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Recording Sessions
Edited by Claus Röhnisch (updated October 5, 2015)

The Coasters in 1958 (Guy, Jones, Gardner, Gunter, and Jacobs).

Session Discography  |
The singles - and more - with all the leads  |


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Recording line-ups

top: Nunn and Gardner, bottom. Hughes and Guy (1956).

The original line-up (October 1955 - 1957):

Carl Gardner, lead 
Bobby Nunn, bass 
Billy Guy, baritone
Leon Hughes, tenor
Adolph Jacobs, guitar (from 1956)
Young Jessie (subst. for Hughes on one session 1957)


Guy, Gunter, Gardner, and Jones bottom right (1958).

The classic line-up (1958 - mid 1961):

Carl Gardner, lead
Billy Guy, baritone
Cornell Gunter, tenor
Will "Dub" Jones, bass
Albert "Sonny" Forriest, guitar
  (replacing Adolph Jacobs from early 1959)


Gardner, Jones, Carroll, Guy (1965).

The qualitative line-up (mid 1961 - 1967):

Carl Gardner, lead
Billy Guy, baritone
Will "Dub" Jones, bass
Earl "Speedo" Carroll, tenor
Thomas "Curley" Palmer, guitar (from 1962)
Vernon Harrell (subst. for Billy Guy on stage during mid-late '60s)


Bright, Gardner, Guy, and seated Carrroll (1971).

The revival line-up (1968 - 1979):

Carl Gardner, lead
Earl "Speedo" Carroll, tenor
Billy Guy, baritone (up to 1973)
Jimmy Norman, baritone (from 1973, absent 1979)
Ronnie Bright, bass
Thomas "Curley" Palmer, guitar


Bright, Norman, Palmer, and Gardner bottom center (1987).

The resurrection line-up (ca 1980 - 1997):

Carl Gardner, lead
Jimmy Norman, baritone
Ronnie Bright, bass
Thomas "Curley" Palmer, guitar


Bright, Gardner, Gardner Jr, Morse, Palmer (2000).

The current line-up (1998 - 2011):

Carl Gardner, lead (coach from 2006)
Alvin Morse, baritone (during November, 1997 - September, 2008)
Primo Candelara, baritone (from October, 2008)

Carl Gardner Jr., tenor (absent July 2001-November 2004; lead from 2006)
    Jr left the treue Coastrers after his father's death to start his own group.

J. W. Lance,
tenor (from July, 2001)
Ronnie Bright, bass  (up to November, 2009)
"Fast" Eddie Whitfield
, bass   (from November, 2009)
Thomas "Curley" Palmer, guitar  (aka as "Curly"; left to join Carl Jrs new group in 2011)

The Coasters´ leads (on records 1954 - 1973).
All Robins´ tracks for Spark are included. No alternates counted (unless another lead). When a title has more than one lead all are counted for. Note: Approx. counting. Unison songs led by Gardner.

Carl Gardner Unison
Billy Guy
Will Jones BN Gu E g

BN = Bobby Nunn;  Gu = Cornell Gunter; E = Earl Carroll; g = Grady Chapman.

The Coasters´ ad in the Cash Box magazine, 1957.1958: Guy, Jones, Gardner, Gunter, and Jacobs.
The Coasters in 1957 and in 1958
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  Members´ Mini Bio´s

Compiled by Claus Röhnisch

Billboard ad for "Young Blood" in 1957. The Coasters from top. Guy, Nunn. Gardner, and Hughes.Veta Gardner, editor Claus Röhnisch, and Carl Gardner in the Gardner home in Florida, February 1992.

About this edition

In 1959, when I was a teenager, "Charlie Brown" hit the Top 10 in Sweden. I was already a devoted Coasters fan (after hearing "Yakety Yak") and started buying all their available records (I will never forget the strain I went through, forcing my local dealer to order Atco LPs from America). "Shoppin´ For Clothes" was not released in Sweden, but I sent a courier to get the London single in England, and from 1962 I obtained further (and early) recordings directly from the Atlantic office (Theresa Garthson at the Atlantic staff in New York also supplied me with wonderful publicity photos and recording information). I published my first Coasters discography in England in 1963, followed by some minor articles in Sweden during the next 15 odd years (Bill Millar corrected me once concerning my mix-up of Gardner & Guy on photos; and I continued my research after Bill´s ambitious and engaging book). In 1980 I supplied Mr R&B Records with the material for the Coasters´ special rare recordings album.

During 1988 I compiled, and in early 1990 I published my first limited edition of Those Hoodlum Friends, loosely based on the discography Kurt Mohr had supplied for inclusion in Millar´s book "The Coasters" (Star Books, 1975). Responses from collectors and further research resulted in slightly revised editions, published in strictly limited quantities. Those editions were continuously extended (including singles and albums listings, chart placings, and also a "Fake Coasters recordings" section). The fifth – updated - edition, including members´ mini bio´s and an extended section on the group´s story (titled "The Story – Quoted"), was published by "Now Dig This" in 1993.

This new edition was first published on the Internet in September-October 1999 (44 years after the foundation of the Coasters) - completely re-edited, including latest information on issued records and updated biographical information with several further story-quotes. It also featured a heavily improved layout. Furthermore a new introductional presentation of the Coasters was added. Also added was a large section of a year by year re-cap of "50 Years of R&B with the Coasters", and sections with the Robins´ and Bobby Nunn´s discographies; plus some special "extras". The web site was continuously revised during 2001 and 2002 and subsequently updated. It nowadays comprises more than 25 large Internet scrollable pages.

Carl Gardner (original and present lead singer of the Coasters) and Veta Gardner (his wife and manager), who I both had the pleasant privilege to guest in early 1992, have been extremely helpful in creating this ultimate discography. I call Veta and Carl Gardner my very good friends. Thanks also to Bill Millar, Chris Woodford, Trevor Cajiao, Todd Baptista, Eric LeBlanc, Charles Sheen, Stefan Pingel-Wriedt, and the late Brian Watson, who have encouraged me to update and improve my work. I am extremely obliged to Theresa Garthson, who has been the foremost inspiration to my discographical interest. Special thanks to Bernd Kratochwil of Rockin´ Fifties magazine, Germany. Information has also been obtained from Bob Altshuler, Michel Ruppli, Robert Palmer, Fernando L. Gonzalez, Gary Kramer, Kurt Mohr, Galen Gart, Leslie Fancourt, Big Al Pavlow, Robert D. Ferlingere, Norbert Hess, Dick Horlick, Charlie Gillett, Cliff White, Colin Escott, Pete Grendysa, Jay Warner, Alan Balfour, Barry Hansen, Dave Booth, Mitch Rosalsky, and Billy Vera. Extra special acknowledgments go to Tony Rounce (nowadays at Ace Records) of Sequel Records in London, who (with assistance from Bob Fisher, Brian Watson, Little Walter Devenne and Seamus McGarvey) has made it possible for us to enjoy all Atco recordings in Sequel Records´ special 4CD series. I would also like to thank the owner of Relic Record Shoppe in Hackensack, NJ, who got me the terrific "Charlie Brown" CD of 2000; Frank Scott, who served me with the "In Concert" CD; Cary Mansfield at VareseVintage, and especially James Fritz of Rhino Handmade, who made a terrific job with "The Coasters On Atco" issued in 2007. Thanks also to Rhino Records, to Collectables Records, and to Peter Stoller.

The Coasters in 1958. Gunter, Jones, Guy, Gardner.

About the Session Discography

Formula/standards - Headings: Vocal line-up, instrumental accompanists (with arranger, producer, engineer), recording location and date. Line: master number, track title (with marks of lead singer and accompanists), re-allocated master numbers, track time, original and special record issues. Alternate and edited tracks are listed after original masters. This is followed by Notes concerning the last listed session.

For release dates of original U.S. singles, see separate singles discography. For composer credits and publishing firms, see "Presenting The Coasters" ("Dance" and "Crocodile" composed by Leiber-Stoller). For a full Coasters LP and CD discography (with foreign and U.S. reissues), see separate albums discography - "CD Guide with albums discography". For a guide on tracks on representative CDs, see Ultimate CD Collection. Listed issues are noted chronologically (for best view, see the special singles and albums sections). For off-shot and fake Coasters recordings, see separate section.

When recording location is not given, the studio listed last is valid. When accompanists are not given, the last listed are valid. The Coasters´ vocal line-ups are given as headings for each new studio line-up (guest vocalists are listed among accompanists). Carl Gardner sings lead, unless otherwise indicated. When a Coasters´ stage guitarist appears for the first time on a session, his name appears in bold. When "prob." or "poss." (probably or possibly) appears after a certain name, it is confirmed that the noted performer was present at the session. If such an abbreviation appears before a certain name, it is not fully confirmed that the performer was actually present.

Master numbers in parentheses indicate reallocated numbers. In 1959 Atco´s masters were given Atlantic master numbers and further recordings were mastered in sequence with Atlantic recordings. When two master numbers are given without parentheses, they indicate file no. (matrix) and number used on single issue. When known, track time is noted after master number (all tracks with time noted, indicate recordings in the possession of the editor).

Times can differ by a couple of seconds, depending on different track endings and the results of the electronic stereo editions on later releases. Note that electronic stereo versions of same master can differ also in general sound from original issue. Let´s analyze "Yakety Yak":

"Yakety Yak" Analyze
The Coasters with Lester Sill and teh "Yakety Yak" golden record.
listen to:  original mono version  (time 1:50)
All but the original mono on Rhino Handmade

Yakety Yak - Complete alternate (time 2:26)
Studio take - March 17, 1958
- Never on any single, LP, CD, or Bootleg
and not on Rhino Handmade

Original mono and LP edition
Original singles and LPs
Rhino CD: The Very Best of
Rhino CD: 50 Coastin´ Classics

Time 1:50

With slight echo on chorus and a sax sequence around 1:20 after the line "Don´t you give me no dirty looks"

Stereo edition
Sequel CD: Greatest Hits
"Charlie Brown" CD

Time 1:56

Original master (as the mono) but in true stereo
with sax sequence as above (longer running time)

Take 6, stereo version
Clarion LP SD-605 "That Is Rock & Roll"
LP 371 "The Early Years"
Atco CD: Greatest Hits
Warner CD: Ultimate Coasters

Time 1:51

Slightly edited
Stereo and no sax sequence after line above

Alternate outtake (take 5 stereo)
Alternate outtake:
"Charlie Brown" CD

Time 1:51

True stereo; time not including  intro and longer fadeout chat (total time 2:39). Complete different vocals and different sax solo

Complete alternate, take 3
Rhino Handmade RHM2 7740

Time 1:54

Hi-fi;  Different vocal sound and completely different sax solo

Due to the alternate versions appearing on different issues (original mono issues, edited stereo tracks, electronic stereo versions, true stereo versions and complete alternate takes) some mistakes may have entered the discography! Just give me a note if you find any (I have not been blessed with the best technical knowledge). In 1958 Atlantic started recording in 8-track stereo, although the first issues did not see light until the mid and late ´60s. Some never did until the Sequel issues.

