Spice: The Cutest Nitro Girl


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    Melissa Bellin, better known as the Spice, is a key member of world famous WCW Nitro Girls. You can find her every Monday on WCW's flagship show, WCW Monday Nitro dancing her lovely little heart out to entertain us, the audience. Come Nitro, Melissa becomes Spice, the enthusiastic dancer that puts the hip in hop. She always has a smile, a look of intensity, a playful kiss... something that catches the viewers eye. (She always catches my eye) .

    Melissa is a former model of numerous fashion shows and has performed as a dancer in music videos, the Reebok Athletic team and the 1996 Olympics. Her spunky and enthusiastic attitude has inspired not only her fellow workers, Whether physically or mentally, Doctor Spice (her nickname) is always on call!

    This Penn native is the main ingredient of the entire rack of Nitro Girls, she's known for her delicious flavor and responsible for adding a little "spice" to the group. With a tab of seasoning in her steps, every performance is a gourmet meal. Her dances are shaken and not stirred, while her zesty charisma provides a mouth-watering taste. Spice's spunk is a mere appetizer to her endless menu of beauty and talent. Her business intellect is a highly recommended side order, and only Spice knows what she can offer for dessert. My compliments to the chef!

    Spice came aboard the spotlight in July of 1997 when WCW was looking to form something innovative. Something along the lines of a squad of cheerleaders. Something along the lines of what would be, The Nitro Girls. She was brought in by Kimberly Page, the founder and group leader on the original Nitro Girls. The supervisor, WCW President Eric Bischoff had input as well in the creation of The Nitro Girls. While the WWF continued to push the envelope with content suitable for an audience craving mature, late night hardcore pervert, Eric Bischoff conceived a master plan that would offer a "socially correct" working female portrayal. They wanted to bring females in, just not take the same route as the WWF with women dancing in thongs and breasts bigger than the size of basketballs. More like dancers who can be role models to children.

    The Nitro Girls popularity sky-rocketed and so this idea was here to stay. It was just bound to work. They brought in different girls with different personalities, physical features and styles. Well, ever since the creation, Spice has been a mainstay with the Nitro Girls, she, along with fellow mate Chae, are the only remaining original Nitro Girls. It's hard to believe Spice is still with the team after nearly three years. She's not just a Nitro Girl, she's a popular Nitro Girl. Probaly the most beloved one of all. You just have to admire her cuteness and enthusiasm when ever we get a chance to see her dance. Whenever she's dancing, you can be sure to see a smile on her lovely face. Speaking of her face, it's incredible. Out of all the women in wrestling, no one, but no one tops her in that department. It's just so excellant.. <

    Well, on another topic, you've probaly thought once, "Being a Nitro Girl is easy, just go out every Monday and dance a few times." Well, as hard as it is to believe, the truth is that it's not easy. The only thing that changes with their weekly routines is the city and the hotel. Mondays and Tuesdays are dedicated to travel; Wednesdays are grueling hours of rehearsals; Thursdays are ballet classes; and whatever days and times are left over are usually filled with time at the gym, tanning salon, manicures or personal appearances at venues selling advanced tickets for upcoming Nitro events.

    They practically have no social lives because everything they do revolves around the show. The constant and irregular schedules have taken its toll on the girls. I'm guessing, the only real sleep they get is on the plane when they're traveling from city to city. People just don't know how hard they work. They are on the road as much as the wrestlers.

    Spice hadn't really done anything singnifcant of note, just dance week in and week. One reason is because until 1999, Nitro Girls were never in storylines, but then again they didn't need to because they were serving their purpose of which was to dance for the audience in between matches. In May,exclusive juice spilled on this piece of information is that a camera crew would be sent aboard the vessel to film the activities and sessions with the Nitro Girls. Word around the campfire is that this shoot will be so hot and steamy, the only place it will be aired is pay-per-view. And we are not talking about any sporting pay-per-view, with eight matches of brute male combat. I'm talking about the first-ever Nitro Girls ONLY pay-per-view, which was expected to air in August!

    The pay-per-view did eventaully air, in August of 1999 and so you could see WCW was insistant of getting The Nitro Girls a little more exposure. Afterwards, Spice would be back to her regualr routine of dancing each and every week, but that things would get a little different by the start of September.

    WWF writers, Vince Russo and Ed Ferrera were brought in to help out WCW and lead them back on top after them having enough of being dominated by the WWF. How would this effect Spice you ask, well he wanted to get rid of "The Nitro Girls". No, not kick each and every single one to the curve and tell them to get lost, but if they were to be involved in WCW programming, it had to at least be meaningful. Russo stated that is was unecessary to have the Nitro Girls just simply dance on Nitro, which in the end, really meant nothing. To him, it took up television time and would cause the viewer to change the channel. Well, if I can add in my own opinion here, just who in the right mind would change the channel when you have a plethora of beautiful girls dancing and jiggling in tight spandex?!! Well, Spice doesn't jiggle, but Fyre on the otherhand.... well, she's another story. Anyways, Russo was looking for ways to incorporate them into storylines, possibly manage or valet. Have more speaking roles, who knows, maybe even wrestle!!!!

    Once the Russo regime was underway, The Nitro Girls, including Spice, were dropped from WCW television while they looked to put them into some sort of storyline. They were just gone for about two weeks from tv, and they returned on the November 1st Nitro. It fianlly looked like the Nitro Girls were going to get some action in WCW! "The Powers That Be" were looking to spice up (no pun intended) the groups' action level.

    Kimberly informed Spice and the girls that she had "more important business to take care of right now" than continue with the Nitro Girls and she was leaving them. As soon as she finished her announcement Spice told the girls that they just needed to "follow my lead" which got her some strange looks from the rest of the group and a visibly upset AC left the room. Spice should be the leader, also AC sucks so you can understand why she left. As soon as the girls appeared in the ring to entertain the crowd a new feud erupted. It seems that AC took exception to this and "accidentally on purpose" hit Spice in the head while they were dancing which caused Spice to attack AC. Unfortunately the rest of the girls did not see the 'hit' so it appeared to them that Spice attacked AC for no reason. The girls separated the two only temporarily as they restarted the catfight outside the arena after leaving the ring. AC acted like she had no idea why Spice attacked her which provoked Spice to attack her again. Good thing, AC sucks and she deserved it.

    The Nitro Girl candidates did a number and then Gene Okerlund told fans they could vote for the Nitro Girl finalist. A.C. Jazz entered the ring and kicked the Nitro Girl hopefuls out. Jazz called the contestants 'skanks' which prompted our darling peacemaker, Spice, to come out and confront her squad partner. After harsh words between the two Spice told A. C. to bring it on. When she didn't Spice turned around to leave the ring and that b*tch, A. C. attacked her from behind and the fight was on. It didn't last too long as the rest of the Nitro Girls hurried to the ring and broke the two women up. They should have let her kicked AC's @$$!!!! Spice could do it!!