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Edited by Claus Röhnisch (updated August 28, 2010)

THE Top Ten Vocal Groups of the 1950s on pdf

updated September 4, 2010

Goldmine's 20 greatest doo-wop groups
Coasters image, created from a photo of 1956 (Hughes, Guy, Nunn, Gardner).
The Coasters - Chart Hits on FRIENDLY PRINT-OUT


( Million Sellers / Golden Records )



Peak pos



# 8
# 3
# 1
# 2
# 9
# 7

Original Atco sleeve and Sequel CD sleeve. Guy, Gardner, Jones, Gunter, and floor seated Jacobs.


- on either of the following national R&B charts -
( Best Seller / Juke Box / Disc Jockey / Hot R&B )



Peak pos



# 8
# 1
# 1
# 1
# 2
# 1

Note: "Smokey Joe´s Cafe" is by The Robins (featuring Carl Gardner, lead).

The Coasters of 1960.
Atco´s "Little Egypt" single of 1961.

The Coasters - Chart Hits on FRIENDLY PRINT-OUT

The Coasters in 1958. Gunter, Jones, Guy, Gardner.

Entry dates (Day/Month/Year) in Pop Charts mark Billboard´s date for "week ending". In later chart compilations dates refer to actual issue date of the magazine (appr. ten days later). From January 13, 1962 these dates were coordinated. The revised dates are used for all R&B entries. The "Hot Pavlow" chart is Big Al Pavlow´s list of the 200 most popular R&B records of each year, 1955-1959 ("The R&B Book"). The information on Pavlow´s and the U.K. Pop charts are not from the Billboard. Although issued on three different singles, "D.W. Washburn" never reached any national chart. Several Coasters titles became regional hits in the U.S.  "Shoppin' For Clothes" hit the Cash Box Pop Chart #57.

Positions from U.S. Pop Charts 1955-1958 are noted for best position on any of the different national pop charts published in the Billboard. On August 4, 1958 Billboard introduced its new Hot 100 Chart and disclosed other national pop charts. Billboard's last Juke Box R&B Chart is dated June 17, 1957 (when "Searchin'" topped that chart), and the last Disc Jockey Chart was dated October 13, 1958. Starting from the week after that, October 20, 1958, Billboard only published one (combined Best Seller / Disc Jockey) Hot R&B Chart.

The best position of "
Yakety Yak" on the Top 100 Pop Chart was at at #1 for one week from July 21. It went to #2 on the Pop Best Seller and Disc Jockey charts. "Yakety Yak" reached the Billboard R&B #1 on June 23, and the Cash Box Best Selling Singles (pop)#1 on July 19 for one week. ""Charlie Brown" stayed 3 weeks on the new Billboard Hot 100 Pop Chart's #2 position. "Turtle Dovin´" was listed as flip on the Juke Box R&B Chart for one week. "One Kiss Led To Another" charted two weeks on the Disc Jockey R&B Chart. Big Al Pavlow lists "My Baby Comes To Me" as flip of "Idol With The Golden Head" and "I´m A Hog For You" as flip hit of "Poison Ivy". "Poison Ivy" reached R&B #1 on October 5.
The best position of "
Searchin´" on the Best Seller Pop Chart was at #3 (Top 100 and Pop Disc Jockey #5 and Pop Juke Box #10). It reached R&B #1 on June 10 - one week after its flip "Young Blood", and was listed for a total of 21 weeks on the Disc Jockey R&B Chart (and 18 on the Best Seller). "Young Blood" was listed for a total of 17 weeks on the R&B Charts. The Juke Box R&B Chart listed "Young Blood" and "Searchin´" until the chart terminated. The Best Seller R&B Chart listed the two titles together, but changed flips after one week at #1 with "Searchin´" as new A-side. Total #1 weeks for this two-sider: 13 on the R&B Best Seller Chart. "Young Blood" reached Pop #8 on Top 100 (#10 on Disc Jockey, #12 on Juke Box and #14 on Best Seller). Pavlow lists "Searchin´"/"Young Blood" as one hit record (which it was, since it was one and the same record, probably the most famous double-sided hit record of R&B and listed in Pavlow´s "The R&B Book" as the #1 Record of R&B).

General notes:

JB = U.S. national Juke Box R&B chart; DJ = U.S. national Disc Jockey R&B chart.
Mark (e.g. 2W) after Peak Pos. indicates numbers of weeks listed as a #1 Hit.
Chart information from the Billboard (ctsy Joel Whitburn).
# Peak Position and (Number of Weeks on actual Chart) followed by Entry date.
AMG (ctsy Billboard) Chart hits


   Title (and record)

U.S. Pop Charts     


         Best Seller Chart

    R&B Juke Box Chart
    R&B Disc Jockey Chart


Pop Chart

    The Robins 
  Smokey Joe´s Cafe

   (Atco 6059)

# 79 (1) 23/11/55   

         # 13 (2) 3/12/55 
    JB # 10 



     The Coasters

  Down In Mexico
   (Atco 6064)


         # 9  (6)  31/3/56     JB # 8 DJ #


  One Kiss Led To Another
   (Atco 6073)

   # 73 (1) 12/9/56   

       DJ # 11  (2)  8/9/56


  Young Blood
   (Atco 6087)

  # 8 (24)  1/5/57   

         # 1 (1W)  (17)   6/5/57
    DJ # 2, JB # 2
   (Atco 6087)

# 3 (26)  8/5/57  

         # 1 (12W) (21)  13/5/57 
    DJ # 1 (7W), JB # 1 (2W)


UK #30

  Idol With The Golden
    (Atco 6098)

# 64 (6) 12/10/57  



  Gee, Golly
   (Atco 6111)


  Yakety Yak 
   (Atco 6116)

# 1 (16)  24/5/58  

         # 1 (7W) (14)  9/6/58
    DJ # 1 (6W)


UK #12


  Title  (and record)

   Hot 100 Chart

   Hot R&B Chart


Pop Chart

  The Shadow Knows
   (Atco 6162)    
  Charlie Brown

   (Atco 6132)
    # 2  (15) 8/2/59     # 2 (12) 16/2/59


UK #6

  Along Came Jones

   (Atco 6141)   
    # 9  (12) 24/5/59     # 14 (6)  15/6/59


  Poison Ivy

   (Atco 6146)   
    # 7  (16) 30/8/59     # 1 (4W) (16)  31/8/59


UK #15

  I´m Hog For You

   (Atco 6146)    
    # 38  (8) 13/9/59
  What About Us

   (Atco 6153)  
    # 47 (10) 13/12/59     # 17 (6) 18/1/60
  Run Red Run

   (Atco 6153)   
    # 36  (8) 27/12/59     # 29 (1) 21/12/59
  Besame Mucho

   (Atco 6163)    
    # 70 (3)  8/5/60
  Wake Me, Shake Me

   (Atco 6168)   
    # 51 (9)  26/6/60     # 14 (8) 27/6/60
  Shoppin´ For Clothes

   (Atco 6178)      
    # 83 (4)  9/10/60
  Wait A Minute

   (Atco 6186)      
    # 37 (8)  5/2/61
  Little Egypt
   (Atco 6192)      
    # 23 (12) 30/4/61     # 16 (4) 12/6/61
  Girls Girls Girls

   (Atco 6204)         
    # 96  (2)  20/8/61
  T´Ain´t Nothin´ To Me

   (Atco 6287)
    # 64  (6)  28/3/64      # 20 (10) 7/3/64 (Cash Box)
  Love Potion Number Nine

   (King 6385)    
    # 76  (6) 11/12/71
  Sorry But I'm Gonna
  Have To Pass
   (British Atlantic A4519CD)    
    August 1994

UK #41

                    | above images enlarged (and more!).



   "Smokey Joe's Cafe"

# 79


# 10

Entry Date


Track Title

Peak Chart Positions

US Pop Charts

UK Singles Chart

US R&B Charts



"Down In Mexico"   b/w   "Turtle Dovin' "



# 8


"One Kiss Led To Another"

# 73


# 11


"Searchin'"    c/w

# 3

# 30

# 1


"Young Blood"

# 8


# 1


"Idol With The Golden Head"

# 64




"Yakety Yak"

# 1

# 12

# 1


"Charlie Brown"

# 2

# 6

# 2


"Along Came Jones"

# 9


# 14


"Poison Ivy"    c/w

# 7

# 15

# 1


"I'm A Hog For You"

# 38




"Run Red Run"    c/w

# 36


# 29


"What About Us"

# 47


# 17


"Besame Mucho"

# 70




"Wake Me, Shake Me"

# 51


# 14


"Shoppin' For Clothes"

# 83




"Wait A Minute"

# 37




"Little Egypt (Ying-Yang)"

# 23


# 16


"Girls Girls Girls"

# 96




"T'ain't Nothin' To Me"

# 64


# 20


"Love Potion Number Nine"

# 76




"Sorry But I'm Gonna Have To Pass"


# 41


Top #1 R&B Vocal Group Hits
- with weeks at #1

#1 Hits:

Double Crossing Blues
Sixty-Minute Man
Don' t You Know I Love You
Fool, Fool, Fool
Have Mercy Baby
Baby Don´t Do It
Help Me Somebody
Money Honey
Work With Me Annie
Earth Angel
Only You
The Great Pretender
Yakety Yak
There Goes My Baby
Poison Ivy

The Robins                       9
The Dominoes               14
The Clovers                      2
The Clovers                      6
The Dominoes               10
The "5" Royales              3
The "5" Royales              5
The Drifters                     11
The Midnighters              7
The Penguins                  3
The Moonglows              2
The Platters                      7
The Platters                    11
The Coasters                 12
The Coasters                   7
The Drifters                      1
The Coasters                   4

Note: There are more R&B #1 vocal group hits, but listed are "the most famous".


Below you´ll find  the Great R&B Vocal Groups with a short presentation and the most valuable recordings with all R&B Top Ten Hits listed first, followed by other notable classics. All #1 Hits are noted in bold; with number of weeks at #1 position. Titles hitting any of Billboard´s three national R&B Top Ten Charts (Best Seller, Juke Box, Disc Jockey) are listed.

Special thanks to Marv Goldberg, Todd Baptista, Peter A. Grendysa, Bill Dahl, Steve Propes, Galen Gart, Billy Vera, Bob McGrath, and Joel Whitburn.
Tip: Check the
All music guide. links (especially Bruce Eder's great presentations on the early groups);
and don' t miss the other links!
Editor: Claus Röhnisch.
Here they are!

The Great

The Dominoes | The Clovers | The "5" Royales | The Midnighters

The Flamingos | The Moonglows | The Drifters | The Platters
The Cadillacs | The Coasters
The Isley Brothers | The Impressions | The Miracles | The Temptations

Career starts (approx. - often recording debut)
  Roots:   The Ink Spots  (Gypsy video)
  1946:  The Ravens
  1947:  The Four Tunes
  1948:  The Orioles
  1949:  The Robins    -   The Hollywood Flames

  1950:  The Dominoes   -   The Clovers
  1951:  The "5" Royales   -   The Midnighters
  1952:  The Flamingos  -  The Moonglows 
  1953:  The Drifters   -   The Platters
  1954:  The Cadillacs
  1955:  The Coasters
  1956:  The Isley Brothers
  1957:  The Impressions
  1958:  The Miracles
  1959:  The Temptations



Simply terrific:

100 Greatest Vocal Groups
(according to DigitalDreamDoor)

THE Top Ten Vocal Groups of the 1950s on pdf


The first successful gospel-influenced R&B vocal group - formed by Billy Ward, pianist /composer /arranger - and also lead singer on several recordings after 1952 (born in Georgia September 15, 1921 - died in California February 16, 2002); with Rose Marks (died July, 1955) as manager and co-writer of several of their hits in New York City. Group originally called The Ques (no recordings), comprising of two singers from the Mount Lebanon Singers of Harlem (McPhatter and White)) and two singers from the 5 International Gospel Singers of South Carolina (Lamont and Brown). Won talent contest at the Apollo in 1950 and debuted on TV that same year as The Dominoes. Group billed and labeled Billy Ward & His Dominoes from December, 1952 (starting with "I´d Be Satisfied"). Lead singer Clyde McPhatter billed as Clyde Ward ("brother of coach Billy Ward"). The group located to Las Vegas and Los Angeles in 1955. Their "Sixty-Minute Man" (recorded December 30, 1950) turned cross-over and reached Pop #17 (produced by Ralph Bass).
Recording debut: New York November 14, 1950 Chicken Blues / Do Something For Me - Federal 12001.
Records for: Federal 50-55, King 53-56, Jubilee 1954, Decca 56-57, Liberty 57-59, ABC 1960, King 1960.

Original recording line-up:
Clyde McPhatter, lead 50-53
(born Nov 15, 1932 - died June 13, 1972 - who by the summer of 1953 formed The Drifters)
Charlie White, ten
50-ca March 51  who left for the Checkers; and sang lead with the Clovers in 1953 managed by Lour Krefitz, and also tried his luck as a solo singer)
William Joe Lamont, bar 50-52 
(left shortly after Clyde)
Bill Brown, bass 50-Febr 62
(who also left for the Checkers, repolaced by Raymond Johnson in Febr 1952 (Raymond did not sing with the group on records)
Billy Ward
(real name Robert Williams), coach/pno 50-65 (lead vocal on same recordings; born 1921 - died 2002) Tried to re-form his group several times without any great success
Early guitarist with group: Ralph Williams, later Rene Hall
Later leads:
Jackie Wilson
September 1952-1956; born in Detroit June 9, 1934 - died January 21, 1984 Wilson did not record with the group until Clyde left
Gene Mumford
1957-April 1958; former lead of the Larks; born Durham, NC June 24, 1925 - died May 29, 1977; - also sang with various line-ups of Golden Gate Quartet and Ink Spots). Gene replaced Stanley Mitchell (who was the original replacement for Wilson - Stanley did not record with the Dominoes.
Monroe Powell 58-62
(entering in 1958 and lead until he switched to the InkSpots during the ´60s - and later went on to lead The Platters). Future leads included besides Ward himself, Al Anderson, Lou Ragland and members of the Jack Halloran Singers
New early members:
James Van Loan, ten
ca mid 51-66 (repl. White) Sang with the Ravens later
David McNeil, bass May 52-53
(from The Larks, repl. Brown) David went to Charlie Fuqua’s Ink Spots in 1953 up to Fuqua’s death in 1971 (and kept that group for several further years)

Johnny Oliver (Ward's valet, guest lead shortly 1952)

The original line-up of The Dominoes - McPhatter center bottom and Ward top second.

