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Other Writing

I know, I know, the site isn't finished yet. More stuff coming soon, relatively speaking.

More Maychorian Stuff:
Tales of the Seekers--
Star Wars Stories:
See a bunch of my writing at Star Wars Interactive Story
Free as the Wind
The Waterlight Way (Sequel to Free as the Wind inspired greatly by the first Instant Story at SWIS)
Saber Legacy (The further adventures of Jae, Narissa and Dari on the corrupted planet of Sylelius)
Prophecy (An almost purely sci-fi story that could belong to about any fictional universe, though I set it in the Star Wars galaxy, for no apparent reason.)
Darkened Planet:
Sifting Sand
Miscellaneous Stories:
Some Thanksgiving
The Stars Are Cold
White and Green
Where There's a Will...
The Fourth Question
The Tale of Robin and Mariel
Can't Fool Me
Easier Said Than Done
Thankful to be Weird
You Don't Want to Know
The Battle of Thermopylae
Inner Wars
God Speaks to Fragile Man
Blow on That Dusty Harmonica
The Story of My New Life
Song for Leah
It's Time We Did Something
Humorous Stuff:
Crises and Conspiracies
Writing Contest Script
A Lowdown Snake-in-the-Grass
Serious Stuff:
Playing Out of Tune--Christians in the World
Random Thoughts (Actually, this is only semi-serious.)
Culture Wars: A New Myth

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