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Disclaimer: The characters Blair Sandburg (The Great One) and Jim Ellison (Supercop) are not mine, sadly, and never will be. I'm simply borrowing, and will return them none the worse for wear. tee hee!! Lip Smackers...

Author's Note: This idea came to me when I witnessed my sister walking aroind one day with seven of these swinging from her belt. She had them on a little... attatchy-thing, and swore it was the latest fad. And I don't think I'll ever regret taking them and stuffin' em behind her bookcase. he he... sorry sis! But it was too good to resist!


Lip Smackers - Gimme gimme gimme

By Meggplant

"Give that to me Sandburg."


"Yes. You've already used it thirty times in the past two hours. I forbid it to come anywhere near you for the next week."

"NO! Jim, you cannot do this to me, man! Give it back! Please! Uh- my lips are soo dry! I need to use that to keep from getting my lips all icky and-"

"I am keeping this thing until I can break you of this obsession. This is not healthy, Chief. It's only a lip gloss."



"I said, yeah right, sure thing. Geez, for someone with heightened senses you sure are deaf. That is mine. If I catch you anywhere near it, even opening the lid, I will lynch you."

"Uh huh."

"I mean it man. That is my only Tropical Punch."

"What? You mean you have more of these things?"

"uh oh. No! NO, I don't, I just meant..."

"Where are they, Blair. Am I going to have to search your room? I will, you know. - And don't mumble, I can hear you perfectly well even when you're under the bed."

"Damn those hyper sensitive ears of yours. Okay, here. All fifteen. No more, no less. And the thing about the Tropical Punch goes for all of them. I catch you even remotely *thinking* about using them, and I will kick you to next Monday. Got it?"

"Right. And you won't go out and get more, you won't steal other people's, you won't touch these, for one whole week. Okay?"


"I'm going to put these somewhere safe. Why don't you go on down and wait for me in the truck? I'll drop you off at the Uni before I go to the precinct."

"'Kay. See you downstairs."


"Hmmm... this thing really does smell okay, once the lid's on. I wonder what it would taste like..."

"Hey Jim, I forgot my knapsack, I'll only - HEY!!!!! What are you doing!? You couldn't even wait five minutes before you tried one?! Couldn't you have waited until after you have dropped me off? And don't give me that innocent, 'Blair-I-was-only-going-to-look' face. I know you. Ooooooh, that's it. Give those back. The deal's off."

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry. I *was* only going to see what it smelled like with the top off. I promise I won't do that ever again."

"Nope, sorry. If you want to see what they're like, go get some yourself. They're three for 2 bucks at the grocery store."

"2 bucks? for those things? no way, Chief. Not on your life. Although, I do really want to try the vanilla... Maybe I'll just - take yours!!"

"JIIIIIIIIM!!! Come back here with my Lip Smacker!!! Jimmmmmm!!! Give it baaaaaack!"