New members from 1953:
Milton Merle (real name Murill), bar 53-65
(repl. Lamont)
Cliff Givens, bass 53-59
(who had sung with the InkSpots and the Golden Gate Quartet, repl. McNeil)
1954 line-up:
Wilson, Van Loan
(later shortly replaced by Prentice Moreland, who also recorded on several sessions in 1957), Merle, Givens, Ward
New member 1956/57:
Milton Grayson, ten
(repl Van Loan/Moreland)
Line-up from c:a April, 1958:
Powell, Robbie Robinson, ten
(soon replaced by Eddie Herring), Merle, Givens, and Ward
Powell, Bruce Cloud, Merle
and Ward

Essential CD: Sixty Minute Men-The Best of... - Rhino R2 71509 or The Very Best of... - Collectables COL-CD-2827.
Collectors' Choises: Billy Ward & His Dominoes featuring Clyde McPhatter - Varese CD 66551
(19 great tracks including alternates)
and: Jackie Wilsson with Billy Ward & His Dominoes - Varese CD 66553
(19 great tracks including Jackies' two first solo recordings before he joined the group).
and: The Best of the 50's Masters 1957-1959 - Varese CD 66102 (19 post King/Federal tracks)
Clyde McPhatter – A Biographical Essay by Colin Escott with discography by Richard Weize (1987)
and: The Billboard Book of American Singing Groups - A History 1940 - 1990: Jay Warner (Watson-Guptill Publ; ISBN 0-8230-8264-4; 542 pages; US 1993); reprinted as The DaCapo Book of American Singing Groups (US 2000).

Varese CD 66551
Varese CD 66553
Varese CD 66102 Search on The Dominoes | Billy Ward & his Dominoes
Billy Ward and the Dominoes at Wikipedia 
| More on the Dominoes | The Dominoes  |
Discography and album covers

R&B Top 10 Hits:

1951  Do Something For Me
1951  Sixty-Minute Man   14w
1951  I Am With You
1952  That´s What You´re Doing To Me
1952  Have Mercy Baby   10w
Billy Ward and his Dominoes
1952  I´d Be Satisfied
1953  The Bells
1953  Pedal Pushin´ Papa
1953  These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You
1953  You Can´t Keep A Good Man Down
1953  Rags To Riches
1957  Star Dust
Other Classics:
1951  Chicken Blues
1951  The Deacon Moves In
(with Little Esther)

1951  Heart To Heart (with Little Esther)
1952  When The Swallows
Come Back To Capistrano
1953  I´m Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
1956  St Therese of The Roses

All music guide.on The Dominoes | Billy Ward & The Dominoes

The Dominoes of 1951 (with Clyde McPhatter bottom center).
Clyde with the Dominoes

The Collectables CD with 25 King tracks.
Billy Ward and the Dominoes

The true collector´s Domnoes CD.
Jackie with the Dominoes


"The Mighty Clovers" - Pioneer group of the East Coast tradition, mixing blues with gospel and jazz-crooning styles - and the most popular R&B vocal group of the early 1950s. Formed as a trio by Harold Lucas in 1946 (became The 4 Clovers when John Bailey joined) in Washington, DC with Billy Shelton (replaced by McQuater in 1948) and Thomas Woods (replaced by Winley in early 1950). The originals returned to Lucas as he reformed the group during the ´70s and ´80s. Manager: Lou Krefetz from Baltimore, who after one record for Rainbow introduced the group to Atlantic in late 1950 (coached by Jesse Stone). Many of the Clovers´ early hits were written by Ahmet Ertegun. In 1954 they appeared on the first Alan Freed show and in the "Showtime at the Apollo" TV series. Bailey entered the Army in 1952, returning in 1954 - but his soon-to-be replacement Billy Mitchell (who had sung and recorded with the Joe Morris outfit) stayed with the group, now becoming a sextet, which toured Europe in 1958. The Clovers had the same members for many years (although Mitchell left for a short while in 1957; McQuater was out for a while in 1958). From the '60s several different Clovers led by Lucas and by Bailey toured the circuit. Harold Lucas was the first (with Billy Mitchell – even recording for Atlantic) Lucas and Winley were still active during the late ´90s. Lately Johnny Mason led the former Harold Lucas group, and Harold Winley has recently formed a new Clovers group (The Original Clovers with their own website).

Recording debut: New York City 1950 Yes Sir That´s My Baby / Come Back To Me - Rainbow 122; first for Atlantic February 22, 1951 Don´t You Know I Love You / Skylark - Atlantic 934.
Records for: Atlantic 51-58, Poplar 1958, United Artists 59-61, Winley 61-62.

Original recording line-up:
John "Buddy" Bailey, (
50-ca Aug 52, May 54-61) (born December 27, 1931 in Washington - died February 3, 1994). He was drafted in 1952, shortly replaced by John Philip (who only sang on stage, then came Charlie White)
Matthew McQuater, ten 50-61
(died December 19, 2000, aged 73)
Harold Lucas, bar 50- 
(& spokesman, born August 27, 1932 - died January 6, 1994)
Harold "Jerome" Winley, bass 50-61
(born in Washington -
sang with a late line-up of Ink Spots - for över 25 years -
and is the only surviving original Clover, again active with a late line-up)

Bill Harris,
gtr (50-57) born April 14, 1925 in North Carolina, died December 10, 1988. Was always present on records
Later members/leads:
Charlie White 
ca Feb-Nov 1953 (from the Dominoes and lead on the Checkers’ “Flame In My Heart” in 1952; now substituting for Bailey). Led the Playboys later and turned solo
Billy Mitchell Dec 53-61 Sang White’s lead on stage and became sixth when Bailey returned; born 1931 in Washington, DC; died November 5, 2002.

Essential CDs: The Very Best of... - Rhino R2 72971
or: Down In The Alley-The Best of... - Atlantic 82312-2;
.. and The Best of.. - Love Potion No. 9 - UA/EMI CDP7-96336-2
Editor´s choise:
The Clovers and The Clovers Dance Party (2CD)
- Sequel RSA CD 857 and 858
For Collectors: The Feelin' Is Good - Jasmine (2CD) JASCD 576 Search on The Clovers
The Clovers at Wikipedia

Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash (live)
| The Clovers | The Clovers | The Clovers |
Discography and album covers

The Clovers.


THE CLOVERS, vocal group  "HI-FIVE"
(Buddy Bailey-lead, Matthew McQuater, Harold Lucas, Harold Winley and Bill Harris,gtr) (featuring Willis Jackson,sax)
- New York, July 12, 1951:
A 626         Fool, Fool, Fool - Atlantic 944 (#1, 22w)
2.  - New York, December 17, 1951:
A 755         One Mint Julep - Atlantic 963 (#2, 18w 1952)
3.  (Charlie White-lead, McQuater, Lucas, Winley and Harris,gtr)  (featuring Sam Taylor,sax)
- New York March 4, 1953:
A 1017       Good Lovin'  - Atlantic 1000 (#2, 18w)
4.  (Billy Mitchell-lead, McQuater, Lucas, Winley and Harris,gtr)
- New York April 16, 1954:
A 1262       Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash - Atlantic 1035 (# 6, 7w)
5.  (Mitchell-lead, Bailey, McQuater, Lucas, Winley and Harris,gtr)
- New York, June 8, 1959 (edited in Hollywood):
2525           Love Potion No. 9 - United Artists 180 (#23, 3w)

R&B Top 10 Hits:

1951  Don´t You Know I Love You     2w
1951  Fool, Fool, Fool     6w    /live video/
1952  One Mint Julep
1953  Middle Of The Night
1952  Ting-A-Ling     1w
1952  Wonder Where My Baby´s Gone
1952  Hey, Miss Fannie
1952  I Played The Fool
1953  Crawlin´
1953  Good Lovin´
1953  Comin´ On
1954  Lovey Dovey
1954  Little Mama
1954  I´ve Got My Eyes On You
1954  Your Cash Ain´t Nothin´ But Trash
1955  Nip Sip
1956  Devil Or Angel
1956  Hey, Doll Baby
1956  Love, Love, Love

All music guide.on The Clovers
Singles Discography
(Soulful Kinda Music)
The Clovers 2005
| The Clovers today

The Very Best of The Rest:
1954  I Confess
1954  Blue Velvet
1955  In The Morning Time
1956  From The Bottom of My Heart
1957  Down In The Alley
1957  There´s No Tomorrow
1958  My Mother´s Eyes
1959  Love Potion No. 9
1959  Stay Awhile
1960  Easy Loving

The Clovers of 1952 (with Buddy Bailey bottom right).
  The Clovers - Albums

  1956   THE CLOVERS  - Atlantic LP-1248 (reissued as LP 8009)
  1958   THE CLOVERS IN CLOVER - Poplar LP-1001

            (reissued on UA UAL-3033)
  1959   THE CLOVERS´ DANCE PARTY - Atlantic LP 8034

            (reissued as LOVE BUG on Atlantic 587 162)
  1960   LOVE POTION No. 9 - United Artists UAL-3099
  1964   THE ORIGINAL LOVE POTION No. 9 - GrandPrix LP K 428

            - Atco LP 33-374
  1984   FIVE COOL CATS - Edsel LP ED 126
  1985   ALL RIGHTY OH SWEETIE - Dr. Horse LP H-807
  1991   DOWN IN THE ALLEY - THE BEST OF - Atlantic CD 7 82312-2

            - United Artists CD CDP-7-96336-2
  1997   THE CLOVERS - Sequel CD RSA CD 857
  1997   DON'T YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU & OTHER HITS  -Rhino Flashback 72706 (10 tracks)

  1998   THE CLOVERS & DANCE PARTY - Collectables CD COL 6218
  1998   ANTHOLOGY (incl new recordings) - Ripete DNA CD (unkn #)
  2004   DON'T YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU & OTHER FAVORITES - Collectables CD COL 9524 (reissue of Rhino - 10 tracks)
  2004   TING-A-LING - A PROPER INTRODUCTION - Proper INTROCD 2029 (18 early tracks incl the the Rainbow single)
  2004   THE CHRONOLOGICAL 1950-1953 - Classics 5115 (23 tracks)
  2006   JUKE BOX HITS 1951-1955 - Acrobat 4224 
(20 tracks)
  2006   YOUR CASH AIN' T NOTHIN' BUT TRASH - THEIR GREATES HITS 1951-1955  - Rev-Ola 146
(28 tracks)
  2007   THE PLATINUM COLLECTION - Warner 79995  (22 tracks)
  2008   LOVEY DOVEY - Pegasus 653
(20 tracks)
  2009   JUKE BOX HITS 1951-1955 - Future Noise
  2011   THE FEELIN' IS GOOD - Jasmine 2CD JASCD 576 (60 great early tracks incl one full LP - In Clover)


Collectables´ "two LPs in one" CD (Atlantic recordings).  Anthology (incl. old and new recordings).  "Don't You Know I Love You" on Collectables.  A Proper Introduction to The Clovers - "Ting-A-Ling" on Proper CD.  The Jasmine double CD



"The Apollo Kings" – “The First Soul Group” - Underrated, but passionate, truly raw church-styled high-quality pioneer R&B vocal group (with the tonation on -"ales"). Originally a gospel group formed in the late 1940s (some say 1948), named The Royal Sons Quintet in Winston-Salem, North Carolina; consisting of loose members including cousins Lowman (nicknamed "Pete") Pauling (who became the only one surviving the secular transition) and Clarence Pauling (later Clarence Paul, 1928-1995), Anthony Price, William Samuels, and Windsor King (sometimes also brother Curtis Pauling and pianist Royal Abbit); later also featuring Johnny Holmes. Johnny (John) Tanner and Otto Jeffries joined the group early on. Jimmy (James, sometimes also called Johnny) Moore replaced Tanner around 1949 and stayed with the group when Tanner returned from military service. Obadiah Carter replaced Samuels in mid 1951. The group turned secular and transformed into the most down-home sounding R&B vocal group of all. Some albums and reissues were released as The Five Royales, The 5 Royales, and as The 5 Royals (but they themselves preferred The '5' Royales - the group often actually were six singers even during the 1950s). All six members sang leads, although Johnny Tanner took care of most of the songs (written by member Lowman Pauling). The group´s manager: Carl LeBow. Produced by Henry Glover on most King tracks. Pauling and later the whole group joined the James Brown Revue in the ‘60s.

Recording debut:
Winston-Salem, NC August 1951 as the Royal Son’s Quintet (actually a sextet featuring William Samuels) Bedside Of A Neighbor / Journey´s End - Apollo 253; first secular recording (prob New York City) October, 1951 Too Much Of A Little Bit (OJ) / Give Me One More Chance (JT/OJ) as by The Royals - Apollo 434; then New York City (still a sextet featuring Johnny Holmes) August 5, 1952 Come Over Here / Let Nothing Separate Me (JT) - Apollo 266 as the Royal Son’s Quintet; and as The "5" Royales same session Courage To Love / You Know I Know (both JM) - Apollo 441.

Records for: Apollo 52-54, King 54-60, Home of the Blues 60-61 (Memphis), VeeJay 61-62, ABC 1962, Smash 64-65.

Secular recording line-up thruout the years:
Johnny L. Tanner, lead 51-63

(born in Forsyth, NC, Nov 28, 1926 - died in Winston-Salem, NC Nov 8, 2005)

James (Jimmy) E. Moore, ten 51-ca 64
(and lead on some early tracks, died in New York August 16, 2008 at the age of 82)
Obadiah Carter, bar 51-ca 65
(born 1925; died July 1994)
Otto Jeffries, bass
51-ca 61 (road manager and occasional singer when Gene entered, lived 1912-1975)
Lowman "El" Pauling, gtr 51-66
(and extra bass vcl; born July 14, 1926; died from epileptic seizure on December 26, 1973)
Gene "June" Tanner, ten
ca Dec 53-ca 65 (substituting for Jeffries - and extra lead from 1957 - born 1936, died December 29, 1994
New members (1960-64):
Robert "Pee Wee" Burris, gtr, substituting for Pauling. He stayed when Pauling returned
Royal Abbit, pno/org (born 1932, died 1995)
Eudell Graham, lead (born 1933; died 1995) replaced Johnny Tanner, who left in December, 1963
Pauling concentrated on duets with Royal Abbit for Savoy and Federal as El Pauling and The Royalton, and as El Pauling and Royal Abbit in the early 1960s, but soon returned to his Royales.
Later lineup
Tom “T-Bone” Pruitt, gtr and Larry Robinson, lead
Larry Taylor and Lebarron Washington, vocals

Essential CD: Monkey, Hips And Rice-Anthology (2CD) - Rhino R2 71546
Favorite CDs: All Righty! - The Apollo Recordings 1951-1955 - WestSide WESM 59(29 great tracks).
It’s Hard But It’s Fair – Ace UK CDCHD 1038 (26 King gems)
Catch That Teardrop (1960-64) – Ace UK 1055 Search on The Five Royales | Search on The 5 Royales
The "5" Royales at Wikipedia

The "5" Royales of 1953 (with Lowman Pauling and Johnny Tanner first and second from bottom left to right).

| More on The "5" Royalesnice pdf-presentation |

R&B Top 10 Hits:

1953  Baby, Don´t Do It   3w
1953  Help Me Somebody   5w
1953  Crazy, Crazy, Crazy
1953  Too Much Lovin´
1954  I Do
1957  Tears Of Joy
1957  Think

All music guide.on The "5" Royales
Singles Discography (Soulful Kinda Music) 
Discography and album covers

To Get You Excited:
1951  Let Nothing Separate Me
(the Royal Sons Quintet)
1952  Courage To Love
1953  Laundromat Blues
1953  I Wanna Thank You
1954  Let Me Come Back Home
1954  Put Something In It
1955  When I Get Like This
1955  Women About To Make Me Go Crazy
1956  When You Walked Through The Door
1957  Just As I Am
1958  Dedicated To The One I Love
1068  The Felling Is Real
1958  Tell The Truth
1959  I Know It’s Hard But It’s Fair
1959  Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone
1960  I'm With You


Thge great Rhino 2CD-set with Apollo and King classic.sThe Apollo sessions - here on Collectables.Rare Memphis recordings featuring the Willie Mitchell band.Ace CDCHD 1038 "It's Hard But It's Fair" (featuring 26 great King tracks).


