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Ladies and gentlemen...the time has come. Prepare yourselves for the absolute ULTIMATE in Writer Vs. Writer fighting action, the Multiverse's Greatest Sports Event...the Grand Merchandiseable Clash of Authors! So grab your NeoVid plushies and your ice-cold Muta-Aid, and get ready for the fight of SEVERAL lifetimes!

00.00 Prologue written by NeoVid

00.01 The Two Stooges team up written by NeoVid and the (\/)ajin

00.02 The unholy and unlikely alliance of The Unspeakable Cow written by Kyo Hokushin and The King in Yellow

00.03 The arrival of team Knowledge and Power written by Nathan Baxter and Reader

00.04 S 'n L shows up written by Sean Morgan and Luke Caine Rideout

00.05 Team R.O.K. and Sake Connection make their appearance written by Keori and Yun of the Unspellable Name

00.06 Team Cut and Paste's intro written by Epsilon and Gaijin Dan Mastriani

00.07 Team Kaiju joins the game written by ClassicDrogn and Signus Megido

00.08 Team Science & Technology is formed written by Chaobino and Jonatan Streith

00.09 The mercs from Razorwire written by Jonatan Streith

00.10 Broadcast Announce joins the fray! written by MMK and Amanda Francis

00.11 Arrival of the catgirl! written by Midnight Star

00.?? Even more people written by author(s)


01.00 Round One

The Mob Cow Vs. Cut and Paste
The Two Stooges Vs. Team S'n'L
Team Kaiju Vs. The R.O.K. and Sake Connection
Science & Technology Vs. Knowledge & Power

01.01 Scene from a rooftop written by Jonatan Streith and NeoVid

01.02 [plot seg 2] author(s)

02.00 Round Two

Science & Technology Vs. Cut and Paste
Knowledge & Power Vs. Team Kaiju
The Two Stooges Vs. The R.O.K. and Sake Connection
Team S'n'L Vs. The Mob Cow

03.00 Round Three

Knowledge & Power Vs. Cut and Paste
The Mob Cow Vs. The Two Stooges
Team S'n'L Vs. The R.O.K and Sake Connection
Team Kaiju Vs. Science & Technology

04.00 Round Four

The Mob Cow Vs. Knowledge & Power
Cut and Paste Vs. The Two Stooges
Team S'n'L Vs. Team Kaiju
The R.O.K and Sake Connection Vs. Science & Technology

05.00 Round Five

The R.O.K and Sake Connection Vs. Cut and Paste
The Mob Cow Vs. Science & Technology
The Two Stooges Vs. Team Kaiju
Team S'n'L Vs. Knowledge & Power

06.00 Round Six

Team Kaiju Vs. The Mob Cow
The R.O.K and Sake Connection Vs. Knowledge & Power
Cut and Paste Vs. Team S'n'L
Science & Technology Vs. The Two Stooges

07.00 Round Seven

Team Kaiju Vs. Cut and Paste
Team S'n'L Vs. Science & Technology
The R.O.K and Sake Connection Vs. The Mob Cow
Knowledge & Power Vs. The Two Stooges

08.00 Endgame

The Winners Vs. The Big Bad Boss?

09.00 Epilogue

That's our show for tonight! Everybody... GO HOME!!

10.00 Shades of Evermore

To Be Continued...


Reference sheet for the Blue Gecko Bar and Grill. Has an accompanying picture, and is shown from the outside here.

A Fistful of Aardvarks Written by Classic Drogn.

Foodwarz! Written by The Black Wyvern of Amorica.

Scenes from a Hat Written by Nathan Baxter, The Black Wyvern of Armorica, Charles Boucher, Classic Drogn, Daisuke Yumoto, Gaijin Dan Mastriani, Keori, The King in Yellow, Signus Megido, Kyo Misfire, NeoVid, Reader in Invisible Fanfics, Jonatan Streith, Yun of the Unspellable Name.

The Clash of Uninspired Humor! Written by NeoVid, Epsilon, Amanda Francis, Nathan Baxter, Yun of the Unspellable Name, The Black Wyvern of Armorica, Signus Megido, Jonatan Streith, Charles Boucher, Reader in Invisible Fanfics.

Team Redline Episode 004 MSTED by The Black Wyvern of Armorica, The (\/)ajin, The MultiMediocre Knight, NeoVid, Replica (Jonatan Streith).

Family Trees (nine parts) MSTED by Gaijin Dan Mastriani, Cyrus VanGuard (The (\/)ajin), Triad (Insanity), Xachary (Charles Boucher), Kyo Hokushin, Noe Ch'Únggu (Yun Ch'Úlsu), Zenith Carcine (Jonatan Streith), NeoVid, Signus Megido, W4.

Punday Night! Written by NeoVid, Classic Drogn, Jonatan Streith, Epsilon, Sean, Yun Ch'Úlsu, Signus Megido, Kori Yamamoto, Yuusuke, The Black Wyvern of Amorica, Insanity, Nathan Baxter.

Fear the cheez whiz, for it is MIGHTY!