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Wrestleline Torrie Wilson Interview

Interview with Torrie Wilson (11/3/99)

Interview with Torrie Wilson

November 3, 1999

By Mike Samuda WrestleLine/WrestleManiacs

MIKE: How did you get involved in pro wrestling?

TORRIE: I went to a house show with a couple of friends, and met Kevin Nash, and he called me a couple of days later and asked if I was interested in doing a shoot.

MIKE: So you were just at a house show in the audience, or were you backstage.

TORRIE: I was backstage.

MIKE: You have an interesting e-mail address, are you really a fitness freak?

TORRIE: I'm a fitness freak [laughs] I used to compete in fitness competitions.

MIKE: Where did the affinity for training come from?

TORRIE: Actually, I've been a fitness fanatic since I was in High School, and basically, I started admiring the fitness women in magazines and I wanted to look like them and I started working out, training for a fitness competition, and just kept doing better and better in the competitions and I got more involved in it.

MIKE: So you were always in shape?

TORRIE: Yeah, I always worked out.

MIKE: I think I read that you're parents are divorced, right?

TORRIE: Uh huh.

MIKE: Do you still keep in touch with your father?


MIKE: You mentioned at one time you lost a lot of weight

TORRIE: Yeah, I was into fashion modeling as a teenager and got really really thin, and harmed my health, but I got over it, thank god.

MIKE: Are we talking about anorexia here, or something less than that?

TORRIE: Close to anorexia.

MIKE: How did you overcome that?

TORRIE: I knew it was not something that I could lead for the rest of my life, and I started admiring fitness women's bodies which are much more shapelier and a lot more sexy, I think, and that got me out of it. I started lifting weights -

MIKE: How often do you exercise?

TORRIE: About six days a week.

MIKE: What do you usually do?

TORRIE: Right now I'm training for a marathon, so I run 5 or 6 miles three times per week, and then on the other days I do cardio and lift weights.

MIKE: What about your diet?

TORRIE: I eat fairly good all the time.

MIKE: Do you think sometimes you take this fitness thing to an extreme?



TORRIE: Some people might say so, but I don't think so.

MIKE: What are your measurements?

TORRIE: 36-25-36

MIKE: And you're all natural, right?

TORRIE: Of course [laughs]

MIKE: [laughs] So you ever just chill and pig out?

TORRIE: Heck yeah I do.

MIKE: Ok. What are your thoughts on the role of women in wrestling? Does it bother you at all that in general women are only used as eye candy?

TORRIE: Well, it definitely works. Eye candy is needed in the sport. No, it doesn't really bother me, as long as with WWF I disagree with the connotations of a lot of their stuff, but for the most part, I think it's great.

MIKE: Do you watch other wrestling shows?

TORRIE: I watch the WWF sometimes.

MIKE: You mentioned that you were at a house show, so are you a wrestling fan?

TORRIE: Actually, that was the first show I had ever watched.

MIKE: Really?

TORRIE: Yeah. I was never a wrestling fan. Of course, now I am.

MIKE: You've talked about your situation when you were younger, admiring fashion models, and stuff like that, do you consider yourself a role model for young girls? Or do you want to be a role model?

TORRIE: I do want to be. I do consider myself a role model, because a lot of girls go through body distortions they try to be so thin, and I'm here to prove that you don't have to be.

MIKE: I'm sure you have your limits as to what you will or won't do, were you ever presented with a storyline that you thought crossed the line? What's over the line for you?

TORRIE: Being nude [laughs]. I trust Vince and Ed, and I don't think TNT is going to let things go as far as the WWF. I don't think I have anything to worry about. I had to go out in lingerie a couple of days ago, and that basically covers more than a swimming suit does, so I really don't have any big deal with anything, it's just a show.

MIKE: So you've met with Vince and Ed?

TORRIE: Uh huh.

MIKE: What are your thoughts on them?

TORRIE: I think they're awesome. They're both really cool, and brilliant.

MIKE: Can you give us a preview of what we might be seeing of you in the future?

TORRIE: They don't even let me know, until we're getting close.

MIKE: What was it like kissing Ric Flair?

TORRIE: [laughs] He's a big wet kisser.

