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Terri Runnels: Terri Is Too Hot To Handle

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Terri Powerbombed Through A Table

3/15: Added 68 images to gallery four.

1/24 Raw: In one of the most dispicable acts ever in WWF history, the Dudley Boyz hoodwinked the Hardys and when it was all said and done, Terri was escorted out of the arena in a stretcher.

The Tag Team Championship was on the line when the Road Dogg and Mr. Ass put the gold up against the Hardy Boys. Matt and Jeff were obviously still feeling the effects of last night, as the older Hardy had his ribs heavily taped. It didn’t take long for the Dudleys to come to the ring. Buh Buh Ray and D-Von immediately set up a table – to sit on. With their superior team work the champs were able to isolate Matt for quite some time, not allowing him to tag. When he was finally able to tag in his brother it seemed an upset might be in the works, but not as long as the Dudleys were around! Even though they swore they were giving the Hardys their respect, the extreme brothers stopped the three count and decimated Matt and Jeff. Hitting with the 3-D on both of them, Buh Buh Ray and D-Von knocked the North Carolina natives out. Matt and Jeff’s only hope was Terri, but what happened to hear was unbelievable. Buh Buh Ray powerbombed her from the top rope through a table. She wasn’t moving when medical personnel hit the ring. As Terri was being carted off on a stretcher, Kurt Angle hit the ring to put all his fans fears to rest; he was still technically undefeated.

Poor Terri, she didn't deserve getting this sort of abuse. The commentators say she may never come back again because her mentality has been scarred for life. Well I'm sure she'll be back, but when will we see her again?

Terri Comes Up Short To Mae Young

1/23/00 Royal Rumble PPV: Miss Royal Rumble Swim Suit Contest The King interviewed The Cat outside the dressing room, where she told us there was a good possibility that we would see someone topless during the Swim Suit Contest. We did, but it wasn't pleasant, believe me! First to enter the arena was Ivory, who came out with her usual bad attitude. Next out was Terri, who definitely received the loudest response of any of the ladies from the eager crowd. Jacqueline was the third contestant to enter the ring, and was followed by the bountiful Barbara Bush. Luna who obviously did not want to be there was next, with The Kat last but not least.

Now for what everyone had been waiting for! Time to disrobe, as each lady went in the order she arrived at the ring. Ivory threw down her sweat shirt, clearly humiliated that she was even having to participate in this event. Terri threw herself into her participation being the little sex pot that she is! Jacqueline was up next and with the moves that she put on, almost gave Jerry The King a mild heart attack. Barbara was next and although she looked good in her bikini she definitely didn't have the 'flair' of her previous two competitors when it came to showing off. Also her breasts didn't look as enormous as they usually do. Well, I guess it was the bikini. Luna on the other hand made it quite clear to Jerry and the fans that she would never take her clothes off for any reason. Finally it was Miss Kitty's turn to disrobe. The month before she had shown us her 'puppies' at the Armageddon PPV, but this time she limited herself to a bubble wrap bikini.

Just as Jerry said that it was now in the hands of the judges we heard Mae Young's music as she came to the ring. Mae told Jerry and the audience that they came to see 'puppies' and that she would show them 'puppies'. She disrobed and unzipped the front of her suit while Jerry began running in horror from the view he was getting! While the other contestants looked on in shock, Mae actually showed everyone her "puppies"! Mark Henry rushed into the ring to cover Mae up, unsuccessfully, while she continued to prance around the ring. Mark eventually got her covered up while Jerry got the official vote from the judges. That was nasty!! This isn't wrestling and it most certainly was not funny. I hope they never do this sort of crap again.

Well, Jerry announced the winner as Mae Young, who broke lose from Mark once again and this time there was no stopping the woman from showing her "puppies" before even the WWF censors knew what was happening. Obviously some of the the other competitors complained to the judges but most of them took it good naturedly. !--topstory-->

Terri Will Give Fans What They Want At Rumble

1/17 Raw: On Raw the King welcomed the participants of the Miss Royal Rumble Swimsuit Competition into the ring for an interview to give us their thoughts for this coming Miss Rumble Contest. King interviewed Terri first. He held up a the Raw Magazine with some photos of Terri that would be available the nextday on newstands everywhere. Terri said she'll do whatever it takes to make every single person in the audience happy. Can't wait!! The segment quickly ended when Ivory complained, saying that the fans were perverts for wanting to see this type of event. A brawl between the participants quickly ensued. After Federation officials broke up the fight, Mae Young attempted to give the fans what they supposedly wanted - her puppies.

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