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Rena Mero: Hopefully Will Come Back One Day


  Sable/Rena Mero 

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Rena Mero  
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Rena Mero

hhhhhhhhh Rena Mero Guest Stars On Relic Hunter Steph Scared

2/27: Rena Mero, who we know better as Sable guest-starred on the syndicated television show, "Relic Hunter". She did an okay job and I was surpised about the fact that she still flaunts her cleavage as much as she did while she was in the WWF. The best part was when she fought!!! She used some wrestling techniques and what made the viewing experience more enjoyable was seeing her wrestle in that golden little oufit at the right!! If you've missed seeing new pics of her 38' specials click below for some images!! I vidcap 117 images for your enjoyment so go on to the galleries!! I'll have several images of Heat tommorrow so I hope you come back as well as images from Raw and Nitro on Tuesday.

Gallery One of Rena on R.H

Gallery Two of Rena on R.H

Sable's Breasts Fatten Up At Unforgiven Steph Scared

Sable's inflates her incredible popularity up at Unforgiven with all the cleavage and mad jiggling a pervert could ask for. She wrestled Luna in an evening gown match yet to the delight of the fans she lost when Luna stripped her dress off while being distracted by Mark Mero. Once her gown got stripped she jiggled to her right with a look of rage and disbelief. She then went to take her fury out on Luna while the millions of her fans hypnotically stared at her gargantuan bosoms jiggling and bouncing like there's no tomorrow!! She lost the match but gained a moral victory over Luna to put their fued to an end when she just teared her apart. Well back to Sable's monstrous breasts. Those two mega-sized cannonballs of hers never looked any larger, or fatter for that matter than last night. She looks like she's gotten a few too many implants. Well here's a comparision for ya, the WWF's recovery and growing popularity can be measured in in comparision to Sable's breasts and her cupsize, which has grown mightly several times. Back in 1996 WWF was nearing the verge of financial collapse, which is the same time Sable debuted there. I doubt she had gotten implants yet, as her chest was moderately reasonable at the time. Fast forward to now, the WWF's popularity has balloooned as much as her soft big boobs!! Now everybody knows what the WWF is, just like everybody knows about Sable, yet back in 1996 the Federation's popularity, as well as Sable's was very, very little. Well anyways, how many boob jobs can one women handle? It's quite amazing to see that she became one of the WWF's most successful personalities on the uncanny strength of her larger than life implants. What's even more amazing she's mastered the diificult technique of wrestling with two really large breasts, not to mention carrying them around throughout her matchs. Having Sable expose herself from breasts to toes more often to make money may not send out the right message, but I guess this beats the days of old and recent pastwhen the largest breasts in wrestling belonged to Abdullah the Butcher or only a few years ago, Yokozuna. And for Sable it most definitely has really, really well. Well in closing, may you live a life of non-stop jiggling and possibly in dire need of a really good backbrace in the not so distant future.

Sable Was Paid To Be On Nitro Steph Scared

Rena Mero (Formerly Sable in the WWF) was reportedly paid $50,000 to appear on Nitro last night by World Championship Wrestling. Reports has it that Rena will be at the next Nitro where she'll once again grace the television audience across the country as a spectator only. This act is set to be repeated at the Bash at the Beach Pay-Per-View later this month. This is an attempt by WCW to garner a higher rating percentage and possible hike in PPV buy rate. Once Mrs. Mero is legally able to negotiate and is free from legal obligation from the WWF, WCW is looking to sign her to an immediate deal. But where it stands, Rena Mero is still under-contract with the World Wrestling Federation and may be for some time considering a pending law suit. This past Monday's appearance may complicate issues for Rena in her suit, and there may be counter charges filed, citing corporate sabotage by the World Wrestling Federation.

Rena Mero Appears On Jay Leno Steph Scared

Rena Mero was introduced as "the wrestler formerly known as Sable" when she made her appearance on the 6/24 edition of NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno, along with guests Arsenio Hall and 13-year-old singer Charlotte Church. Highlights from her appearance are as followed: - Leno first showed the upcoming September issue of Playboy Magazine, which will feature Mero on the cover under the name "Sable," although there is some talk Playboy may have to postpone the cover since WWF is not letting it happen.