MIKE: [laughs] Were you aware of Rena Mero's situation in the WWF?

TORRIE: You mean the lawsuit?

MIKE: Yeah. What are your thoughts on that?

TORRIE: I don't really know, so I don't have any thoughts on that.

MIKE: Would you ever pose for Playboy?


MIKE: Is that a moral issue for you? Or is it that you're shy?

TORRIE: It's just something I feel, to be a role model for people, for girls, I don't really need to do that. I don't see it pushing my career as far as acting goes.

MIKE: Are you happy with this wrestling thing? Do you see it as a launch pad to perhaps bigger and better things?

TORRIE: I wouldn't say bigger and better things. I'm having an awesome time in wrestling. I'm not looking too far into the future, but I would like to do movies and stuff as well.

MIKE: Do you have anything in the works right now?

TORRIE: Nope, just doing the wrestling stuff.

MIKE: You tried fashion modeling right? You didn't like it?

TORRIE: No. You're never thin enough. It's ridiculous.

MIKE: You seem to be athletic, would you ever consider getting in the wrestling ring?

TORRIE: I've been asked to, and I'm considering it. I don't really want to wrestle in any matches, but I will take bumps and give a few.

MIKE: Have you had any training at all?

TORRIE: Not yet.

MIKE: When you first made your WCW appearance, were you signed to a contract at the time or was that a per appearance deal?

TORRIE: Per appearance. Actually, when I first started, I figured it was only going to be a 2-day shoot thing, and that was it. And then they kept calling me.

MIKE: What was the original plan? Just to show up with David Flair for a little while?

TORRIE: Yeah, that was the original plan - to seduce him and make him betray his dad, and I think that was basically going to be it.

MIKE: And then shortly after that, you weren't really involved in any of the storylines. What was going on there? A little break?

TORRIE: I guess you could call it that. I was still per appearance, and I think they were having a lot of creative differences with my agent.

MIKE: Did you have any contacts with any other promotions at that time?

TORRIE: At that time? No.

MIKE: So, you've never have talks with maybe going elsewhere would you ever go to the WWF? MIKE: But you have a contract with WCW now, right?

TORRIE: No, not right now. It's actually in the works right now. TORRIE: Yeah, it is.

MIKE: That's strange.

TORRIE: Well my agent is pretty hard ass. They're working it out right now.

MIKE: I would think that one of the other promotions would try to snap you up or something.

TORRIE: Well, actually they hate my agent, so I can't see that happening [laughs].

MIKE: How many years do you think you have left in wrestling?

TORRIE: Well, I'm young -

MIKE: How old are you?


MIKE: Whoa, you're even younger than I.

TORRIE: I'll do it as long as I'm still having fun.

MIKE: OK, and are you single?


MIKE: Explain THAT?

TORRIE: [laughs] Well, I have a boyfriend.

MIKE: So you're not really single?

TORRIE: No, but I'm not married.

MIKE: What kind of guy is he? Who's the lucky bastard?

TORRIE: My boyfriend is a financial analyst. Nothing to do with wrestling, besides the fact that he loves it.

MIKE: And that's the kind of guy you're into?

TORRIE: Well I've been into [laughs] yeah, I guess.

MIKE: What's your relationship with Kevin Nash like? You know there were rumors on the net that you guys were a bit more than friends?

TORRIE: Right.

MIKE: That's not true?

TORRIE: It's not true. His wife even believes that it's still true. She doesn't believe that nothing happened.

MIKE: He's getting divorced right?

TORRIE: Yeah, he already did.

MIKE: And his wife believed the internet stories?


MIKE: How did they get to her?

TORRIE: I have no idea. Evidently, she hates me, and she thinks it's true, but it's not.

MIKE: OK. Not that we would blame him.

TORRIE: [laughs].

MIKE: Now you mentioned before that you're an internet junkie.

TORRIE: Yeah, I am.

MIKE: You're not out there scanning wrestling sites are you?

TORRIE: I do like to scan wrestling sites. I do like to see what shitty things people say about me.

MIKE: What are some of your favorites?

TORRIE: There was this one site, I don't even remember what it was, my webmaster is a huge wrestling fan, so he actually e-mailed me and lets me know he scans more sites than I do, and lets me know what people are saying and there was this one site, this lady named Galatea or something she trashes me all the time.