"The Original Motown Group” - "The Twisters" - Emotional, gospel-influenced Detroit pioneers, formed in 1952 as The Royals (originally named The Four Falcons – no recordings) and involved with Johnny Otis (their first manager) on their first record "Every Beat Of My Heart" (in Cincinnati, Ohio with Otis on vibes). Before that Jackie "Sonny" Wilson, Little Willie John, and even Levi Stubbs (later of the Four Tops) hang around the group together with the group´s originator Alonzo Tucker, who was an early Detroit musician and organizer (and later worked with LaVern Baker, and with Jackie Wilson again – all artists, including the Royals, managed by Al Green in the early years). The group changed name to the Midnighters on the second pressings of "Work With Me Annie" after it became a hit in 1954, using the same catalogue number. The group had two successful music craze periods - mid 50s (produced by Ralph Bass and Henry Glover) and in the early 60s, as the group re-formed and changed billings to Hank Ballard and The Midnighters (and also released forthcoming records as Hank Ballard and His Midnighters on Federal´s "mother" King). "The Twist" was originally recorded by Ballard and his group for Henry Stone (unissued at that time) before Syd Nathan accepted it for King in 1958.

Recording debut: Cincinnati, Ohio January 8, 1952 Every Beat Of My Heart (Sutton, lead) / All Night Long - Federal 12064. First lead with Hank Ballard November 1, 1952 Are You Forgetting and I Feel So Blue (issued on two separate Federal singles). Hank had already sung with the Royals on I’ll Never Let Her Go and Fifth Street Blues on May, 10 (both led by Henry Booth) and Moonrise (lead Sutton).

Records for: Federal 52-58, King (Hank Ballard & The Midnighters) 59-67.

Booth, Ballard, Sutton, Tucker, and Woods.

The Royals line-up:  (First recording session - Every Beat...)
Henry Booth, ten 62-63 and sometimes lead (born 1935, died 1978)
Charles Sutton, ten 52-55 (who sang lead on several early classics incl. "Every Beat.." and left the group in early 1955)
Lawson Smith, bar 55- 63 (who replaced original, non-recording baritone Freddy Pride; and in turn was replaced by Hank Ballard when Smith joined the forces mid 1952)
Ardra “Sonny” Woods, bass 52-58 (died in 1984). Becama producer and disc-jockey during the 1960s
Alonzo Tucker, gtr and extra vcl 52-ca 55 (poss born November 21, 1915). He helped Sutton to form the Tornados in 1955 and stayed on-and-off with the group (although not performing after 1955).

Line-up from mid 1952: (Starting with the Royal's second recording session)

as above with
Hank Ballard, lead 52-  (replacing Smith)
Later members up to 1963:

Lawson Smith 55-ca63 (returned in late 1954 as temporary substitute for Henry Booth, who was away for awhile - and soon replaced Sutton, when Booth returned in January, 1955)
Norman Thrasher 56-ca65 (entered in 1956, and replaced Woods in 1958 on recording sessions). He came from the Serenaders and is cousin to the Drifters' Thrashers
Arthur Porter, gtr from early 1954 - succeeded by

Cal Green later that year (born June 22, 1935 in Dayton, Texas - died July 6, 2004 in California. Green became the leader of The Midnighters' touring and recording band. He was jailed for 21 months during 1959-62 (substituted by J.C. Billy Davis), rejoined the Midnighters; and later made a solo career. During the very late ´50s (and in the early '60s) not all Midnighters followed Ballard on stage or in the recording studios, when Ballard, despite his newfound "Mr. Rhythm & Blues" fame, together with Davis, concentrated on the touring band (a resemblance to James Brown's career).

The Midnighters of 1954 (with Hank Ballard far right).
1955-1956 clockwise with Booth, Smith, Woods,
Hank Ballard, and Green.

Lineup from ca 1963 or poss earlier:
Hank Ballard, Norman Thrasher (later replaced by Walter Miller), Frank Stanford, Wesley Hargrove.
Hank reformed his group several times during later years with guitarist J.C. Billy Davis, who later played with Jackie Wilson for several years.
Essential CD: Sexy Ways - The Best of... - Rhino R2 71512;
Editor's Choise: Ther Very Best of the Royals and the Midnighters - Collectables COL-CD-2828
and The Very Best of Hank Ballard and the Midnighters - Collectables COL-CD-2823
For Collectors: Nothing But Good 1952-1962 - Bear Family 5CD Box BCD 16795 EK
or Come On And Get It: The Singles Collection 1954-1959 2CD - Jasmine JASCD 568
Reading: King of the Queen City - The Story of King Records by Jon Hartley Fox (US 2009) Search on The Midnighters | Hank Ballard
Hank Ballard and the Midnighers at Wikipedia
The Midnighters
| Hank Ballard & The Midnighters | The Midnighters |
The Midnighters at Vocal Group Hall of Fame

The Royals

Hank Ballard
Ballard became definitive lead & spokesman in 1953 with “Get It”. He was born John Henry Kendricks, on November 18, 1927 in Detroit (not 1936 as most files said), Moved to Alabama, but returned to Detroit in his teens. He was later known as Henry “Hank” Bernard Ballard. Moved to Alabama as a small child - singing gospel, and came back to Detroit at the age of 15. Hank died in Los Angeles on March 2, 2003 after a long treatment of throat cancer. Ballard also acted as soloist and lead for The Dapps in the late ‘60s and was featured with The James Brown Revue. His earnings from writing "The Twist" kept him going in later days.

All music guide.on Hank Ballard (plus Midnighters)
This link: AMG site for the Midnigthers including Hank Ballard

Hank Ballard in later years.The Very Best of Hank Ballard and the M;idnighters on Collectables.
| Hank Ballard |

R&B Top 10 Hits:

1953  Get It (The Royals)
1954  Work With Me Annie 
(formerly known as The Royals)     7w
1954  Sexy Ways (formerly The Royals)
1954  Annie Had A Baby   2w
1954  Annie´s Aunt Fannie
1955  It´s Love Baby (24 Hours A Day)
Hank Ballard and the Midnighters
1959  Teardrops On Your Letter
1960  Finger Poppin´ Time
1960  The Twist
(recorded 1958)
1960  Let´s Go Let´s Go Let´s Go    3w
1961  The Hoochi Coochi Coo
1961  The Float
1961  The Switch-A-Roo
1961  Nothing But Good

All music guide.on Hank Ballard & the Midnighters
Singles Discography (Soulful Kinda Music) 
Discograpy and album covers

More For Your Delight:

1952  Every Beat Of My Heart (The Royals)
1955  Don''t Change Your Pretty Ways
1956  Open Up The Back Door
1956  Tore Up Over You
1957  Let ' Em Roll
1961  The Continental Walk

The very Best of the Royals and the Midnighters on Collectables.


A qualitative - long-lasting - vocal group formed in the South Side of Chicago in late 1950 as the Swallows by Jake and Zeke Carey, Johnny Carter, and Judah Byrd (replaced by Carter’s friend Paul Wilson around 1951) - all black Hebrews. They soon changed name to the Five Flamingos or "5 Flamingo Boys" when Earl Lewis entered (neither group any recordings), and due to an already existing Swallows group. The Flamingos are regarded as one of the most versatile groups of early R&B and worked out a professional stage act. The group signed for George Goldner´s End Records in 1958, where the big success finally struck. The Careys are not brothers and not cousins - not relatives at all, although Zeke moved in with the Jake Carey family in Baltimore and both left for Chicago around 1950. They still acted with Flamingo lineups in the ´90s.

Recording debut: Chicago, January 28, 1953 If I Can´t Have You / Someday, Someway - Chance 1133.
Records for: Chance 53-54, Parrot 54-55, Checker 55-56, Decca 57-58, End September 58-63; Checker 1964.

Original recording line-up:

Jake Carey, bass 53-  (born in Baltimore September 9, 1923 - died December 10, 1997)
Zeke Carey, second tenor 53-56, 58- (born January 24, 1933 in Bluefield, Virginia - died in Washington, DC December 24, 1999)
Johnny Carter, first tenor and sometimes lead
53-56 (born June 2, 1934 in Chicago; later sang with the Dells - died August 21, 2009)
Sollie McElroy, lead tenor 53-54 (born July 16, 1933 in Gulfport, Miss - died January 15, 1995; replacing original non recording member Earl Lewis)
Paul Wilson, baritone 53-ca 77
(born January 6, 1935 in Chicago - died in May, 1988; replaced orginal non-recording Judah Byrd)

New member from late 1954:
Nate Nelson, lead late 54-61
(born April 10, 1932 in Chicago - died June 1, - some files say April 10
-  1984) replacing Sollie. Nate joined Terry Johnson around 1962 and then the Platters in 1966

Later lineup changes (from July, 1956):
Zeke Carey and Johnny Carter left for Army services substituted by

Tommy Hunt (56-61) Born June 18, 1933 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – the group now a quartet.
Terry Johnson, gtr and vcl (Jan 57-61) Born November 12, 1935 in Baltimore, Maryland. The group now a quintet again. Terry started his "Modern Flamingos” in 1961, and still has a Flamingos group.
Carter did not return to the Flamingos, but joined the Dells after his services. Zeke returned in August, 1958 – the group now a sextet. Hunt later went solo and the group again became a quintet.

Lineup after April, 1961 (recording in September):
Eddie Williams (lyric tenor), Billy Clarke (tenor and drums), Zeke Carey (tenor and bassist), Paul Wilson (baritone), Jake Carey (bass),
Alan Fontaine (guitar), and Julien Vaught (saxophone). In 1963 Doug McClure (tenor) joined as sixths singer.
The group hang on (although with further changes).

Essential CD: The Best of... - Rhino R2 70967

or: Dream of a Lifetime 1953- 1959 (2CD) - Jasmine JASCD 554
CD for Collectors: The Flamingos meet The Mooonglows - Vee-Jay CD NVD2-706
(the complete Chance recordings). Search on The Flamingos
The Flamingos at Wikipedia

The Flamingos
| The Flamingos | Terry Johnson´s Flamingos |
Discography and album covers

Jump Children video (great one)

R&B Top 10 Hits:

1956  I´ll Be Home
1959  I Only Have Eyes For You

Treat Yourself With These:
1953  Golden Teardrops
1954  Listen To My Plea
1954  Jump Children (Vooit-Vooit)
1955  I'm Yours  (Parrot)
1955  I Want To Love You
1956  The Vow
1958  Lovers Never Say Goodbye
1959  Goodnight Sweetheart
1960  Mio Amore

All music guide.on The Flamingos
The Flamingos
Singles Discography  Soulful Kinda Music
The Flamingos.

U. S. Patent and Trademark Office Rules In Favor Of Flamingos’ Hall of Famer

by Todd Baptista    (October 30, 2008)


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Terry Johnson, who wrote and sang lead on the Flamingos’ 1958 doo wop smash, “Lovers Never Say Goodbye” and arranged the music and vocals and sang on the group’s signature tune, “I Only Have Eyes For You”, has scored a major victory with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in regard to the Flamingos name.  “Johnson, performing under Terry Johnson’s Flamingos, is the only remaining member of the group who currently has Federal trademark protection over a trademark including the term Flamingos,” the July 28 ruling states.  “It has been my goal to prevent anyone from tarnishing the respected name of the Flamingos with sub-par performances and claims of original members,” Johnson explained in a post-judgment interview.  “I want to thank Jon Bauman of the Truth In Music Act, my attorney Wiley Horton, and his assistant, Adrienne Love, for all their hard work in securing the integrity of this great music and its original artists.”

The Flamingos were founded in Chicago, Illinois by Johnny Carter, Paul Wilson (1935-1988), Jacob Carey (1923-1997), and Ezekiel Carey (1933-1999) and were joined by Sollie McElroy (1933-1995) when they made their first recordings in January of 1953.  When Carter and Ezekiel Carey were drafted in 1956, Johnson and Tommy Hunt were recruited to take their places.  Carey rejoined the group after they signed with End Records and recorded “Lovers Never Say Goodbye” in 1958.  McElroy had previously been replaced by Nate Nelson (1932-1984).  Carter later went on to sing with the Dells.  Today, at age 74, he remains a member of that Rock and Roll Hall of Fame act.  Hunt, the only other living member, abandoned the name, and has resided in Europe for nearly 40 years.

Johnson played guitar and sang first tenor and second lead with the Flamingos from December of 1956 through the spring of 1961, writing many and arranging all their best-known recordings including “Mio Amore”, “Time Was”, and “Love Walked In”.  After leaving the act, he formed his own groups, Terry Johnson’s Flamingos and Terry Johnson and the Modern Flamingos, which also included Nelson, whose lead voice graced “I Only Have Eyes For You”.

Jacob and Ezekiel Carey continued recording and performing as the Flamingos until their deaths in the late 1990s.  According to the Commissioner for Trademarks, the Careys filed a registration to trademark the Flamingos name in 1976.  The mark was granted in 1979.  The Commissioner ruled that the Careys “made false statements under oath that the general partnership, composed of the applicants, believed itself to be the owner of the mark sought to be registered and that no other person, firm, corporation, or association has the right to use such mark in commerce.”  The ruling makes note of the Careys’ knowledge of Johnson’s use of the Flamingos name as early as 1962.  “Ezekiel Carey ceased any intended use of the mark, to any on-stage performance as of 1999 when he passed away,” the Commissioner wrote.

“There is a difference in the terms ‘founding member’ and ‘original member’,” Johnson, 69, explains.  “The founding members were Wilson, Carter, and the Careys.  There were four founding members, not two.  The original members of the Flamingos would be defined as persons who were on the original recordings that brought the group to the height of their success and were recognized by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as being Paul Wilson, Jake Carey, Johnny Carter, Tommy Hunt, Nate Nelson, Zeke Carey, Sollie McElroy, and myself.”

Johnson, who also served as a writer-producer and artist at Motown records in the 1960s and ‘70s, takes issue with latter-day members who make claims to a group’s name, an issue that many original performers, including the Flamingos, have had to contend with.  “Other singers that have been hired through the years for performances by Zeke and Jake Carey or myself are not members of the original Flamingos and not entitled to the name.  Some consider themselves to be by association, but they are hired performers.  My hope is to bring clarity to this situation, and to continue to do my best to bring a high quality performance and the Flamingos sound that our fans expect and deserve.”  The Flamingos recorded “I Only Have Eyes For You” 50 years ago, on October 31, 1958.

The Flamingos meet the Moonglows on Vee-Jay CD.
Vee-Jay CD NVD2-706 (with full-track audios) ctsy Vee-Jay.


