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Photo-Biography Gallery, Part 1

Welcome to the first section of my site all about photos. Click on the links below to go to the photo(s) of your choice. This part of the photo gallery features photos of Billy, his friends, and his allies. For each photo, I have written a biography of person(s) depicted in the photo. If any of the photos do not show up, hit your REFRESH button two or three times. If they still do not work, e-mail me. I will be adding photos frequently.

Click here to move on to the Photo-Biography Gallery of Billy the Kid's Enemies.

Photos of Billy the Kid, his Friends, and Allies

Alleged Photos of Billy the Kid
Catherine McCarty Antrim and Mary Adeline Dunn Roberts
William Antrim
Joe McCarty Antrim
John H. Tunstall
Alex and Susan McSween
John Chisum
Tom O. Folliard
Charlie and Manuela Bowdre
Doc Scurlock, Page 1
Doc Scurlock, Page 2
Dick Brewer
Frank MacNab
'Big Jim' French
Jose Chavez y Chavez
Fred Waite
Henry Brown
Fred Waite and Henry Brown
John Middleton
George Coe
Frank Coe
Yginio Salazar
Ab Saunders
'Dirty Dave' Rudabaugh

Tom Pickett
Billy Wilson/Dave Anderson, Page 1
Billy Wilson/Dave Anderson, Page 2
Dan Dedrick
Sam Dedrick
Mose Dedrick
Dr. Henry Hoyt
Sam Corbet
Godfrey Gauss
Col. Albert Jennings Fountain
Pete Maxwell, Juan Patron, and Paco Anaya
Brushy Bill Roberts
John Miller