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The Rustlers, the second gang of Billy the Kid

The above illustration appeared on the cover of the 1992 issue of "The Outlaw Gazette." It depicts the core members of the Rustlers. They are, from left to right: Tom Folliard, Charlie Bowdre, Tom Pickett, Billy the Kid, Dirty Dave Rudabaugh, & Billy Wilson.

This part of my page lists the members of the Rustlers, the second gang that Billy the Kid belonged to, as well as their allies. I classify their allies as men who did not actually ride with the gang, but aided them in the selling of their stolen livestock and/or corralled the stolen animals for the gang. This was not the first gang named "the Rustlers." The original was more well known as "Selman's Scouts," which was led by John and Tom Selman. Selman's Scouts invaded Lincoln County towards the end of the war and began terrorizing citizens for fun. Click here to learn more about them. After the Lincoln County War was over and Selman's Scouts had left Lincoln County, Billy and his pals began rustling cattle, mules, and horses. Treasury Agent Azariah Wild (who was investigating members of the gang such as Billy Wilson, Sam Cooper, and the Dedrick brothers, for passing counterfeit bills) dubbed them "the Rustlers" as well.

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The Rustlers