MIKE: [laughs]

TORRIE: I haven't read what she's written lately, but I think it's so funny she would talk about David Flair's matches

MIKE: Uh huh.

TORRIE: The whole first paragraph, she would talk about how shitty I was dressed or whatever. I was like - OK - somebody is a little hostile.

MIKE: [jokingly] But you're a big WrestleLine fan right?


MIKE: Now you basically grew up on a farm? Is that right?

TORRIE: Well, I grew up in the mountains. Population 2500.

MIKE: Do you think you were always this attractive to men or did you just grow into that body, what happened?

TORRIE: Hmm that's a hard question.

MIKE: I mean, did you always have a lot of boyfriends growing up?

TORRIE: I always had a boyfriend, but haven't had lots of boyfriends. I haven't ever been single for longer than 3 months.

MIKE: When we see you on TV, a lot of guys my age, I guess you can probably guess what we're thinking right?

TORRIE: Yeah, T&A.

MIKE: You're comfortable with that?

TORRIE: Hell that's what I'm there for. Totally comfortable with that.

MIKE: Are you playing a role, or is there a lot of you in there? MIKE: So you don't think you're close to the Torrie we see on TV?

TORRIE: I think there's a part of me in there, but I'm definitely not as trashy as I come off [laughs].

MIKE: You wouldn't consider yourself a highly sexed person?

TORRIE: I think I'm sexual but no.

MIKE: Now the talk is either you or Kimberly is going to be the WCW version of Sable, in terms of popularity. Are you friends with her; is there any friction because of competition?

TORRIE: No, she's actually a sweetheart.

MIKE: Are you going to participate in any more competitions while you're working for WCW?

TORRIE: No, I'm done with that.

MIKE: I'm going to toss some names out there, and you tell me the first thing that pops to mind. MIKE: Eric Bischoff.

TORRIE: [long pause] Gone.

MIKE: The Nitro Girls?

TORRIE: Sweet.

MIKE: Sweet? All of them?


MIKE: Are you serious? They're all sweet?

TORRIE: They're nice to me.

MIKE: No competition at all.

TORRIE: I don't have any competition with them. They do something totally different. different with me.

MIKE: Kevin Nash.

TORRIE: Great guy.

MIKE: Yeah. Did you like that skit he did on Monday?

TORRIE: I thought it was good.

MIKE: Did you really?

TORRIE: [laughs]

MIKE: No, I'm being serious, did you really think that was good?

TORRIE: Ok, well it wasn't quite exactly like Vince McMahon, but ---

MIKE: I thought it was Steven Regal or something. That was bad. Hulk Hogan?

TORRIE: Great guy for advice.

MIKE: You went to Hulk Hogan for advice?

TORRIE: Yes. He has the same agent as I do, and he's been in the business for a long time.

MIKE: This is for advice based on pro wrestling or -

TORRIE: No, professional advice. TORRIE: When I was 15

MIKE: You started young.

TORRIE: with a guy who was four years older than me.

MIKE: Where's that guy, let me call the police.

TORRIE: [laughs] My parents tried to call the police. I dated him for two years though.

MIKE: So what were the circumstances leading up to it? Did you think you were just ready?

TORRIE: No, I don't think I was ready.

MIKE: So you regret it.

TORRIE: Of course. I think everyone probably regrets their first time.

MIKE: Really? TORRIE: Most girls do.

MIKE: Tell all us dreamers out there what Torrie is like in the most intimate of settings. Do you consider yourself conservative? Are you more on the romantic side or are you a freak?

TORRIE: Well, I'm definitely not conservative. I definitely like romance. I don't think I'm a freak.

MIKE: I guess they're two extremes. You're somewhere in the middle, you're saying.

TORRIE: Somewhere in the middle of being a freak and a romantic.

MIKE: You said you watched Raw, who are some of your favorite performers?

TORRIE: I like Mr. Ass.

MIKE: Ok. Go ahead.

TORRIE: Because I know him. I like actually there is a guy named Meat who I grew up with I kind of grew up with, so I like to follow him.

MIKE: So who do you think is talented?

TORRIE: The Rock.