, leaving the original R&B cleffer and chanter to Atlanticīs "new-appointed" president Ahmet Ertegunīs successful supervise on Splish Splash. Miriam later also sold her shares and re-married to famous publisher Freddy Bienstock. Reggie Obrecht arranged and directed several of Atlanticīs hit records during the late 1950s.

THERE GOES MY BABY - The Drifters (1959)
New Orleans blues pianist Champion Jack Dupree joined Atlantic in early 1958. Later that year a "second" generation of The Drifters emerged, the soon-to-be world famous line-up, hitting big nationally in 1959 with There Goes My Baby, and internationally with Save The Last Dance For Me a year later. The group was managed by George Treadwell, owner of the Driftersī name.

SPANISH HARLEM - Ben E. King (1960)
The new Driftersī lead singer though, yet another North Carolinian, was managed by Lover Patterson, who launched a solo career for his baritone protégé Ben E. King in 1960, famous for the Spanish Harlem and Stand By Me hits. Stan Applebaum was responsible for the string-arrangements on the new Driftersī and Kingīs early hits.

CRY TO ME - Solomon Burke (1961)
The skillful "Wonder-Boy-Preacher" from Philadelphia, now mature and soulful Solomon Burke, was drafted by Jerry Wexler around this time. Atlantic Records (with its subsidiary Atco), was now firmly established as THE foremost and most innovative R&B label. Things changed during the ī60s, as almost all of the established Atlantic artists went for other roads to travel. The Drifters stayed loyal, and the new "Soul Clan" co-piloted Atlanticīs multi-billion-dollar industry, still growing, into the ī70s .

Atlanticīs Super Stars of Southern Soul in the 1960s included Booker T. & the MGs (Green Onions), Rufus Thomas (The Dog), Joe Tex (One Monkey Donīt Stop No Show), and Otis Redding (Mr. Pitiful) through intelligent distribution and production deals. Jerry Wexler planted Atlantic to a successful Soul Era during the late ī60s via Wilson Pickett (In The Midnight Hour), Sam & Dave (Soul Man), and especially "Lady Soul", Aretha Franklin (Chain of Fools).

Atlantic Records - Early Years presented by Claus Röhnisch.
Making Tracks - Atlantic Records by Charlie Gillett (WH Allen, 1975)

Atlantic: One-Per Year Chronic

Intro: Shake, Rattle & Roll - Joe Turner
1948: Lowe Groovinī - Joe Morris

1949: Drinkinī Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee - "Stick" McGhee
1950: Teardrops From My Eyes - Ruth Brown
1951: Fool, Fool, Fool - The Clovers
1952: Sweet Sixteen - Joe Turner
1953: Money Honey - Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters
1954: Tweedlee Dee - Lavern Baker
1955. Iīve Got A Woman - Ray Charles
1956: Itīs Too Late - Chuck Willis
1957: Searchinī - The Coasters
1958: Splish Splash - Bobby Darin
1959: There Goes My Baby - The Drifters
1960: Just Out Of Reach - Solomon Burke
1961: Stand By Me - Ben E. King
1962: Green Onions - Booker T. & the MGīs
1963: Walking The Dog - Rufus Thomas
1964: Mr. Pitiful - Otis Redding
1965: In The Midnight Hour - Wilson Pickett
1966: A Sweet Woman Like You - Joe Tex
1967: Soul Man - Sam & Dave
1968: Think - Aretha Franklin
1969: Instant Groove - King Curtis
Bonus: Yakety Yak - The Coasters
Exit: Whatīd I Say - Ray Charles
"History of Rhythm & Blues"

as presented on Atlanticīs six-volume LP-series of 1968 - vol 1 SD8161  vol 2 SD8162, vol 3 SD8163, vol 4 SD8164, vol 5 SD8193, and vol 6 SD8194 (with additions from "Atlantic Rhythm and Blues 1947-1974" LP-box of 1985 plus extras from the Rhino/Warner Platinum reissue 8-CDboxset * of 2006 - with extra bonus tracks).  Please note that not all of the original LP tracks are included in the later issues.

The Roots 1947-52
Olī Man River - The Ravens (National Records)
Itīs Too Soon To Know - The Orioles (Jubilee Records)
Lowe Groovinī - Joe Morris *
That Old Black Magic - Tiny Grimes *
Annie Laurie - Tiny Grimes *
Midnight Special - Tiny Grimes *
The Applejack - Joe Morris  *
Drinkinī Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee - "Stick" McGhee & his Buddies
Cole Slaw - Frank Culley
If You See Tears In My Eyes - The Delta Rhythm Boys
So Long - Ruth Brown *
I'll Get Along Somehow  - Ruth Brown *
Hey Little Girl - Professor Longhair *
Mardi Gras In New Orleans - Professor Longhair *
Tee Nah Nah - Harry Van Walls *
Danny Boy - Al Hibbler *
Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere - Laurie Tate & Joe Morris Orch
Goodnight Irene - Leadbelly
Teardrops From My Eyes - Ruth Brown *
One Monkey Don't Stop No Show  - Stick McGhee *
Donīt You Know I Love You - The Clovers
Shouldnīt I Know - The Cardinals
The Chill Is On - Joe Turner *
Chains Of Love - Joe Turner
Heavenly Father - Edna McGriff (Jubilee Records)
Fool, Fool, Fool - The Clovers *
Wheel Of Fortune - The Cardinals
Sweet Sixteen - Joe Turner *
5-10-15 Hours - Ruth Brown
Gator's Groove - Willis Jackson *
Ting-A-Ling - The Clovers *
Daddy Daddy - Ruth Brown *
One Mint Julep - The Clovers
The Midnight Hour - Ray Charles *

