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Thankful to be Weird

I see the world in black and white;
Wrong is wrong, right is right.
Truth is truth, lies are lies--
This should come as no surprise.

To me issues are clearly defined.
God's Word lays it on the line.
Wrong is wrong, right is right,
Black is black, white is white.

There are no shades of muddy gray;
Homosexuality is not 'gay.'
It's wrong, it's bad, it's stomach-wrenching.
The fist of truth is clenching.

Evolution is a joke,
A dirty lie from Satan's throat,
A sham, a hoax, a garbage-heap.
Faith in Creation is not a blind leap.

Sex outside of marriage is wrong.
Don't sell your purity for a song.
A moment's pleasure will bring you grief.
Death lurks in the night like a thief.

Abortion is murder; you've heard it said.
For the sake of convenience a baby is dead.
A mother is hurting; she cannot forget
The child God named Billy--Casey--Annette.

If this is normal, I'm glad I am not.
I'd rather be 'weird' than let truth go to pot.
I am a Christian, though yet in the world,
Sailing the sea of life with all sails unfurled,

Leaving to Jesus the cares of my heart,
The weariness that enfolds every part.
Please come and join me, my care-burdened friend,
And we'll press on together to the golden end.

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