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The classic Coasters of 1958.

Links to several sites with
on The Coasters

The World's Greatest Blues Singer
Session Discography and JLH Time-Line plus Ultimate CDs



Doo-Wop Express
Favorite Radio Show

Oldies Music Reviews

Your Favorite Online Radio Station

Great Blues & Rhythm & Blues Radio


Free Online Dating Sites

Yahoo Groups and Clubs
register and check-out "clubs" and "groups" on your favorite artists!

Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller

Smokey Joe´s Cafe musical logo.

Oldes Unlimited

The Doo Wop Society.

The vocal group harmony web site.






















  -   official site
Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller
The famous tunesmiths and their story
Smokey Joe´s Cafe - the longest running Broadway show
Rise and Fall of Popular Music on Leiber-Stoller
Jerry Leiber Songwriters Hall of Fame | Mike Stoller Songwriters Hall of Fame

Pelican Studio - Doo Wop Groups   
Simply great!

All the groups with disco, album covers and a prefect links section
Births and deaths     of group members (and other R&B artists)

Unca Marvy´s Show    |   Online articles   Marv Goldberg´s great oldies site
- Yesterday´s memories - wonderful articles & audios

The Vocal Group Harmony Web Site   A superb site! -  all about Doo Wop - you simply must check it out!

The Rhythm and Blues Highway   Very comprehensive site - with all the early Rhythm & Blues Vocal Groups

Doo Wop Nation  Great E-site with story's of all the favorite vocal groups

Classic Urban Harmony   Great nostalgia and groups of today

YouTube Doo Wop videos    New (well old ones that is) videos every day!

For DooWop   oldies site

Soul-Patrol - Doo Wop    Great stuff
Doo Wop Center     Wanna know about doo-wop? and find records!

The Doo Wop Society   DooWop Society of Southern California
- a wonderful site with Jim Dawson at the wheel  - not updated anymore

Doo-Wop Café  |  main entrance   |  Billy Vera articles and radio - Billy Vera's great site! VERY FINE!!!

UGHA "Official"  |  UGHA homepage   United in Group Harmony Assocation
- a great society with inductees and

The Doo Wop Net   CD reviews and jukebox audio  SIMPLY GREAT!!!!

Vegas DooWop   Der 1' great DooWop site with lots of info, audio, links and more!!!

Richard Nader Entertainment   Interesting promoter of the great revivals and of the recent revivals of Doo-Wop groups

Harmony Haven   Harmony Train  WOW - great photos and doo wop nostalgia! - plus interesting links and reading section

Red Hot & Cool   The Top 100 Doo Wop Songs

Remember When   Very nice doo wop nostalgia

The Doo-Wop Jukebox  Juke Box page 2  great audios

Doo Wop Corner   Fine club, originally from Yahoo, now on msn

Japanese Doo Wop Site   with rare EP covers and more

The Big Beat    Nice page with an informative links section

Marv´s Oldies Records   Interesting site with 45´s audio and label repros

The Vocal Group Hall of Fame   Newly started society who have inducted a.o. the Coasters

Doo-Wopp Hall of Fame    Harvey Robbins society

   on the legal matters of Drifters, Platters, Coasters

Steve´s Kewl Doo Wop Jukebox   Was a Yahoo club but now it´s own

Destination Doo-Wop   Broadcast and much more

Brian´s DooWop Fixxx   Giant Juke Box with lots of audios

The Doo Wop Days  - German site with US nostalgia

Dr Doo Wopp   Features fine photos and more

The vocal group labels   Fine site with label shots

Vocal Group Webcasts   Links to all known vocal group web shows

Doo Wop Café   Fine general doowop "club"

R&B Vocal Groups of the 1950s   Fine and interesting

Doo Wop Drive-In   Patchy´s Juke Box

The Girl Groups Fan Club   Anything and everything you wanna know about the girls

Doo Wop Shoo Bop   General Oldies site - order music & more

Palmsradio DooWop   Links to several interesting DooWop sites


Oldies Music

The History of Rock ´n´ Roll

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum

Atlantic Records´ story and albums

Rock & Roll Legacy Links

The Fifties Web Site


Music Codes    -   Great Portal and Juke Box

Joel Whitburn's Record Research   - Great stuff!