Important "doo wop" group, baptized by rock and roll "coiner" Alan "Moondog" Freed. They originally were formed as a trio  called the Crazy Sounds (with Fuqua, Danny Coggins, and Barnes - no recordings) in Cleveland, Ohio 1951. Moved to Chicago in 1953. Several late ´50s records by the Moonglows were issued as Harvey & the Moonglows. Marvin Gaye shortly worked with the group, when Bobby Lester, who had led several Moonglows recordings (and also some Checker recordings as Bobby Lester & The Moonlighters - who were the Moonglows) had quit. Soon after the group disbanded. Harvey Fuqua - songwriter and founder of the group created and produced the Spinners in 1961 (after the Moonglows had split) and became heavily involved in the leadership of Motown Records. Later Harvey sometimes acted with the members of the Sheps in a revival Moonglows group
Recording debut: Cleveland, Ohio early 1953 I Just Can´t Tell No Lie / I´ve Been Your Dog - Champagne 7500; Chicago October, 1953 Baby Please - Chance 1147 and Just A Lonely Christmas - Chance 1150.
Records for: Chance 53-54, Chess 54-58 ("Sincerely" issued as by The Moonglow's), Checker (as Bobby Lester & The Moonlighters) 1954, RCA 1972.

Original lineup : (the Champagne single)
Harvey Fuqua, Bobby Lester,
Danny Coggins, Prentice Barnes
Famous line-up
Harvey Fuqua, baritone/lead 53-60
 (& spokesman, born July 27, 1928, Louisville, Kentucky, nephew of Charlie Fuqua of the Ink Spots, died in Detroit July 6, 2010) Sang mosts lead in 1957-58
Bobby Lester, lead
53-58 (born Robert Dallas January 13, 1930, Louisville - died October 15, 1980) Childhood friend of Harvey in Kentucky (touring with Ed Wiley's band in 1950). After leaving the Moonglows he tried his luck with a new group with Pete Graves, Milton Turner and Doc Williams-Green. (a new contract with Chess was not to be). In the late 1960s his new group featured Clyde McPhatter´s son Billy, Gary Rodgers, and Robert Ford
Alexander "Pete" Graves, ten August 53-58
(born as Alexander Walton April 17, 1930 in Cleveland), replaced Danny Coggins. After his stint with Lester's new group he recorded as The Moonglows with members from the Velvets for the Lana label in 1964
Prentice Barnes, bass 53-58
(born April 25, 1925 in Chattewa, MS - died October 1, 2006 in Magnolia, MS).
Billy Johnson, gtr
55-59 (born in in Connecticut in 1922 or 1924, died April 28, 1987. Succeeded temporary guitarist Wayne Bennet. Billy played  with Jackie Wilson during the 1960s.
Line-up 1959-60:

Fuqua, Chester Simmons, Reese Palmer, James Nolan, Marvin Gaye, and sixth singer Chuck Barksdale, bass.

Revived line-up of 1970-72:
Fuqua, Lester, Graves, Doc Williams
and Chuck Lewis
The Moonglows of 1999:
Bruce Martin, Gene Kelly, Pete Crawford,
and Gary Rodgers
The Moonglows with "guest" Harvey doing "Sincerely" in ca 1998.

The Moonglows of 1955 (with Bobby Lester second frr left and harvey Fuqua far right).

Essential CD
: Their Greatest Hits - MCA/Chess CD 9379
or: Blue Velvet-Ultimate Collection (2CD) - MCA/Chess CHD2-9345
For Collectors
: The Flamingos Meet the Moonglows - Vee-Jay CD NVD2-706 (Chance recordings)
Most of All  - The Singles As & Bs - Jasmine 2CD
JASCD 591   (57 great tracks 1952-1960) Search on The Moonglows
The Moonglows at Wikipedia
Great article by Marv Goldberg

The Moonglows
| More on The Moonglows |
| Vocal Group Hall of Fame |
Discography and album covers

Great article on the Moonglows
R&B Top 10 Hits:

1955  Sincerely   2w
1955  Most Of All
1956  We Go Together
1956  See Saw
1957  Please Send Me Someone To Love
1958  Ten Commandments Of Love
(Harvey & The Moonglows)

All music guide.on The Moonglows
Harvey Fuqua Discography
Some Great AMusement:
1954  Baby Please
1954  Secret Love
1954  My Gal
1954  219 Train
1955  Foolish Me (f. Bobby Lester)
1955  Foolish Me (f. Harvey Fuqua)
1956  Don´t Say Goodbye
1956  Blue Velvet (Bobby Lester & The Moonglows 1962)
1957  Don´t Be Afraid Of Love



The hit-making, internationally famous group, who actually were formed twice - 1953 in New York City to back Clyde McPhatter on Atlantic Records, who recruited members from his old gospel partners in the Mount Lebanon Singers, including David Baughan, and then re-formed them with other gospel-experienced singer (the Thrasher Wonders from Alabama and Bill Pinkney) - and in 1958, when a whole new group emerged (featuring Ben E. King), recruited by The Drifters´ manager George Treadwell, who hired The (Five) Crowns and re-named them (still on Atlantic). The group was billed on records as Clyde McPhatter and The Drifters and as The Drifters featuring Clyde McPhatter 1953-54. Clyde owned the name of The Drifters together with manager George Treadwell - but sold his share to George when he started his solo career. Produced by Jerry Wexler and Ahmet Ertegun during Clyde´s years; and many hits of 1959-1963 were produced by Leiber-Stoller. The Drifters emerged into at least three different touring groups during the 70s: 1. Bill Pinkney´s Original Drifters (by many regarded as "the best", featuring David Baughan, the Thrasher brothers, Bobby Hendricks, Bobby Lee Hollis, and Jimmy Lewis  - on and off - and who have recorded several times - remnants of this group kept touring under Bill´s lead - lately including Clyde's son Ron). 2. Moore´s "legal" group, heavily touring Europe after the split with Atlantic Records, up to Moore' s death (Bobby Hendricks led Faye Treadwell's US Drifters after Moore´s death up to around 2003 - but as the UK Drifters awoke again Hendricks used the name the Bobby Hendricks Drifters). 3. Charlie Thomas´ touring and recording group (that group has been recording since 1972 - often featuring Beary Hobbs - who´s name is nowadays fronting the Larry Marshak group of 2000+). The first Thomas group was managed by Larry Marshak and they actually won the U.S. rights to the name through an early court decision in the 1970s - nowadays rejected (see below). Even Ben E. King re-joined both Thomas´ (1970s) and Moore´s (1980s) groups. Just prior to Bill Pinkney's death, Pinkney, Ben E. King, Charlie Thomas and Bobby Hendricks worked on stage together for a reunion meeting 15-17 May, 2007 (also featuring Pinkney's Original Drifters and Charlie Thomas' back-up - Lou Bailey, Jerome Manning and Stephen Brown). Charlie Thomas' Drifters recorded a CD album "Charlie Tjomas' Drifters Live - The Original Legacy Continues" around 2007. Lately Tina Treadwell's UK Drifters have called themselves The Official Drifters (featuring Steve King, Maurice Cannon, Michael Williams, and Damion Charles).
Recording debut: NYC June 28, 1953 (with Clyde, Baughan and former members of the Mount Lebanon Singers) Lucille (issued on Atlantic in 1954); August 9, 1953 (famous line-up plus Willie Ferbee, bass - Pinkney sang baritone on this session and changed to bass since Ferbee only attended one session) Money Honey / The Way I Feel - Atlantic 1006; first re-formed session NYC March 6, 1959 There Goes My Baby / Oh My Love - Atlantic 2025.
Records for: Atlantic 53-71, Bell/Arista 72-75 (Europe). Charlie Thomas´ Drifters: Musicor 1974, Trip, Gusto, EMI International.

Listen to "White Christmas" with The Drifters featuring Bill Pinckney and Clyde McPhatter

Original line-up: (June, 1953 Lucille)
Clyde McPhatter, lead
(who came from the Dominoes; born November 15, 1932 in Durham, North Carolina - died of heart attack in New York City June 13, 1972)
David Baughan, ten
William Anderson, ten
David Baldwin, baritone
James Johnson, bass
Second session line-up: (August, 1953 Money Honey)
Clyde McPhatter, lead
Andrew "Bubba" Thrasher, bar
Bill Pinkney, ten
(sometimes also spelled Pinckney)
Gerhart "Gay" Thrasher, ten
Willie Ferbee (Ferbie), bass
Walter Adams, gtr


Famous McPhatter line-up
: (1953-54)
Clyde McPhatter, lead 53-July 54
CClyde ‘s first solo recording, “Everyone’s Laughing” (waxed October 24, 1954 – prior to his military service) issued on Atlantic 1070 in August, 1955 as Clyde McPhatter and Vocal Quartet has most probably not the Drifters backing – rather the Cues
Andrew Thrasher, bar 53-8/56
Gerhart Thrasher, ten 53-5/58
Lead on some 1955-56 tracks; died in 1977
Bill Pinkney, bass
53-8/56 (& spokesman, Bill sporadically returned to the group in 1957/1958, born August 15, 1925 in Dalzell (near Sumter), NC, died in Daytona Beach in his sleep July 4, 2007.
Jimmy Oliver, gtr 54-57 (who wrote several of the recordings and later joined Clyde McPhatter to enhance Clyde's solo career)

Later 1950s leads:
David Baughan 6/54-8/55
, who had sung lead on The Checker’s “House With No Windows” in 1954 (died in 1970, aged 32)David sang lead on the Drifters’ “Honey Bee” (recorded April 21, 1955, but relegated to a flip side in 1961). Sang lead with the Harps later
Johnny Moore (8/55-ca 8/57*) Born 1934 in Selma, Alabama - moving to Cleveland, Ohio, where he sang with The Hornets and was spotted by Pinkney. Johnny went to the Army in 197. Returned to the group in 1963, and moved to England to start a revival career with Treadwell’s Drifters in 1972. He died in London, England on December 30, 1998
Bobby Hendricks (ca 8/57-5/58) Born February 22, 1938. Some information given states Bobby already sang with the Drifters in 1955. He had a solo hit in 1958, “Itchy Twitchy Feeling”, helped by guitarist Oliver, with a backing probably by the Coasters. Bobby masqueraded with the fired remnants of the Drifters that same year as “The Coasters”. Rumour has it: Bobby was actually backed by the Coasters on the Drifters’ recording of “Drip Drop” on April 28, 1958

Later members:
Charlie "Carnation" Hughes, tenor 8/56-5/58
(repl. Andrew)
Tommy Evans, bass 8/56-5/58*
Born September 1, 1927. Died 1984. Had led the Carols, and often subbed for Jimmy Ricks of The Ravens, and replaced him later
Jimmy Millinder, baritone (6/57-5/58)
*Moore and Evans both returned to the second version of the group.


Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters of 1953.
The Drifters o late 1956-late 1957 featuring Johnny Moore third left and seated at the piano - guitarist Jimmy Oliver.

Re-formed lineup from June, 1958:
The Crowns became The Drifters. Ben E. King’s manager Lover Patterson and James “Poppa” Clark were associated with the Crowns, but Clark did not join, when the new Drifters were formed by the Drifters’ manager Treadwell.
Ben E. King, lead/baritone (6/58-6/59 on stage, 5/60 on recordings, and 82-85). Born Benjamin Earl Nelson September 28, 1938 in Henderson, North Carolina
– died in Hackensack, New Jersey April 30, 2015. Managed by Lover Patterson in the early years.

Charlie Thomas, lead/tenor (6/58-6/67) From Virginia, born April 7, 1937 - some files say 1939
Dock Green, tenor (6/58-ca 1/63) Born October 8, 1934. Manager Lover Patterson helped Dock to start a rival Drifters, as soon as Dock left, featuring Charlie Hughes and Tommy Evans
Elsbeary (Beary) Hobbs, bass (6/58-late 60) Born ca 1936 - died May 31, 1996 - other files say in 2000, after several years of touring with Thomas´ group
Reggie Kimber, gtr (58-59)

Ben E. King only spent his original time with the group from the starting point June 1958 (with the first recordings in March, 1959)
until ca May 1960. On “Nobody But Me” (the flip of Save The Last Dance For Me) the credits were Vocal Quartet & Ben E. King.
The group singing behind King’s solo hits were not the Drifters, but singers recruited by Patterson.
Johnny Lee Williams (extra lead a short period 1959, as plans for King's solo career were made)
(continued to sing co-lead up to 1968 and in 1971 he started his own Drifters-group with Hobbs)
New leads entering early 1960s:
Rudy Lewis
late 60-5/64 (repl. Williams/King. He came from the Clara Ward Singers; born August 28 (or 23), 1936 - died on May 20, 1964)
ohnny Moore 4/63 -  back again ( with short leavings in 79, 82, 86). The Drifters became a singing quintet, plus guitarist, up to Lewis’ death with three great lead singers.
New members during the ´60s:
Billy "Abdul Samad" Davis, gtr
(mid 59-67) He want to Thomas’ group for several years
Tommy Evans, bass late 60-late 62 (repl. Hobbs).
In 1960 William Van Dyke, James Poindexter, and George Grant, all tried their luck in the group for short whiles
Gene Pearson, baritone ca 1/63-9/66
(from the Rivileers, replaced Green; born 1935 - died on April 6, 2000)
Johnny Terry, bass 1/63-7/66 
(replacing Evans) - this is not the James Brown Terry
William Brent, bass (6/67-11/67)
Rick Sheppard (10/66-ca 3/70) Replacing Pearson. Has his own Drifters-group today
Bill Fredericks, bass/baritone (12/67-74, 81-83) Replacing Brent
Dan Danbridge (66) and Charles Baskerville (67) shortly joined the group
Milton Turner, baritone during 1968-69
Don Thomas entered in 1969 as baritone/bass, left during 1970

Lineup 1970:
Moore, Sheppard, Don Thomas, Fredericks, Butch Mann (guitar up to 76).
Ronald Quinn sang with Moore and Fredericks on their last Atlantic recording in January, 1971 (a trio).

Moore’s group moved to England in 1972.
Lineup mid 1970s:
Moore, Clyde Brown, Butch Leake, and Grant Kitchings, soon replaced by Billy Lewis. Joe Blunt replaced Leake in the late 70s.
Lineup 1982: Ben E. King, Fredericks, Ray Lewis and Louis Price
Lineup 1983-1985: Moore, Ben E. King, Clyde Brown, Joe Blunt

Line-up mid 1980s:
Moore, Ray Lewis, Billy Lewis plus different fourth singers
The 1990s: Johnny Moore, Rohan Turner, Roy Hemmings, Joe Cofie
Early 2000s:  Peter Lamar (90,91 and from 96), Patrick Alan, Rohan Turney, Victor Bynoe.
UK Drifters today:
Maurice Cannon, Damion Charles, Michael Williams, Ryan King

Essential CD
The Definitive Drifters (2CD) - WEA WSMCD137 (UK , issued in 2003) - 58 tracks of whole career
or: The Definitive Soul Collection (2CD) - Rhino 77662 - 30 chronological tracks
or: The Very Best of …. WEA (UK) 029 (24 tracks)
or : Rockin´ & Driftin´ (3CD) - Rhino R2 72417
Let The Boogie Woogie Roll (2CD) - Atlantic 81927-2
and All-Time Greatest Hits And More (2CD) - Atlantic 81931-2):
Editor´s choise: The 7CD series: The Drifters Anthology - Sequel RSACD 803, 815, 817, 833, 834, 835, 836;
For Collectors: The Drifters: All the Singles 1953 - 1958 plus Bonus Tracks - Jasmine 2CD JASCD 526

(featuring  50 tracks incl alternates of Gone, Let The Boogie Woogie Roll, and Drip Drop, plus The Flyers and Ruth Brown)

Reading: Save the Last Dance for Me - The Musical Legacy of The Drifters by Tony Allan with Faye Treadwell
(Popular Culture Ink, 1993 - updated and republished 2005 in softback);
The Drifters by Bill Millar (UK 1971);
Drifters 1 by Bill Pinkney - 50 years 1953-2003 (US 2003) Search on The Drifters | Clyde McPhatter & the Drifters
Ben E. King

The Drifters at Wikipedia The Story of The Drifters

Charlie Thomas´ Drifters of 2002 (Thomas top center).  Charlie Thomas' Drifters in 2008 (Thomas second fr. l).
Charlie Thomas' Drifters

The Drifters at The Blues Database

White Christmas video (with Bill Pinkney of today)
| The Drifters Story | The Drifters | The Drifters official web site (Europe) |
Rhino´s Drifters Box | Unoffical Drifters Shrine |
Vocal Group Hall of Fame 
| The Drifters after Clyde
Discography and album covers

| Charlie Thomas' Drifters | Charlie Thomas |
| Thomas |
Bill Pinkney´s Original Drifters |

| Rick Sheppard´s Drifters
| The Drifters (current UK group, identical to below) |
| Treadwell's Official Drifters |

Great label shots and images (don't miss this one)

30 tracks on 2CDs from 2006 in chronological order from 1953 onwards.
The Drifters on Jasmine 1953-1958 (50 tracks).

