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You can't have one without the other,
A roof falls without something underneath.
Every child yearns for a mother,
Every religion needs rock-solid belief.

You can't have real friendship without trust,
No bird can fly without wings,
Pizza's not the same without crust,
And kingdoms need patriotic kings.

Every saga needs a beginning.
Every word from God's lips must be true.
If you alter the Bible, you're sinning.
Paper castles fall apart without glue.

If you can't believe one thing your friend says,
Can you trust anything they say at all?
If your faith doesn't have a foundation,
It surely will crumble and fall.

Comments: This grew out of some of Ken Ham's lectures at the family camp I attended during the weekend of the day this was written. It's really supposed to be serious, but the 'pizza' line kind of ruins the mood, doesn't it? Visit Answers In Genesis.

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