45 RPM  WordPress Log  - A super great BLOGG

Future Rock Legends -  Simply terriric stuff!!!

Oldies Unlimited   -  The classic restored

Marion-Net E-zines
DooWop Nation, R&B JammUpp and Rock ´n´ roll lots of reading
Very Interesting Site

Oldies Music
Superb site by Ron Smith  - news & charts
- records, oldie charts, large links section

Oldieslist     Great Portal

Goldmine magazine

UpChucky JukeBox    - great nostaliga with lots of music

Clay Cole Show    Famous TV host with his new web-site and lots of links

Be Bop Wino  - terrific nostalgia  - labelshots, album covers and more

Wang Dang Dula!   ROCKERS UNLIMITED     alternate link
Great Blues/R´n´B/Black Rock´n´Roll site with several links and lots of nostalgia!

WillieCs RnB Beach Music Cafe   Great listening and lots of links

The Online 78rpm Discography     Super listings of lots of 78 rpm labels

DigitalDreamDoor        DDD -The Music Lists
with great lists of Top Artists and Top Songs! and links and audios  - simply a terrific site!!!

Cool Hot Links   General nostalgia and much more - terrific!

Die-Rock-And-Roll-AG    - Terrific German nostalgia site
- featuring one great page on The Coasters

OldiesList   Search for your favorite oldies artists and web sites

Rock  & Country  Discographies with images and LP contents

RateYourMusic  -  great stuff where you can add ino

MusicPopHits   Super JukeBox  great audios!

Pop Culture Madness     Featuring Top Pop Lists Year-by-Year

Harem Sheik´s Real Audio   Great audios - full length

Our Legends of Rock and Roll   Very comprehensive links list to all rock ´n´ roll legends

Fifties Web    The Music of the Fifties
A true 1950s web site with lots of audio   Fifties Tunes   GREAT!

Motorcycle Fairings -  Great thing!

Rock 'n' Roll Archive  -  Nostalgia!

Shakin´ All Over     Great rock ´n´ roll nostalgia with a monthly diary 1955-1962

RateYourMusic    Simply terrific - find your favorite artists and reviews - a huge database!

Little Walter DeVenne Site  - he legenday remastering Master!

Discoveries   |   Goldmine   Two great collectors´ magazines!

Cash Box Pop Charts     including week by week charts and year-end
Experience Music Project    (EMP)

Flashback Oldies  with events and links

The Rock ´n´ Roll Zone    with lots of news and links

Oldieslist  -  a nice portal

The Rize and Fall of Popular Music     by Donald Clarke  Leiber-Stoller section

The History of Rock ´n´ Roll  
Just about all, and several interesting sublinks

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame   The official site - with all inductees and news

The Number One Songs In Heaven 
  Great nostalgia
- classic blog

The Clay Cole Show    Legendary 60's TV host

Now Dig This  
The great British Rock & Roll magazine  host link

Sonic Barbecue   day-by-day history of rock

Michael Ochs Archives   great photos on all your favorites

The Atlantic Records Story
   From "Both Sides Now" - very comprehensive LP discography

The Heart of Rock and Soul   Dave Marsh: 1001 Greatest Singles ever made

Tom Simon Rock And Roll Page  
Short bios on all your favorites

Robert Christgau's Site   Rock critc who does a lecture on The Coasters on April 13, 2005

Music Homepages   Great portal to your favorite artists

Fifties Folly Noise  -  Lots of great nostalgia

SoulSounds    Joe Vincent´s agency

The   with presentations of living legens, music, video and more

Soulful Kinda Music discos  
with great Discographies on lots of artists!

