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BB Barbara Bush

BB Barbara Bush

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Implants Bigger Than My Head!!

A longtime EMT for the World Wrestling Federation, Barbara Bush (aka B.B.) only appeared when one of the Federation's superstars was injured. That all changed when Ivory dared to interfere while B.B. was assisting a superstar, causing the medical worker to fight back with a vengeance!

Although B.B. is an EMT by trade, she's been drawn into active competition on more than one occasion. She's even challenged for the Federation's Women's Championship in the past, so there's no telling just where B.B.'s Federation experience will lead her next!

On Smackdown (11/26/99) after The First Annual Turkey Bowl match between Ivory and Jacqueline with Miss Kitty as special guest referee, this EMT woman with huge breasts got her uniform top stripped off!! It all started just a few moments before the incident when Kitty awarded Jacqueline a lovely "golden lady" trophy to commemorate the occasion. Then Ivory out of frustration for losing mashed Kitty's face in the mud. She kept doing it and doing it leaving her unable to even breath. This is were the paramedics come in. This strong blond woman gives Kitty th Heimlach and a moment later a mushroom flies out of her throat so she can breathe again. Ivory, apparently unhappy that Kitty didn't choke out, strips the blonde EMT's uniform off prompting an ever-so-ready Lawler to say "Look at those giblets!!" Then brings her in th gravy for a cat fight that would end a few seconds later. Ivory leaves which prompts the cameraman to focus on the violated woman, showing off her enormous, larger-than-life breasts in a big black bra!! She looks so embarrassed she doesn't know what to do, just standing their, all greasy, oily, and shiny, in her big black bra. Well, I don't think she was to thrilled about the incident, but heck, this was a nice little topping to cap off Smackdown on Thanksgiving. So in closing, I give thanks that there is another big set of boobs, possiblty larger than Sable's cans, to feast are eyes on in the wrestling world. Boy, I'm certainly going to look forward to seeing these puppies each and every week!! How 'bout u?!!

These comments came through message boards and Deja.COM.

1a)"BB= Big Breasts?"

1b)Bodacious Big Breasted; "I can't wait to see more of those TITZ!!"

2a)Biggest Breasts in Wrestling?

"With the current rise of Cathy Dingman (EMT Barbara Bush) to Wrestling sex goddess I was curious as to what female in wrestling has the biggest pair of boobs?"

"My vote goes for Barbara, followed by Chyna."

2b)"If you can count Minka's stint in WCW, she wins down."

2c)"I'd have to go with that fablaroo piece of @ss, Chyna."

2d)"No, Abdullah the Butcher"

2e)"What are you thinking...Yokozuna."

3a)"Finally, the EMT's breasts have come to televison!! I only knew it was a matter of time until that EMT girl got exposed for the busty woman she is, and I was right."

4a)"I think the WWF should have her wrestle in a skimpy nurse's outfit and they should call her "Nurse Big Boobs". (Get it?) funny"

4b)"The EMT woman's breast implants were so poorly done that you could see the edge of the implant about 3 inches from the top of her bra. Yuck."

4c)"I wanna see her in a rematch with Ivory, gravy or no gravy. He, he, he."

5a)"She has BIG puppies!!"

6a)"She should change her name from BB to DD!"

7a)"Her breasts enormous girth is impeccable!"