- Mero said she was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. - Her story on how she got into wrestling is different. She said she came to her husband's contract signing and ended up becoming a valet. - She said she just jumped into the ring one day, but other wrestlers are trained. She wasn't. She said she was a natural. When Leno brought it up, Mero said she "practicies" with her husband more and they put on a few moves of their own.

- She then brought up her lawsuit against the WWF. She said the litigations are ongoing and would let the courts decide. Leno asked if she was fighting for the name Sable. She said most people know her as Sable and would let the courts decide on the name. Leno asked what the main basis was of the lawsuit. Sable just said it was about the vulgar of WWF's programming getting out of hand. She said it is supposed to be family entertainment, but it is morally and ethically wrong. She said the WWF made her do things she didn't want to do. She said there is no union, federal, or state control, but rather just control from Vince McMahon. Arsenio Hall asked Sable if she could name one of the things she didn't want to do, since it was television. Mero said she was asked to rip her clothes off on national television. Leno felt things like that would cause people to be repulsed and cause a drop of ratings. Mero felt, however, it was the WWF's way of drawing ratings, since they allegedly use their superstars to make money and build ratings. Leno asked when Mero was asked to have her clothes ripped off. She said it was a PPV and basically every week on cable television.

- Her upcoming feature in Playboy Magazine was then brought up. She said posing for Playboy was totally different. She said it was a control setting and she had complete control. She noted that there was a photographer and two assistants. Arsenio Hall mentioned a time he tried to sneak in to see a photoshoot, but he couldn't get in. She said the atmosphere when doing a photoshoot was different, because you don't have drunks and children looking at you from a front-row seat. Leno brought up Playboy owner, Hugh Heffner. He asked Mero if Heffner showed up in his robe to see her photoshoot. Mero said he wasn't there, but she got a chance to meet him. She said he was very flirtatious. Arsenio said Heffner was so young and full of life. They joked around, saying Heffner tried to take her out to the woods and uses viagra to be where he is now. - Leno asked if Mero would have any desire to return to professional wrestling if she won the lawsuit. She said she would wait it out, but as for returning to the WWF, "absolutely not."

Sable Appears On WCW Monday Nitro!!!! Steph Scared

Oddly enough, Rena Mero (Sable) who was on WCW Nitro last night, is playing it as WCW is, which is that Rena simply bought a ticket to a WCW show and if she was seen on TV so were thousands of other WCW fans. The WWF may try to sue Sable. The grounds for a lawsuit would be that Sable was given a first row seat by WCW and provided with a security team who was seen shoving fans away from Sable. Such and arrangement between Sable and WCW for a security team is indeed a violation of Rena Mero's WWF contract.

Supposedly, according to certain fans who sent in their thoughts, their local newspapers are reporting that Sable's 110 Million Dollar lawsuit against the WWF has been settled for little money and Rena Mero gets the rights to the name Sable, with a hidden cause. For WCW to freely use Sable, every time the word Sable is mentioned or printed, the WWF gets 3% of Sables contract.Rena Mero paid $50,000 to appear on Nitro

Sable:The biggest, bounciest, fattest, roundest breasts in all of wrestling today.Give me a hell yeah if you wanna sqeeze the living daylights out of them!!! Note:If you want free Sable nude pics, just visit Yahoo! Clubs and you'll find hundreds of them, look up women of wrestling!!! I decided to dedicate a site to the former queen of wrestling, Sable. Posseser of fame, fortune, and garagantuan breasts. She got famous on the hefty size and strength of her implants which lead her to having the coveted honor of biggest hooters in the business. Now she can no longer hold that title becuase she quit the pro wrestling for wanting her to portray in a lesbian angle and also "accidently" let one of her 33-pound melons pop out. She refused and now is long gone into televison and movies. Will she ever change her mind and come back to wrestling? Perhaps when the media and everyone eventually forgets about Sable, and her big fake boobs grow tiresome, if they have not already because of over-doing all the Playboy shoots. Only time will tell.

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