Alternate takes (alt.take) are different recording takes and edited (ed.) tracks use several parts of original master. Slightly edited (sl.ed.) tracks use most parts of original master. Beyond the fact that all alternate and edited versions are in stereo (in contrast to original mono issues), they often also differ distinctly in vocal and instrumental approach. Several Sequel stereo masters differ distinctly to the original mono issues, although they are not listed as separate takes (the "alternate editions" are though mentioned in the notes). Some stereo editions are electronic, although several later stereo masters on Warner Bros, Sequel, the "Charlie Brown" CD and Rhino Handmade are true stereo.

Issues without label mark indicate Atco Records. "A" indicates U.S. Atlantic issues. Only U.S. releases and British 45´s (E) are listed (all London Records are British). Only the original albums are listed in the session discography (Rhino´s double-set CD R2 71090 "50 Coastin´ Classics" is noted, as RCD for general overview). The 30 mono masters on Rhino 2CD 132092, which incluedes all Coasters Pop Chart hits (issued in 2007 and titled "The Definitive Soul Collection") are marked R2C. All tracks on the four British Sequel CDs of March, 1997 - RSA CD 868, 869, 870 and 871 are listed. All tracks on "Charlie Brown" CD of 2000 are listed (American bootleg - noted as RBRelic), numbered 5267-65175-1B+ (all of them are true stereo editions except "My Baby Comes To Me") - with alternate versions listed separately with track time including studio chat. When that CD has an original master (listed together with original issues) it almost always has longer track time due to studio chats and longer endings - fadeouts (the enhanced track time presented in notes). All tracks of "50 Golden Years with The Coasters" are marked G50. All tracks of Rhino Handmade RHM2-7740 4CD Box "The Complete Atco Recordings" are marked RHM (with postfix s if it is a stereo master). All tracks on Varese Vintage CD 302066844-2 "Down Home" (comprising the Date/King tracks) are noted for overview (VV).

Albums are noted with LP or CD prefixes. Tracks which are issued in album form only on non-original albums, have those albums noted (several later compilations have alternate takes - the Atco subsidiary Clarion LP 605 "That Is Rock & Roll", the British Atlantic LP K-30057 "20 Great Originals", Atco LP 33-371 "Their Greatest Recordings - The Early Years", some of the Japanese Warner/Pioneer LPs, and the British Edsel LP ED 156 "Thumbin´ A Ride"). The stereo album of LP 135 (SD 33-135 "Coast Along with The Coasters") includes the alternate stereo versions listed in the discography after the mono takes (e.g. "The Snake & The Bookworm", which is a complete different take).

For reissues and later compilations, see separate albums discography (with full track listings). The Swedish Mr R&B LP is noted as RBLP 102. Atlantic/DeLuxe LP 2-4003 also issued on Atlantic´s "mother" company, Warner, as CD 27604-2 with four lesser tracks (see notes); the CD contains stereo editions. When takes are not the same on that CD compared to the LP, the Warner CD is noted in the session discography. The tracks of listed compilations which correspond to original issues are not noted (e.g.: the track "That Is Rock & Roll" on the Edsel LP is identical to the original issues and therefor not noted in the discography). The Coasters´ hits have been reissued on several compilations with various artists on different labels. Such compilations, in general, only noted in this edition, when tracks are not on any original album. See special CD Guide for overview on Coasters CDs. In late 2004 Rhino-Elektra-Warner published the three Atco LPs 101, 123, and 135 on RealPlayer Music Store for download purchasing.

The discography starts with the Robins´ Spark recordings (the only Robins tracks featuring Carl Gardner). All of these were later issued as by the Coasters (see heading below). In this discography the Spark recordings are not listed according to "LS master numbers" (
which may have been assigned by Leiber-Stoller in conjunction with registration of publishing rights), but according to probable dates of recording (thereby corresponding with the Atco assigned master numbers – and with aural/technical evidence). The Robins´ pre- and post Spark recordings are listed in a separate section (also including Bobby Nunn´s solo recordings).

The Coasters in 1960: Jones, Gardner, Gunter. Guy.
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Smokey Joe´s Cafe

Went The Strings Of My Heart

Young Blood

The Coasters HiFive on Rhino realplayer download
Five Great Atco Hits

Yakety Yak, Searchin', Charlie Brown, Poison Ivy, Young Blood
THE COASTERS HiFive - for legal downloading

The Coasters HiFive (Vol 2) on Rhino realplayer download
Five Great Atco Hits
Along Came Jones, Smokey Joe's Cafe, Riot In Cell Block No. 9, Framed, Down In Mexico
THE COASTERS HiFive - for legal downloading

RateYourMusic - The Coasters

The classic Coasters 1958-1959

Mail from Peter Stoller:

Dear Claus,
In discussing Leiber & Stoller’s history with Mike, I’ve noticed a few errors in your generally excellent and invaluable Coasters/Robins sessionography.
According to the site, “Hongry,” was produced by Lester Sill and Lee Hazlewood at Gold Star on April 10, 1961. However, despite the matrix number, the track was produced by Leiber & Stoller in NYC at Atlantic Studios. That’s Mike on tack piano (not electric piano), Billy Guy’s performance bears all the earmarks of Jerry Leiber’s coaching, and it’s surely King Curtis is on sax. We don’t know the date for certain, but it seems most likely to have been from February 9, 1961, with “Girls Girls Girls” and “Little Egypt.”
The Robins discography states for the March 2, 1951 session that included “That’s What The Good Book Says”: “Johnny Otis not involved in these recordings.” However, Mike says that it’s definitely Johnny playing vibes, and it’s probably his band as well. Otis would have eschewed credit for the same reason that the Robins added an extra “b” to their name: to duck John Dolphin (to whom the Robins were signed) and/or Herman Lubinsky (to whom Otis was signed) and their respective lawyers and other associates.
Finally, there are two Coasters sessions for which you identify a second drummer as A.L. (Abe) Stoller: February 12-15, 1957 and December 4, 1957. However, Abe Stoller was—as you noted in your paragraph on Spark—Mike’s father, and a co-owner of Spark and Quintet. He was not a musician at all; he was merely an investor, soon bought out by his partners. There is a well-known jazz and session drummer, Alvin Stoller (no relation), incorrectly identified as Mike’s father on the Members Bio page. I don’t believe he ever played on a Coasters session: the two dates identified above probably had a single drummer each.
Thanks in advance for incorporating these corrections in your next update.
Best wishes,
Peter Stoller
Leiber/Stoller Productions

The Robins on Spark 
The original Coasters 
The classic Coasters 
The qualitative Coasters 
The revival Coasters 
The resurrection Coasters 

1954 - 1955
1956 - 1957
1958 - 1961
1961 - 1968
1969 - 1977

80s and 90s

The Robins of 1954-1955. THE ROBINS
(LP 101, EP 4503, LP 371, RSACD 868)
Carl Gardner, lead/tenor; Bobby Nunn, bass/lead-1;
Grady Chapman
(first session), tenor/lead-2;
"Ty" Terrell Leonard, tenor;
Billy Richard and Roy Richard, baritones.

Gil Bernal,ts; Willard McDaniel,pno/celeste-4;  Charlie "Chuck" Norris,gtr; Ralph "Waldo" Hamilton,bs; John "Jessie" Sailes,dms. Unknown, eng; Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller,prod. Prob. Mike Stoller, pno on LS 29, 31, 32.

Prob. Radio Recorders, 7000 Santa Monica, Boulevard, Hollywood c:a February-March, 1954
LS 13  
The Hatchet Man -1      2:32        Spark 116, RCD, Coll CD9974, RHM
LS 29  
I Love Paris -2        2:27       Spark 113, Harmony LP LS-13, RHM
LS 31  
Whadaya Want? -2        2:29        Spark 110, RCD, Coll CD9974, RHM
LS 32  
If Teardrops Were Kisses -4        2:46       Spark 110, Spark LP 1000, G50, Coll CD9974, RHM

prob. Richard Berry,lead bass vcl-3; Mike Stoller,arr/pno;  Gil Bernal,ts; Barney Kessell,gtr; Ralph "Waldo" Hamilton,bs; John "Jessie" Sailes,dms. Abe "Bunny" Robyn,eng; Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller,prod.

Master Recorders, 533 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles early 1954
LS 15  
Wrap It Up -1  (Gardner,second lead)       (57C-245, 59C-4073)    2:86      Spark 103, LP 101, RCD, RHM
LS 16  
Riot In Cell Block # 9 -3       (57C-246, 59C-4074)    3:02        Spark 103, LP 101, EP 4503, LP 143, RCD, Rhino CD 70593, Coll CD9974, R2C, RHM

c:a August, 1954
LS 22  
Loop De Loop Mambo      (57C-281, 59C-4093)    2:15         Spark 107, LP 101, EP 4503, G50, Coll CD9974, RHM
LS 14  
One Kiss      (57C-282, 59C-4094)    2:49          Spark 113, LP 101, RCD, Coll CD9974, RHM
LS 23  
I Must Be Dreamin       (57C-283, 59C-4095)    2:19       Spark 116, LP 101, RCD, Coll CD9974, R2C, RHM
LS 24  
Framed  -1      (57C-284, 59C-4096)    2:45           Spark 107, LP 101, EP 4503, LP 143, RCD, Coll CD9974, R2C, RHM

Prob. July 7, 1955 (or poss. January, 1955)
(Recording date: Michel Ruppli and the Atlantic files give September 28, 1955 as recording date, but this was the day the Spark masters were bought by Atco).
LS 30   Smokey Joe´s Cafe    55C-32, S-1669    2:46         Spark 122, 6059, LP 101, LP 315, A 13106, RCD, Coll CD9974, R2C, RHM
LS 21  
Just Like A Fool    55C-33, S-1670    2:53        Spark 122, 6059, RCD, CeeVee 6552CD, Coll CD9974, RHM

"Smokey Joe's Cafe" on SparkNotes: Mike Stoller states in the liner notes of Rhino R2 71090 that "The Hatchet Man" was the first Robins date on Spark. Last session wrongly listed as recorded 1954 on RHM2 7740. Grady Chapman possibly featured also on last session. Earlier discographies have listed above recordings in three sessions (each with four recordings) in order of LS master numbers with differing dates of recordings (March 1954, August 1954, c:a January 1955). If LS 29-32 were recorded at one and same session, they must have been recorded in January 1955, since Spark single 110 was released in January 1955 - but since several Spark records were issued during early 1955 (and not "Smokey") the August-September date is the most probable. Some Ernie Freeman-fans state Freeman and René Hall were involved as arrangers and musicians on "Just Like A Fool" (well Freeman certainly backed the Robins - and the Coasters on tour several times in the mid ´50s). All twelve Spark titles issued on Sequel RSA CD 868. Billy Guy and Leiber/Stoller have stated that Berry was guest lead on LS 16, although Gardner and Atco proclaim it is actually Nunn. Both Berry and Guy have recorded "answers" to "Riot...". Atco purchased and reallocated Spark masters on September 28, 1955 and reissued one Robins single (Atco 6059 with S-master numbers used). Most of the Spark recordings issued as by the Coasters on several later LP issues. Spark was owned by A.L. Stoller, Mike Stoller, Jerry Leiber and Lester Sill. Quintet Music was owned by Leiber, the Stollers, Sill, and Jack Levy. Master series 57C- allocated for LP 101 in 1957. That LP was reissued together with "One By One" on a "2LPs on 1CD" on Collectables COL 7656 in December, 2004. All twelve recordings released on a bootleg Robins LP (Spark 1000 "The Best Of The Robins Volume 3", 1974, reissued in 1991 with two extra tracks, "Rockin´" and "That´s What The Good Book Says" from Modern). LS 16 titled "Riot In Cell Block Number Nine" and ".....Number 9" on some later issues. LS 23 titled "I Must Be Dreamin'" on later issues, and "I Must Be Dreaming" on Warner/Pioneer LP 13013 (and wrongly credited as the 1964 recording on that LP). LS 31 titled "Whadaya´ Want" on RSACD 868. Several of the above titles are on Dutch Harmony LP LS-13 (bootleg with very bad sound), which also features Robins´ recordings for Crown and RCA (1953). "Wobble Loo" on that album is neither by the Robins or the Coasters (actually by Ray Agee - Spark 119 - matrix LS 50) and the album is issued as by the Robins on label and the Coasters on sleeve. Rhino CD R2 71090 "50 Coastin´ Classics" noted as RCD (for general overview). LS 30 sometimes spelt "Smokey Joe´s Café". Coll CD9974 titled "Smokey Joe's Cafe" as by The Robins and has "One Kiss" titled "One Kiss Led To Another".