R&B Top 10 Hits:

Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters

or The Drifters
featuring Clyde McPhatter
1953  Money Honey   11w
1954  Such A Night
1954  Lucille
1954  Honey Love (f.)   8w
1954  Bip Bam (f.)
1954  White Christmas (f. & Bill Pinckney)
(also a Top 10 in 1955)
1955  What´Cha Gonna Do
The Drifters:
1955  Adorable   1w
1955  Steamboat
1956  Ruby Baby
1957  Fools Fall In Love
1959  There Goes My Baby   1w
1959  (If You Cry) True Love, True Love
1959  Dance With Me
1960  This Magic Moment
1960  Lonely Winds
1960  Save The Last Dance For Me   1w
1961  I Count The Tears
1961  Some Kind Of Wonderful
1961  Sweets For My Sweet
1962  Up On The Roof
1963  On Broadway
1964  Vaya Con Dios
1964  Under The Boardwalk   3 w
1964  Saturday Night At The Movies
1965  At The Club

Top: Andrew, Clyde, Bill, bottom: Gerhard and Willie.
| Clyde McPhatter |
Essential Bonus Songs:
1955  Someday (You´ll Want Me To Want You)
(featuring Clyde McPhatter)
1956  Your Promise To Be Mine
1957  Driftin´ Away From You
1957  I Know
1958  Drip Drop
1958  Suddenly There´s A Valley
1961  Please Stay
1961  Room Full Of Tears
1962  When My Little Girl Is Smiling
1961  Jackpot
1962  What To Do
1963  Only In America
1963  If You Don´t Come Back
1974  Kissing In The Back Row Of The Movies
1982  You Better Move On (feat Ben E. King)

All music guide.on The Drifters
(with a great biography told by Bruce Eder and very
interesting information on the early Drifters).
Singles Discography
(Soulful Kinda Music)

All music guide.on Ben E.King
Ben E. King Official Web Site

Bobby Hendrick's Drifters

touring with Billy Richards' Coasters
and Sonny Turner's Platters in 2008)
  The Drifters´ original Atlantic LPs:
  1956  Clyde McPhatter & the Drifters - Atlantic 8003
  1958  Rockin´ & Driftin´ - Atlantic 8022
  1959  The Drifters´ Greatest Hits - Atlantic 8041
  1960  Save The Last Dance For Me - Atlantic SD8059
  1962  Up On The Roof - The Best of - Atlantic SD8073
  1963  Our Biggest Hits - On Broadway - Atlantic SD8093 (later rejected)
           (cover similar to 8073)

  1963  Under The Boardwalk  - Atlantic SD8099
               (reissue of above plus Under The Boarwalk ans minus Drip Drop)
  1965  The Good Life with the Drifters - Atlantic SD8103
  1966  I´ll Take Your Where The Music´s Playing
           - Atlantic SD8113
  1968  The Drifters´ Golden Hits - Atlantic SD8153
  1971  Their Greatest Recordings - The Early Years
           - Atco SD33-375
Collectables Records limited edition of 4 original albums in one CD-box-set.

Collectables: Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters plus Rockin'  & Driftin'.Collectables: Save The Last Dance For me plus The Good Life.Cllectables: The Drifters' Greatest Hits plus Under The Boardwalk."Up On The Roof & Other Favorites" (a Collectables budget issue with ten Attlantic classics).


Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters (with Pinkney et all) - from the first issue of the  "Let The Boogie Woogie Roll" album).    The Definitive Drifters (on UK WEA).

Court decision Thursday, August 19, 1999 8:39 AM
Drifters' Manager Wins Right to Continued Use of Name
NEWARK, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 6, 1999--
The following is an announcement by the law firm of Epstein Becker & Green: U.S district court judge overturns jury verdict stating Drifters  had abandoned trademark; judge upholds fraud verdict in registration of name by subsequent promoter The widow of the Drifters' long-time manager won't have to sing "There Goes My Baby" after all, thanks to a district court decision overturning a jury verdict that found she had abandoned the name of the classic 1950's rock-n-roll vocal group. In a July 30, 1999 decision with far reaching implications for the entertainment industry, Judge Nicholas H. Politan of the U.S. District Court  in Newark, N.J. overturned a jury verdict that found that Faye Treadwell abandoned the Drifters after the group ceased performing regularly in the United States in the mid-1970's. Different groups managed by the plaintiff in the case, promoter Larry Marshak, have been staging performances using the Drifters' name since that time. Ms. Treadwell was represented by James P. Flynn of the law firm Epstein Becker & Green, P.C. In the same decision -- Larry Marshak v. Faye Treadwell, et. al. (Civ. No. 95-3794, July 30, 1999) -- Judge Politan emphatically upheld a jury finding that, in 1976, Marshak and three former Drifters group members filed a fraudulent trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, despite knowing that rights to the Drifters' name belonged to The Drifters, Inc., a corporation owned by Ms. Treadwell. The threat of suits based on that fraudulently obtained trademark had kept Ms. Treadwell's group from performing in the United States. Ms. Treadwell managed the group with her late husband, George Treadwell, the group's original manager, from their marriage in 1955 until his death in 1967. Ms. Treadwell has served as the group's manager since then. Together   they had made, in Judge Politan's words, "all final decisions relating to the performances, costumes, appearance bookings, musical content, . . . and personnel changes" in the period in which the classic Drifters' hits were first recorded. Indeed, the Treadwells had been responsible for creating the image and sound that made those songs chart-toppers. Judge Politan's decision reverses an August 1998 jury verdict, which found that although promoter Marshak filed his application for federal trademark protection fraudulently, he still held common law rights to the Drifters' trademark.
The jury held that Marshak was able to obtain common law trademark protection because Ms. Treadwell had not actively used the Drifters' name in conjunction with performances in the United States for close to a decade. In overturning the jury's verdict, Judge Politan ruled that uninterrupted and continuing royalties from ongoing recording sales and airplay of original Drifters' songs -- including There Goes My Baby, Under the Boardwalk and Up On the Roof -- constituted continued commercial use of the Drifters' name in the United States, and therefore no abandonment had occurred.

The decision has widespread ramifications for the entertainment industry, which is fighting the promotion of music groups that perform under famous names, but with no relation to the original music pioneers behind the hit songs for which the groups are known. A bill introduced in Congress by Rep. Dennis Kuchinich (D-Ohio) and Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-Ga), entitled the "Truth in Rock Act," would help old chart-toppers defend their names and hit songs from being involuntarily "franchised" by unscrupulous promoters -- some of whom might be too young to even remember when the original songs were hits. Ms. Treadwell's attorney, James P. Flynn, of Epstein Becker & Green's Newark N.J. office said: "The oldies market has seen a boom over the past few years, but many of the industry's pioneers like Faye Treadwell have been left singing the blues. There's been a scramble to buy, or sometimes just take, the names of popular groups from the golden era of rock and roll. We see this ruling as a victory not only for our client, but for the many music pioneers who have become dispossessed through certain persons' clever use of lawsuits and loopholes in the existing laws governing trademarks." A copy of the complete decision is available upon request. About Epstein Becker & Green Epstein Becker & Green is a full-service law firm with more than 280 attorneys in 11 cities across the United States. The firm practices in the areas of commercial litigation, intellectual property, employment law, healthcare, corporate and securities law, government contracts and elder law. The firm is a founding member of the International Lawyers Network (ILN), a confederation of full-service law firms located in 67 countries on six continents.
CONTACT: The PR Consulting Group Liz Hall or Jim Haggerty 212/683-8100 TICKERS: KEYWORD:   NEW JERSEY
BW0027  AUG 06,1999 5:17 PACIFIC 8:17  EASTERN .

| more on the legal fight | on the legal matters of
The Drifters, The Platters, The Coasters

Charlie Thomas (center) and his Drifters in Washington summer of 2912.
Charlie Thomas' Drifters at Washington County Fair in August, 2012,

Ben E. King and the Drifters.
Ben E. King.
The Drifters of 1962 (with Charlie Thomas, Doc Green, Rudy Lewis and bottom center Tommy Evans.
The true Drifters after
Ben E. King´s leave, with
Charlie Thomas and Rudy Lewis.
Charlie Thomas´ Drifters of 1972.
Charlie Thomas´ Drifters
of 1972, promoted by Larry Marshak.

Bill Pinkney and Charlie Thomas in late 1999.
Bill Pinkney and Charlie Thomas
- meeting in late 1999.


"The Flying Platters" - Manager and song-writer Buck Ram´s (died 1991) internationally famous balladeers and the world´s best known vocal group. Originated from a Los Angeles line-up of late 1952 comprising Cornell Gunter, Gaynell and Alex Hodge, and Joe Jefferson, who were called the Flamingoes - of Los Angeles (no recordings). Curtis Williams (later of The Hollywood Flames and The Penguins) was also a some-time member. In January 1953 bass singer Herb Reed entered (replacing Curtis) and the group changed its name to The Platters (Gaynell was still around but soon left). Reed and Gunter sang lead and soon David Lynch replaced Joe. Tony Williams joined as lead in June, 1953. Soon after Gunter left (although he joined them for a short tour in 1957). Gunter's new group the Flairs was managed by Buck Ram. Around January, 1954 Buck Ram became the Platters'  manager and soon decided that the group needed a female singer and they found Zola Taylor (14 years of age at that time) rehearsing at Alex Hodge´s house with Gunter´s sister Shirley (who led her group, the Queens). The Platters had already done some recordings with female guest lead by Linda Hayes (Tony´s sister). Zola entered in March, 1954. In August, 1954  Paul Robi (who later changed his name to Roby) replaced Alex Hodge. The group was contracted to Mercury when Buck Ram made a deal moving the Penguins to that label. They re-recorded a by then unissued Federal recording of May 20, 1964, "Only You" (which Ram had composed several years earlier), on April 26, 1955 in Los Angeles.

In the 1960s Tony Williams re-activated his own new Platters for some years, as his solo career didn't work out as hoped. Beyond the many phony groups sporadically acting as Platters, at least seven groups have evolved from Ram´s group: 1. Monroe Powell´s Ram-succession and qualitative group in Las Vegas (still active, mostly in Florida and no longer under the Ram-banner - touring as "Monroe Powell´s Platters Revue" - recently settling their legal matters with Herb Reed´s Platters out of court). 2. Williams´ revived group after several unsuccessful solo years (in the early ´90s featuring Herb Reed). 3. David Lynch's "Original Platters" formed in 1967 with Robi and Taylor joining. 4. Sonny Turner´s "new" Platters. 5. Herb Reed´s touring "The Five Platters" lineup (initially including Nate Nelson, nowadays called "Herb Reed's Platters" (stopped by the "Ram" Platters group to call themselves just "The Platters"). 6. Robi´s revival group (nowadays managed by Robi´s widow). 7. The Buck Ram Platters (the remnants from the original group - without any original Platter and with new management, Jean Bennett, Ram's former aid). Europe has its own fake Platters. The groups to check out live today are really Monroe Powell´s in Florida (Monroe also acts with a late lineup of Ink Spots) and Herb Reed's.

Recording debut:
Los Angeles, California September, 1953 Give Thanks / Hey Now - Federal 12153, and I´ll Cry When You´re Gone / I Need You All The Time - Federal 12181 (The Platters'  final Federal session took place in January, 1955, again featuring Linda Hayes).
Records for: Federal 53-55, Mercury 55-64, Musicor 66-71.

Original recording line-up (Federal)
Tony Williams, David Lynch, Alex Hodge, Herb Reed
Famous recording line-up
Tony Williams, lead (53-early 60) Born April 5, 1928, Elisabeth, New Jersey. Died August 14, 1992 in New York. Sang his first solo records already in 1959 (for Mercury) and was replaced on stage by Tony's friend Johnny Barnes
David Lynch, ten (53-67) Born July 3, 1929 in St. Louis; died January 2, 1981. David left the group in early 1967 to start a new "Original Platters" (Robi and Zola joined him in the new group)
Paul Robi, bar (54-65) Born August 20, 1931 in New Orleans; died June 2, 1989. He also tried his luck in later years with an own group
Herb Reed, bass (53-69) Originally sharing leads with Cornell Gunter. Born August 7, 1931 in Kansas City. Died in Boston, June 5,, 2012. Herb was the longest lasting original member, leaving in 1969 to start a rival Platters group (originally featuring Nate Nelson)
Zola Taylor, sopr (late 54-64) Born March 17 in L.A., 1938, died April 30, 2007, replacing Cornell Gunter before Robi joined.
During 1956/57 Rupert Branker (from The Chords) joined the Platters as pianist on European tours.

Later members:
Charles "Sonny" Turner, lead (Feb 60-70) Definite lead from October, 1960 – Tony had left by May
Nate Nelson (65-69) (from the Flamingos, succeeding Robi in 1965)
Barbara Randolph (replaced Taylor in 1964), soon Betty Jackson arrived (neither one staying long). Sandra Dawn (became new soprano in 1966), Larry Johnson (replaced Lynch in 1967), Paul Wilson from the Flamingos sang with them in 1968, and Milton Bullock and Tony High also were members during the very late 1960s. Further changes in 1970.

Monroe Powell, lead from 1970 taking over from Turner. He head led the Dominoes, and was lead singer for the Buck Ram Platters for over 25 years with lots of completely new lineupsLin Las Vegas (with lots of new lineups).

New lead from 1995: Tyrone Sweet

The Buck Ram Platters Roster (line-ups 1952-2004)
Essential CD: Enchanted - The Best of - Rhino RHCD 75326
: All-Time Greatest Hits - Mercury CD 175502
(18 tracks)
or: The Magic Touch - Anthology (2CD) - Mercury 510 314-2;
For the Collector: The Complete Federal Recordings - Ace CDCHD 974
or: The Complete King Recordings - Collectables CD COL 2889 (incl a whistle version of "Only You")
Both albums feature the original 1953-1955 recordings
and: Four Platters and One Lovey Dish - Bear Family (9CD) BCD 15741 II (with all Mercury recordings 1955-64 and 56-page booklet)
Reading: Setting the Record Straight (2007) and Vol 2 (2009) by Anthony P. Musso (AuthorHouse) Search on The Platters
The Platters at Wikipedia

The Platters - Complete King Recordings (photo shows Reed, Alex Hodge, Williams, Lynch, and Taylor).
The Ace CD with 24 original Federal recordings.

