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Billy the Kid: Outlaw Legend

Last Updated---April 26, 2012

NEWS: The photo at the top of this page is of a tintype recently discovered in Globe, Arizona. There seems to be a chance the two men depicted are Billy the Kid (standing) and Joe Antrim. Both exhibit characteristics known to belong to Billy and Joe, the evidence suggests it was taken in the appropriate time period, and it was discovered in a town/area both men were known to have spent some time. For a more detailed account of its discovery and the theories surrounding it, check out

Billy the Kid is the most famous outlaw in the history of the Old West, even surpassing Jesse James. However, most of his years remain mysterious. He has been described as both a cold-blooded killer and as a romantic Robin Hood. He was extremely loyal to all of his many friends, and extremely dangerous to anyone he considered an enemy. He lives on in the hearts and minds of countless people as a young, rebellious freedom fighter, who stood up for the little people against the big politicians. He will forever be remembered as a immortal figure of a lawless era.

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