The Golden Years 1953-55
A Beggar For Your Kisses - The Diamonds
Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean - Ruth Brown
Yes Itīs You - The Clovers
Good Lovinī - The Clovers *
Wild Wild Young Men - Ruth Brown *

Mess Around - Ray Charles *
Honey Hush - Joe Turner *

Sol On Fire - LaVern Baker *
Money Honey - Clyde McPhatter &The Drifters
Sh-Boom - The Chords
Oh, What A Dream - Ruth Brown *

Lovey Dovey - The Clovers *
Such A Night - Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters *

Tipitina - Profesor Longhair *
Shake, Rattle & Roll - Joe Turner
White Christmas - The Drifers *

Honey Love - The Drifters feat. Clyde McPhatter
Whatcha Gonna Do - Clyde McPhatter & The Drifers *
Jam Up - Tommy Ridgeley
After The Lights Go Down Low - Al Hibbler  **
Tomorrow Night - LaVern Baker *

Tweedle Dee - LaVern Baker
Iīve Got A Woman - Ray Charles
Blue Velvet - The Clovers

The Door Is Still Open - The Cardinals *
Close Your Eyes - The Five Keys (Capitol)
Adorable - The Drifters
Greenbacks - Ray Charles
Flip Flop And Fly - Joe Turner *
A Fool For You - Ray Charles *
This Little Girl Of Mine - Ray Charles *
Play It Fair - LaVern Baker *

Rock & Roll 1956-57
In Paradise - The Cookies *
The Chicken And The Hawk - Joe Turner *
Smokey Joeīs Cafe - The Robins
Drown In My Own Tears - Ray Charles *
Devil Or Angel - The Clovers
Halleluja I Love Her So - Ray Charles  *
Down In Mexico - The Coasters *
Corrine, Corrina - Joe Turner
Ruby Baby - The Drifters
Treasure Of Love - Clyde McPhatter
Love, Love, Love - The Clovers *
Itīs Too Late - Chuck Willis *
Lonely Avenue - Ray Charles *
Since I Met You Baby .- Ivory Joe Hunter
Jim Dandy - LaVern Baker
Lucky Lips - Ruth Brown *
Without Love (There's Is Nothing) - Clyde McPhatter *
Fools Fall In Love - The Drifters
Empty Arms - Ivory Joe Hunter *
Searchinī - The Coasters
Young Blood - The Coasters
C. C. Rider - Chuck Willis
Just To Hold My Hand - Clyde McPhatter
Long Lonely Nights - Clyde McPhatter
Down In The Alley - The Clovers
The Big Beat 1958-60
Mr. Lee - The Bobbettes *
Betty And Dupree - Chuck Willis *
What Am I Living For - Chuck Willis *
Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes - Chuck Willis *

Yakety Yak - The Coasters
Splish Splash - Bobby Darin
A Loverīs Question - Clyde McPhatter
I Cried A Tear - LaVern Baker
Charlie Brown - The Coasters
There Goes My Baby - The Drifters
Along Came Jones - The Coasters *

Whatīd I Say - Ray Charles
(If You Cry) True Love, True Love - The Drifters
Poison Ivy - The Coasters *

Dance With Me - The Drifters
Let The Good Times Roll - Ray Charles *
Just For A Thrill - Ray Charles *

This Magic Moment - The Drifters
Save The Last Dance For Me - The Drifters
Shoppinī For Clothes - The Coasters *

Spanish Harlem - Ben E. King
Young Boy Blues - Ben E. King *

Gee Whiz - Carla Thomas
I Count The Tears - The Drifters

The Beat Goes On 1961-62
Early In The Morninī - Ray Charles
Saved - LaVern Baker *
Little Egypt (Ying-Yang) - The Coasters
Amor - Ben E. King *
Stand By Me - Ben E. King
Last Night - The Mar-Keys
Just Out Of Reach - Solomon Burke
Iīm Blue - The Ikettes
You Donīt Miss Your Water - William Bell
Cry To Me - Solomon Burke
I Found A Love - The Falcons
Donīt Play That Song (You Lied) - Ben E. King *
Green Onions - Booker T. & The MGīs
Up On The Roof - The Drifters
See See Rider - LaVern Baker
These Arms Of Mine - Otis Redding
The Dog - Rufus Thomas

On Broadway 1963-64
On Broadway - The Drifters
Hello Stranger - Barbara Lewis
If You Need Me - Solomon Burke
Just One Look - Doris Troy
Land Of 1,000 Dances - Chris Kenner
Mashed Potatoes - Nat Kendrik & The Swans
I (Who Have Nothing) - Ben E. King
Walking The Dog - Rufus Thomas
Release Me - Esther Phillips *
TīAinīt Nothinī To Me - The Coasters
Iīm Gonna Cry - Wilson Pickett
Iīve Got No Time To Lose - Carla Thomas
Mercy, Mercy - Don Covay
Under The Boardwalk - The Drifters *
And I Love Him - Esther Phillips *

Hold What Youīve Got - Joe Tex
Mr. Pitiful - Otis Redding
"Whatīd I Say" - Ahmet Ertegunīs book of 2001.
"Whatīd I Say" - The Atlantic Story
- 50 Years of Music
(written by Ahmet Ertegun
- with lots of and wonderful pictures!)

Atlantic R&B 1947-74 
- 8 CDs (Rhino/Warner Platinum 747552) -in 2006 (203 tracks).
Vol 1: 1947-1952 (77576), Vol : 1952-1954 (77577), Vol 3: 1955-1957 (77578), Vol 4: 1957-1960 (77579), Vol 5: 1961-1965 (77580), Vol 6: 1965-1967 (77581), Vol 7: 1967-1969 (77582), Vol 8: 1970-1974 (77583).