The Platters Information Site
Marv Goldberg on The Platters
The Platters | The Platters
Vocal Group Hall of Fame

Discography and album covers
Only You video

Great label shots and images (don't miss this one)

R&B Top 10 Hits:

1955  Only You (And You Alone)    7w
1956  The Great Pretender   11w
1956  (You´ve Got) The Magic Touch
1956  My Prayer   2w
1956  You´ll Never Never Know
1956  It Isn´t Right
1957  On My Word Of Honor
1957  He´s Mine
1957  My Dream
1958  Twilight Time   3w
1958  Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
1959  Enchanted
1966  I Love You 1000 Times

| Herb Reed´s Platters |

| Sonny Turner´s Platters |
| Monroe Powell´s Platters Revue |
| The Buck Ram Platters | more

| Myles Savage | (who originally sang with
Tony Williams New Platters)

Favorite Smooth and Rhythmic Ones:
1954  Tell The World
1957  I´m Sorry
1959  Remember When
1961  I´ll Never Smile Again
1962  It´s Magic

All music guide.on The Platters
Singles Discography (Soulful Kinda Music)
The Platters of the late 1950s (with Tony Williams far right) - Rhino's great anthology.The double CD "Anthology - The Magic Touch"."All-Time Greatest Hits"

THE PLATTERS by Cord G. Coslor (continued)
(published in Gary King´s Oldies Newsletter # 38., 2000)


Buck Ram, composer, musical director, and producer, was the driving force behind the success of The Platters. He originally persuaded Mercury Records to sign them to a record deal, and stuck with them until his death in 1991. He was a genius song-writer, and is considered the mastermind behind The Platters hits. Ram, who has been credited with writing nearly 1,000 songs, not only penned such hits as "Only You," "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," and "Twilight Time," for The Platters, but also wrote the hit "I'll Be Home For Christmas" for Bing Crosby. With over 200 personnel changes in the Platters group over the years, it is evident that what draws people to The Platters is their music, much of it written by Ram, not necessarily the members of the group. In 1983, Ram told the Atlanta Journal newspaper, "We've had 200 personnel changes, and people do ask about Tony (Williams) sometimes, but they never mention any of the other guys except Monroe Powell, who's been with us for 14 years." Born in Chicago, IL, in 1909, Ram began his professional career as a lawyer, but was a saxophone player at heart. He played with the legendary Benny Goodman and Gene Krupa after he passed Illinois' State Bar Exam, and soon began writing music for many in the industry. He also is credited with discovering Ella Fitzgerald. The story says that Ram practically dragged Chick Webb, a drummer he was working with, into going to Harlem's Apollo Theater where the 15 year old Fitzgerald was performing. Eventually, the world would come to know her as the First Lady of Jazz. He then was invited to Hollywood where he began writing music for motion pictures, but found the industry to be very challenging.... so much so he was forced to stop writing music altogether for 2 years. He chose to return to the industry, a move that blessed the public with a sensational sound, and a move that not only discovered, but in some ways, created The Three Suns in the 1940s, The Platters in the 1950s, and The Union Gap in the 1960s.  Along the way, he garnered 16 Gold Records, and countless achievement awards. Jean Bennett is considered by many to have been Buck Ram's "right hand woman." Originally entering the industry as an aspiring performer herself, Bennett soon became an employee of Ram. With Ram and The Platters virtually from the beginning, Bennett wrote and edited the first Personality Plugger in 1954. This publicity paper was first released to disk jockeys, agents, magazines, and record companies on February 15, 1954. By 1964, Bennett had moved to Las Vegas from Los Angeles and purchased Personality Productions from Ram. Ram continued to work very closely with Personality until his death in 1991. Sue Hackett, a current co-worker of Bennett's says, "She was the lady with The Platters. Took the title of secretary for society to accept her. She was the lady executive." Today, Bennett maintains her right to the Platters name is still valid and has her own group, which is booked as The Buck Ram Platters, based out of Las Vegas. Current members of this group include Tyrone Sweet, Julie Harris, Paul Allen, III, Joel Gaines, and J. Michael Davis. While no original members are in this group, J. Michael Davis did perform with The Platters during the Ram era in the 1980s. Bennett says she and her company vigorously pursue groups which are illegally using the Platters name. "We don't feel it is right for people to take money out of her mouth, or anybody else's mouth," says Hackett. At the same time, Bennett has licensed two other groups to perform. A group located in Branson, MO using the name of The World Famous Platters (members include Lawrence Randell, Eddie Stoval, Walter White, and Dee Dee Hamilton) and a group managed by Larry Marshack of New York, which often performs at Las Vegas' Sahara Hotel & Casino, both perform with the approval of Bennett. "As a last resort, I finally did license 2 or 3 different groups... they were so popular and well liked." She also says that an agreement has been reached with original member Herb Reed which allows him  to continue performing under the name, although Reed denied any agreement between the two in a recent interview.

"We get along fine... but now he's trying to go back on the agreement he gave with me, because I settled with him out of court by giving him a license to perform as long as he was able," Bennett said. In 1990, Martha Robi (wife of Paul Robi), sued Bennett and 5 Platters, Inc., and won a total of $3,510,000. This court case also declared that 3 registered trademarks of "The Platters," which Five Platters, Inc. owned, be cancelled. Since that time, Bennett has continued to put on a very successful show with The Buck Ram Platters, and continues to discourage the use of the name. "That's something we're very, very adamant about." Bennett recently sued, and won a judgement against, Monroe Powell, who was performing with the name The Platters Featuring The Legendary Monroe Powell. She says that Powell refused to sign a contract extension in the mid-1990s and left to perform with his own group. "I put in a lot of years with him and it really breaks my heart to have it turn into something like this." Monroe maintains that after the 1990 lawsuit between Robi and Bennett, Bennett sold the management company to Mary Fanning, where he containued his employment with the Platters. Bennett acknowledges that Powell's statement is indeed true, but that the company under Fanning's direction ended operations all together. Bennett maintains that her current Personality Productions company continues to own all rights to The Platters name. Recent court rulings have shown Bennett to have rights to the name, but several former Platters vehemently disagree with this idea. "Jean was there almost from the conception of them, but she was secretary and then a partner to Buck Ram. She feels she owns 'The Platters.' Just because you were in management, how do you own The Platters?", said Sonny Turner.  Turner went on to say, "I don't know where she gets the power and authority to license anyone.... at least my contribution has been significant to the Platters." It is evident that Bennett has helped maintained a very successful and powerful company over the years, but controversy remains over her right to use the name. Along with Bennett, several others have also won 'rights' via the judicial system. What is very clear, is that Bennett was ahead of her time in the music industry. Some sources close to The Platters say Bennett was simply a secretary, but the facts show she indeed purchased the management company in the mid-1960s from Buck Ram.  Sue Hackett says she, "Pioneered, really, for me and other people a positive business world for women.... we are where we are because of people like Jean Bennet." Hackett said, "No, its not the original Platters, but where would they have been without Buck Ram's music... without people like Jean Bennett?" The Buck Ram Platters are planning the release of a new album in 2000.

Herb Reed´s Platters.
Herb Reed´s Platters
The only group with an original member!

Monroe Powell´s Platters Revue in 2002.

The group receving most honors these
days is Monroe Powell´s group.

Court rules in favor of former Drifters manager

NEWARK, N.J. - A federal court says a former manager of The Drifters could be entitled to millions of dollars from concert promoters who have infringed on the famed singing group's trademark. The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia ruled last week in favor of Faye Treadwell, who has fought a lengthy legal battle over the name of the group that sang such classics as "Up On The Roof" and "Under The Boardwalk." The ruling allows Treadwell to seek damages from promoter Larry Marshak and his associates, who have promoted the group since 2001. Marshak promoted concerts of The Drifters as well as singing groups The Platters and The Coasters. None feature original members of the groups, which had their heyday in the 1950s and '60s.


"The True Street Corners" - Cult group of New York´s Sugar Hill - formed 1953 in Harlem called the Carnations (no recordings). Discovered by Lover Patterson, who brought them to Jubilee´s subsidiary Josie, where they were managed by Esther Navarro coached by saxophonist Jesse Powell. The group were the first to choose a car name (breaking the tradition of birds giving names to vocal groups). The Cadillacs were also the first to extensively use professional choreography (Cholly Atkins and Honi Coles). They soon turned into two different groups for the same label. Today they have fans all over the world - revived and active, and touring extensively for the last couple of decades. Earl Carroll left the Coasters in late 1979 (after almost 20 years away from his originals) and revived his old group, back in business again with his old childhood friend  and original Cadillac Bobby Phillips.
Recording debut: New York July, 1954  with the classic Gloria / I Wonder Why - Josie 765.
Records for: Josie 54-60, Smash 1961, Capitol 62-63.

Original line-up 1954:  (Gloria)
Earl Carroll, lead (54-61, 80- ). Spokesman, born November 2, 1937. Earl was partly absent in 1957 and in 1959, returned, but left for The Coasters in the summer of 1961. Died in New York November 25, 2012.
Laverne Drake, ten (54-55). Born 1938
James "Poppa" Clark, ten.  Born 1937. Hired for this session by Lover Patterson.
Johnny “Gus” Willingham, bar. Born 1937. Replacing original
Carnation-member Cub Gaining. His only stint with the group.

Bobby Phillips, bass (54- ). Second spokesman, born Janary 28, 1935, died March 6, 2011.
  (rip Bobby)

Lineup second session 1954, and 1955: (No Chance – Speedoo)
Earl Wade, second lead (54- ). Wade was still around and worked with Carroll, Phillips, and Johnny Brown  in 1979 as The Earls
Charles Brooks, bar (54-57)
with Carroll, Phillips, and Drake

Lineup 1956:
Carroll, Phillips, Wade, Brooks, plus
James J.R. Bailey (May 56-72) third lead, died in 1980

Second group 1957:
Bailey, Robert Spencer, ten; Bill Lindsay, bar; Champ Rollow, bass
"The Original Cadillacs" 1957:
Carroll, Phillips, Wade, Brooks,
plus sometimes Bailey
"United" line-up 1958-59:
Spencer, Carroll, Phillips, Wade, Bailey
Second group ("Romeo") 1959:
Spencer, Wade, Bailey, Phillips
"Speedo´s Cadillacs" early 1960:
Carroll, Roland Martinez, ten; Kirk Davis,bar; Ronnie Bright, bass
Late 1960:
Carroll, Martinez, Phillips,
and Reggie Barnes, lead ten

The Cadillacs of the mid ´50s with Carroll at top.

Second line-up 1960 (billed as The Original Cadillacs):
Wade, Martinez, Phillips,
and Junior Glanton, bar
1961 for
Carroll, Ray "Bobby Ray" Brewster, ten; Curtis Williams, bar
(both from a late line-up of Hollywood Flames; and Curtis from the original Penguins - singing the bridge on "Earth Angel"); Irving Lee Gail, bass

For Capitol 1962-64:
Bobby Ray, Roland Martinez, Bobby Spencer, and James Bailey
After these recordings the group also featured a.o Milton Love, Fred Barksdale, and Leroy Binns (although Spencer and Phillips stayed along for a while.

Bailey, Spencer, Leroy Binns, Steven Brown, and sometimes Phillips and Whade
1998 - on:
Earl Carroll, Bobby Phillips, Gary Lewis, John Brown
(from 2003 a trio without Brown).
Essential CD: The Best of... - Rhino R2 70955
or: Rock - Bear Family BCD 16281 AB (34 tracks, 44-page booklet)
For Collectors: The Complete Josie Sessions (4CD) - Bear Family BCD 15648 DI
or: For Collectors Only (3CD) - Collectables COL-CD-8800
Reading: They All Sang on the Corner by Philip Groia (Edmond Publ, 1973) Search on The Cadillacs
The Cadillacs at Wikipedia
| More on The Cadillacs | Speedo & The Cadillacs |
Discography and album covers

Bobby Phillips

Robert W. “Bobby” Phillips, a founding member and bass singer for the Cadillacs who influenced generations of vocal group harmony fans and performers with their flashy stage presentation, soulful harmonies, and memorable recordings including “Gloria”, “Speedoo”, “Zoom”, and “Peek-A-Boo”, died in a New York hospice care facility on Sunday, March 6, 2011 at age 76.

Born January 28, 1935, Phillips, lead tenor Earl Carroll and Laverne Drake formed the original quintet as the Carnations in their 7 and 8th Avenue neighborhood between 131st and 133rd Streets in Harlem, New York.  In 1953, they were referred to Shaw Artists Booking Agency secretary Esther Navarro who became their manager and secured a contract with Josie Records.  Christened the Cadillacs by Navarro, the group’s initial waxing, the uptempo “I Wonder Why”, featuring Carroll and Phillips, was paired with a reworking of the old Mills Brothers’ standard, “Gloria”.

The Cadillacs’ “Gloria” became an influential benchmark for vocal groups in and beyond the early rock’n’roll era, and was followed by a series of charming ballads (“Wishing Well”, “Sympathy”, “Window Lady”, “You Are”, and “The Girl I Love”), bouncing, upbeat toe-tappers, (“No Chance”, “Zoom”, and “Woe Is Me”), and unique novelty efforts, (“Peek-A-Boo”, “Jay Walker” and “Please Mr. Johnson”).  With eye-catching suits, crisp arrangements and stellar backing from Jesse Powell and his band, the Cadillacs were fan favorites and, Carroll, a born showman, infused the comedic stylings of black actor Mantan Moreland to the rock’n’roll stage. 

The group’s signature hit, “Speedoo”, which opened with Phillips’ rhythmic bass run, climbed to #3 R&B and #17 pop in early 1956.  Their swinging interpretation of “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”, which also featured stellar bass parts from the diminutive Phillips, who stood no more than five-feet-four, hit the charts in early ’57.  It was followed into the Top 40 by “Peek-A-Boo” in the winter of 1959.  With coaching from noted dancers and choreographers Cholly Atkins and Honi Coles, the Cadillacs were the first R&B vocal group to extensively use precision choreography in their stage routines, heavily influencing Motown’s superstars of the 1960s.

While the group’s personnel often changed- 18 different lineups recorded as the Cadillacs between 1953 and 1964- Phillips sang on more Cadillacs records and in concert performances than any other member.  He appeared with them in the 1959 motion picture, “Go Johnny Go”, starring Alan Freed and Chuck Berry, and, along with long-time vocalist J. R. Bailey, kept the group going strong into the 1970s, recording “Deep In The Heart Of The Ghetto” for Polydor Records.  While Carroll was with the Coasters from 1961-79, Phillips often played the part of “Mr. Earl” on stage, leading the Cadillacs’ classic hit.

In 1979, Carroll and Phillips joined forces again and, with the subsequent addition of Gary Lewis, recorded and performed worldwide for the next 30 years.  Their last studio album, Mr. Lucky, was issued in 2004.  Phillips suffered a minor stroke in 2008 but remained in the lineup until reportedly developing kidney problems last spring.  In his absence, Carroll and Lewis added Richard Lanham, formerly of the Tempo-Tones, to the Cadillacs performing unit.  Funeral services for Robert Phillips, a lifelong resident of Harlem’s St. Nicholas Park neighborhood, were held March 15 at the Unity Funeral Chapel on 8th Avenue.