ThatsNewToMe   Great site from Rockabilly Hall of Fame with NEWS also on rock´n´roll, blues and R&B
Check this news too at Rockabilly Hall of Fame:
   FrontPage News

This Day In Rock & Roll History   
Great database

Yesterdays Gold  - fine nostalgia blogspot

All Info About the Roots of Rock    THE ROOTS OF ROCK & ROLL  
Alternate enter
A History of Rock & Roll & Doo Wop Music

Rock N´ Roll Never Forgets  
Rock & Roll Timeline

Cape Entertainment  
Agency with lots of  50s and 60s acts

Garage Punk   -   great blog site

Favorite Music Links    A fine sample of a fans´ found links

Popular Song    Tin Pan Alley pop lists

Web Site Links    A worothy nostalgia links page

The Rise and Fall of Popular Music
   Donald Clarke´s book on the MusicWeb

Oldies But Goldies   Funny and enjoyable oldies site

Clay Cole Show    Fifties and sixties nostalgia

Russ' Radio & Records  / Mr. Aircheck Presents / - Oldies forum - public discussion/Message board

Rock 'N' Roll   The history of our music (the class of 1960)

Behind The Hits   Bob Shannon´s terrific site with all the news and everything else you wanna know!

Oldies Museum
   Super site with audios

Dark Side of Rock ´n´ Roll   Great information and a huge links section

Favorite Music Sides - nice selection of a fan's favorite links

The Wanderer   P.O.O.L. member #2 - GREAT site - and the first oldies site

Rockabilly Hall of Fame   Superlengthy site of rock ´n  roll, R&B and rockabilly - and more

Tony50´s Links Page    Rock & Roll Links to interesting nostalgia pages

Bob Walker´s Radio Shrine   Great New Orleans Radio show - and more!

Turntable Treasures   Very nice oldies page with several gems

Both Sides Now Publications   Comprehensive nostalgia site with truthful and terrific album-discographies

Terry's Rock and Roll Pages   Very nice and interesting with great photos

Oldiemeister´s Hot Links   Really a huge links list!

Catch-A-Wave Links    General oldies links and artist links

GlobePosterClassics    Poster reproductions for sale

Rock ´n´ Roll   Very nice site with biographies of several early rock´n´roll stars

Music History - rock   Indiana University history of music site with lots of interesting links

ROCK ´n 50s    An interesting site with midi JukeBox and 50s History

Real Oldies   Rockin oldies with Ed & George and their Yestgerdays Memories

Collins Crapo´s Oldies Website   Reviews of oldies artists´ songs

Early Rock Icons   Links to several rock ´n´ roll pioneers

Sounds of the 50´s & 60´s   Audios on oldies

Fuller Up   Elvis Pelvis presents: The Dead Musicians Directory

The Artists of Rock ´N´ Roll    with charts, bios and more

Music Web Sites
   Links to your favorite music and artists

Billboard Record Research  Joel Whitburn´s famous Billboard Top Charts - and more

The Dead Rock Stars Club   Dates of deaths of the rock stars with links and info

Rockville international   Interesting R&R site with lots of links

Lucille´s Rockin´ Radio   Oldie rockin´ audios

Rockabilly Roots  - with charts and links

Talk About Cool   All about the Fiftes

Ent Presents    - to book your oldies favorites

BlackCat Rockabilly    For you rockabilly lovers and more

Tim Simon Rock-and-Roll Page   Nice site presenting several rock legends

Mr. & Mrs. DooWop    Nostalgia site

La musica americana   Fine Spanish site featuring ´50s artists, incl the Coasters

Gourmet Rock + Roll   Comprehensive links site to several rock legends

ClassicBands    Presenting several classic rock stars

Repo´s Oldies But Goodies   Lots of RealAudio links and Juke Box sites

Rockmine    Find what you are looking for on rock (and roll)