Link to:
The Atlantic Records Story
(by David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, and René Wu
with lists of all Atlantic / Atco LPs)

  - Ahmet's Atlantic:
Shake Rattle & Roll | Baby, That Is Rock and Roll

The exciting first years of Atlantic Records
(representative songs with master number, record issue, recording date, producer, chart-entry month / month of issue, R&B and Pop Chartings):
All recordings done by Atlantic in New York unless otherwise indicated. 1954-1955 recordings produced by Ertegun/Wexler unless otherwise indicated.
Original issue of Tweedle Dee spelled Tweedlee Dee.
1948-1953    |    1954    |    1955
Atlantic Records Discography

Jazzinī the Blues
(with Lionel Hampton & King Curtis)
Atlantic Recordsī first star was Joe Morris, who came from the Lionel Hampton Orchestra (Lionel was near letting Ahmet Ertegun get shares in his Hamp-Tone Records in 1946). Joe Morris became the rival of drummer, vibraphonist, orchestra leader and "Godfather of R&B" - Johnny Otis, who also had "learned" from Hampton. Another late Atlantic star was King Curtis (see next presentation), who had played with Hampton in 1952. Below are listed the Best Records of Lionel and Curtis - after Johnny Otis the two foremost instrumentalists of R&B. You may read about Otis at "... and More About..".. But we start with "Hamp The Champ" - Lionel Hampton.


Born April 20, 1908 in Louisville, Kentucky. Raised in Birmingham and Chicago (where he started to play drums - getting his first drum set in 1923). Moved to Los Angeles in 1927, where he started to play with the Les Hite orchestra. He also worked  with Reb Spikesī band in 1924 and recorded with Paul Howardīs Quality Serenaders in 1929/30 (playing drums and two-finger piano). Continued to play with Les Hite and started his try with vibes on October 16, 1930 (with Louis Armstrong) and met dancer Gladys Riddle, who became his wife and business manager. Studied music and started his own band, which worked until 1936 when he joined Benny Goodman, with whom he worked until 1940 - although he became a RCA Victor record star from 1937 - with a total of 91, several classic, recordings featuring all star jazz artists between February 8, 1937 and April 8, 1941. Formed his own big band in September, 1940 and joined Decca, where he debuted on December 24, 1941. Became a super star as Lionel Hampton & his Orchestra (now with his true own band). Had 13 R&B (Harlem Hit Parade/Race) Top 10 Hits between 1940 and 1950. Several famous R&B instrumentalists made music history with Lionel Hampton. Here is a list of some of them: Illinois Jacquet, Dexter Gordon, Dinah Washington (vocals), Bill Doggett, Joe Morris, Quincy Jones, Milton Buckner, Lamar Wright, Earl Bostic, Al Sears, Arnett Cobbs, Benny Carter, Cozy Cole, and Wes Montgomery. Hampton died in Washington, DC on August 31, 2002.
Essential CD: Jukebox Hits 1943-1950 - Acrobat ACMCD 4012 (20 great recordings)
For the Collector:
: The Lionel Hampton Story - Properbox 12 (4CD covering 1937-1949 incl his 1950 hit "Rag Mop")

(and with great inlay booklet essay & discography by producer Joop Visser) Search on Lionel Hampton
Lionel Hampton at Wikipedia

All music guide.
on Lionel Hampton
| Lionel Hampton legacy |

The Best of Lionel Hampton:
1938    Muskat Ramble
1939    Early Session Hop
1939    Hot Mallets
1940    Central Avenue Breakdown (with Nat King Cole,pno)
1943    Flying Home  (# 9) (Decca)
1944    Hampīs Boogie Woogie  (# 1)
1845    Bealuahīs Boogie  (# 2)
1946    Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop  (# 1)
1946    Pinetop's Boogie Woogie (with Bing Crosby)
1947    Hampīs Walking Boogie
1948    Blow Top Blues  (# 5)  (with Dinah Washington - rec. 1945)
1948    Red Top
1948    Midnight Sun
1948    I Want To Be Loved  (# 2)  (with his Hamptonians)
    New Central Avenue Breakdown
1949    Chicken Shack Boogie
1949    Hampīs Boogie Woogie No. 2
1949    Bealuahīs Sisterīs Boogie
1949    Hucklebuck  (# 12)  (with Betty Carter)
1950    Rag Mop (# 4)  (with the Hamptones)


The most productive honker of the ī60s and the one with most of the innovative ideas. Roots via stints with Lionel Hampton. Own band - the Noble Knights (later also billed as the Kingpins), featuring Paul Griffin,pno; Ernie Hayes,organ; Al Casey and later Billy Butler,gtrs; Jimmy Lewis and later Jerry Jermott,bass; Ray Lucas,dms. During his last years also Cornell Dupree and Hugh McCracken played guitar in his band with Richard Tee,pno; Chuck Rainey,bass and and often Pretty Purdie,dms. Productive session man (famous for his solo on the Coastersī "Yakety Yak") and did a huge amount of recordings as a tenor- and altosaxophonist and sometimes guitarist/singer. Also worked as a producer at Atlantic by the end of his career. Born: Curtis Ousley July 2, 1934 Forth Worth, Texas. Died August 13, 1971 (stubbed to death outside his home) in New York City. Worked in Texas, were he met Lionel Hampton and later came to Los Angeles, but became stationed in New York in 1956. First recordings: Houston, January 10, 1952 Bad Luck Baby (unissued Hummingbird); with vocalist/pianist Melvin Daniels for RPM Forth Worth, Texas 1953 Boogie In The Moonlight / Iīll Be There - RPM 383; first solo as King Curtis: New York, December, 1956 Kingīs Rock / Dynamite At Midnight - Apollo 507; first for Atco February 5, 1958 Birth Of The Blues / Just Smoochinī - Atco 6114. Records for: DeLuxe/King 56, RCA 57, Atco 58-59, Prestige /New Jazz/TruSound 60-62, Enjoy 61-62, Capitol 62-65, Atlantic 1965 - up to his death.
Essential CDs: Hot Sax, Cool Licks - Ace CDCHD 75
7 and The Best of King Curtis - Collectables COL 5687
or: Instant Soul - Razor & Tue RE 2054; and Instant Groove - Edsel EDCD 31
For Collectors: Live at the Fillmore West - Atlantic CD 77632
Blow Man Blow! (3CD) - Bear Family BCD 15670 CI (Complete Capitol recordings)
and: King's Rock, the 1950s Recordings - Official CD9139 (comprising 1952-1958 featuring Melvin Daniels and Sam Price)
Reading: The Sound of the City by Charlie Gillett (revised edition UK 1970, 1983) Search on King Curtis
King Curtis at Wikipedia
All music guide.on King Curtis
King Curtis at The Blues Database
| King Curtis |

