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The Chronology of the Life of Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War

This section of my page is simply a chronology of the life of Billy the Kid, the life of his friends/enemies, and the Lincoln County War. For this section, I have used the following books as my primary sources:

  1. "The West of Billy the Kid" by Frederick Nolan
  2. "The Lincoln County War: A Documentary History" by Frederick Nolan
  3. "Jessie Evans: Lincoln County Badman" by Grady E. McCright and James H. Powell
  4. "The Illustrated Life and Times of Billy the Kid, 2nd Edition" by Bob Boze Bell
  5. "Such Men as Billy the Kid: The Lincoln County War Reconsidered" by Joel Jacobsen
  6. The sections are divided by date and there is around seventy-two dates per page. Enjoy!

    1821---May 12, 1869

    Spring 1869---Aug. 8, 1876

    Aug. 9, 1876---Late June 1877

    July 1, 1877---Feb. 7, 1878

    Feb. 8, 1878---June 23, 1878

    June 24, 1878---Nov. 30, 1878

    Dec. 1, 1878---June 27, 1879

    July 1, 1879---Dec. 5, 1880

    Dec. 6, 1880---Aug. 1, 1881

    Aug. 6, 1881---1902

    Mar. 1902---Dec. 27, 1950