12/6: A Four Corners Evening Gown match has been set at Armegeddon this coming Sunday. It was finalized this past Monday on Raw after the last competitor was announced as the overwhelming crowd favorite, Miss Kitty. The festivities started off with the cameras cutting to a shot of busty babe BB greasing her self up backstage while wearing this fabulous long evening gown showimg off her huge funbags of course. Later Michael Cole calls her out for an interview to discuss Ivory. She comes out to a really good pop and also if you noticed her hair is looking just like Sable's with one long golden strand. BB's about to speak but Ivory crashes the party and says she wouldn't want her to burst a brain cell or anything, but by the looks of her boobs she's spent a good amount of money on an enhancement, and then says, "but to bad you can't buy a brain enhancement!!" Then she gets on the apron and says, "Your boobs are quite enormous!!" A moment later she calls Michael Cole over to her hold her little belt and calls him "boytoy". Then says he's a good boytoy. She comes in to insult BB somemore by saying she'll never be on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, however, by the looks of her massive breast supply, if she could learn to share a little she could FEED THE WORLD!! Ahh Ivory. What's so great about her is that she tells it exactly how it is. Out of any of the women in wrestling, she's obviously the best when it comes to cutting a promo, she gets better by the week!! Jaqueline comes out now and proclaims that after whipping her in the Gravy Bowl Match that she will win on Sunday. Ivory then asks who will be the fourth particapant, and to a loud welcome Chyna's music plays. The Ivory and Jackie are outraged because they think she's entering. Chyna then says she's busy kicking Y2J's tail that night so she signed Kitty up. However Miss Kitty wasn't to up for it. She said that if she entered, she might get stripped down to her bra and panties!! She then told Chyna she doesn't understand because she doesn't wear any underwear!! You should of seen the look on Ivory's face at this point; she couldn't believe what she just said! Then Chyna proclaimed "I guess that means your gonna have to win." Kiity got a really good crowd reaction so I know the fans are fulling for her to win, or actually lose. Hmmm.. I guess do to the fact Kitty doesn't wear underwera, she WILL have to win, but hopefully it ends up being a tie and they all lose!! I especially want to see BB get stripped down!! Good gawd if she does, which I'm certain she will!! Hopefully we all get to see a good view of her enormous "dairy farms" as Lawler puts it, that would be one of the top moments of the year!! Just like Unforgiven '98 when Sable got stripped down, she was jiggling the whole way!! Hopefully it'll be deja vu all over again, with not just one this time, but four gorgeous ladies.

12/12/99: An Evening Gown match in a swimming pool was to be the deciding factor this time for the WWF Women's Championship belt. With 4 contenders for the prize (Ivory, Kitty, B.B. & Jacqueline) you knew it was going to be good but the WWF fans certainly got more than they bargained for as the winner actually showed us her "puppies".

Before the match started we got a nice view of B.B. while Michael Cole interviewed her in her dressing room. She's hot and all, but her hair looked liked it had been electricuted!! Oh well, she's wearing a long red gown and lucky Michael Cole gets to zip up the back of her dress up while she sticks out her 2 two big dogs. Can't wait to see them!! The match started off by the wrinkly dinosaurs Moolah and Mae Young coming out to the pool as "special referees", like you need a ref to figure out who kept their gown on! Next came Kitty looking lovely in a black gown followed by Jackie who was also in a black gown. As soon as Jackie got on the podium with Kitty the two started to argue and Kitty sent Jackie immediately into the pool! Next came B.B. and her enormous carriage down the aisle followed by Ivory. While Ivory was making her entrance B.B. and Kitty apparently got into it and both ended up in the pool. As soon as Ivory stood on the podium the three remaining women grabbed onto her and threw her right into the middle.

Ivory began pounding on Jackie while B.B. hovered around chased Kitty around the pool for several seconds. Ivory was finally able to pull Jackie's top off while Kitty and B.B. eventually helped Jackie out of her skirt. Jackie quickly left the pool with her bra almost falling off while Ivory went after her next victim - B.B. Ivory grabbed her and pushed her head down under water and left her there for several seconds, it's okay Ivory, just don't harm "The Dogs"; they brought her back up for some much needed air at which point Miss Kitty helped her as they double teamed the bouyant B.B. Both women quickly stripped B.B.'s gown off and BABOOM, you could see her huge breasts barely managing to fit in an otherwise large bra. Oh what a moment, BB gets stripped again!! Kitty swung her trophy around while B.B. made a hasty exit. Before B.B. could completely escape the clutches of her tormentors Ivory grabbed her on the podium and the crowd went nuts as she tried to pull B.B.'s huge size 39 triple D bra off. Would we see "puppies"? Miss Kitty spoiled the fun by pulling Ivory back into the pool before she could complete her mission and the crowd was quite vocal in expressing their displeasure. Wht did Kitty do that? I really, really wanted to see BB's huge breasts!! Her bra could barely contain them anyway, so Kitty should have let Ivory let them dogs free!!