R&B Top 10 Hits:

1962  Soul Twist
(w the Noble Knights)     2w
1967  Memphis Soul Stew (vocal)
1967  Ode To Billie Joe (as The Kingpins)

"The Best of King Curtis" on Collectables Records.

King Curtis.
For Your Listening Pleasure:
1956  Movinī On
1957  Steel Guitar Rag
1958  Jest Smoochinī
1958  Ific
1958  Chili
1959  Peter Gunn
1959  Lil Brother
1959  The Groove
1960  Soul Meeting (with Nat Adderley)
1961  Jivinī Time
1961  But Thatīs All Right (vocal)
1961  Honky Tonk
1961  The Twist
1962  Groovinī With The King
1962  Beach Party
1963  Do The Monkey
1963  Soul Serenade (Capitol)
1964  Night Train
1965  Send Me Some Lovinī
1965  Boss (Long Tall Sally)
1966  Quicksand
1967  Green Onions
1968  This Is Soul
1968  Soul Serenade (Atco)
1969  Instant Groove
1969  Soulinī
1971  Get With It (by Champion Jack Dupree)


Find out more about     | Atlantic Recordsī Early Stars |     at ... and More About ...!
click for:   | King Curtis |   or    | Atlanticīs Vocal Groups |

Below youīll find  the great Soul Stars of Atlantic Recordsī successful Soul Era with a short presentation and the most valuable recordings with all R&B Top Ten Hits listed first, followed by other notable classics.  All #1 Hits are noted in bold; with number of weeks at #1 position. Titles hitting any of Billboardīs three national R&B Top Ten Charts (Best Seller, Juke Box, Disc Jockey) are listed.

Atlantic Records

Ray Charles
| Chuck Willis | Solomon Burke | Joe Tex
Rufus Thomas
Wilson Pickett | Otis Redding | Aretha Franklin



"The Genius" - "Father of Soul" - "Brother Ray" - Pianist - singer - altosaxophonist, mixing blues-gospel-R&B-country, and trail blazer of modern black music. Grew up in Florida (Greenville, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and Tampa). Moved to Seattle, Washington in 1948 with Florida friend, guitarist Gosady McKee starting a trio - "The McSon Trio" (adding Milton Garret, bs). Came to Los Angeles in 1950. Roots in West Coast club blues from Nat Cole and Charles Brown, and later the jump blues of Louis Jordan - soon mixed with gospel sounds. Worked with Quincy Jones in Seattle (Quincy later playing trumpet with Lionel Hampton), saxophonist Stanley Turrentine, and during 1950-52 with Lowell Fulson & his orchestra; and was bought out from Jack Lauderdale by Ahmet Ertegun. Left Fulson and toured with Joe Morrisī band. Later worked with Lloyd Lambertīs orchestra and Guitar Slim (producing his hit "The Things That I Used To Do"). Formed his own band in Houston, Texas during July, 1954 with trumpeter/band leader Renald Richard plus Charles Whiely,tpt; A.D. Norris,tens; Jimmy Bell,bass - during a West Coast tour David Newman joined. Married Bea in Houston, where they had their home until they moved to L.A. in 1959. Some of his early and later members of the orchestra: Joe Bridgewater and Ricky Harper, tpts; Dave "Fathead" Newman, tenorsax (who he already had met with Lowell Fulson in 1952); Hank Crawford, sax (succeeding Renald Richard as band leader); Edgar Willis, bass; Phil Guilbeau, tpt; long-time saxophonist Leroy Cooper (who turned Ray's seven-piece-band into an 8-piece); Sonny Forriest,gtr; and Billy Preston, organ. Long-time arranger/conductor: Sid Feller.  Rayīs first girl singer: Mary Ann Fisher. Ray later transformed Jesse Stonesī and Chuck Willisī girl group the Cookies into the Raelets (featuring Marjorie Hendricks who died during the late sixties; Darlene McRae, Gwen Berry, and Pat Lyles); and later Susay Green; sister of Little Willie John - Mabel John; and wife of Richard Berry - Dorothy Berry ). Long-time manager (succeeding Jeff Brown in the early-mid ' 60ss) and business companion: Joe Adams. Another friend (and sometimes producer): Quincy Jones. Born: Raymond Charles Robinson September 23, 1930 (some files say September 30 and others give the year 1932), Albany, Georgia. Moved very ealry on to Greenville, Florida. Died in Beverly Hills, California June 10, 2004. First recordings: as The Maxin Trio (with all three musicians labeled; originally the McSon Trio) Seattle, Washington ca. November, 1948 (issued in February 1949 Confession Blues / I Love You I Love You - DownBeat 171 (hitting the charts on April 9, 1949). Ray recorded four titles in Miama, Florida for Henry Stone in 1951 (probably not earlier, even if Ray Charles has stated they were done in Tampa in 1948 - prob. late 1951, some files say even in October 1952 - information that these recordings were done in Tampa, Florida before Ray went to Seattle has flourished several times): Baby Let Me Hear You Call My Name (aka St. Pete Florida Blues or St. Peteīs Blues or I Found My Baby There) issued probably late 1951 on Sittin In With 641 and on SwingTime 300 (in 1952); (Iīm) Wonderinī And Wonderinī and Walkinī And Talkinī (To Myself) issued on Rockinī 504 in ca 1952; plus I Canīt Do No More (aka Why Did You Go) issued on SIW 651 (both SIW singles had flips featuring instrumentals prob not including Ray). Records for: DownBeat /SwingTime 49-52, Atlantic 52-59, ABC 60-66, ABC/Tangerine 66-73, Crossover 73-76, Atlantic 77-79.
Essential CDs. The Very Best of.. - Rhino RCD 79822 or:
The Definitive Ray Charles (2CD) - Rhino R2 73556 (covering Atlantic & ABC)
and Ray Charles Live (At Newport 1958 and In Person 1959 on one CD) - Atlantic 81732;
The Definitive Soul Collection - Rhino (2CD) 77664 (Atlantic recordings);
Ultimate Hits Collection - Rhino (2CD) R2 75644
For collectors: The Birth of Soul-The Complete Atlantic R&B Sessions (3CD) - Atlantic 782310-2
and The Classic Years (3CD covering the ABC years) - Castle ESBCD 144/1-2-3
plus The Birth of a Legend (2CD with all 41 pre-Atlantic tracks) - Ebony CD 8001 & 8003
or  Genius & Soul/50th Anniversary Album (5CD) - Rhino RHCD 72859;
Trilogy: Three Classic Albums (At Newport, The Great & The Genius of..) - Warner Strategic Marketing (UK) 3CD 81227-32392

