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Gunmen of the Lincoln County War

This section of my page lists all the gunmen known by name that fought on both sides of the Lincoln County War. The fighters are divided into two main sections depending on which side they fought, with the addition of a third section, that being Selman's Scouts, a gang that existed independently from either side. The fighters from the Murphy-Dolan-Riley faction are then divided into four small factions, namely: 1)men who worked for the House or were personal friends of Murphy, Dolan, or Riley; 2)members of the Jessie Evans Gang; 3)members of the Seven Rivers Warriors; or 4)members of the John Kinney Gang, also known as the Rio Grande Posse. The Dolan side employed all three gangs throughout the course of the war. As always, e-mail me with any comments or suggestions.

The Tunstall-McSween-Chisum gunmen

The Major Regulators
The Minor Regulators

The Murphy-Dolan-Riley gunmen

Workers for the House
The Jessie Evans Gang
The John Kinney Gang/Rio Grande Posse
The Seven Rivers Warriors


Selman's Scouts/The Rustlers/The Wrestlers