The Artists of Rock ´N´ Roll   Nice fan site on early rock n roll

Rockin´ 50s   Bill Griggs´ magazine and home-page

The 50's Home Page   Links and other nice stuff

American Music Magazine   With a fine links page to rock´n´roll acts

Rock ´n´ Roll Zone   Mostly of the more recent days

Celebrity Direct   Florida agency for several nostalgia acts

Oldiesment Soul    Great nostalgia with several interesting album covers

Records & Music
   Nice Jukebox plus links

Der 1´s Web Circle    with links and nostalgia

JL Entertainment   with a large artist roster

Favorites   of Rock, Pop and R&B with lots of links

WeCollects   with lots of audios and nostalgia


R&B Primer                Vee-Jay

The Blues Database































































.... keep on living ...  terrific database with the dead legends
                                     - featuring year-by-year story and great discographies.

Atlantic Records Discography  - complete

The R&B Music Primer    High quality site - often updated
- about R&B with several interesting links

Vee-Jay Records - Official Web Site   Simply terrific!!
find out everything about this label and listen to all the records!

The Blues Database   Great site - u'll find almost all u want

Arc Music Group   Listen to great Chess and Vee-Jay recordings!

Year of the Blues    2003 - (YOTB)
   Year of The Blues Overview

Blues World
Conglomerat site - all about the Blues with several interesting subsites

Hoy Hoy   Comprehensive R&B Roots site with features on several R&B pioneers and full audios

Very large site with loads of information
plus features on some great artists with link

Blues & Rhythm   The best blues and R&B magazine

Mississippi Blog Spot    Great blog and great music  - please check this  one
Mississippi - the Birth Place of American Music

Janice´s Blues Cafe   featuring lots and lots of stars

Soulwalking   Very comprehensive with obituaries and a huge links page

The Soul Express   by Dean Farrell, great nostalgia

Bill Daniels' Dusty Charts    Top R&B Records 1949-1959

Soul Tracks  -  new site with lots of artist pages, links and nice info

Sunday Blues "N" Jazz Club  -  A California Blues Club

Soulful Kinda Music    Great site with lots of information on Rare Soul Music

Blueslinks    Very large links list!

Svein Martin's Blues & Rock Page   with nice presentations of great singers

BluesLand    Blues news and blues data base!

The Swedish Jefferson Blues Magazine site - with lots of links to The Blues

The South Side   The South Side Blues and Rhythm & Blues with lots of audio and great R&B posters   entrence    with links and music to find

Black Ice Entertainment   Blues band promotions and other stuff

Red Saunders Research Foundation   Great site by Robert Campbell and others including:
Chess Discography 1950-1952   |  1953 -1955

"Mr. Blues"   Wonderful site dedicated to Wynonie, Roy Brown, Big Joe and Ike

Blues Access Online   Blues Access - the blues magazine online

Soul Express Online   Great Soul Magazine online

The Real Thing   R&B Blog

The Blues Foundation    Official site - lots of features, awards and inductees

Rhythm & Blues Foundation    A realitively new foundation - with features
and all the living legens´ pioneer awards

Blues Critic    - discographies and biographies of Southern Soul artists

Sound Carrier  - Swedish / International blues news site   This you simply have to check out! Lots and lots

Chicago Blues   Short artists presentations and links

Classic Soul   Rythm Revue Dance Party

Classic Soul   From Soul-Patrol with several stars

Hitsville Soul Club   and   There's That Beat

Harry´s Blues Lyrics Online   A comprensive search site with lyrics, essential blues CDs and lots more on all your favorite artists!

R&B USA   Short profiles on all the great artists

American Music  - German blues site with album images and more

Tweed's Blues    Great site with lots of nice stuff

The Devil´s Music Forum
   Discuss the blues!

