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Wolfpup's Den, absolutely amazing collection of wonderful authors and stories


This is my site: ABOUT ME. It's boring at the moment, but soon I'll add more, and then it'll look nice! Okay? so come back soon, and it'll look real good.

So, anyways, about me... I live in Canada, I'm now 17 (yay!), and I'm starting to worry about University already. You know, whether or not it'll have a tv and vcr so I can watch my TS tapes, and whether there'll be a computer and internet. If not, then that uni goes out the window and I try for another. :) I'm thinking about a career in anthropology (AND THIS HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH BLAIR) or maybe in aerodynamics/aerospace in the military. Please email me, because I love email, and the more I get the more I write, so if you want me to write more, write ME!




Isn't that one UUUGLY shot of our two favourite guys? You'd think for a publicity shot, they'd choose some better clothing, background, etc....