More of early Ray:  The Chronological Ray Charles 1949-1950 - Classics 5000 plus
The Chronological Ray Charles 1950-1952 - Classics 5150
or: The Complete Swing Time and Downbeat Recordings 1949-1952 - Night Train International NTI CD 2001 (2-set)
plus Ray Charles Unreleased NTI CD 7154 (with alternates of above)

The Way I Feel - Properbox 133 (4CD) (contains chronological tracks 1949-1956 with heavy booklet-great!)
Testament: Pure Genius - The Complete Atlantic Recordings (1952-1959) - Rhino 74731 8CDbox, 165 tracks, 80-pagebooklet +DVD
Reading: Ray Charles - Man and Music by Michael Lydon (Payback Press, 1999)
Brother Ray - Ray Charlesī Own Story by Ray Charles & David Ritz (Warner Books, 1979)
Ray Charles - The Birth Of Soul by Mike Evans (Omnibus, 2005) Search on Ray Charles
Ray Charles at Wikipedia
All music guide.on Ray Charles
Ray Charles at The Blues Database

| Ray Charles Online (the official web site) | Ray Charles |
Obituary in Seattle Times
Ray Charles Singles  at Soulful Kinda Music
Hit The Road Jack video

"Mess Around" - Ray Charles 2-CD-set on Proper PAIRS with his first 47 recordings.
"Mess Around" (Ray Charles' pre-Atllantic discography and the tracks of Proper PAIRS 137)

Ray Charles - In The Evening - live 1963

R&B # 1 Hits (of 44 Top Tens):

1955  Iīve Got A Woman
(I Got A Woman)      1w
1955  A Fool For You     1w
1956  Drown In My Own Tears      2w
1959  Whatīd I Say     1w
1961  One Mint Julep (instr)      1w
1961  Hit The Road Jack     5w
1962  Unchain My Heart     2w
1962  I Canīt Stop Loving You      10w
1962  You Are My Sunshine      3w
1966  Letīs Go Get Stoned      1w
The Other R&B Top 10 Hits
of the 1950s:

1949  Confession Blues (as Maxin Trio)
1950  Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand
1952  Kiss Me Baby
1954  It Shouldīve Been Me
1954  Donīt You Know
1955  Come Back (Baby)
1955  This Little Girl Of Mine
1955  Blackjack
1955  Greenbacks
1956  Halleluja I Love Her So
1956  Lonely Avenue
1957  Ainīt That Love
1958  (Night Time) The Right Time
Some More Great Ones:
1951  The Snow Is Falling (Gloom And Misery)
1951  Baby Let Me Hear You Call My Name
         (St. Pete Florida Blues)
1951  Wonderinī And Wonderinī
1952  The Sunīs Gonna Shine Again
1952  The Midnight Hour
1953  Mess Around
1953  Heartbreaker
1954  Sinnerīs Prayer
1954  Losing Hand
1956  Mary Ann
1956  Doddlinī   (instr)
1956  Rockhouse (instr)
1957  Thatīs Enough
1958  Yes Indeed
1958  I Had A Dream
1959  Let The Good Times Roll
1960  Georgia On My Mind
1961  Iīve Got News For You
1962  At The Club
1963  No One
1963  Busted
1964  Smack Dab In The Middle
1967  In The Heat Of The Night
1967  If You Were Mine
  Ray Charlesī original Atlantic R&B LPs
    (no "true" jazz albums included)
  1957  Halleluja I Love Her So - Atlantic 8006
  1957  Yes Indeed - Atlantic 8025
  1958  Ray Charles At Newport - Atlantic 1289
  1959  Whatīd I Say - Atlantic 8029
  1959  Ray Charles In Person -Atlantic 8039
  1960  The Genius of Ray Charles - Atlantic 1312
  1961  The Genius Sings The Blues - Atlantic 8052
  1962  Twist with Ray Charles - reissed as:
             The Greatest Ray Charles - Atlantic 8054
  1963  The Great Hits of Ray Charles - Atlantic SD 7101
  1963  The Ray Charles Story Vol 1 - Atlantic 8063
  1963  The Ray Charles Story Vol 2 - Atlantic 8064
             (two above reissued on Atlantic 2-900)
  1964  The Ray Charles Story Vol 3 - Atlantic 8083
  1965  The Ray Charles Story Vol 4 - Atlantic 8094