The Robins also recorded for Aladdin, Savoy, Modern and RPM (1949-1952) with Bobby Nunn and continued recording without Nunn and Gardner throughout the ´50s. Richard Berry was a regular member of the Flairs and sang on several other recordings by different artists as bass and baritone. The Coasters were formed in October, 1955. In 1957 and 1958 several of the Robins´ Spark recordings were reissued on LP and EP as by the Coasters, leading to the common misconception that the Robins had transformed into the Coasters. In fact Gardner and Nunn were recruited by Leiber-Stoller-Sill and due to touring engagements there was not enough recorded material available when Atco needed recordings for the Coasters´ first LP.

The Coasters of 1956-1957. THE COASTERS
Carl Gardner, lead/tenor; Billy Guy, baritone/lead-1;
Bobby Nunn, bass; Leon Hughes, tenor.

Mike Stoller, arr/pno; Gil Bernal,ts; Barney Kessell and prob. Adolph Jacobs,gtrs; Ralph Hamilton,bs; Jessie Sailes,dms/perc; Chico Guerrero,congas. Abe Robyn,eng; Leiber-Stoller,prod. Omit ts on 56C-67.

"Hollywood" / Master Recorders, 533 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles  January 11, 1956
Brazil    (Gardner, Nunn, Guy joint leads)    S-1857      2:22        6073, LP 101, RCD, CD 868, Rhino CD 70278, R2C, RHM
Down In Mexico    S-1858      3:16        6064, LP 101, LP 111, A 13004, RCD, CD 868, R2C, RHM
One Kiss Led To Another    S-1859      2:52        6073, LP 101, RCD, CD 868, R2C, RHM
Turtle Dovin´     S-1860      3:08         6064, LP 101, RCD , CD 868, R2C, RHM

Note: S-master nos. used on single issues. "Turtle Dovin´" issued on Atlantic LP AD2-4003, but not on the corresponding later Warner CD. That track is titled "Turtle Dovin" on some pressings, and on Rhino CD "50 Coastin' Classics" and on the Rhino/Flashback and Collectables ten-track CD. 56C-69 runs for 2:35 on LP 101. CD 868 is the British Sequel RSA CD 868 (issued 1997).

Obe "Young" Jessie,harmony-vcl (omit Hughes); Mike Stoller,arr/pno; Gil Bernal or poss. Plas Johnson,ts; Barney Kessell,gtr/mandolin-5; Adolph Jacobs,gtr; Ralph Hamilton,bs; Jessie Sailes and A.L. (Abe) Stoller,dms; Joe Oliveira,per; poss. Chico Guerrero,congas. Abe Robyn,eng; Leiber-Stoller,prod. Lester Sill,manager. Omit ts on 57C-105 and -108. According to Plas Johnson it is Gil Bernal who plays the sax.

February 12/15, 1957 (mostly filed as February 15)
   Lola  -5       (59C-3689)    2:45      LP 101, CD 868, RHM
Sweet Georgia Brown    (Gardner, Guy, Nunn joint leads)     57C-186 (59C-3690)    2:45     6104, LP 111, RCD, CD 868, RHM                     
Young Blood      57C-187 (59C-3691)    2:20          6087, London 8450, LP 101, EP 4501, LP 111, London EP 1203, A 13003, RCD, CD 869, R2C, RHM
Searchin´ -1     57C-188 (59C-3692)    2:46         6087, London 8450, LP 101, EP 4501, LP 103, LP 111, London EP 1203, LP 143, Atlantic(E) 584087, A 13003, RCD, CD 869, R2C, RHM

Note: Master numbers 106 - 108 later changed to 186 - 188 and used on Atco singles. "Young" Jessie, born Dec 28, 1936 in Lincoln Manor, near Dallas, Texas. Sang with The Flairs 1952-1953 and also recorded as a solo act from 1954 (for Modern and for Leiber-Stoller). Was hired for this session with the Coasters (contrary to the belief that he was a Coasters member - and may be the one singing the phrase: "you know I'll bring her in some day" on "Searchin'"). A 13003 is the first of six U.S. Atlantic re-issue singles from 1973 in the Oldies-series (issued were 13003-13007, plus 13122 and the Robins on 13106).

"Young Blood" 45 single."Searchin´".

Jesse Stone,dir/; Lowell "Count" Hastings,ts; prob. Mike Stoller,arr; Kenny Burrell,gtr; Lloyd Trotman,bs; Joe Marshall,dms.

Capitol Studios, New York City  June 12-13, 1957
Wait A Minute -1      (59C-4083)       rejected (see note)

Note: Probably edited on December 4, 1957 (see 57C-326) and may be same master track (59C-4083 poss. the rechanneled number, see below).

Mike Stoller,arr/pno; Floyd McDaniel,gtr; Willie Dixon and/or Louis Meyers,bs; Fred Below,dms. Jack Wiener,eng; Leiber-Stoller,prod.

Sheldon Recording Studio, 2120 Michigan Avenue (Chess Building), Chicago  July 24, 1957
(When She Wants Good Lovin´) My Baby Comes To Me -1      (59C-3648)    2:59      6098, EP 4501, RBLP 102, RCD, CD 868, RHM
Idol With The Golden Head       (59C-3649)    2:24          6098, EP 4501, Clarion LP 605, A 13005, RCD, CD 868, R2C, RHM
What Is The Secret Of Your Success? -1      (59C-3650)    2:28       6104, RBLP 102, Edsel LP 156, RCD, CD 868, RHM

57C-251   My Baby Comes To Me      Alt.take  (outtake)    2:35   RBRelic, RHM

Note: 57C-251 listed as recorded July 24, 1957 in Atlantic files (according to Michel Ruppli and Leiber-Stoller), but as June 13, 1957 (according to Fernando L. GonzaleZ: Disco File). 57C-252 titled "The Idol With The Golden Head" on ALP 2-4003 cover (and Warner CD label and cover, also on Wisepack LECD 076). 57C-253 titled "What Is the Secret Of Your Success" on Edsel LP 156 and CD 868. The RBLP has no ´scar´at the end of "Secret".

The alternate outtake has a diff. chorus backing and slightly faster tempo plus a diff. pno sound.

prob. Tommy Evans, bass vcl (omit Nunn and Hughes); Mike Stoller,arr/pno; Seldon "Jesse" Powell,ts; Adolph Jacobs and Al Caiola,gtrs; Lloyd Trotman,bs; Joe Marshall and A.L. (Abe) Stoller,dms; Harry Breuer,tamb; Lester Sill,manager (prob. present); Leiber-Stoller,prod. Omit ts on 57C-329. Noth Nunn and Hughes prob present on
57C-326 (see above), but omit pno and one gtr.

Capitol Studios, 151 West 46th Street, New York City  December 4, 1957
Wait A Minute -1    57C-3700 (59C-3700)    2:40        6186, London 9293, LP 135, SDLP 135, RCD, CD 868, CD 871, R2C, RHM
I´m Fallin´      (59C-3701)        unissued
Dance!        (59C-3702)    2:21       6111, EP 4507, Pioneer LP 6188, CD 868, RHM
Gee, Golly -1      (59C-3703)    2:01         6111, EP 4507, RBLP 102, Edsel LP 156, CD 868, RHM

57C-328   Dance     Extended re-mix        2:23      Clarion LP 605, G50, RHM

Note: Master no. 57C-3700 used on single. 57C-328 titled "Dance" on most later issues. 57C-329 titled "Gee Golly" on album issues. Tommy Evans sang with the Drifters in 1957-58. During this period the Drifters sometimes masqueraded as the Coasters, featuring Evans and Bobby Hendricks (see also general notes on "Off-Shot Coasters Records"). Hendricks had been featured in ex-Drifter Bill Pinkney´s Flyers, who recorded for Atco in 1957. Some information indicates it may have been Terry Evans (who is not the 1944 Mississippi-born soul singer), substituting for Nunn at this session (see info), although it is more likely he may have toured with Cornell Gunter´s Coasters in the ´60s. 57C-327 sometimes filed as "I´ve Fallen". When The Coasters were awarded for "Searchin´" and "Young Blood" on the Steve Allen TV-show on August 25, 1957 (from which the photo on The Coasters´ first Atco LP 33-101 was taken) Nunn and Hughes participated. "Wait A Minute" rechanneled for stereo album LPSD 135.

The re-mixed version of 57C-328 (not issued on Sequel) has intro omitted and a different approach from Gardner and complete different ending including the phrase ".. let´s do the Mambo Italiano.." (is in fact a continuation of the original track).

The Coasters of 1958-1961. THE COASTERS
Carl Gardner, lead/tenor; Billy Guy, baritone/lead-1;
Will "Dub" Jones, bass/lead-2;
(Cornel) "Cornell" Gunter, tenor/second lead-3.
(Sung in unison -4).

Mike Stoller,arr/pno; "King" Curtis Ousley,ts; Clifton "Skeeter" Best,bjo; Adolph Jacobs and Alan (Allen) Hanlon,gtrs; Lloyd Trotman or Wendell Marshall,bs; Joe Marshall,dms; Francisco "Chino" Pozo,congas; Reggie Obrecht,dir. Tom Dowd,eng; Leiber-Stoller,prod. Omit ts and pno on both versions of "Stewball".

