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Meggplant's (and her beta reader's) Fanfic

11/24/00- alright, i know some of you have given up wondering when i'm going to post anything new. i'm sorry! i really didn't mean to let RL run away with me, but it did anyway. i'm up to my eyeballs in work, and don't really have the time to fix this hellhole of a website, but i'm doing it anyways...

new story up called Both Sides Now. if anyone knows who wrote that song, could you email me so i can give him/her/it credit? thanks.

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he is soooo gorgeous :)

Title Author Summary
Love Poem by Meggplant Summary: A poem written pre-TS that I found related to it. (Rated PG)
Diary by Meggplant Summary: Blair's Diary entry. He tells it what he can't tell his best friend. (Rated PG, J/B)
LipSmackers, an Obsession by Meggplant Summary: Blair has a little problem dealing with an obsession of his... some silliness (rated: G)
Scaredycat by Meggplant Summary: Blair's afraid of a frog... but what's Jim afraid of? (rated: G)
Thunder Spirit by Meggplant Summary: Just a silly little thing, no plot really (rated: G)
Unwanted by Meggplant Summary: Jim is called in to help the feds. They don't want Blair - Unfinished (updated)
Still by Meggplant Summary: I was upset by the fact that Jim never tell Blair 'thank you' enough. So... (rated:F (for friendly))
Remember by Meggplant Summary: A poem written after I read a very moving slash story. Dedicated to Candy Apple! (rated:PG J/B implications)
Jungle Cat by Meggplant Summary: Nursery Rhyme. My head does strange things that I can't control... (rated:F for Family)
Both Sides Now*NEW* by Meggplant Summary: my view of Blair's life as we know it/speculate it. (rated:S for sad in my opinion anyway)

he he he... coffee break!:)

Hello! Meggplant's humble beta-reader Soxom here. Megs insisted on having my Sentinel pieces on her page despite the link to my own page, so voilą. She also asked for my fave stories, the Kevin series, which take place in several different universes, although you don't have to really know them. I have more stuff, mostly Due South, X-Files, and Twin Peaks on my own page at I welcome feedback at

Title Author Summary/Rating
Oops by Soxom Summary: A group of bank robbers panic when they realise who they've taken hostage. First story in the Kevin series, but can be read independently. Humour. (Rated PG)
Unsaid by Soxom Summary: When Jim is released from the hospital following a head injury, things don't seem right between him and Blair. But what could he possibly have done while unconscious? Drama (Rated G)

The Kevin Series

Kevin Packer is a luckless criminal who always makes just one mistake, related to the universe he's in. Each story can be read independently, but in order is best. This is what happens when I have a long weekend! Any suggestions for a dumb thing he could do in the X-Files universe is welcome.

Title Author Summary/Rating
Oops by Soxom Summary: A group of bank robbers panic when they realise who they've taken hostage. Sentinel universe. (Rated PG)
They'll Hunt You To The Ends Of The Earth by Soxom Summary: After escaping from prison, Kevin heads to the south side, only to discover he should have kept up on news from home. Due South universe. (Rated PG)
Too Good To Be True by Soxom Summary: Kevin takes what looks like a golden opportunity to escape from prison (again), but hijacks the wrong car, with the wrong hostage inside. Twin Peaks universe. (Rated PG)

For general interest, Soxom and i had a major falling out, so i no longer have a betareader. i still respect her and her writing, so it's staying up here. she hasn't told me to take her stuff off my page, so until she does, here it stays!

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