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One Man Gang: Wuz Up Home Slice?!!

One Man Gang/Akeem

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DoN't HaTE pLayaz hAtE dA gAmE G!!

For a short time in the World Wrestling Federation, the One Man Gang was one of the biggest and most fearsome WWF superstars. He defeated many notable WWF greats in his career. Soon he abandoned his gang mentality to discover his "African" roots, and called himself Akeem.

The One Man Gang made his WWF debut in 1987. The huge Gang quickly defeated many of the top WWF superstars. In his first few months he defeated the great George "The Animal" Steele and former WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champions Don Muraco and Ken Patera. One man the One Man Gang could not easily surpass was Bam Bam Bigelow. The two engaged in a memorable feud, with Bigelow usually coming out the victor.

In March 1988 the One Man Gang had impressed WWF officials enough, that he was placed into the WWF World Championship tournament held at WrestleMania IV. The One Man Gang defeated nemesis Bam Bam Bigelow in the first round of the tourament, but lost to the eventual winner of the tournament, Macho Man Randy Savage, in the next round.

Over the next few months, Gang's manager Slick paired him with The Natural Butch Reed. The two had much success, but never garnered enough attention to make a run for the WWF World Tag Team Championship. In April 1988, on WWF Saturday Night's Main Event, the One Man Gang challenged the Macho Man Randy Savage for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship. In the end it was a tough loss for the Gang.

Soon after the loss, the One Man Gang claimed he had discovered his "African" roots, and called himself Akeem. Akeem, "The African Dream", had a great series of matches with Big John Studd. Soon Slick teamed Akeem with the Big Boss Man, forming the Twin Towers. The Twin Towers posed a threat to the Mega Powers - Hulk Hogan & Macho Man Randy Savage. Akeem challenged Savage for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship, but after the loss Akeem and the Boss Man attacked Savage. Coming to Savage's rescue was Hogan. On an edition of WWF Main Event, the Mega Powers broke up after a match against the Twin Towers.

For months the Twin Towers were one of the most dominant teams in the WWF. At WrestleMania V, the Twin Towers defeated the young team of the Rockers - Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty, with ease. Soon their victories earned them a WWF World Tag Team Championship match against Demolition - Ax & Smash, but they lost. The Twin Towers eventually broke up, with the Big Boss Man breaking from Slick.

The Big Boss Man dominated the feud between he and Akeem. Akeem began to struggle in singles competition against the likes of Dusty Rhodes, Bret "Hit Man" Hart, Hercules, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and others. Soon Akeem left the World Wrestling Federation.

He would join WCW around 1991, but soon left once more. He would once more enter the spotlight with WCW again in 1995 as a member of Kevin Sullivan's The Dungeon of Doom. Somehow bookers felt compelled to give him the WCW US Heavyweight strap, but lost it to Konnan in Febuary of 1996 and soon after that he was out of WCW.

In 1998 he entered ECW being the hardcore brawler that he is, but was once again out in a puff in 1999.

He was recently on the card for the bombed pay-per-view The Heroes of Wrestling against the world famous Abdullah The Butcher. He was bleeding terribly throughout the entire a match, but racked the win over Abby anyway.

Personally I hope to see him once more in the WWF to finish out his rather solid career.