Atlantic Studios, 234 West 56th Street, New York City  March 17, 1958
Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart  -2,3     Master take 7   (59C-4121)    2:52        6116, London 8665, LP 111, A 13149, RCD, CD 869, RHMs
Three Cool Cats       (59C-4122)    2:10         6132, London 8819, EP 4506, LP AD 2-4003, RCD, CD 868, R2C, RHM
Yakety Yak  (Gardner & Guy, dual lead)       59C-4123 (58C-4123)    1:56         6116, London 8665, EP 4503, LP 103, LP 111, LP 143, London (E) EP 1203, A 13006, Atlantic(E) 10258, Atlantic(E) 584087, RCD, RhinoCD 70619, CD 869, RBRelic, R2C, RHMs
Stewball -1     Master take 11, 59C-4124 (58C-4124)    2:23        6168, London 9151, LP 135, RCD, CD 870, CD 871(stereo), RHMs

58C-364   Three Cool Cats     Take 1; alt. arrangement    2:13         RBRelic, G50, RHMs
58C-364   Three Cool Cats     Master take 12 (stereo)     2:41         SD 6132, Clarion LP 605, Edsel LP 156, CD 869, RHMs
58C-365   Yakety Yak  (Gardner & Guy, dual lead)        Take 3  1:54   RHM
58C-365   Yakety Yak  (Gardner & Guy, dual lead)        Take 6, stereo        1:51   Clarion LP SD-605, LP 371, CD 33111-2, Warner CD 27604, RHMs
58C-365   Yakety Yak  (Gardner & Guy, dual lead)         Alt. take 5, outtake       2:41    RBRelic, RHMs
58C-365   Yakety Yak  (Gardner & Guy, dual lead)        Complete alternate master, take 9     2:26   Unissued
  Stewball -1     Alternate    2:18        SDLP 135 (stereo LP), Edsel LP 156, JapAtlantic 13013

The tracks below are the masters from above with studio chat and false starts:
58C-363   Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart  -2,3     False start take 8 - take 7 master    3:29        RBRelic
58C-364   Three Cool Cats     False start take 11 - take 12 master     3:20         RBRelic
58C-366   Stewball -1      False start take 10 - take 11 master       2:37       RBRelic
Note: Starting with this session Atlantic recorded their titles on 8-track tapes. The first stereo editions did not see light though before 1968, when "The History of R&B" series was issued. Therefore several later re-issues of "Yakety Yak" et al sound different to the original issues. 58C-363 titled "Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart" on some later issues - original pressing of 6116 spelled "Zing' Went The Strings of My Heart". Master no. 59C-4124 used on single and has stereo master on Sequel. 58C-364 speeded up on bootleg Harmony LP LS-13 (track time 1:54). It has the time of 2:43 noted on EP 4506, but runs for 2:10. 58C-365 also on flip of 1986 reissue hit "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King (Atlantic 78-93617 and composer credits to Ottis
(sic) Blackwell - Jack Hammer; interesting!), also released in England. 58C-363 and 58C-365 appear in stereo on Sequel.

"Zing!" on RBRelic has studio intro, false start (take 8) and longer sax ending plus end chat. Take 1 of "Cats" is a complete different version both vocally and instrumentally. Master 2:41 (take 12) has different sax solo, slightly diff. text and an extra verse (and appears on Sequel with shortened running time 2:20). The RB Relic version also includes take 11. "Yakety Yak" take 3 is in stereo and has a completely different sax solo. "Yakety Yak" take 6, stereo has a short sax sequence omitted after the line "Don´t you give me no dirty looks".
The complete unissued alt master (time 2:26) has different sax solo and prolonged alternate ending. Atco CD 33111-2 is a stereo re-issue of the original Atco LP "The Coasters´ Greatest Hits" (although only "Yakety Yak" and "Poison Ivy" are in stereo"). "Yakety Yak" take 5 is an alternate take and has studio intro with different vocals and lesser and different Curtis sax. "Stewball" on RBRelic has a different ending plus false start plus the original master. "Stewball" is not on Clarion - as Sequel wrongly states. The alternate is only slightly different (has one sentense "I need the money" changed to "went overdue").

Mike Stoller,arr/pno; King Curtis,ts; Adolph Jacobs,gtr; Alan Hanlon and/or George Barnes,gtrs; Wendell Marshall or Abie Baker,bs; Joe Marshall or poss. Gary Chester,dms; prob. Francisco "Chino" Pozo,congas. Tom Dowd,eng; Leiber-Stoller,prod. Omit pno and ts on 58C-419. Omit pno on 58C-421 and 59C-3610.

August 8, 1958
Sorry But I´m Gonna Have To Pass -2     Take 19     (59C-3632)    2:11         6126, London 8729, EP 4506, RBLP 102, Edsel LP 156, RCD, Rhino(E) CD 32656, CD 869, Atlantic singleCD A4519CD, RBRelic, RHMs
The Shadow Knows -1    Master  (59C-3633)    2:15         6126, London 8729, EP 4506, LP 111, RCD, CD 869, RBRelic, R2C, RHMs
I´m A Hog For You -4     Undubbed master  (59C-3634)    2:25        Sequel RSA CD 871, RBRelic, RHMs
Crocodile   -4      Take 14  (59C-3635)       2:07     RBRelic, RHMs

58C-420   The Shadow Knows -1    Take 2-outtake     2:57         RBRelic, RHMs
58C-421   I´m A Hog For You (Yea Yea) -4     Take 5-outtake    2:41        RBRelic
58C-421   I´m A Hog For You (Yea Yea) -4     Takes 6,7-false starts, take 8     3:21      RBRelic, RHMs
58C-421   I´m A Hog For You  -4     Alt.take-slow version    1:57        RBRelic, RHMs
58C-422   Crocodile  - 4     2:09   Unreleased take #1      RHM

Note: 58C-419 listed in files as "Sorry But I Must Pass". The RBRelic edition has studio chat intro and runs for 2:27. RCD 32656 is the European edition of RCD 71597. Above track only on the European issue as a bonus track. 58C-420 issued with added credits "Sax Solo: King Curtis" on Atco single label. 58C-421 listed as "I´m A Hog For You, Baby" in Atlantic files (the Sequel issue has a running time of 2:14). "I´m A Hog For You" often misplaced as 58C-460 or 58C-462 (see next session). The issued version (59C-3610, see below) was edited on July 17, 1959 and titled "I´m A Hog For You Baby" on Atlantic (E) LP K-30057 and on Sequel. 58C-460 actually by Hutch Davie.

Accomp. credits on Rhino double-CD R2 71090 (based on partly wrong information on Atlantic LP 2-4003) are in several cases not accurate, especially regarding gtrs, bs, dms; with issue dates as references (not the actual recording dates). 58C-419, 420 and 421 have stereo masters on Sequel.

"The Shadow Knows" take 2 (alt.take) on RBRelic has complete different lyrics and diff. instrumental sound. The "Yea Yea" versions of "I´m A Hog For You" are completely diff. versions (lyrics and instrumentation) from the issued ones and in faster tempo and the slow-version is completely different arrangement with more sax. About "Crocodile" I really have to say: Why not issued? It is superb with a wonderful sax solo. The alternate unrleased take 1 is also in stereo, but has different vocal and sax approaches.

The Coasters in 1958 [publ. photo]."The Shadow Knows" on Atco single.

Mike Stoller,arr/pno; James "Taft" Jordan and Red Solomon,tpts; Eddie Bert,tbn; King Curtis,ts-5; Adolph Jacobs and Don Arnone,gtrs; Milt Hinton,bs; Belton Evans,dms. Tom Dowd,eng; Leiber-Stoller,prod. Omit tpts and tbn on both versions of "Charlie Brown".

December 11, 1958
Charlie Brown  -5  (unison)       Master  (59C-4168)    2:21          6132, London 8819, EP 4506, LP 111, LP 118, LP 143, London EP 1203, A 13007, RCD, CD 869, Rhino CD 70593, RBRelic, R2C, RHMs
Hey Sexy -4     (59C-4169)    2:35        Rhino CD 71090 , CD 871, RBRelic, RHMs

58C-461   Charlie Brown  -5  (Gardner & Gunter, leads)          Alt. stereo (outtake)      2:17       SD6132, ALP 8164, Clarion LP 605, CD 870, RBRelic, RHMs
58C-462   Hey Sexy / Sexy     Alt.take (take 4)  - Gardner lead      2:58        RBRelic, G50, RHMs

Note: Master numbers in parentheses are the reallocated numbers given when Atlantic coordinated all Atco master numbers with Atlantic´s in July, 1959 (36/37-series) and in January, 1960 (40/41-series). Atco single 6132 also issued in stereo (SD-58C-461). 58C-461 and -462 have stereo masters on Sequel. ALP 8164 is from Atlantic´s "History of R&B" compilation series. Rhino CDs 70619 and 70620 are compilations titled "Top Rock´N´Roll Hits" (in stereo). "Charlie Brown" by the Cues from 1956 is a complete different song. The master version of "Charlie Brown" on RBRelic is a stereo version of 58C-461.

When "Charlie Brown" was issued in the States an article said that the British single would have the line "Who´s always throwing spitballs?" changed to "Who´s always heading for a fall?" (but that was not inserted - same master on Atco and London). Alt.stereo take of "Charlie Brown" has Gunter and Jones separated from Gardner and Guy in stereo, no speeded-up "yes, you" and different sax solo. The "Charlie Brown" outtake on RBRelic has a studio intro (but is the same take, with same sax solo, but runs for 2:44 with longer fade-out). The Gardner-led "Hey Sexy" is a complete different version with the other Coasters only doowa-ing, and listed as "Sexy" in Atlantic files (which would be the correct title for this version since Gardner does not use "hey" - track is titled "Sexy" on G50), sometimes wrongly as 58C-460. Several unissued outtakes still exist of all the 1958 sessions (a.o. an outtake of "Hey Sexy" including the sax of King Curtis).

"Charlie Brown" - original stereo single.

Mike Stoller,arr/pno/temple blocks; King Curtis,ts; George Barnes,bjo; Alan Hanlon and Tony Mottola,gtrs; Abie Baker,bs; Sammy "Sticks" Evans,dms; Jerry Leiber,vcl(on bridges)-5. Tom Dowd,eng; Leiber-Stoller,prod.

March 26, 1959
Along Came Jones  (joint leads)          2:59       6141, London 8882, EP 4507, LP 111, A 13006, RCD, CD 869, R2C, RHM
That Is Rock & Roll -5          2:25        6141, London 8882, EP 4507, LP 111, RCD, CD 869, R2C, RHM

59C-3418   Along Came Jones   Alt.take    2:56         SDLP 135, Clarion LP 605, CD 870, RHMs
59C-3419   That Is Rock & Roll -2      Ed./alt.    2:27         Clarion LP 605, LP 371, CD 870, RHMs

Note: From this session Atlantic used different masters for mono and for stereo. Alt.take has a slightly different vocal approach and different sax solo. Ed./alt. uses same instrumental track with unison chorus instead of Gardner plus Jones´ dubbed lead (on bridges) and titled "That Is Rock And Roll" on Atco LP 33-371 and CD 870. 59C-3419 titled "That Is Rock And Roll" and ".... ´n´ Roll" on some later issues. Starting with above session Atco´s master numbers correspond with Atlantic´s.

The Coasters´  most classic album - now a Super Saver in the Rhino catalogue.