(c) 2011-Todd Baptista


R&B Top 10 Hit:

1956  Speedoo  (recorded September 28, 1955)


Phillips, Carroll, Lewis in 2004.
| Official Web Site of Speedo & the Cadillacs |

The Cadillacs 4-set CD-Box.
The Collectables 3CD-set.
Other Collectors´ Gems:

1954  Gloria
1955  Down The Road
1955  Let Me Explain
1956  Woe Is Me
1956  Betty My Love
1956  The Girl I Love
1956  About That Girl Named Lou
1956  Sugar-Sugar
1957  My Girl Friend
1958  Holy Smoke Baby
1958  Speedo´s Back
1958  Peek-A-Boo
1959  Please Mr. Johnson
1959  Romeo
1960  Louise
1960  Tell Me Today
1960  Rock ´N´ Roll Is Here To Stay

All music guide.on The Cadillacs
The Cadillacs at The Blues Database

The Cadillacs doing "Gloria" today


The Cadillacs - original Josie singles
Note: There are more Josie recordings (LP) and several later singles   on Smash, Capitol, Artic, Mercury and Polydor.

The Cadillacs
(featuring Earl Carroll, lead; and Bailey*,sec.ten)
765  I Wonder Why - Gloria
769  Wishing Well - I Want To Know About Love
773  No Chance - Sympathy
778  Down The Road - Window Lady
785  Let Me Explain - Speedoo
792  Zoom - You Are

798  Betty My Love* - Woe Is Me*
805  That's All I Need - The Girl I Love*
807  Shock-A-Doo - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer*
812  About That Girl Named Lou* - Sugar-Sugar*
The Cadillacs
(featuring James Bailey and Robert Spencer)
820  Broken Heart - My Girl Friend
The Original Cadillacs (featuring Earl Carroll)
821  Hurry Home - Lucy
Earl Carroll and the Original Cadillacs (feat. Carroll and Bailey)
829  Buzz-Buzz-Buzz - Yea Yea Baby
Jesse Powell and The Caddy's (with Bailey and Spencer)
834  Turnpike (instr) - Ain't You Gonna
The Cadillacs
(with Carroll, Bailey, Spencer, Wade and Phillips) 1
836  Speedo Is Back - A'  Looka Here
842  Holy Smoke Baby - I Want To Know (rec 1957 with Bailey)
846  Peek-A-Boo - Oh, Oh Lolita
857  Jay Walker - Copy Cat
861  Please, Mr. Johnson - Cool It Fool
Speedo and The Pearls
(feat Carroll)
865  Who Ya Gonna Kiss - Naggity Nag
The Cadillacs (featuring Spencer, Wade, Bailey and Phillips)
866  Romeo - Always My Darling
870  Bad Dan McGoon - Dumbell
Speedo and The Cadillacs
(feat Carroll)
876  Tell Me Today - It's Love (with Ronnie Bright, bass)
883  That's Why - The Boogie Man (with Phillips, bass)
The Original Cadillacs
(featuring Earl Wade and Bobby Phillips)
915  I ll Never Let You Go - Wayward Wanderer (rec earlier)
Note: Among the only-on-LP issued tracks are the Carroll-led
"Dum Dee Dum Dum" (Nov. 1959) and "Rock ' N'  Roll Is Here To Stay" (June 1960)

The Rhino Cadillacs CD.."The Fabulous Cadillacs & The Crazy Cadillacs" on Collectables (2 LPs on one CD).
"Peek-A-Boo" on Remember label with 17 classics.


Lester Sill and The Coasters in 1958 with the golden record of "Yakety Yak"."Those Hoodlum Friends"
- "
The Clown Princes of Rock ´N´ Roll" - the pre-eminent vocal group of the original rock ´n´ roll era, and the first to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Originated from the Robins - an R&B vocal group from Los Angeles, who had conquered California since 1949 - and had worked with the young composing/producing team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller during 1954-55 -  when Leiber-Stoller together with manager Lester Sill in September of 1955 decided to launch a professional group in L.A. for Atlantic´s new subsidiary Atco. The two fore-most lead singers (tenor and bass) of the Robins were completed with two new hand-chosen vocalists on the first Coasters records. The remnants of the Robins continuted, unsuccessfull, in the Los Angeles area. Gardner's and Nunn's new group, the original Coasters only lasted for a couple of years until they re-formed (still with Californians) and moved to New York. They used the best musicians on recordings (especially King Curtis on sax from 1958) and reached international fame in 1959. The group was Leiber-Stoller´s favorite vehicle for their 2-minute play-lets and the group worked with them 1954 - 1963, 1966-1968 and 1971-1972.

Carl Gardner´s debut with the Robins:
Los Angeles, Febr-March, 1954   If Teardrops Were Kisses
- Spark 110, released in February, 1955.

The Coasters recording debut:
Los Angeles,  January 11, 1956   Down In Mexico / Turtle Dovin´
- Atco 6064, released in February, 1956.
Records for: Spark 54-55 (Robins), Atco 56-66, Date 66-68, King 71-73.

All of the early members
have launched their off-shoot Coasters’ recording groups during later years. There was Bobby Nunn´s Coasters, Mark II (formed in 1963) - nowadays acting as Billy Richards’ Coasters. Grady Chapman (of the Robins) toured with a "Coasters" group (often featuring Bobby Sheen). Cornell Gunter’s Fabulous Coasters (formed not long after Gunter’s leave from the originals) is still acting with off-spring members as the “Original” Cornell Gunter’s Coasters. Billy Guy has issued records as Billy Guy & The Coasters. Leon Hughes called a group The World Famous Coasters (both Bobby Nunn and later Will Jones have guested) and still leads his own group calling himself “The Original”. And if that isn't enough, former members of those off-shoots have embarked new bogus Coasters groups. There also was Will Jones’ World Famous Coasters (which often featured Billy Guy). Guy later semi-coached promoter Larry Marshak’s fake group, which now tours in several versions as yet another Cornell Gunter’s Coasters. The true Coasters, though, are still semi-coached by Carl Gardner and by manager Veta Gardner with Carl's son Jr as lead singer.

The Robins lineup on Spark 1954-55:
Carl Gardner, lead - debuting with the Robins in Los Angeles February-March, 1954 (Spark); Bobby Nunn, bass (who sang with Little Esther on the Robins’ "Double Crossing Blues" from December, 1949 and was lead of the Robins, with several recordings for Savoy, RPM/Modern/Crown and RCA); "Ty" Terrell Leonard, tenor; Billy and Roy Richard, baritones; and in early 1954 Grady Chapman, second lead.

Original Coasters lineup 1956-57:
Carl Gardner, lead and spokesman for 50 years - coaching the group in later years born in Tyler, Texas April 29, 1928, died in Port St. Lucie, Florida June 12, 2011); Leon Hughes, tenor (born in California August 26, 1932); Billy Guy, baritone and recording with the group up to 1972 (born June 20, 1936; died November 5, 2002 in Las Vegas); Bobby Nunn, bass (born September 20, 1925 in Birmingham, Alabama; died November 5, 1986 in L.A: ); and Adolph Jacobs, guitar up into early 1959 (born April 15, 1939).

Famous classic lineup 1958-1961: Gardner; Guy; Cornell Gunter, tenor up to mid 1961 (former lead with the Flairs; born November 14, 1936 in Coffeyville, Kansas. He died from an unknown gun shot in Las Vegas in his car February 26, 1990); Will "Dub" Jones, bass up to 1968 (former lead with the Cadets, born in Shreveport, Louisiana May 14, 1928; died in Long Beach, California on January 16, 2000).

Later recording members:
Earl "Speedo" Carroll, tenor 1961-1979 (born November 2, 1937; leaving from and to the Cadillacs), died November 25, 2012; Ronnie Bright, bass from 1968 to late 2009 (born October 18, 1938; formerly with the Valentines); Jimmy Norman, baritone, first substituting for Guy, then replacing him from 1973 (born August 12, 1937 - died November 8, 2011 ; formerly with Jesse Belvin and acting as solo artist in New York; Thomas "Curly" Palmer, guitar from 1962 (born in Texas August 15, 1929).

Lineup 1980-1997:
Carl Gardner, Ronnie Bright, Jimmy Norman, Thomas Palmer.
Current lineup from 1998:
Gardner, Bright (up to November, 2009 - replaced by "Fast" Eddie Whitfield), Palmer; and Alvin Morse, baritone (born February 1951, member up to September 2008 - in October 2008 Alvin Morse was replaced by Primo Candelara.); Carl Gardner Jr, tenor (born April 29, 1955 - absent July 2001 - November 2004); J.W. Lance (Lance Williams), tenor from 2001 and staying with the group since then - even when Carl Jr returned (born June 16, 1949). In November, 2005 Gardner Jr officially took over from his father as lead singer of the Coasters.

Essential CD:
The Very Best of... - Rhino R2 71597
or: The Ultimate Coasters - Warner SP 9-27604-2
For Collectors: 50 Coastin Classics (2CD) - Rhino  R2 71090
or: There's A Riot Goin' On, The Coasters On Atco (4CD) - Rhino RHM2 7740 (113 tracks)
and: Down Home - Varèse Sarabande (Vintage) 302 066 944-2 (featuring the group's twelve Date/King sides)
Reading: “Yakety Yak I Fought Back: My Life With The Coasters” by Carl Gardner with Veta Gardner (AuthorHouse 2007).
“The Coasters” by Bill Millar (Star Books, UK 1975).

THE COASTERS, vcl-group   "HI-FIVE"
1.  (Carl Gardner-lead, Billy Guy, Young Jessie, Bobby Nunn and Adolph Jacobs,gtr)
(featuring Gil Bernal or Plas Johnson,sax) - Hollywood, February 15, 1957:
57C-107     Young Blood - Atco 6087 (#1, 17w)
  (as above with Guy-lead, featuring Mike Stoller,pno) - same session:
57C-108     Searchin'  - Atco 6087 (#1, 21w)
 (Carl Gardner, Billy Guy, Cornell Gunter, Will "Dub" Jones, Jacobs)
(featuring King Curtis,sax) - New York, March 17, 1958:
58C-365     Yakety Yak - Atco 6116 (#1, 14w)
  (as above with Gardner and Guy-joint leads, Sonny Forriest,gtr)
(featuring George Barnes and Mickey Baker,gtrs) - New York, July 16, 1959:
59C-3607    Poison Ivy - Atco 6146 (#1, 16w)
  (as above with Guy and Jones-leads; featuring King Curtis,sax) - New York, July 29, 1960
60C-4754    Shoppin'  For Clothes - Atco 6178

The Coasters Official Web Site
The Coasters Official Website
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Discography and album covers

"The Coasters Top Hits" Atco EP of 1959.

R&B Top 10 Hits:

1955  Smokey Joe´s Cafe -The Robins
1956  Down In Mexico
1957  Young Blood    1w
1957  Searchin´    12w
1958  Yakety Yak    7w
1959  Charlie Brown
1959  Poison Ivy    4w

singles discography
with all leads noted
singles discography Soulful Kinda Music
(the last one based on the above but with Robins´ mixups)
The Coasters in 1965: Gardner, Jones, Carroll, Guy.
Extra Hits & Outstanding Entertainment:
1954  Riot In Cell Block #9 - The Robins
1955  Framed - The Robins
1956  Brazil
1957  Idol With The Golden Head
1957  What Is The Secret of Your Success
1958  Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart
1958  The Shadow Knows
1959  Along Came Jones (Pop #9)
1959  I´m A Hog For You
1960  Wake Me Shake Me
1960  Shoppin´ For Clothes
1961  Little Egypt (Ying-Yang)
1962  The Slime
1963  The P.T.A.
1964  'T'ainät Nothinä To Me
1964  I Must Be Dreamin´
1965  Let´s Go Get Stoned
1966  Down Home Girl
1967  She Can (Talkin´ ´Bout A Woman)
1968  D.W. Washburn
1971  Love Potion Number Nine
  The Coasters at dmusic
  The Coasters: Pop and R&B Hits

  The Coasters
| at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  The Coasters | at the Vocal Group Hall of Fame


Recording for 40 years - and hit makers - the true soul brothers from Cincinnati, Ohio - and later big business administrators. Formed in the early 1950s as a gospel group (worked in Cleveland in 1954). Moved to New York in 1956.
Recording debut: late 1956 The Cow Jumped Over The Moon / Angels Cried - Teenage 1004.
Records for: Teenage 1957, Gone 1958, RCA 59-60, Atlantic 1961, Wand 62-63, United Artists 63-64, T-Neck/Atlantic 64-65, Tamla 66-69, T-Neck/Buddah 69-72, T-Neck/CBS 73-84, Warner 85-92, Elektra 1993.
Original line-up:
O´Kelly ("Kelly") Isley
(b. December 25, 1937 died of heart attack March 31, 1986)
Rudolph Isley
(b. April 1, 1939)
Ronald "Ronnie" Isley, lead
(b. May 21, 1941)
Youngest brother Vernon died 1954
Line-up 1973-84:
O´Kelly, Rudolph, Ronald,
plus younger brothers Ernie and Marvin, and cousin Chris Jasper, gtr
(Ernie, Marvin and Chris worked as Isley, Jasper, Isley from 1984)

In 1993:
Ronald, Ernie
and Marvin acted as the Isley Brothers
Essential CD: Rockin´ Soul-The Story Vol 1 (1959-68) - Rhino R2 70908
For Collectors: You Make Me Want To Shout, Essnetial 1956-59 - Jasmine JAS 561 Search on The Isley Brothers
The Isley Brothers at Wikipedia
| The | More on themDiscography |

R&B # 1 Hits (of Their 25 Top Tens):

1969  It´s Your Thing     4w
1975  Fight The Power     3w
1977  The Pride     1w
1978  Take Me To The Next Phase     2w
1979  I Wanna Be With You     1w
1980  Don´t Say Goodnight
(It´s Time For Love)      4w

All music guide.on The Isley Brothers
Some Early Classics:
1959  Shout - pts 1 & 2
1960  Rock Around The Clock
1961  Your Old Lady
1962  Twist And Shout
1964  Who ´s That Lady
1964  Testify - pts 1 & 2
1966  This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You)
1969  I Turned You On
1973  That Lady
1974  Live It Up


The Chicago vocal group, starting out in Mississippi 1957 as The Roosters (no recordings) and later breaded two of Soul´s greatest 60s-70s "cool soul" singers - Jerry Butler (born December 8, 1939, Sunflower, Miss) and Curtis Mayfield (born June 3, 1942, Chicago, Illinois, died December 26, 1999).
Recording debut: Chicago 1957 Listen To Me / Shorty´s Gotta Go - Bandera 2504.
Records for: Abner/VeeJay 58-59, ABC 61-68, Curtom 68-75. The quintet was produced for VeeJay by Ewart Abner (who also issued their first hit, "For Your Precious Love", on Abner and Falcon - with different credits in 1958) and took Butler to VeeJay soon after that hit record (Butler still working closely with Mayfield up to 1966), whilst the reformed Impressions trio (with Mayfield) went to ABC.

