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Author’s note: If I could get feedback on this one, it would be majorly appreciated. I still don’t know what the feds want Jim for, nor why they don’t need Blair. I mean, everyone has to want, um, need Blair, right? Right?

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don’t sue. Just read.


By Meggplant

Jim stuck his head out of the bathroom to see his roommate Blair sucking on his thumb savagely.
“You okay Chief?”
“Wurmugh-” Blair broke off and removed the apparently injured digit from his mouth. “Yeah man. You go... whatever.” He waved his hand dismissively, then winced and returned the thumb to his mouth. Jim shrugged, returning to the bathroom. “You sure you don’t need a band-aid?”
Blair’s garbled refusal was cut off when the phone rang. “Hello?”

Jim didn’t need Sentinel ears to hear that. He stuck his head into the living room to see Blair perched on the counter, rubbing his sore ear. Blair switched the phone to his other side.
“He’s right here Simon......Why?.......He’s in the washroom. Talk to me instead.........Okay okay.”
Blair started toward Jim, then stopped. “What? Oh yeah, sure......No! Simon, it’s his day off! He’s not coming in! Simon!......Well I don’t care!”
“Blair.” Jim held out his hand, trying to hide a smile. Reluctantly Blair relinquished the phone.
“What’s going on Simon?”
“Where are you? I need you here Jim.”
“Uhh...” Jim raised an eyebrow. “Okay Simon. It’s my day off, so why would I be there? What do you want me there for? And why couldn’t it wait until tomorrow, when I WILL be at work?”

“Because the CIA- well, and the KGB, and the M16, and the FBI, AND the CSIS, can’t do this, and they want you for special-ops, and you can’t bring Sandburg, and they gave me 2 hours to get you, and-”
Jim turned to see Blair staring at him, still with his thumb in his mouth. “Why not?” he interrupted, breaking the flow of words coming from the captain.
“Why not what?”
“You know what, Simon.” Jim didn’t want to repeat Simon’s words in Blair’s hearing.
“Jim, every federal law enforcement and intelligence agency in the western world has descended on my office. You think they’re telling me anything?”
There was a voice in the background, but Jim turned up his hearing too late to hear what was said. “I’m talking to him now.” Simon said.
“Is he coming?”A man’s voice, unfamiliar.
“Simon? Simon, I’m coming in, but I’m bringing Blair. If they’ve got a problem with that, then I guess they don’t need me that badly.” He hung up, ignoring the captain’s stuttered protests. He turned to Blair, who raised questioning eyebrows, still unable to talk. Jim suddenly found himself stifling a laugh at the sight of his younger partner sucking his thumb.
“Sorry Chief. Simon’s been invaded by the Feds. We can’t leave him to his fate.”
Blair nodded vigorously, turning a pleading look on Jim, who just smiled and tossed him his coat. Blair uttered some unintelligible noise that his partner interpreted as “Ji-im!”
“Y’know, I kind of like this. A silent Sandburg.” He held the door for his partner and grinned at the glare he received. “What did you do to your thumb anyway?”
“Uh huh. In plain English please?”
Blair took his thumb out of his mouth long enough to say, “I slammed it in the door.” He stuck it back in.
“Why’re we goin’ to the shtation? Can’t Simon handle’t?” Blair had found a way to talk around his hurt appendage, and smirked at Jim from across the roof of the truck.
“He doesn’t know. He couldn’t tell me. All he knows is they specifically asked for me.”
“Ah. And where does this bring me in?”
“I told him I wasn’t coming in, or helping, without you. So they’d better just deal with it.”
“Oh.” Blair looked a little uncomfortable, but had taken his thumb out of his mouth, which Jim considered a good thing.
“Won’t they kinda... not want me there then? I don’t want to get you in deep with the feds or anything, and I’m really glad you want me there, but won’t they -”
Jim shook his head, then reached over and cuffed Blair on the back of the head. “You just let me handle it Darwin. Either they’ll take both of us, or they can find someone else to help.”
Blair smiled at his partner. Man, was it nice to be wanted that much.
“Okay, I’ll let you handle it. But you make sure you tell them it’s your day off, and you’re doing this as a favour. Those pressed suits have got to learn when to be nice.”
Jim chuckled. “Looks like our cop mentality is starting to rub off on you Sandburg. Even you don’t like the feds.”


Jim walked into the bullpen, and was emmediately aware of how silent it was. Normally there was the sound of ringing phones, yelling, laughing, and the general sound of work being done. But now there was nothing. Nothing, and that was really starting to worry him.

He waited for Sandburg to catch up to him before walking over and knocking sharply on Simon's door. It was opened almost emmediately, by a very distressed and exhausted looking Captain Banks.
"Jesus Jim, it's about time you two got here. I was about to call you again."
He stepped back, allowing Jim and Blair to get there first glimpse at his office. It was jammed with people, all silent, and looking intently at the pair.

Jim watched as all eyes turned first to him, and then to his partner, who was unsuccessfully trying to disappear into Jim's side. He glanced up just then and met his sentinel's amused gaze. the silent communication began, observed by the whole room.
*Are you okay with being here?*
*Of course I'm okay, that is, if you're okay*
*I'm okay as long as you're here*
*Okay then.*
And both men turned to look intently back at the room full of stoic men. One stepped forward and addressed Jim, completely disregarding Blair.
"We're glad you agreed to come. We need you for this particular assignment, Captain Ellison."
"That's Detective Ellison now, I'm no longer in the Army, in case you hadn't noticed. This is my partner Blair Sandburg." Ignoring the hand stuck out in greeting. "Ah, Yes, right. Well then," The man replaced his hand at his side, and looked uncomfortably at Jim, then at Blair."I'm afraid, C- Detective, that we only need you for this, so if Detective Sandburg would mind stepping out for just a few -"
"Nope. Absolutely not. I don't work alone anymore, and if you guys had bothered to read my files you would have realised this. I'm one half of a team. You get me and Sandburg, or you can go find someone else to do the job." Jim had an arm around Blair's shoulders by this time, effectively cutting him off before he could try to dissapear out the door.
Blair could feel his cheecks start to burn with embarrassment, and he poked Jim gently in the ribs. "Jim, maybe it's better if I not come along on this one.." He'd whispered it Sentinel soft, his lips barely forming the words, and Jim shook his head. To the rest of the room, it seemed, for no apparent reason.
"Alright. If Detective Sandburg feels he can keep up with you-"
"He can."
"then I agree to allow him on this mission." One man seemed to be the 'Head Honcho', and did all the talking. He reached into a duffle and pulled out several rolled documents, which he spread out on the table. One appeared to be the blue prints for a very high tech building, and the other papers looked to be instructions, details, and general information.
"Gentlemen, what we have called you in for is top secret. It must not go beyond these walls, and no one outside of the men gathered here no about it, save the President, and the Prime Minister of Canada."

I'M STUCK!! HELP!! Sorry this is still a work in progress. And if I get feedback, I’ll finish it!