Mike Stoller,arr; King Curtis,ts; George Barnes,sixstr.bsg (dan-electro); McHouston "Mickey" Baker and poss. Alan Hanlon,gtrs; Albert (Elbert) "Sonny" Forriest,gtr; Wendell Marshall,bs; Alfred Dreares,dms; Willie Rodriguez,bgo. Tom Dowd,eng; Leiber-Stoller,prod. Omit ts on all versions of "Poison Ivy". Add dubbed
güiro perc (poss. Stoller) on the edited version of "Poison Ivy".

July 16, 1959
What About Us  -4           2:45       6153, London 9020, LP 135, RCD, CD 869, R2C, RHM
Poison Ivy  (Gardner & Guy,joint leads)       (edited)   2:44      6146, London 8938, LP 111, LP 118, Atlantic(E) 10258, A 13005, RCD , CD 869, R2C, RHM

59C-3606   What About Us  -4   Alt.take     2:53         SDLP 135, Atlantic (E) LP K-30057, CD 871, G50, RHMs
59C-3607   Poison Ivy      (unedited)   2:43     Atlantic (E) LP K-30057, Atco CD 33111-2, RHMs
59C-3607   Poison Ivy     Alternate stereo    2:47     LP 371, RHMs

Edited July 17, 1959
Mickey Baker or Al Caiola, "extra one-note guitar"; King Curtis, extra sax; and the Coasters, rephrasing the text "do the Boogie all night long" (recorded at August 8, 1958 session, with dubs as indicated here).
I´m A Hog For You  -4     (edited)    2:00         6146, London 8938, LP 111, A 13007, RCD, CD 869, R2C, RHM

Note:  CDs 868, 869, 870 and 871 are the British Sequel RSA CDs of 1997. Earlier discographies show Adolph Jacobs as guitarist through 59C-3714, but in fact he quit the Coasters late 1958 (or poss. early 1959). The RBRelic CD includes a Coca Cola Commercial (titled "Soda Pop") done in 1965 with Earl Carroll joining Gardner, Guy and Jones on that song.

3606 titled "What About Us?" on G50. The unedited version of "Poison Ivy" may be the original Atco single and is definately on the Atco CD reissue of "The Coasters´Greatest Hits" - all other album issues (except Oldies CD GLD 63169 "The Great Coasters") contain the edited version with "extra" dubbed
güiro percussion. The alternate stereo of "Poison Ivy" has only the vocals by Gardner and Guy (stereo and no "aaahas" from the other Coasters) and is missing on CD 871, although it is mentioned in the innerlay booklet. The alternate "What About Us" has different sax solo and slightly diff. accomp sound and is in stereo. 59C-3610 issued with differing sax fade-outs (track time variation 1:54 - 1:59) and titled "I´m A Hog For You Baby" on Atlantic (E) LP K-30057 and on Sequel.

"Poison Ivy" Atco single.

Mike Stoller,arr/pno; King Curtis,ts; Sonny Forriest and Al Caiola,gtrs; Wendell Marshall,bs; David "Panama" Francis,dms. Tom Dowd,eng; Leiber-Stoller,prod.

July 23, 1959 
Run Red Run -1          3:01       6153, London 9020, LP 135, A 13122 , RCD, CD 869, R2C, RHM
Guitaritious              unissued

59C-3713   Run Red Run -1   Ed.    3:04         SDLP 135, Atlantic(E) LP K-30057, PLP 13013, Warner CD 27604, CD 871, RHMs

Note: When a stereo take differs in master it is listed in this discography (but can also appear on later stereo issues). 59C-3714 is probably an instrumental. 59C-3713 titled "Run, Red, Run" on some later issues.

Ed. has different, dubbed sax solo by Curtis and is the stereo take.

Mike Stoller,arr/pno-5/elpno-6; King Curtis,ts/lead ts-8; George Barnes,bjo; Sonny Forriest,gtr; Wendell Marshall or Milt Hinton,bs; Panama Francis,dms; prob. Willie Rodriguez, bgo/cowbells-7; Jerry Leiber, prob. handcl-6. Tom Dowd,eng; Leiber-Stoller,prod. Poss. Stan Applebaum,dir on -4275. Omit ts on -6.

February 26, 1960
Keep On Rolling -3,7       (61C-4861)    2:21        6192, London 9349, LP 135, RCD, CD 869, RHM
Besame Mucho (Part I) -2    60C-4293    2:17          6163, London 9111, RBLP 102, Edsel LP 156, RCD, CD 869, R2C, RHM
Besame Mucho (Part II) -4,8       (ed.)    2:16         6163, London 9111, RBLP 102, CD 869, RHM
The Snake And The Book Worm -6    (Gardner & Gunter, unison lead)        2:17         6178, London 9208, LP 135, G50, RHM
Wake Me, Shake Me -1         2:28      6168, London 9151, LP 135, Atlantic 84985, RCD, R2C, RHM
Lady Like -4,5         2:08      6341, RBLP 102, Edsel LP 156, CD 871, RHM

60C-4861   Keep On Rolling -3,7     Ed.     2:23        SDLP 135, Edsel LP 156, CD 871, G50, RHMs
60C-4276   The Snake And The Bookworm -4,8      Alt.take     2:25       SDLP 135, Pioneer LP 6188, CD 871, RHMs
60C-4277   Wake Me, Shake Me -1         2:34      SDLP 135, CD 871, RHMs

The original "The Snake And The Book Worm".Atlantic DeLuxe 2-set LP AD 2-4003.

Note: 60C-4861 edited in August, 1960 (original master no. not listed in Atlantic files, but the track is definitely from above session, despite the Rhino presentation as from February 9, 1961) and titled "Keep On Rollin´" on LP 33-135 and Sequel.   60C-4294 issued with added credits "Tenor Sax Solo By King Curtis" (no lead by Jones, only vocal chorus). 60C-4293/94 edited in March, 1960. "Besame Mucho Part 2" on Edsel LP 156 is in fact Part I. The two parts are connected into one track on Mr R&B RBLP 102 (total time 4:06). On Sequel "Besame Mucho Pts 1 & 2" are included in two tracks.  60C-4276 runs for 2:13 on single and on Edsel LP 156, and is missing on CD 870 although it is mentioned in the innerlay booklet. That version is titled "The Snake & The Bookworm" on the London single and on all albums. 60C-4278 titled "Ladylike" on Sequel.

Ed. version of "Keep On Rolling" has dubbed vocal chorus instead of Curtis´ sax breaks. Alt.take of "The Snake" has Curtis on sax with lesser vocals and is in stereo on Sequel (note that this stereo version also is the take issued on Atco stereo LP SD 33-135). 60C-4277 is a stereo master (distinctly diff. sound).

Stan Applebaum,arr/dir; unknown strings; Ellis Larkins,pno; Artie Ryerson,bjo; Sonny Forriest and Alan Hanlon,gtrs; George Duvivier,bs; Don Lamond,dms; Phil Kraus,perc/vbs. Phil Ramone,eng; Leiber-Stoller,prod. Coaster not singing lead acts vocal chorus.

June 13, 1960
Easy Living      (Gunter)          3:51       LP 123
Don´t Get Around Much Anymore     (Guy)          2:48      -
Moonlight In Vermont      (Gardner)         3:19      -
Moonglow      (Gardner)          2:07     -
You´d Be So Nice To Come Home To      (Jones)          2:18       -
Autumn Leaves      (Gunter)         3:56       -

June 15, 1960
Gee Baby Ain´t I Good To You      (Guy)         2:17       LP 123
Satin Doll     (Gardner)          2:31   -
The Way You Look Tonight     (Jones)         2:41       -
Willow Weep For Me     (Gardner)         2:46      -
But Beautiful     (Jones)         2:48    -
On The Sunny Side Of The Street      (Gunter)         2:23     -

Note: Mono and stereo masters are identical. All twelve recordings issued on Atco LP 33-123 (and stereo version LP SD33-123). All tracks in stereo versions on Rhino Handmade RHM2-7740 (RHMs). Also on RSA CD 870 (Sequel with stereo masters). The tracks were also reissued on a "2LPs on 1CD" in December, 2004 on Collectables COL-CD-7656 together with the tracks of the first Coasters LP 101 (the "One By One"-part in stereo - with "Vermont" spelt "Vermount"). Gardner´s four titles also on Cee Vee 6552CD.

Mike Stoller,arr/pno; King Curtis,ts; Sonny Forriest and Phil Spector,gtrs; Wendell Marshall,bs; Gary Chester,dms. Tom Dowd,eng; Leiber-Stoller,prod.
Omit pno and Spector on -5.

July 29, 1960
Thumbin´ A Ride          2:23        6186, London 9293, RBLP 102, Edsel LP 156, RCD, CD 871, G50, RHM
Dog Face             unissued
Shoppin´ For Clothes   -1,5  (Jones, second lead)         2:58     6178, London 9208, LP 371, Atlantic(E) 10258, A 13122, RCD, CD 869, R2C, RHMs

Note: 60C-4754 in stereo on Warner CD 27604 and on Sequel. Original composer credits to Elmo Glick. Some pressings of 6178 issued as Clothes Line (Wrap It Up), which was the original written by Kent Harris (later Leiber-Stoller-Harris were credited as composers to "Shoppin' For Clothes") - see images below.  Listen to the original with Kent Harris | The Coasters' version

The original pressing of Atco 45-6178.Re-pressing of Atco 45-6178.

Plas Johnson,ts; Jewell Grant,bars; Ernie Freeman,pno; Sonny Forriest and Rene Hall,gtrs; Eddie Williams,bs; Melvin Pollan,dms. Lester Sill and Lee Hazlewood,prod.

Prob. Gold Star Studios, 6252 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, California December 7, 1960
Ridin´ Hood -4     Master     3:12      6219, RBLP 102, Edsel LP 156, CD 871, RBRelic, G50, RHMs

60C-5234   Riding Hood -4      Alt.take     2:39      Sequel RSA CD 870
60C-5234   Riding Hood -4      Take 4, false start-take 5      3:39    RBRelic
60C-5234   Riding Hood -4      Take 28     3:07     RBRelic, RHMs

Note: The master version on RBRelic and G50, titled "Riding Hood", runs for 3:18 and has introduction chat and a longer fadeout with diff. ending. The track is a stereo master on Sequel CD 871. Alt. take is an up-tempo version with a different sax solo and slightly diff. text. Take 28 is an alternate fast version with diff. sax solo and diff. ending.

Mike Stoller,arr/pno/speeded-up vcl on fade-5331; King Curtis,ts; George Barnes,bjo; Sonny Forriest and Alan Hanlon,gtrs; Abie Baker,bs; Bobby Rosengarden and Gary Chester,dms. Poss. Earl Carroll,extra harmony-vcl. Tom Dowd,eng; Leiber-Stoller,prod.

