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Meg's story. That's me. Don't read unless very VERY used to my strange and unusual ways. Just a bit of brain candy. The result of getting a song stuck in my head for a whole day...

Disclaimer: The characters portrayed in this story do not belong to me yada yada yada, blah blah blah. I'm only borrowing them out of reverent love and affection, and I promise I won't break them. I'll only tease them a little...
(Story in sort-of script format)

Author's note: This is first and foremost for TAE, who introduced me to the wonderful world of TS fanfic in the first place. Secondly for Wolfpup, who, without her site, I'm sure I wouldn't have survived the times in between watching tapes and the show on Tuesday night. Thirdly, to my beloved beta reader and subsequent muse, Ainsel/Soxom. Hugs and kisses all!
Now, on with the story. Don't mind my ramblings...

Thunder Spirit -or- The Day It Got Away

(oh, and the title has nothing whatever to do with the story!)

"Blair, I swear if you hum that one more time, I'm going to ram this so far down your throat it'll come out the other end."

"Aw, come on Jim, it's just an old campfire song. Here, I know! We can do it in a round, you know, I start, then you wait a few bars, and you start singing! C'mon, it'll be fun. Fire's burning, fire's burning, draw nearer, draw nearer, in the- HEY!! OW! Cut that out! I- aw man, not the hair, do you *know* how long it took me to get the tangles out the LAST time you did that? Ugh. Talk about your sore- OW! Okay, okay, I'll shut up. Geez, who pissed in your cornflakes?"

{sound of large man growling}

"Alright already, I get the hint. You sure are ornery this morning."

"Ornery? Where in the hell did that come from, Chief?"

"What, so I gotta explain every word in my vocabulary? For your information, it is-"

"Forget I asked."

"You started it."

"Did not! You were the one who started this whole thing! What about that 'thanks Simon, yeah, we could really use the time off to catch up on sleep'? If you wanted us to catch up on sleep, we could have stayed at the loft. But nooooo, mister 'teach me to fish, Jim' decides this would be the perfect opportunity to try out his newfound wealth of knowledge about fly fishing. *At 4 in the morning*."

{sound of stunned Guide... wait, is there a sound for that?... staring at his Sentinel}

"Ooookay, on that note I'd say we're about done here, wouldn't you? I mean, not that you could have just said 'No thanks Chief. I wanna stay in bed, if that's cool with you.' It's not like you actually had to come out here with me. I just thought it'd be fun, y'know? Like, some male bonding or something-"

{mumbled words stop Blair in mid-rant}

"What? I'm sorry, I didn't quite hear that. I don't have Sentinel senses like you do."

"I said, I'm sorry, okay?"



"Yeah, oh. Hey, I'm sorry about that Jim. I didn't really think about whether or not this would be, like, fun or whatever for you. I figured you'd want to get out of the city for a while."

"I know Chief, and I do, I'm just a little cranky, I guess. I didn't really get much sleep last night, and then having to wake up when I'd just drifted off..."

"Aw, geez, Jim! I'm really sorry. I-"


"No, it's not. Why couldn't you get to sleep? Did I keep you awake? Did I have my headphones on too loud or something?"

"Nope, I just couldn't sleep. It happens sometimes. Now, can we get back to the fishing, or did you want to scare all the fish away first and then try again later?"

"No, no, it's cool man, I just wondered if it-"

"Sandburg. Shut. Up."



{pleasant five minutes spent, with only bird calls and the swish of the fly casting to break the forest silence, then...}

"Mmm m-mm. Mmm m-mm. M-mm mm. M-mm mm. In the gloaming, in the gloaming! Come sing and beeeeEEEEAAAUUGGH!!!!"

{BBBBIIIIIGG splash, as the Guide is unceremoniously dumped in the lake}

"Jiiiiiim! (splutter, cough cough) Awww, man!"

{Laughter, (more like guffaws really) resounds through the trees. Sentinel and Guide are friends once more. If slightly more damp than originally planned}