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Darkrender: Freedom Quest

Chapter 1: Stormy Waters
Chapter 2: In The Middle Zone
Chapter 3: The Witch's Apprentice
Chapter 4: Arim and Faela
Chapter 5: The Journey Begins
Chapter 6: Night Attack
Chapter 7: Council of War
Chapter 8: False Starts
Chapter 9: River Adventures
Chapter 10: Lenny's Light
Chapter 11: Waylaid in the Bluewood
Chapter 12: Confrontations
Chapter 13: The Princess's Welcome
Chapter 14: Ralph and the Dragon
Chapter 15: A Flash of Gold in the Dark
Chapter 16: Preparations for Battle
Chapter 17: The Eye of Jah
Chapter 18: A Way Through
Chapter 19: Crescendo
Chapter 20: It Always Gets Worse...
Chapter 21: ...Before It Gets Better
Chapter 22: Victory
Chapter 23: Going Home

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