Atlantic Studios, 234 West 56th Street, New York City February 9, 1961
Girls Girls Girls (Part I) -1        2:11           6204, London 9413, LP 135, RHM
Girls Girls Girls (Part II) -1         (alt.take 61C-5330B)    1:54       6204, London 9413, RBLP 102, RCD, CD 870, R2C, RHM
Little Egypt (Ying-Yang) -1          2:52        6192, London 9349, LP 135, A 13004, RCD, CD 869, R2C, RHM
Weddin´ Days              unissued

61C-5330   Girls, Girls, Girls (Pt. 1) -1      Sl.ed*1      2:11        SDLP 135, Pioneer LP 6188, Pioneer LP 13013, Edsel LP 156, Warner CD 27604, CD 869, CD 871, RHMs
61C-5331   Little Egypt -1      Sl.ed*2      2:53         SDLP 135, LP 371, ALP 8193, CD 871, RHMs

Note: 61C-5607 edited in July, 1961. German Atlantic LP 99098 features twelve Coasters classics, all issued on US Atlantic/DeLuxe LP 2-4003 and Warner CD 27604-2 (the CD is noted when it features alternate stereo versions). 61C-5607 is a complete different take in faster tempo. 61C-5331 subtitled "Ying-Yang" on original single, LP 33-371, Pioneer LP 4583, Pioneer LP 13013, and Rhino CDs (the sl.ed. version subtitled on Sequel CD 871). "Girls Girls Girls" titled "Girls, Girls, Girls" (with or without part no.) on some later issues - and on Atco stereo album SD 33-135. The single advertised as "Girls, Girls, Girls (Sides 1 & 2)". Atlantic LPs 81294-81296 and four other double-albums in the "Atlantic Rhythm & Blues" compilation series issued in LP Box 81620 and in CD Box 82305-2 (these albums include the mono versions).

Sl.ed*1 (stereo) has unison chorus instead of Guy´s bridge, and titled "Girls Girls Girls Pt 1" on Sequel. Sl.ed*2 has Guy singing earlier with the speeded-up "gitchys" and in stereo on Sequel.

Steve Douglas,ts; James H. Davids,elpno; Michael Adams,gtr; Llevellyn Klassy,bs; Sandy Nelson,dms. Lester Sill and Lee Hazlewood,prod.

Gold Star Studios, 6252 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, California April 10, 1961
Giving Up               unissued
Hongry -1        2:35          6341, RBLP 102, Pioneer LP 6188, RCD, CD 871, RHM
Teach Me How To Shimmy -1         2:12         6219, RBLP 102, Pioneer LP 6188, RCD, CD 871, RHM
I´m A Hum Dinger             unissued

Note: Rhino CD R2 71090 gives several wrongly listed session dates and personnel (as does Warner CD 27604 and its preissue Atlantic LP 2-4003).

The Coasters of 1961-1968. THE COASTERS
Carl Gardner, lead/tenor; Billy Guy, baritone/lead-1;
Will "Dub" Jones, bass/lead-2;
Earl "Speedo" Carroll, tenor/lead-3
(Sung in unison -4).

Mike Stoller,arr; (the Upsetters): Grady Gaines and Clifford "Gene" Burks,tss; Gary Bell,pno or poss. ts; Milt Hopkins and Joe Richardson,gtrs; "Olsie" Richard Robinson,bs; Emile Russell,dms. Phil Iehle,eng; Leiber-Stoller,prod.

Atlantic Studios, 11 West 60th Street, New York City September 25, 1961
My Babe -1          2:07       LP 135, SDLP 135 (stereo), CD 871, RHMs
Bad Blood           2:20       6210, London 9493, LP 135, RCD, CD 869, R2C, RHM
(Ain´t That) Just Like Me -1           1:53     6210, London 9493, LP 135, SDLP 135 (stereo), RCD, CD 871, R2C, RHMs

61C-5700   Bad Blood       Alt.take     2:20          SDLP 135, Atlantic(E) LP K-30057, PLP 6188, Warner CD 27604, CD 871, RHMs

Note: Alt.take has different Gardner bridge. SDLP33-135 was was reissued in 2005 on Collectables Col-CD-6523. CD 871 has stereo editions.

Mike Stoller,arr/elpno; Alan Lorber,dir; unknown strings; Wilbur "Dud" Bascomb and Lamar Wright,tpts; Harry DiVito,tbn; prob. Buddy Lucas or poss. King Curtis,ts
((lead ts-5); Thomas "Curley" Palmer, Billy Butler and John "Bucky" Pizzarelli,gtrs; Al Lucas,bs; Gary Chester,dms. Leiber-Stoller,prod.

July 31, 1962
The Climb (vocal)  -2       Sl.ed.     2:44        6234, G50
Bull Tick Waltz -1,5         2:26   6251, RBLP 102, CD 871, RHM

62C-6376   The Slime  -2       Sl.ed.    2:425       Clarion LP 605, RCD, CD 871, RHMs
62C-6376   The Climb   -2       Master     2:42       Sequel RSA CD 870, RBRelic, RHMs
The Climb (instrumental)       (ed. 62C-6376)    2:40        6234, G50

Note: 62C-6414 with brass overdub (no vocals - the trombone doing Jones) edited on August 14, 1962, with same rhythm track as the vocals. The "Slime" uses "...the Slime" instead of "...the Climb" and is probably the original master, since this was the original intended title (although it is titled "The Climb" on Clarion LP 605). The single version has the phrase "...hip to hip - let 'em roll". That phrase is also used on all of "The Slime" issues. (Clarion and CD 871 have stereo versions). The master on Sequel CD 870 (titled "The Climb Pt 1" on inlay booklet  "The Climb Pts 1 & 2" on sleeve) has the  rephrasing of one sequence to " the club - let 'em roll" and runs for 2:46 on RBRelic (with a short intro), titled "The Climb". On "50 Golden Years with The Coasters" the original Atco single is edited into one track - total time 5:21 (although sleeve says "vocal only").

"The Climb" original Atco single."The P.T.A."

George "Teacho" Wiltshire,arr/dir; Alonzo "Buddy" Lucas,ts; Artie Butler,pno; Billy Butler, Mimi Roman and Everett Barksdale,gtrs; Russ Saunders,bs; Panama Francis,dms. Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller,prod.

January 10-11, 1963
The P.T.A. -1         2:29         6251, RBLP 102, CD 871, RHM

Note: Observe the 62C-master no. although the recording was made in 1963. Titled "The PTA" on Sequel.

King Curtis,dir/ts (and his orchestra); collective personnel: Lamar Wright and Elmon Wright,tpts; George Matthews,tbn; Jimmy Powell,as; Alva "Beau" McCain and Noble "Thin Man" Watts,tss; Paul "Hucklebuck" Williams,bars; George Stubbs,pno; Cornell Dupree, James Albert Bethea and Thomas "Curley" Palmer,gtrs; Jimmy Lewis and Alonzo Collins,bs; Ray Lucas,dms. King Coleman,MC; Tom Dowd and Phil Iehle,engs; Pat "Lover" Patterson, manager; Nesuhi Ertegun and Jerry Wexler,prod.

Apollo Theater, New York City  November 16, 1963
T´Ain´t Nothin´ To Me -1     (Jones, second lead)    63C-7573    4:38        LP 159, 6287, London 9863, ALP 8194, Atlantic 84985, CD 870, G50, R2C, RHMs
Speedo´s Back In Town -3          3:13       LP 159, 6287, London 9863, CD 870, RHMs
What´s The Secret Of Your Success             unissued
Girls (Girls, Girls)              unissued

Note: 63C-7573 shortened into 45-single, time 3:35, on January 28, 1964. The original track appears on Atco LP 33-159, which is a live album of several performers (reissued on CD Warner OPCD 1599/JCI JCD-3750). 63C-7401 (4:19) was included on the live "... In Concert" Time Machine CD in 2001, and titled "T´Ain´t Nothing To Me" on Sequel.

The "Apollo Saturday Night" Atco LP (Coasteres top right).

Charles Calello,arr/dir/prod; James Cleveland,tbn; Joe d´Addario,tpt; Raymond Desio and Wille "Bridges" Outerbridge,saxes; Leroy Glover,org; Horace Ott,pno; Thomas Palmer, Vincent Bell and Al Gorgoni,gtrs; Russ Saunders,bs; Buddy Saltzman,dms; George Devens,perc; Barbara Webb, Maretha Stewart and Eileen Gilbert, background vcls. Omit brass/reeds and girl vcls on -7477.

Atlantic Studios, 11 West 60th Street, New York City  December 17, 1963
Bad Detective -1         2:40        6300, RBLP 102, RCD, CD 869, RHM
Lovey Dovey         2:49        6300, RBLP 102, Pioneer LP 6188, CD 869, RHM
Cotton Fields           unissued
Skylark             unissued

Teacho Wilshire,arr/dir/prod/prob.pno; Bill Bivens,ts; Ernie Hayes,org and/or pno; Eric Gale, Carl Lynch and Troy Seals,gtrs; Jimmy Lewis,bs; Bernard "Pretty" Purdie,dms. Gregory Carroll,co-prod (no relation to Earl). Omit ts and org on -8155.

August 28, 1964
Wild One -1          2:09        6321, RBLP 102, Pioneer LP 6188, CD 870, RHM
Speedball              unissued
I Must Be Dreaming   (Gardner & Guy, joint leads)         2:34        6321, CD 870, G50, RHM

Note: 64C-8155 titled "I Must Be Dreamin´ (1964 version)" on Sequel.

Bert Keyes,arr/dir/pno; Joe Newman and Bill Berry,tpts; Buddy Lucas,hca-5/ts; Seldon Powell,ts; Heywood Henry,bars; Thomas Palmer, Carl Lynch and Everett Barksdale,gtrs; Bill Winston,bs; Bobby Donaldson,dms; prob. George Devens,vbs-6. Unknown female vclgrp-7. Billy Guy,prod-7.

unknown studios, New York City   April 21, 1965
Money Honey -4,5          2:36    6356, Harmony LP LS-13, CD 870, G50, RHM
65C-8833   Let´s Go Get Stoned -1,7          2:57        6356, LP 850, Pioneer LP 6188, CD 870, RHM

edited September 8, 1965 (see note)
Crazy Baby -1,6,7        2:03       6379, Kent(E) LP 092, CD 871, RHM
Bell Bottom Slacks And A Chinese Kimono (She´s My Little Spodee-O)   -5         2:25     6379, CD 871, G50, RHM

Note: 9291 titled "Bell Bottom Slacks" on G50. Audibly -8832/9291 belong to one Atco-recorded session, with -8833/9290 as a special session, produced by Billy Guy and purchased by Atco (both sessions probably recorded in April, since Atco 6356 was released in May, when "Let´s Go Get Stoned" possibly was given "Bell Bottom Slacks..." original master no.). September 8, 1965 prob. in fact editing date of Atco 6379 (with partly different personnel). 65C-8833 is the original recording of this song. Ray Charles hit No. 1 on the R&B Chart with a cover one year later. 65C-8832 speeded up on bootleg Dutch Harmony LP (track time 2:16). 65C-9291 has a studio intro on Sequel.

King Curtis,arr/dir/prod/ts (and his orchestra); Paul Griffin,pno; Cornell Dupree and Hugh McCracken,gtrs; Charles "Chuck" Rainey,bs; Ray Lucas,dms. Add on -9877: prob. Melvin Lastie or Ernie Royal,tpt; poss. Willie "Bridges" Outerbridge,bars; poss. Robert Asher,tbn.

