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Big map of Madra

Overview from west, looking east
Overview from west, looking east.

Looking west from Purple Mountains
Purple Mountains, the Bluewood, the Wilders, Journey Plain, Western Sea.
To the north Ceri Lake, the Red Hills, Mingled Forest.
Between the Wilder and the Bluewood, Maychoria, Tappuah north of River Shreliri.

Viewing northeast from Dularek Mountains.
Dularek Mountains, New Tarmic and Lestal Desert in the Southern Frontier.
Beyond Purple Moutains, the Trakinos, far away, Galgolb and the Icy Sea.

Viewing north from the Unexplored South
Viewing north from Unexplored South.

Galgolb viewed southwest from topmost cornerCloseup of Galgolb.
Surrounded by Witch's Wall are Kakon, Urnvile Swamp, Iron Hills, Katamobic Waste.
Trakinos Desert around it all.
Far East is off the map, it's so Far.

Closeup of Maychoria and Tappuah
Culmari and Phelturn are in Tappuah.
(Phelturn is Tappuah's capital, incidentally.)
River Shreliri is political boundary between Maychoria and Tappuah.
Tarmic is much smaller than as depicted in this representational drawing.

The Western Colonies
The Western Colonies, between the Wilders and the Western Sea.
The Tappuan Colonies, including New Phelturn, are north of the River Olnar.
Roderi and the Maychorian Colonies are south of the river.
Some brave Maychorians in the south have begun discovering or inventing the art of sailing, this historian is not sure which.
It's not going too well, due to the dragons.

Another overview from west looking east.
The River Gladdenspring is in Maychoria, from beginning to end.

The southwest corner of Madra.
Southwest corner of Madra.
Unexplored South is off the map.
Nobody's come back alive yet, from there or from the Far East. (No word on dead people returning, but it doesn't sound too probable.)

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