Soul Search
Site where you´ll find anything on soul, R&B and vocal groups - especially the Temptations

Big Road Blues   All things blues

Blues WEB    Audio site - blues to listen to

Anorak's Corner   60s Soul Nostalgia from David Flynn

The Blue Flame Cafe   Biographies on Blues and R&B artists - wonderful layout

The R&B Page   Old - and new features on R&B, with a large links section

The Blue Highway     Award winning blues site with lots of links - The Chess Store several of your favorite blues artists

A Pocket History of R&B   Tower / Pulse music guide with profiles and history

Hollywood´s Rockwalk   including inductees Hooker and BB King

Soul Rare    -  audios of late50s/60s soul

The Soul of the Net   Wonderful and comprehensive soul site

Rhythm & Blues Revues   Mixed nostalgia

SoulExpressRadio   Great nostalgia and a nice soul links list

Rhythm & Blues Music   "Interactive" R&B articles and topics with an All Time Top 100 R&B chart

Delta Snake    with blues news and more

Delta Music Group    
Deltamusic, fifties, R&B discussions

The Stoddard´s Hale    
- Great prictures ON THIS DAY with new site every day!

Bad Dog Blues
   Blues Radio and a fine blueslinks page

Modern Records singles      Discography  

Nothing but the Blues   - an intresting fan page

Blues Net   Fine blues-links site (lots of JL Hooker)

This Old Soul of mine   Northern Soul Site with lots of links

Soulsville, USA   Stax Records history

The Stax Site   All about the Stax label and the artists

The Mudcat Cafe   Fine magazine and portal of blues

Delta Blues/R&B and R&R    A large site with for your deep studies

Trail of the Hellhound   Delta Blues history

The Chess Albums    From Both Sides Now  - story and disco

The Chess Singles    A short discography (wiht LPs too)

Motown   Classic Motown & Motown Now   Keepin´  the blues alive!

The Soul Music Store   Special girl soul site

Diggin The Blues   with links to great blues artists

Record Label Discographies   legendary blues labels

Roadhouse Blues Biography   Short presentations of all your favorite blues and R&B artists

Blues & Soul Online   British magazine

This Old Soul   with juke boxes

The Soul Express   with lots of soul links

The Blindman's Blues Forum   Blues message board

MUSIC TO BUY & INFO (Collectables Records).

Artist Direct

Ace Records, UK

All music guide


rollst.gif (1200 bytes)

Real Music Store

Rhino Records
   Collectables Records
- a very interesting and truly great U.S. reissue label - TRY IT!

Snapper Records - with Charly catalog

Jasmine Records    UK "public domain" collections

Discovery Records - mailorder including
the Hoodoo, Important Artists re-issue label and the Classics series

Acrobat Music   -  Great early R&B catalogue

Collectors' Choice Music 
Great - possibly the best - site to order your favorite oldes (on any label)

Artist Direct   Fine music search page with biographies, discographies and music to order

Not Now Music   British public domain

RealPlayer Music Guide Music Store   download music by your favorite artists

MusicBrainz  - discographies and short audios

Apple/iTunes    - Download music and create your own CDs
Legal download and Podcasting

Down Home Music   Great Mail-Order site   |  |
My favorite site for ordering CDs - with lots of information!

Rhino Records   Simply the best of the nostalgia records (although Collectables has taken over much)

Rhino Handmade   Limited editions

Rhino Records - Extended Store   Nice overwies of artists' CDs

Varèse Sarabande      (Varèse Vintage news)  For reissues of old classic recordings

Hip-O Select   Rare Universal re-masters

Roots & Rhythm   Frank Scott´s fine site for oldie records and book orders

Backstage Auctions  -  Music memorabilia

Bear Family Records    Great order site!

Great Music Cheap   -   for  rare CDs!

Herberts Oldie Seiten   -   German oldies site

Rhythm And Blues Records -  brand new label for re-issues

Rhythm And Blues Records at MySpace - listen to great blues samples!

All-Music-Guide   Information - Records and books to order - with biographies, ratings and reviews

mySimon   |  mySimon music   Great for shopping and compare prices

Bim-Bam Records   UK´s Specialist Dealer  with Coasters´ CDs and the "Charlie Brown" CD

Shout! Factory  - New label - with reissues and new albums

Continental Records   Great oldies order site with super catalogue

Proper Music   - lowprice   - soon

Universal Music    (formerly  MCA with the Chess catalogue and more)    Fine record shop with auctions, and lots of fine images - including Coasters - don´t miss it!

