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Photo-Biography Gallery, Part 2

Welcome to the second section of my website all about photos. This page shows photos of Billy's enemies and foes. Like the previous page, I have written a biography of the subject of each photo. If any of the photos do not show up, hit your REFRESH button two or three times. If they still do not work, e-mail me. I will be adding photos frequently.

Click here to go to the Photo-Biography Gallery of Billy the Kid and his Friends.

Photos of Billy the Kid's Enemies and Foes

L. G. Murphy
James Dolan, Page 1
James Dolan, Page 2
Johnny Riley
District Attorney William Rynerson
Judge Warren Bristol
Sheriff William Brady
Jessie Evans
John Kinney
Purported Photo of Jessie Evans, John Kinney, and Frank Baker
Deputy Billy Mathews
Seven Rivers Warriors
Sheriff George Peppin
Andrew L. 'Buckshot' Roberts
Deputy 'Pecos Bob' Olinger
Deputy Buck Powell
Bob and John Beckwith
Johnny Hurley
John Jones
Lt. Col. Nathan A. M. Dudley
Sheriff Pat Garrett
Sheriff Pat Garrett, Page 2
Frank Stewart
Barney Mason

Deputy John W. Poe
Deputy Thomas 'Kip' McKinney