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Here’s a poem I wrote when I was totally depressed. I needed something to brighten my day, and this is what came out! Yes, my mind is weird and twisted. Keep in mind I wrote this before TS... was it fate or what?

Love Poem

by Meggplant

When I think of you, it is like the golden sun on my face,
a splash of color lighting up a black canvas

When I look at you, the beauty of the face that looks back astounds me,
sending shivers of love up and down my spine

When I hear your voice, it is the sounds of the sea against the shore,
gently soothing my fevered thoughts

When I feel your touch, it sets me afire with passion and hunger,
your fingers trailing a path of crystal across my skin

When I smell your scent, wave upon wave of longing engulf me,
drowning me in their depths

And when I taste you, love, it is all my dreams come true,
my whole being fills with delight at what it has received