Onino    Great site with track listings

El Toro   Spanish rockabilly and r&b site with rare records

Collector´s Choice Music   Rare and hard-to-find ones
  Music site (which nowadays has incorporated

Blue Storm Music   several interesting items

Midnight Records   A great underground music store with lots of hard-to-find oldies

Ace Records, UK
The best of Europe´s re-issue labels -  with links to several other labels

Acrobat Music   - great public domain music      Juke Box Hits

Snapper Music        -      Charly Records     Nostalgia and public domain

Dead Dog Records   rare Doo-Wop, Soul, Rhythm & Blues and Rock 'n' Roll

cdparadise -  WH Smith   Here you can find the Coasters´ Sequel CDs and much more!

Music Searcher  
Find all on your favorite music and artists

John Tefteller Auctions     Monthly auctions of rare 45s and 78s

Music Stack   Find the records you are looking for at this music market place

Netsounds   Another nice music market place

Beat Goes On  British catalogue

The Blues Directory
Blues Links - hosted by and based on
"Open Directory Project"

Wall of Sound   Search - search with news, cd reviews, features and more

Classic World Productions    Great newly recorded records by the oldies artists and much more
(including Coasters records)   Ebay´s fixed-price dealer 

The VIDEO BEAT   Videos on 50´s and 60´s rock´n´roll

Proper Music  /  Proper Records     Great "public domain" postwar CD boxes!

Red Lick Records   UK´s best blues mail order!

Whirlin' Disc   Home of the Oldies - great stuff

Record-Rama    The world's greatest music database    Yet another music-to-buy site (incl used)

TowerRecords, USA   Interesting order site   Interesting rare CDs shop and mp3songs

CD Universe
One of several music shops, take a look!

CD Connection   Another fine music shop

Boo-Ga-Loo Records    soul cds, vinyls etc

Rockhouse / CDexpress   Comprehensive site to order oldies music    Music and much more    Another fine music shop    Wanna buy records? - Check here!

Barnes & Noble   Another CD shop to check out

chaosmusic   Yet another one

Weton-Wesgram    Dutch nostalgia

musicmatch    with a supreme music player!

GEMM   Comprehensive index site for shopping

The Music Box   Reviews of new CDs

World Wide Wax   For your vinyl shopping    Yet another CD shop

World's Rarest Records   John Tefteller montlhy auction

Diaz Records    French shop and information

Boo-Ga-Loo Records   British 60s - 70s shop

Crazyjazz and Classics   British mail-order service    Swedish oldies record shop

Guitar Resource
   Guitar shop site































   Possibly the best site for searching music related information
Google Toolbar

Bing  -  Microsoft's new search

   One of the first
Altavista Toolbar

erfect site to find your interests´ best pages
Yahoo Toolbar

Dogpile   Award winning search tool using all the best engines
Dogpile Toolbar

A9 Search (an company)   A very interesting search tool -
It remembers your recent searches and has a great image search view

Alexa   Great and with stats on your own site!

Soul Search   For Afro/American related web sites

All the Web - FAST   Very effective engine

AolSearch   Fine engine for searching the web

Lycos   One of the biggest

Web-Search   Another interesting one

Ask Jeeves  (   Very intresting engine!    Very interesting search engine!    Very fine engine - try it! Oldies Music   Human edited OLDIES MUSIC SEARCH

Excite   Another fine engine

HotBot   Lycos´ search engine

MetaCrawler    Well known and perfect

MSN Search    Effective and comprehensive

Open Here!   S
uperb search guide with directories

Gigablast   Meta search engine

gracenote / CDDB    Comprehensive CD database - built by collectors   Lots of information and search results    Find out about your favorite artists!

MultiMeta    Search the web with several engines

mamma search    "Mother of all search engines"

Artists Links

Artist Links

Check for Artist Web Sites!  


Rhythm & Blues Highway
Message Board

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