Atlantic Studios, 11 West 60th Street, New York City  January 26, 1966
She´s A Yum Yum -4         2:21    6407, Atlantic (E) 584033, CD 869, G50, RHM
Saturday Night Fish Fry -1          2:32         6407, A(E) 584033, Pioneer LP 6188, CD 869, G50, RHM

Note: "Quicksand" from this session is by King Curtis. Nat "Buster" Wilson listed as bass vcl on a couple of ´60s recordings in some files, but was in fact bass with Cornell Gunter´s Coasters.

In 1959 (after the success of "Charlie Brown") the Coasters had renewed their contract with Atco for a further seven years. Leiber-Stoller had parted with Atlantic/Atco in 1963. In 1966 Jerry & Mike took the Coasters to Columbia, where Lester Sill gave Leiber-Stoller control of the group for the subsidiary label Date.

"She´s A Yum Yum"

Mike Stoller,arr/dir/poss. pno; James Booker,pno/elpno/org; Ernie Royal and Melvin Lastie,tpts; Bennie Powell,tbn; Thomas Palmer,gtr, George Devens,vbs/perc; Jesse "Preacher" Fairman,bs; Charles Joseph "Honeyman" Otis,dms. Phil Ramone,eng; Leiber-Stoller,prod.

A&R Studios, New York City  November 18, 1966
CO-96542  ZSP 117950  
Soul Pad -1   (Carroll, second lead)       (K-14182)    2:36        Date 1552, CBS(E) 2749, King LP 1146, King 6404, RCD, VV
CO-96543  ZSP 117951  
Down Home Girl -1         (K-14181)     3:09       Date 1552, CBS(E) 2749, King LP 1146, ALP 2-4003, RCD,, VV

Note: ZSP-master numbers used on Date single. King single 6404 issued as by COASTERS (no The). Listen to "Down Home Girl" by The Coasters.

unknown accomp. Leiber-Stoller,prod.
Prob. Columbia Recording Studios, New York City June 28, 1967
Everybody´s Woman   unissued prob. demo
Teeny Bopper   unissued prob. demo

Note: Fernando L. Gonzalez  lists the two above in his third edition of Disco-File with an extra (editing date) given as July 19, 1967.

Artie Butler,arr/dir/pno/; Mike Stoller,prob. tackpno; Ernie Royal,tpt; Mark Markowitz,tpt; Mickey Gravine,tbn; Artie Kaplan,bars; Artie Ryerson,bjo; Eric Gale,gtr; Chuck Rainey,bs; Bernard Purdie,dms; George Devens,perc/bells. Poss. Dave Palmer,eng; Leiber-Stoller,prod.

Columbia Recording Studios, New York City  October 30, 1967 (prob. edited November 6)
She Can   / Talkin´ ´Bout A Woman (joint leads)     ZSP 137279  (K-13960)    2:47        Date 1607, Direction(E) 58-3701, King LP 1146, King 6389, Stateside(E) 2201, VV
   Mohair Sam -4            (K-14180)     2:28      King LP 1146, VV
   Everybody´s Woman -3       ZSP 137280    (K-14183)    2:12        Date 1607, Direction(E) 58-3701, Date 1617, King LP 1146, VV

October 31, 1967 (edited January 4, 1968)
D. W. Washburn -1   (Gardner, second lead)  ZSP 138113 (K-13954)    3:04     Date 1617, King 6385, Parlophone(E) 5391, King LP 1146, London(E) 10437, King 6404, ALP 2-4003, RCD, LECD, VV

Note: ZSP master numbers on Date singles. CO-98088 prob. edited January 4, 1968.

The British Direction single of 1968.
UK Parlophone single of 1971.German Polydor single.French Polydor single.
UK Parlophone single of 1971, German Polydor single 2001 265 (of ca 1973), the French (same cat#).

Jerry Leiber,lead vcl-7; Mike Stoller,pno/tackpno-7; Charlie Macey,bjo; poss. Thomas Palmer,gtr; Jesse "Preacher" Fairman,bs; Gary Chester,dms. Add brass, poss. as above, on all tracks except -7. Charlie Cameliere,arr prob. on -6 (and poss. on more tracks). Will Jones probably not present. Taco Meza,flute-5 (dubbed in 1971); Back-up girlvcls-6 (dubbed). Leiber-Stoller,prod.

Bell Sound Studios, New York City  February 13/14, 1968 (edited in late 1971)
Shake ´Em Up And Let ´Em Roll -7         2:29     RCD 71090
Love Potion Number Nine -5     K-13953    2:41     King 6385, Parlophone(E) 5391, King LP 1146, London(E) 10437, ALP 2-4003, LECD, VV
Down At Papa Joe´s -4,6         (K-14184)     2:15         King LP 1146, G50, VV
Personality        unissued

Note: K-13953 advertised as "Love Potion #9", but single 6385 issued on King as by COASTERS (no The) "Love Potion Number Nine". Tracks above recorded for Columbia by Leiber-Stoller. "She Can", which has the subtitle (Based on "I Am A Woman"), titled "Talkin´ ´Bout A Woman" on King 6389, Stateside and LP. "Mohair Sam", titled "Mohaired Sam" on Canadian DeLuxe CD 1306, is approx. dated (see also note after King session below). All titles on King LP KS1146-498 (full catalogue no., which was released in stereo) - together with Billy Guy´s tracks for Gusto/Power Pak (see "Fake Coasters Recordings") - reissued 1987 on Highland/DeLuxe LP DLX-7786, and CD DCD-7786, titled "20 Greatest Hits". Date Records was a subsidiary of CBS, where Lester Sill was one of the presidents. Date 1617 was held back for issue in favor of the Monkees´ pop version for Colgems. The King LP reissued with chronological track order on VareseVintage CD, titled "Down Home" in August, 2007.

CO-96665 titled "Down at Poppa Joe´s" on album sleeve and on reissue Highland/DeLuxe LP/CD 7786, "Down At Pappa Joe´s" on Canadian DeLuxe CD and "(Down At) Papa Joe´s" on the English London LP (as on the Gusto TeeVee reissue of the Highland CD and on Varese). K-13953 titled "Love Potion No. 9" and "...# 9" on some later issues. K-master nos. used on King singles. The English Parlophone single was reissued on London 10437 as a follow-up to the LP. The three King titles on Atlantic LP 2-4003 are not on corresponding Warner CD 27604-2. CO 96663 issued on Rhino CD with added credits "with Jerry Leiber". This title was also recorded by Earl Richard (United Artists) in 1968. LECD is the British Wisepack "Legends" LECD 076, mostly containing fake Coasters titles plus bootleg Atco tracks. (see "Fake Coasters albums").

Date single.German Love Potion Number Nine single (alternate cover of 2001 265).
Date 2-1617 and alternate cover of German Polydor single.

The Coasters of 1969-1973. THE COASTERS
Carl Gardner, lead/tenor; Billy Guy, baritone/lead-1;
Earl "Speedo" Carroll, tenor/lead-3;
Ronald "Ronnie" Bright, bass/lead-2.

(Sung in unison -4).

Thomas Palmer,gtr; organ and rhythm accomp. Bootleg "private" live recordings. Unknown mastering.

The Boston Tea Party Room, Boston 1969
Intro and Walk Right In    1:04    Time Machine CD 1001
Yakety Yak  
1:28     -
-1     5.10    -
Poison Ivy
    2:16    -
Youngblood  (sic)    2:31    -
Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart
-2 (Carroll, second lead)    3:55     -
Little Egypt   -1    3:12    -
Charlie Brown       2:20     -        
Speedo´s Back In Town   -3     2:34    -
Along Came Jones  
  7:02    -

Note: Time Machine Records CD issued in 2001 in Massachusetts (poss. with the help of Walter De Venne). The CD has eleven tracks - track #4, titled "T´ain´t Nothin´ To Me", is actually the master 63C-7401 4:19 from the 1963 live Apollo recording - "Speedo´s Back In Town", though, is a completely new recording. The ten tracks above available only on the Time Machine CD, and sound completely different to the 1973 recordings from Boston (see below).

Jerry Thomas,arr/dir; prob. Thomas Palmer,gtr; and unknown orchestration (brass, reeds, strings-5, rhythm). Jimmy Norman,poss.extra vcl. Jimmy Norman, Lloyd Price and Arthur Jenkins,prod. Edited at Lloyd Price´s Turntable Club, Broadway, New York City.

Jimmy Norman´s "Jamaica Studios", New York City  1969
Act Right -1,5         3:10      Turntable 504
The World Is Changing -3         2:37        Turntable 504

Marty Sheller,arr; Larry Harlow,dir; Mike Stoller,poss.pno; Taco Meza,flute; prob. Thomas Palmer,gtr; unknown sec.gtr; and unknown orchestration (poss. similar to Date/Columbia recordings above). Carl Gardner, solo vocal -6. Dave Palmer,eng; Leiber-Stoller,prod. Mixed/edited at Electric Lady Studios, New York City, late 1971.

(Starday) Studios, prob. New York City  Autumn, 1971
Cool Jerk -5           2:56      King LP 1146, King 6389, Stateside(E) 2201, VV
Good Lovin´                       (only instrumental track exists, unissued)
K-14177   Mustang Sally -1         3:38     King LP 1146, VV
On Broadway              2:30       King LP 1146, G50, VV
The In Crowd -6            2:55       King LP 1146, VV

Note: In the autumn of 1971 Leiber and Stoller purchased and remastered all Date/Columbia tracks. They overdubbed and edited some tracks from the 1968 session, produced the new recordings above, and reissued all Date singles (with K-master numbers used) on King/Starday, newly bought up by Leiber, Stoller, Freddy Bienstock, and company-president Hal Neely. Taco Meza, flute dubbed on K-13953 (prob. also Ronnie Bright,vcl). 2:56 titled "The ´In´ Crowd" on London(E) LP and Highland reissue. Varese Sarabande / Varese Vintage CD 302066844-2, titled "Down Home" issued 2007, comprises all the tracks from "On Broadway".

Side A of LP 1146-498 (issued in 1972).

The Bobby Comstock Band. Larry Cox and Mick Lietz,editors. Richard Nader,prod. Mixed at Wally Heider Recordings, Los Angeles.

Madison Square Garden, New York City 1972
Intro     0:20      Bell LP 9002, Bell(E) LP 2631002
Poison Ivy -4     2:02        - -
Charlie Brown -4      2:15       - -
Documentary   2:14         - -

Carroll, Norman, Bright, Gardner, and florr: Palmer (1973-1974). THE COASTERS
Carl Gardner, lead/tenor;
Jimmy Norman, baritone/lead-1;

Earl "Speedo" Carroll, tenor/lead-3;
Ronald "Ronnie" Bright, bass/lead-2.

(Sung in unison -4).

Thomas Palmer,gtr; and unknown accomp. incl. ts, pno, bs, dms.