Miss Kitty used B.B.'s stripped off gown to choke out her last remaining opponent with, as Ivory struggled to ultimately free herself. As soon as she did Kitty grabbed her head again and dunked her while following up with a rake to the eyes. This gave Kitty the opportunity to begin stripping Ivory's gown off as Ivory tried one last effort at keeping her attacker from her goal. Her desperate move backfired though as she ended up on the bottom of the pool with her back turned to Kitty who took complete advantage of the situation and stripped Ivory of her gown so Kitty could win the title!! Ivory ranted and raved as Moolah and Mae Young presented Kitty with the Championship belt. However, Kitty wasn't done yet.

"Well I told everyone that I would win this and I did, but I know you came here to see me get naked" the the new champion exclaimed. She took her gown off and dove back into the pool and exited once again before standing on the podium and boy, you could see her nipples right through the wet, transparent bra!! She foddles around and THEN, she unhooks her bra and releases her kitties to the world!! OH MY GOD!! I can't believe she actually did it!! After so much teasing for years between her, Debra, Sable, etc... it finally happened! (Jackie doesn't count, besides, it was in the UK) Of course Sgt. Slaughter had to be a spoil sport and rush in and cover her with a towel but the WWF had finally broken the taboo that they had started in the UK several months ago (Jackie at Capital Carnage PPV). Once all the excitement settled down Mae Young told us she was going to do the same thing and while Jerry and J.R. were beside themselves thinking about that scene of Miss Kitty bearing her lovely little kittens to the world!!

1/23/00 Royal Rumble PPV - Miss Royal Rumble Swim Suit Contest The King interviewed The Cat outside the dressing room, where she told us there was a good possibility that we would see someone topless during the Swim Suit Contest. We did, but it wasn't pleasant, believe me! First to enter the arena was Ivory, who came out with her usual bad attitude. Next out was Terri, who definitely received the loudest response of any of the ladies from the eager crowd. Jacqueline was the third contestant to enter the ring, and was followed by the bountiful Barbara Bush. Luna who obviously did not want to be there was next, with The Kat last but not least.

Now for what everyone had been waiting for! Time to disrobe, as each lady went in the order she arrived at the ring. Ivory threw down her sweat shirt, clearly humiliated that she was even having to participate in this event. Terri threw herself into her participation being the little sex pot that she is! Jacqueline was up next and with the moves that she put on, almost gave Jerry The King a mild heart attack. Barbara was next and although she looked good in her bikini she definitely didn't have the 'flair' of her previous two competitors when it came to showing off. Also her breasts didn't look as enormous as they usually do. Well, I guess it was the bikini. Luna on the other hand made it quite clear to Jerry and the fans that she would never take her clothes off for any reason. Finally it was Miss Kitty's turn to disrobe. The month before she had shown us her 'puppies' at the Armageddon PPV, but this time she limited herself to a bubble wrap bikini.

Just as Jerry said that it was now in the hands of the judges we heard Mae Young's music as she came to the ring. Mae told Jerry and the audience that they came to see 'puppies' and that she would show them 'puppies'. She disrobed and unzipped the front of her suit while Jerry began running in horror from the view he was getting! While the other contestants looked on in shock, Mae actually showed everyone her "puppies"! Mark Henry rushed into the ring to cover Mae up, unsuccessfully, while she continued to prance around the ring. Mark eventually got her covered up while Jerry got the official vote from the judges. That was nasty!! This isn't wrestling and it most certainly was not funny. I hope they never do this sort of crap again.

Well, Jerry announced the winner as Mae Young, who broke lose from Mark once again and this time there was no stopping the woman from showing her "puppies" before even the WWF censors knew what was happening. Obviously some of the the other competitors complained to the judges but most of them took it good naturedly.

BB Barbara Bush