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Gunfights of Billy the Kid & Battles of the Lincoln County War

This section of my page details all the known gunfights of Billy the Kid, as well as each and every battle of the Lincoln County War. Even the few battles of the war that Billy did not actually participate in are contained here (those such battles which Billy wasn't involved in have an asterisk [*] located on the link). The gunfights are organized into three sections, namely: 1)pre-Lincoln County War; 2)Lincoln County War; and 3)post-Lincoln County War. Enjoy, and if you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, just e-mail me.

Pre-Lincoln County War Gunfights

Billy the Kid vs. Windy Cahill

Lincoln County War Gunfights

The Assassination of John Henry Tunstall
The Capture of Buck Morton and Frank Baker
Shootout on the Tularosa*
Shootout in Agua Negra Canyon
An Encounter with Buckshot Roberts
A Little Scuffle in Lincoln
April Fools' Day Assassination in Lincoln
Blazer's Mills Shootout
The Battle of Fritz Spring*
The Battle of Lincoln
Raid on Dolan's Cattle Camp
Skirmish on the Ruidoso*
Shootout at San Patricio
Shootout at San Patricio, Part 2
Raid on San Patricio*
Standoff at the Chisum Ranch
The Looting of the Coe Ranch*
The Five-Day Battle

Post-Lincoln County War Gunfights

Raid on the Apache Agency
Billy the Kid vs. Texas Joe Grant
The Rustlers Ambushed by a White Oaks Posse
Standoff at the Greathouse-Kuch Ranch
Ambush at Fort Sumner
Capture at Stinking Springs
Jailbreak in Lincoln
Billy the Kid vs. Sheriff Pat Garrett