Unknown studios, Rahway, New Jersey  c:a 1973
Down In Mexico      3:30        Trip LP TOP 16-7, TVP LP 1002, Masters ITC 1127-CD, Platinum Pop CD 1504, Laserlight CD 21863, HIP CD 90112 (see also note below)
Young Blood      2:13       issues as above
Love Potion #9        2:48    
Charlie Brown   -4     2:20        -
Yackety-Yak   -4     (sic)     1:53      - 
Run Red Run -1      2:53        -
Searchin´ -1      3:14             -
Little Egypt -1     3:28          -
Poison Ivy -4      2:51        -
Along Came Jones -4      2:54            -

Note: "Yackety-Yak" titled "Yakety Yak" or "Yakity Yak" on CD issues (sometimes also "Yakity-Yak"), The ten tracks above are the only ones featured on the Master Intercontinental 1127-CD (which is the best buy). Remaining six tracks on Trip LP are Billy Guy Double-L recordings for Lloyd Price of 1962, reissued from Guy´s "Coasters"-LP (see "Fake Coasters Recordings"). All tracks above (plus six Guy Double-L tracks and Guy´s "One Foot Draggin´" of 1977) reissued on British MasterTone CD Abracadabra AB 3119 (titled "Yakety Yak – 17 Classic Tracks" in 1997). 1:53 titled "Yakety Yak" and 2:48 "Love Potion No.9" on MasterTone CD. U.S. Mastertone CD 8338, titled "Yakety Yak" excludes "Searchin´" and "Along Came Jones" but includes "Jumbo Bwana" of 1977. The three first Gardner Coasters titles on the U.S. issue are re-edited fake live (YY, CB, PI). 1:53 titled "Yakity-Yak" and 2:48 "Love Potion Number 9" on TVP LP 1002, which is a 2-set album titled "The Drifters meet The Coasters" including five of the Guy-recordings plus 15 recordings by Charlie Thomas´ Drifters of the ´70s, reissued on Dominion (US/Canada) CD 614-2 in 1987. Platinum Pop CD, titled "Best of Series presents The Coasters" has the ten Gardner tracks plus "As Quiet As It´s Kept", "It Don´t Take Much" and "It Ain´t Sanitary" from Guy´s session. Bam CD 036 titled "Young Blood" with twelve tracks (doesn´t include "Along Came Jones" but features "One Foot Draggin´" from Guy´s Power Pak recordings of 1977, and two titles from Guy´s Double-L session - "Humdinger" and "As Quiet As It´s Kept"). The British Prism Leisure PLAT CD titled "The Golden Greats of The Coasters - Yakety Yak" features eleven tracks - including 8 of the above (excluding "Young Blood" and "Love Potion #9") plus three Guy titles - "As Quiet As It´s Kept", "It Don´t Take Much" and "Whip It One Me Baby". Kingfisher/Ichiban CD KF6 0024-2 is an issue of 1997, titled "Poison Ivy" and has the same eleven tracks. During later years the ten tracks above have appeared on several more reissues in different packages (check all the CD issues containing tracks from this session). Below the back cover of a HIP CD of 2002 (HIP 90122) is shown with track titles in same order as the original LP (no "bonus" Guy tracks included - please note the differing track times although tracks are identical to the original LP issue).

HIP CD 90112 (issued in 2002) containing all ten Trip re-recordings.

Thomas Palmer,gtr; unkn. organ and rhythm accomp. Bootleg live recordings by Ron Bartolucci. Mastering by Little Walter De Venne.

The Boston Tea Party, Boston  c:a 1973 (or later)
Poison Ivy  (Norman, second lead)     2:36        New Rose CD 5110
Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart -2 (Norman, second lead)    3:37     CD 5110
Charlie Brown (encore)  -4     2:20         CD 5110
Love Potion No. 9        5:38       CD 5110

Note: New Rose (French) CD also known as Fan Club CD 110. Despite that CD giving 1969 as recording date, these bootleg recordings date from, at the earliest, 1972, probably even later - and are definately from a later session than the tracks on Time Machine (see 1969). Jimmy Norman definitely present here with Gardner, Bright and a dooawing Carroll. The group is presented as "Carl Gardner and the Coasters" by the MC. That CD also contains Cornell Gunter´s Coasters (as "featuring Cornell Gunther") - see Fake Coasters Recordings, with lesser sound quality than the above listed good sounding live performances. The three songs with the same titles as on the 1969 "Tea Party" recordings have a complete different approach by the group on these c:a 1973 recordings.

New Rose / Century CECC-00571 - a Japanese issue of the above session.
This is the cover of the Japanese New Rose CD
Catalogue number: CECC 00571, titled "Poison Ivy".

Unknown accomp with hca, brass, rhythm. Wilson Pickett,supervisor; Thomas "Curley" Palmer, prod/arr/gtr.

New York City  1976
    Hush Don´t Talk About It      Wicked 8103, G 50
   The World Keeps On Turning  -3   -

Note: Both songs written by the five Coasters (Norman, Bright, Gardner, Carroll, Palmer) and published on Jimmy Norman´s "There Music Company", BMI. Record issued as "Carl Gardner & The Coasters" (tell you when i get it!).""Hush Don't Talk About It" also known as "The Inflation Song" and issued as "Hush" on Jimmy Norman's LP "Home" in 1987; also on G50 as "Hush (The Inflation Song)".   / Listen to "Hush" /

"Southside" Johnny Lyon,hca; and the Asbury Jukes band.
Don Meehan,eng; "Sugar Miami" (Little Steven) Steve Van Zandt,prod.

CBS Recording Studio, New York City  1977
Check Mr. Popeye -2     3:54       Epic LP PE-34668, Epic(E) LP 81909, G50

After 1977, Carl Gardner´s Coasters continued to tour the revival circuit on and off. Earl Carroll left about 1980, to revive his old Cadillacs. Gardners´ Coasters did not record again until the late ´80s, after Gardner had met his come-to-be wife Veta Gardner, who did great promotional work in order to re-establish the group.

The Coasters pf 1980-1997. CARL GARDNER & THE COASTERS
Carl Gardner, lead/tenor;
Jimmy Norman, baritone/lead -1;
Ronnie Bright, bass; Thomas "Curley" Palmer,guitar.

with The Rockin´ Robin Band, incl. ts, pno, sec. gtr, synth, bs, dms. A Rock ´N´ Roll Palace Presentation (with Wolfman Jack as MC).

"Little Darlin´s", Orlando, Florida  1988
Rock ´N´ Roll  (aka That Is Rock And Roll on DVD)    2:17        Prism Leisure (E) PLAT CD 343
Yakety Yak      -4      1:55        Prism Leisure (E) PLAT CD 343, Music Silver (H) CD 3830642
Young Blood     2:57         as above
Poison Ivy   2:40         Prism Leisure PLAT CD 343
Little Egypt     -1     4:14    
as above, Wisepack (E) CD LECD 076, G50
Charlie Brown     -4      3:32          CD 343, CD 3830642, CD 3830652In Concert - The Platters and The Coasters in Orlando 1988 (at "Little Darlin´s"),  VHS Video.

"The Best of The Coasters". Live at Little Darlin' s in Orlando with Gardner, Ronnie Bright and Jimmy Norman in 1988.Note: All titles above also issued on Javelin (E) HADCD 155 "The Coasters & More - 20 All Time Greats" featuring different live artists. Prism Leísure is an English label licensed from Henry Hadaway Organization (Platinum Music, U.S.). CD (also issued on Cassette and Video) titled "Rock ´N´ Roll Legends - The Vocal Groups" also containing other live performances by Diamonds, Platters, Contours, Tokens and Jive Five. Music Silver is a Dutch 5CD-box titled "Rock ´n´ Roll Palace". The Wisepack CD issued 1994, titled "Legends" (licensed from HHO), also contains 10 Atco hits plus "D W Washburn" and "Love Potion #9" from King, Billy Guy´s "One Foot Draggin´" from Gusto, and 8 Guy tracks from Double-L /Trip (see "Fake Coasters Recordings".

All six tracks above issued on DVD K-Tel 7570-9 - titled "The Best of The Coasters - Live from Rock 'n' Roll Palace".

Image right: The Coasters - Bright, Gardner, Norman in 1988.

THE COASTERS featuring original Lead Singer Carl Gardner
with unknown accomp. incl. ts, pno, sec. gtr, synth, bs, dms. A Park Avenue Production prod. by Michael Jurina and Veta Gardner. Re-editings of the Rock `N´ Roll Palace recordings from 1988 (with some introductional lines plus some endings omitted).

Orlando, Florida  Edited in 1992
Baby That´s Rock And Roll      2:07         NQD-8743
Yakety Yak      1:52        -
Charlie Brown       3:28       -
Young Blood      2:31        -
Down In Mexico      4:16        - plus G50
Little Egypt    3:12         -
Frosty The Snowman     3:20      - plus CD NST264

Note: NQD is a cassette album issued by Park Avenue Productions, Inc in 1992, titled "The Best Of The Coasters - Featuring Original Lead Singer Carl Gardner - Live In Concert". These titles were probably reissued in 1994 on CD (and may include "Poison Ivy" from previous session) and later advertised on Gardner´s Internet site. "Frosty..." probably recorded in a Florida studio. 2:07 and "Rock ´n´ Roll" from Prism Leisure (same take with intro omitted on NQD) is of course "That Is Rock & Roll". NST 264 is a British CD titled "Searchin´" (19 tracks) which also has the ten Gardner Trip tracks plus six Guy 1962 and "One Foot Draggin'.

Special note:
Around April, 1996 Carl Gardner, who recently had recovered from cancer, entered a recording studio in Orlando (or poss. Port St. Lucie), Florida and fulfilled a life-long dream. His new recordings were accompanied by a band led by Michael Franklin. The titles included new interpretions of material originally done by Roy Brown, Louis Jordan, T-Bone Walker, the Orioles, Percy Mayfield and others. A CD was issued late 1996 titled "One Cool Cat" on Cee Vee Records 6552CD (including Gardner´s four titles from the "One By One" LP, "Just Like A Fool" of 1955, plus nine new-recorded Gardner solo titles). There is also one video with Carl Gardner solo, doing "Young Blood", "Stormy Monday" and "Merry Christmas Baby".

In late 1997 Jimmy Norman quit the Coasters for health reasons and turned producer and reggae artist. In early 1998 the Coasters once again became a full quartet plus guitarist as Gardner´s son joined. The present line-up: Gardner, Bright, Palmer; plus new-comers Carl Gardner, Jr (baritone) - substitited by J. W. Lance from July, 2001; and Alvin Morse (baritone).

Morse, Bright, Gardner, Palmer, and Lance in 2002. THE COASTERS
Carl Gardner, lead/tenor;
Alvin Morse, baritone/lead -1;
Ronnie Bright, bass/lead-2;
J.W. Lance, baritone;
Thomas "Curley" Palmer,guitar.

with unknown accomp. incl. brass, horns and rhythm.

"The Pala
Classic World DVD 1372.ce of Auburn Hills", Detroit, Michigan, December 26, 2001
Baby That´s Rock & Roll  - Classic World DVD 1372
Searching -1
Yakety Yak
Poison Ivy 
Zing Went The Strings of My Heart  -2
Young Blood
Stormy Monday
I´m A Hog For You
Little Egypt
Smokey Joe´s Cafe
Charlie Brown

DVD titled "The Coasters - Live from The Palace of Auburn Hills".

Note: In July 2005 Carl Gardner Sr and Carl Gardner Jr recorded "Beautiful Day" - (included on G50) - and in October the two recorded "Free Soul".

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