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Author's Note: A journal entry. Completely by itself, no sequel, just a little angst on Blair's part. I wrote this in Science class during an educational video, so if it doesn't make sense (he he, no pun intended) e-mail me at
Disclaimer: Character is not mine, but belongs to the Almighty Ones, Paul Demeo and Danny Bilson. Ah, if they were mine, what fun I'd have…

Dear Diary

By Meggplant

Heh. Who would've thought I, Blair Sandburg, major babe magnet, could fall for a guy? I mean, when I was younger, sure I experimented. But that was just mutual masturbation. I've never actually been –IN LOVE- before. And, to tell the truth, I'm kind of scared. Should I tell him? And if I do actually work up the small amount of courage I have in order to say those three little words, will I end up on my ass on the street? I mean, Mr. Straight laced, Hard ass, Anal Retentive, Super Cop, James Ellison is not exactly what I'd call open minded. I know he was in the army, but I don't think he'd ever be the kind of guy to try anything like that. Like this. Jesus, what am I supposed to do? I think I'll watch him for a little while, see if he might possibly feel the same way I do, although I doubt it. Maybe I'll just have to live with the fact that the man I live with and love will never see me that way, and I'll spend the rest of my days watching and yearning for something I can't have. Spending the rest of my life being a guide to someone who is oblivious to the fact that I, Blair Sandburg, Darwin, Chief, His Little Guppy, am uttterly, hopelessly, in love him.


Sorry for that little depressing thing. I was coming down from a sugar high at the time that I wrote this, and I needed something to bring me completely back to normal. Ah well, now you'll just have to read something else to get happy again! Hey, at least there's no Character Death!!