"The Sheik of the Blues" and "The King of the Stroll" - blues balladeer and prolific songwriter, who like Brook Benton wrote several hits for other R&B acts (including the Cadillacs, Ruth Brown, LaVern Baker, the Five Keys, the Cardinals and the Clovers). Mostly worked in Atlanta and later New York City. Born: Harold Willis January 31, 1928, Atlanta, Ga. Died of peritonitis April 10, 1958, Atlanta, Ga. First recordings: NYC January 26, 1951 Canīt You See - Columbia 30238 and Be Good Or Be Gone /Letīs Jump Tonight - Okeh 6805. Records for: Okeh 1951-56, Atlantic 56-58.
Essential CDs: The Chuck Willis Collection - Razor & Tie CD 82055 (25 great Atlantic recordings)
and The Real Story - Sony CD 28702 (Okeh recordings)

For Collectors: The Complete Chuck Willis
1951 - 1957 (3CD - 78  tracks) - JSP 2303;
Rockin' with the Sheik of the Blues - Hoodoo CD 263370 (29 tracks from OKe and Atlantic)

R&B Top 10 Hits:

1952  My Story
1953  Goinī To The River
1953  Donīt Deceive Me
1954  Youīre Still My Baby
1954  I Feel So Bad
1956  Itīs Too Late
1956  Juanita
1957  C.C. Rider 2w
1958  What Am I Living For  1w
1958  Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes

These Are Also Nice:

1951  Be Good Or Be Gone
1957  The Train Has Gone
1958  Keep-A-Driving Search on Chuck Willis
Chuck Willis at Wikipedia
All music guide.on Chuck Willis
Chuck Willis at The Blues Database



"Wonder Boy Preacher" - "King of Rock & Soul" - "King Solomon" - singer and Bishop Dr. /Minister, who preached and broadcasted from his own church, Solomonīs Temple in Phliadephia. later worked mostly in New York City and Alabama. Possibly the greatest secular gospel-soul singer of all, and the idol of many soul fans. "King Solomon" was contracted to Atlantic by Jerry Wexler in late 1959 and became the most important of Atlanticīs Soul Clan, with "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love" as the most famous classic. Born: James Solomon McDonald (stepfather Vincent Burke) March 21, 1936 (not 1940) in Philadelphia. Died at Amsterdam (Schiphol) Airport, the Netherlands on October 10, 2010. First recordings: NYC December 1955 Christmas Presents and To Thee  for singles on Apollo Records. Records for: Apollo 55-57, Singular 59, Atlantic 60-68, Bell 69, MGM 71-73, ABC 74, Chess 75, Amhearst 78, Savoy (gospel) 82.
Essential CD:
The Definitive Soul Collection (2CD) - Rhino 77666  or:
Home In Your Heart-The Best of (2CD) - Rhino R2 70284
Reading: Nowhere to Run - the story of Soul Music by Gerri Hershey - (Macmillan London Ltd, 1984)
| Solomon Burke | (official)

R&B Top 10 Hits:

1961  Just Out Of Reach
1962  Cry To Me
1963  If You Need Me
1963  Youīre Good For Me
1964  Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)
1964  Everybody Needs Somebody To Love

1965  Got To Get You Off My Mind 3w
1965  Tonightīs The Night    3w Search on Solomon Burke
Solomon Burke at Wikipedia
All music guide.on Solomon Burke
Solomon Burke at The Blues Database
Solomon Burke Discography
More High Quality Stuff:
1956  You Can Run But You Canīt Hide
1962  Down In The Valley
1962  Home In Your Heart
1962  Stupidity
1962  Send My Some Loving
1964  Yes I Do
1964  The Price

1966  Keep A Light In The Window
1967  Take Me (As I Am)
1967  Itīs Just A Matter Of Time
1968  Party People
1968  I Wish I Knew



"The Original Rapper" - Underrated but prominent entertainer and down south country influenced soul ballad and humor-laced dance blues singer with wild and frantic stage shows. Sang with local gospel groups and won a talent and recording contract at the Apollo in 1954. Produced by Buddy Killen from 1961 (who turned to Rick Hallīs famous Muscle Shoals studios in 1964). Tex worked in Baytown and Houston, came to New York in 1955 and later worked in New Orleans, Detroit (1960), Nashville (1961), Muscle Shoals, Alabama and Memphis. Some notable members of his qualitative stage show (and session musicians): Lee Royal Hadley,gtr; Clyde Williams,dms; and Eddie Williams, tenor sax/ arranger. Tex converted to Muslim faith and changed his name to Joseph Hazzies in July, 1972. Important member of Atlanticīs Soul Clan. Born: Joseph Arrington, Jr. August 8, 1933, Rogers, Tex. Died of heart attack August 13, 1982, Navasota, Tex. First recordings: NYC 1955 Davy You Upset My Home for King. Records for: King 55-57, Ace 58-59, Anna 60-61, Dial/London 61-64, Dial/Atlantic 64-71, Dial/Mercury 71-76, Epic 1977.
Essential CD: I Believe Iīm Gonna Make It-The Best of - Rhino R2 70191
The editorīs choise: The Very Best of... - Charly CD 133
For Collectors: First in the Dial - Shout/Cherry Red CD 47
(25 great pre-Atlantic Dial recordings 1961-1964)
Get Way Back - The 1950's Recoprdings - Ace CDCHD 1197
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R&B Top 10 Hits:

1965  Hold What Youīve Got   2w
1965  You Got What It Takes
1965  I Want To (Do Everything For You) 3w
1965  A Sweet Woman Like You 1w
1966  The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)
1966  S.Y.S.L.J.F.M. (The Letter Song)
1966  I Believe Iīm Gonna Maket It
1967  Skinny Legs And All
1968  Men Are Gettinī Scarce
1969  Buying A Book
1972  I Gotcha 1w
1977  Ainīt Gonna Bump No More

More Funky And Soulful Ones:

1956  Another Womanīs Man
1961  Baby Youīre Right
1965  One Monkey Donīt Stop No Show
1966  Iīve Got To Do It A Little Bit Better
1967  Show Me
1967  Woman Like That, Yeah
1967  A Womanīs Hands
1968  I'll Never Do You Wrong
1968  That's Your Baby
1973  Woman Stealer Search on Joe Tex
Joe Tex at Wikipedia
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Memphis-based singer/dancer - "Crown Prince of Dance" - with roots from the Rabbit Foot Minstrels and long-time DJ experiences at WDIA in Memphis. A true Memphis Soul Man - active up to this day - with four major career stages: 1950s for different labels, early ī60s and the "dog" craze, early ī70s with the "funky birds", and the revival tours of the ī80s. Stationed in Memphis and in later years also worked in Los Angeles. Born: March 26, 1917, Cayce, Miss. Died in Memphis, Tenn. December 15, 2001. First recordings: Memphis 1950 Iīm So Worried - Star Talent 807; May/June 1951 Night Walkinī Blues - Chess 1466; March 8, 1953 Bear Cat /Walkinī In The Rain - Sun 181. Records for: Chess 51-52, Sun 53, Meteor 57, Satellite 59-61, Stax/Atco 62-68, Stax 68-75.
Essential CD: Do the Funky Something-The Best of - Rhino R2 72410.
For the collector: The Best of Rufus Thomas-The Singles 1968-75 - Stax CDSXD 094;
The Platinum Collection . Warner/Rhino 79995;
Canīt Get Away From This Dog - StaxSCD-8569-2;
Before Stax - Important Artists CD 7801
(the complete 1950s recordings)
Reading: Soulsville U.S.A.: The Story of Stax Records - Rob Bowman (UK/US 1997)
| Rufus Thomas |

R&B Top 10 Hits:

1953  Bear Cat (as Rufus Thomas, Jr.)
1963  Walking The Dog
1964  Jump Back
1970  Do The Funky Chicken
1971  (Do The) Push And Pull 2w
1971  The Breakdown Search on Rufus Thomas

Rufus Thomas at Wikipedia
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Rufus Thomas at The Blues Database
Rufus Thomas singles at Soulful Kinda Music

Listen to These:

1951  No More Dogginī Around
1959  īCause I Love You So (by Carla & Rufus)
1961  Did You Ever Love A Woman
1962  The Dog
1964  The Memphis Train
1968  Funky Mississippi
1971  Do The Funky Penguin
1974  Boogie Ainīt Nuttinī



"The Wicked Pickett" - Fierceful hard-singing gospel-influenced super star - the Tom Jones of blacks. Moved to Detroit in 1955 and sang with the Falcons 1960 - 1963 ("I Found A Love" not included in the BS above). Worked in Alabama, in Detroit 55 - later Cincinnati. Came to NYC and Atlantic Records, recorded in Memphis and Alabama again, later in Philadelphia and finally settled in NYC. It wasnīt until Jerry Wexler took Pickett to Memphis and guitarist Steve Cropper, that his solo career took off in 1965. Most succcessful member of the Soul Clan. Started his own record label in the ī70s. Born: March 18, 1941, Prattville, Alabama; died at Reston Hospital outside his home in Ashburn, Virginia on January 19, 2006 of heart attack. First recordings: spirituals with the Violinaires for Gotham in Detroit, 1957 and of unknown date Call Him Up /Christīs Blood with the Spiritual Five for Peacock; secular with The Falcons in Detroit September 16, 1960 Pow! Youīre In Love - United Artists 289 and unissued Flick/United Artists recording of Billy The Kid; first solo: Detroit 1962 Let Me Be Your Baby - Correc-Tone 501. Records for: Double-L 1963, Atlantic 64-72, RCA 73-74, Wicked 75-76, Big Tree, EMI 79-80, Motown 1987.
Essential CD:
The Definitive Collection (2CD) - WEA/Rhino RHI 77614 (30 chronological tracks from his whole career)
or: The Essentials - Rhino R2 76064
 or: A Man And A Half - The Best of (2CD) - Rhino R2 70287
The Definitive Wilson Pickett (2CD) - Rhino RN 70082
For Collectors: Funky Midnight Mover - The Studio Recordings (1962 - 1978) (6CD) - Rhino Handmade 603497775323
Reading: The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock & Roll - edited by Jim Miller (Rolling Stone Press, 1980)
| Wilson Pickett page | Discography at Soulful Kinda Music |

R&B Top 10 Hits:

1962  I Found A Love - The Falcons
1963  Itīs Too Late
1965  In The Midnight Hour 1w
1965  Donīt Fight It
1966  634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.) 7w
1966  Land Of 1,000 Dances 1w
1966  Mustang Sally
1967  I Found A Love (solo)
1967  Soul Dance Number Three
1967  Funky Broadway 1w
1967  Iīm In Love
1968  Sheīs Lockinī Good
1968  Iīm A Midnight Mover
1970  Sugar Sugar
1970  Engine Number 9
1971  Donīt Let The Green Grass Fool You
1971  Donīt Knock My Love 1w
1971  Call My Name, Iīll Be There
1972  Fire And Water

Other Funky Ones:

1963  If You Need Me
1966  Ninety-Nine And A Half (Wonīt Do)
1968  A Man And A Half
1970  Cole, Cooke & Redding
Wilson Pickett at his prime. Search on Wilson Pickett
Wilson Pickett at Wikipedia
All music guide.on Wilson Pickett
Wilson Pickett at The Blues Database

Pickett discography



"Mr. Pitiful" - "Crown Prince of Soul" - Legendary southern soul star, probably the most important figure in shaping the down-home Memphis "Soulsville" sound. Worked in Macon, Georgia; and later Los Angeles, but made his fame through the Stax studios in Memphis. The fatal plain crash also took the lifes of four members of his road band, the Bar-Kays. He used Booker T. & the M.G.īs with Steve Cropper (who produced his later recordings), "Duck" Dunn and Al Jackson, Jr; supplemented by the Memphis Horns on most recordings. Born: September 9, 1941, Terrell County (Dawson), Georgia (family moved to Macon, Georgia in 1942). Died in a plane crash in Lake Monona, Madison, Wisconsin December 10, 1967. First recordings: L.A. 1960 Sheīs All Right for TransWorld; Athens, Georgia with Johnny Jenkins & the Pinetoppers in 1960. Shout Bamalama for Confederate; Memphis October 1962 . These Arms Of Mine /Hey Hey Baby - Volt 103. Records for: Volt/Atco 62-69.
Essential CDs:
The Definitive Soul Collection (2CD) - Rhino 77663
or: The Essentials - Rhino R2 76052 or: The Very Best of... Vol 1 & 2 - Rhino R2 71147 and R2 71930
or: Dream To Remember / The Otis Redding Anthology (2CD) - Rhino 8122-75741
or: The Very Best of Otis Redding (2CD) - Atco 9548380872
For Collectors: The Definitive Otis Redding (4CD) - Rhino 71439
and: Remember Me - Stax 8572 or 4014
Editorīs choise: The Otis Redding Story (3CD) - Atlantic 81762-2
Reading: Otis! - The Otis Redding Story by Scott Freeman (US, 2001) and
Otis Redding - Try A Little Tenderness by Geoff Brown (Mojo Books 2001) Search on Otis Redding
Otis Redding at Wikipedia

All music guide.on Otis Redding
Otis Redding at The Blues Database
| Otis Redding web site | (official)
Otis Redding Singles  at Soulful Kinda Music

R&B Top 10 Hits:

1964  Chained And Bound
1965  Mr. Pitiful
1965  Iīve Been Loving You Too Long
1965  Respect
1966  Satisfaction
1966  My Loverīs Prayer
1967  Try A Little Tenderness
1967  Tramp (w Carla Thomas as Otis & Carla)
1967  Knock On Wood (Otis & Carla)
1968  (Sittinī On) The Dock Of The Bay   3w
1968  The Happy Song (Dum-Dum)
1968  Iīve Got Dreams To Remember
1969  Papaīs Got A Brand New Bag

Other Very Best Of:

1963  These Arms Of Mine
1963  Pain In My Heart
1964  Your One And Only Man
1964  Come To Me
1965  Down In The Valley
1965  Thatīs How Strong My Love Is
1965  Rock Me Baby
1966  Hawg For You
1966  Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)
1967  Shake



"Lady Soul" - "The Queen of Soul" - Hit making, strongly gospel styled thrush - Dinah Washington was "The Queen of Blues", but Aretha is "The Queen of Soul". Daughter of Rev. Cecil L. Franklin, pastor of New Bethel Church in Detroit. Worked in Buffalo, in Detroit from 1951 and later in New York City and Memphis. Dramatic turn of success when Jerry Wexler signed her to Atlantic. Was joined by her sisters and other girls of the Sweet Inspirations. King Curtis arranged several of her hits. Born: March 25, 1942, Memphis, Tenn. First recordings: gospel behind her father Rev. C.L. Franklin in Detroit 1951 on Gotham; solo Detroit, 1956 Never Grow Old on JVB/Battle and Precious Lord on Checker. Secular in New York City on August 1, 1960 Today I Have The Blues on Columbia. Records for: Columbia 60-66, Atlantic 67-79, Arista 80-.
Essential CDs:
The Definitive Soul Collection (2CD) Rhino 81668
or: The Very Best of Vol 1 & 2: Rhino R271598 and 71699
For the collector: Queen Of Soul-The Atlantic Recordings (4CD) - Rhino R2 71063
Aretha - From These Roots by Aretha Franklin and David Ritz (US 1999)
and I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You - Aretha Franklin by Matt Dobkin (Griffinm, 2006)
and Aretha Franklin - The Queen of Soul by Mark Bego (2001)

| (official) | More on Aretha Franklin |

R&B #1 Hits (of Her 47 Top Tens):

1967  I Never Loved A Man
  (The Way I Love You)   7w

1967  Respect   8w
1967  Baby I Love You  2w
1967  Chain Of Fools  4w
1968  (Sweet Sweet Baby)
  Since Youīve Been Gone  3w
1998  Think  3w

1969  Share Your Love With Me  5w
1970  Call Me  2w
1970  Donīt Play That Song  3w
1971  Bridge Over Troubled Water  2w
1971  Spanish Harlem  3w
1972  Day Dreaming  2w
1973  Angel  2w
1973  Until You Come Back To Me  1w
1974  Iīm In Love  2w
1976  Something He Can Feel  4w
1977  Break it To Me Gently  1w
1982  Jump To It  4w
1983  Get It Right  2w
1985  Freeway Of Love  5w
Other Important Ones:

1960  Today I Sing The Blues
1961  Try A Little Tenderness
1967  A Natural Woman
1971  Rock Steady Search on Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin at Wikipedia
All music guide.on Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin at The Blues Database


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