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"Get. It. OFF. Me. Now.

"Calm down Chief. It's only a frog."

"ONLY A FROG??!! Man, these things drink water all day just in case someone picks them up!"

"It's a little baby tree frog. This thing couldn't do anything to you even if it tried."


"Oh, alright! My God, you are such a baby about these things. Phobia of heights I can understand. Even the spider thing I get, but frogs? I didn't think anyone could be scared of frogs."

"I'm not scared! I just don't like'm that's all!"

"Sure. Whatever."

{Guide grumbles as Sentinel picks up teeny tiny frog and deposits it on the balcony.}

"Thank you. God, it took you long enough! Next time you want me to help with those senses, I'm gonna wait until it's absolutely essential before I even come near you. So there."

{Blair is now sulking}

"Aw, c'mon Chief, it was just a frog! And I'm sorry I teased you, but you gotta admit..."


"Uh, Blair, could you come here? Please? Now?"

"What? What, what's wrong?"

"T-there is a... thing, on my hand!"

"Where, Oh. Hey it's okay big guy, it's just an inch worm."

"Inch worm my ass. Get it off me!"

"Why? Are you scared of an inchworm? You're not. You are!! Oh my - whatd'ya know? Big, strong, macho cop Jim Ellison is scared of a little green worm. Wait'll the guys at the station hear about this!"

"Blair, if you don't get over here and get this thing off, I will personally make sure you don't make it til your next birthday."

"Okay, okay, don't blow a gasket. I was just joking anyway. Sheesh. And you accuse ME of not being able to take a joke."

{Inchworm is unceremoniously plucked off the hand and thrown out the window.}

"There, it's gone now. You happy?"




"...hehehe...afraid of an inch worm..."

"C'mere shorty."

"ACH! Jim! No! Get away! I- heeheehee! No, stop! Don't- haha! Don't tickle!"

{Neighbours, hearing the ruckus at 852 Prospect, shake their heads. The boys are at it again.}


This is for my friend Chrissy, who is exactly like Jim in this story. She thought it was hilarious when I squealed, 'cause this frog jumped on me while I was in the shower, but she herself is terrified of those li'l 'ole green inch-worms! hee hee hee!!!!