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About the web graphics

With the exception of some the pictures that the phosphor-effect cfharacter page illustrations were made from, all of the web graphics on the current incarnation of the GMCA web site were created by Drojiira, or as he's known to Uncle Sam, Ben Howard. However, the rights of use, modification, and reproduction are hereby ceded to the GMCA Project. Likewise, the L-Sama Productions webgraphics are donated to Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Lord of Nightmares Productions. Anyone not affiliated with and authorized by the above parties who kifes these webgraphics leaves themself open to having their home targeted for orbital beamsat bombardment, their city visited by Drojiira in full Monster Mosh mode, or their undershorts filled with cheez whiz. You Have Been Warned.

As of this writing, NeoVid (neovid@hotmail.com) is the administrator for the GMCA Project, and Chaobino (XellossMettalium@aol.com) is the administrator for Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Lord Of Nightmares Productions.

Fear the cheez whiz, for it is MIGHTY!