Original line-up 1957:

Jerry Butler, lead
(left the group in late 1958)
Curtis Mayfield, gtr
Sam Gooden
(b. September 2, 1939 in Chattanooga, Tenn)
and Richard Brooks (both from Chattanooga)
Fred Cash, lead
(replacing Butler in late 1958)
Line-up 1962-70 as a trio:
Mayfield, Gooden, Cash
Later leads:
Leroy Hutson
70-73 (repl. Mayfield), Reggie Torian and Ralph Johnson (quartet 73-76)
Revived line-up touring 1983:
Butler, Mayfield, Gooden, Cash
Essential CD: Greatest Hits - MCA MCAD-31588
Reading: Chicago Soul and Doo Wop - The Chicago Scene, both by Robert Pruter (US, 1998) Search on The Impressions | Jerry Butler
The Impressions at Wikipedia
Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions at The Blues Database

Discography/Story with album covers

| More on Curtis MayfieldImpressions Discography |

R&B # 1 Hits (of Their 22 Top Tens):

1963  It´s All Right     2w
1964  Keep On Pushing  2w
1964  Amen  3w
1968  We´re A Winner     1w
1969  Choice Of Colors     1w
1974  Finally Got Myself Together     2w

All music guide.on The Impressions
Some Other Classics:
1958  For You Precious Love
(also issued as Jerry Butler & The Impressions)
1961  Gypsy Woman
1965  People Get Ready


Early Detroit group, formed at Northern High School in Detroit 1955 as The Matadors (no recordings).
Recording debut: New York City with Berry Gordy as producer 1958 Got A Job (answer to "Get A Job") / My Mama Done Told Me - End 1016.
Records for: End 58-59, Chess 59-60, Tamla 60-76, Columbia 1977. The Miracles leading man was poet- balladeer- producer- hit maker- vice president of Motown records - Smokey Robinson. The group was billed as Smokey Robinson and the Miracles during 1967 - 1972.
Famous line-up
William "Smokey" Robinson, lead
(& spokesman b. February 19, 1940, Detroit)
Bobby Rogers, ten
(b. February 19, 1940 in Detroit)
Ronnie White, bar
(b. April 5, 1939 in Detroit; d. August 26, 1995)
Warren "Pete" Moore, bass
(b. November 19, 1939 in Detroit)
Claudette Rogers
(1956-64, who became Robinson´s wife in 1959, replacing original member Emerson Rogers)
Marvin Tarplin, gtr
Later lead:
William "Billy" Griffin
(replacing Smokey and Claudette from 1972)
Essential CD: OOO Baby. The Anthology (2CD) - Universal/Motown 440 064 481-2
or: The Definitive Collection (2CD) - Universal/Motown 983 2781
or: The Greatest Hits - Motown 530121-2
Reading: Smokey - Inside My Life, by Smokey Robinson and David Ritz (1989) Search on The Miracles | Smokey Robinson
The Miracles at Wikipedia
| More on The Miracles | Discography |
Discograph/Story with album covers

R&B # 1 Hits (of Their 26 Top Tens):

1961  Shop Around     8w
1963  You´ve Really Got A Hold On Me     1w
1968  I Second That Emotion     1w
1970  The Tears Of A Clown     3w
All music guide.on Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
Other Early Classics:
1963  Mickey´s Monkey
1965  Ooo Baby Baby
1965  The Track Of My Tears
1966  Going To A Go-Go
1975  Love Machine
All music guide.on The Miracles


"The Tempting Temptations" - "Emperors of Soul" - "The Tempts" - Southerners in Detroit, who formed in 1959 by a "merge" of two young groups, the Primes and the Elgins - becoming The Distants in 1960 - and several years later the most successful vocal group of R&B. The Tempts were Berry Gordy´s golden boys The Supremes his "girls") , and all time favorites, who were trained choreography by Cholly Atkins, who also had trained the Cadillacs, and the Coasters. Reunited line-ups toured a couple of times in later years. Ruffin, Kendricks and Edwards toured at the same time as Williams´ Temptations - acting as the Temptations several times during 1986-87. In 1998-99 Damon Harris acted as lead in a "The Temptations Review" including Ali-Ollie Woodson and Richard Street - rivaling Otis Williams´ true Temptations; and Dennis Edwards also started a new Temptations group - and lately also Glenn Leonard tours with an own group.
Temptations recording debut: Detroit July 1961 Oh Mother Of Mine - Miracle 5; first for Gordy: March 1962 Dream Come True / Isn´t She Pretty - Gordy 7001.
Records for: Gordy 62-76, Atlantic 77-79, Gordy 80-onwards. "
Famous line-up
Eddie Kendricks, ten/lead
(b. December 17, 1939, Birmingham, Alabama - died in lung cancer October 5, 1992 in Alabama)
David Ruffin, bar/lead
(b. January 18, 1941, Whyknot or Meridan, Miss - replacing original member Eldridge (Elbridge) "Al" Bryant in 1964 and recommended by his 2 years older brother Jimmy Ruffin, who had turned down the offer to sing with The Temptations. David died June 1 (other files say 11), 1991, possibly murdered or dead by drugs)
Otis Williams, ten
(former of the group & spokesman, b. Otis Miles October 30, 1941, Texarkana, Tex)
Paul Williams, bar
(& sometimes lead; b. July 2, 1939, Birmingham, Alabama - d. August 17, 1973, suicide)
Melvin Franklin, bass
(b. David English October 12, 1942, Montgomery, Alabama - died February 23, 1995 in Los Angeles - other files say 1998)
The group´s guitarist thru the classic years: Cornelius Grant
Important later members:
Dennis Edwards, lead f
rom 68 (former Contours b. February 3, 1943 - replacing Ruffin)
Richard Street
(who had sung with Otis Williams´ Distants already in 1959; first substituting and then replacing Paul Williams from 1971)
Ricky Owens
(a short spell in 1971 replacing Kendricks)
Damon Harrris
(replacing Owens) -  and Glenn Leonard (replacing Harris from 1975)
1988 line-up:
Williams, Franklin, Street, Edwards
(who had been away between 1977-79, replaced by Louis Price; and again between 1984-87 replaced by Ali Ollie Woodson); coupled with new member Ron Tyson.
Essential CD: Gold  (The Definitive Collection 2CD)  - Universal/Motown 986 3200

(feturing 36 top recordings 1962-2005 with great liner notes from Harry Weinger and Otis Williams).

For Collectors: Emperors of Soul (5CD longbox digipac) - Motown 530338-2
Temptations by Otis Williams with Patricia Romanowski (Fireside, 1988 and updated 2002)
Ain't Too Proud To Beg - The Troubled Lives and Enduring Soul of the Temptations by Mark Ribowsky (2010) Search on The Temptations
The Temptations at Wikipedia
| The Temptations Official Web Site | The Temptations Information |
| The Tempts4Ever | Temptations Forever | The Temptations Fans Website |
Vocal Group Hall of Fame

R&B # 1 Hits (of Their 43 Top Tens):

1964  The Way You Do The Things You Do   1w
1965  My Girl     6w
1966  Get Ready     1w
1966  Ain´t Too Proud To Beg     8w
1966  Beauty Is Only Skin Deep     5w
1966  (I Know) I´m Losing You     2w
1968  I Wish It Would Rain     3w
1968  I Could Never Love Another     1w
1969  Run Away Child, Running Wild     2w
1969  I Can´t Get Next To You     5w
1971  Just My Imagination     3w
1973  Masterpiece     2w
1974  Let Your Hair Down     1w
1975  Happy People     1w
1975  Shakey Ground     1w
All music guide.on The Temptations
The Temptations Album Page
Temptations Discography
Other Favorites:

1964  Don´t Look Back
1964  I´ll Be In Trouble
1965  It´s Growing
1968  Try It Baby
(with Diana Ross & The Supremes)
1968  Cloud Nine
1970  Psychedelic Shack
1972  Papa Was A Rolling Stone
1984  Treat Her Like A Lady
1987  I Wonder Who She´s Seeing Now

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| Damon Harris | David Ruffin |
| Paul Williams Tribute | Paul Williams |

Isley Brothers´ Millennium Collectin CD.
The Isley Brothers

The Very best of The Impressions CD.
The Impressions

Early Smokey Robinson & The Miracles CD.
The Miracles

My Girl - The Best of The Temptations 2-set CD.
The Temptations

The early Vocal Groups and their Classics
1950s and early 1960s
Printer-Friendly (with year of recording)

Ol'  Man River - The Ravens  (f. Jimmy Ricks) 1947
Crying In The Chapel - The Orioles (f. Sonny Til) 1953
Earth Angel - The Penguins  (f. Cleve Duncan) 1954

Dreams Of Contentment - The Dells  (f. Johnny Funchess) 1955
You' re So Fine - The Falcons    (f. Joe Stubbs) 1959
The Robins
Our Romance Is Gone   (f. Bobby Nunn) 1950

Riot In Cell Block #9   (f. Richard Berry or Nunn) 1954
Smokey Joe's Cafe  (f. Carl Gardner) 1955
The Dominoes
Sixty-Minute Man  (f. Bill Brown)
Have Mercy Baby  (f. Clyde McPhatter)
Rags To Riches  (f. Jackie Wilson)
Star Dust  (f. Gene Mumford)

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve
   (f. Monroe Powell)
The Clovers

Fool Fool Fool  (f. Buddy Bailey)

One Mint Julep  (f. Buddy Bailey)
Good Lovin'   (f. Charlie White)

Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash (f. Billy Mitchell)
Love Potion No. 9  (f. Billy Mitchell)

The "5" Royales

Baby Don´´t Do It  (f. Johnny Tanner)

Let Me Come Back Home (f. JImmy Moore)
When I Get Like This (f. Johnny Tanner)
Think  (f. Johnny Tanner)
Dedicated To The One I Love  (f. Gene Tanner)

The Midnighters
Every Beat Of My Heart (f. Charles Sutton)
Work With Me Annie (f. Hank Ballard)

The Twist (f. Hank Ballard)
Finger Poppin'  Time (f. Hank Ballard)
Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go (f. Hank Ballard)
The Moonglows
Baby Please  (f. Harvey Fuqua)

Sincerely  (f. Bobby Lester)
Foolish Me  (f. Bobby Lester)
Ten Commandments Of Love  (f. Harvey Fuqua)
The Flamingos
Golden Teardrops (f. Sollie McElroy)

The Vow  (f. Nate Nelson)
Lovers Never Say Goodbye  (f. Paul & Terry)
I Only Have Eyes For You  (f. Nate Nelson)
The Drifters
Money Honey (f. Clyde McPhatter)
Ruby Baby  (f. Johnny Moore)
There Goes My Baby (f. Ben E. King)
When My Little Girl Is Smiling  (f. Charlie Thomas)
On Broadway (f. Rudy Lewis)
The Platters
Only You  (f. Tony Williams)
The Great Pretender  (f. Tony Williams)
Twilight Time  (f. Tony Williams)
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes  (f. Tony Williams)
It's Magic  (f. Sonny Turner)
The Cadillacs
Gloria  (f. Earl Carroll)
Speedoo  (f. Earl Carroll)
Woe Is Me  (f. Earl Carroll)
Peek-A-Boo  (f. James Bailey, Earl & Phillips)
Romeo  (f. Bobby Spencer)
The Coasters
Young Blood  (f. Carl Gardner)
Searchin'  (f. Billy Guy)
Yakety Yak  (f. Carl, Billy & Dub)
Poison Ivy  (f. Carl & Billy)
Shoppin'  For Clothes  (f. Billy Guy & Dub Jones)
D.W.  Washburn  (f. Billy Guy)

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Shoppin' for Clothes
(Leiber - Stoller - Harris)

Recorded in the Atlantic Studios,
New York City, July 29, 1960
The Coasters in 1960.

Billy Guy, lead vocal;  Will Jones, bass vocal;
Carl Gardner och Cornell Gunter
(huhh huhh huhh huhh huh) vcls
King Curtis, tenorsax.
Produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller
- issued on Atco 45-6178, September 1960

Shoppin´ For Clothes

Play the song!

I was shoppin' for a suit the other day, and walked into the department store
Stepped on the elevator and told the girl, dry good floor
When I got off a salesman come up to me, he said, now, what can I do for you’?
I said we're goin' in, show me all the sport clothes, like you’re supposed me to
he said, ‘well, sure, come on in buddy, dig this fabric as we got here laid down on the shelf
He said:
(Jones): Pick yourself out one, try it on, stand in the mirror  and dig yourself
(Jones): That suit is pure herringbone
Yeah, that’s a suit I’d like to own
(Jones): Buddy, that suit is you
Yeah, I believe it, too
I see, for the business man you feature the natural shoulder that retail wholesale indeed
It’s got the custom cuffs and the walkin’ short, he says
(Jones): And I’m gonna let you have it at a steal
And for the playboy you have the latest in tweed with a cutaway flapped over twice
It’s a box-back two-button western model, he said
(Jones): Uhn uhn, now, ain’t that nice?
(Jones): Them buttons are solid gold
You made it a deal, sold
(Jones): That collar’s pure camel hair
Then you just sit down right there on that chair
...SAX SOLO...
Now you go back there, and you get that pape and let me sign on the dotted line
And I’ll make sure I’ll get all my payments in, right on time
(Jones): Now, wait a minute but let me do, i can't do unless checking on you
Then the man he come back and he sound, ‘sorry my man but you uh
(Jones): You couldn't (credit) it even go through
Now, what you mean?
Ain’t this a shame? Uh, uh, uh my heart’s in pain
Pure, pure herringbone
(Jones): That’s a suit you’ll never own
Uhh, Lord have mercy

(Fading): I got a good job,
sweet, (and a baby pay ?)..

"Yakety Yak"The "Yakety Yak" flip.
Audio clips on The Coasters


According to Charlie Gillett: "The Sound of the City", The Coasters occupy the sixth position of rock´n´roll acts with most records in the U.S. Pop Top 10, 1955-59 (one hit record could muster two hit titles - but Gillett counts a double-sided hit as one hit record); only surpassed by Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, Rick Nelson, the Everly Brothers, and Pat Boone; and with Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, and Lloyd Price among the ten best scorers (note the difference between a hit record and a hit title).

The Coasters are one of only six R&B acts, who during the ´50s scored more than three Pop Top 10 hits (hit titles) - the other five are the Platters, Nat King Cole, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard.

In Stuart Colman´s wonderful R´n´R publication "They Kept on Rockin´ - The Giants of Rock ´n´ Roll", the following legends are presented: Bill Haley (Father of Rock ´n´ Roll), Chuck Berry (Still Motorvatin´), Fats Domino (They Call Me The Fat Man), Jerry Lee Lewis (The Killer Himself), Carl Perkins (King of Rockabilly), Bo Diddley (The Diddley Daddy), Screamin´ Jay Hawkins (Clown Prince of Rock ´n´ Roll), Duane Eddy (The Twang´s the Thang), The Coasters (That is Rock ´n´ Roll), Buddy Holly (Reminiscing), Eddie Cochran (Somethin´ Else), Gene Vincent (The Black Leather Rebel), Johnny and Dorsey Burnette (Rockabilly Boogie Brothers), Elvis Presley (Once a King), Little Richard (Back to the Church), The Everly Brothers (So Bad).

1957 Tour Poster with the original Coasters (Gardner far right).Coasters poster (1960 image) - Jones, Gardner, Gunter, Guy.

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