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They aren't just Rules, they're THE LAW! OBEY!

Table of Contents:

  1. Fighter Creation
  2. Nonfighter/NPC Creation
  3. Fight Rules
  4. Author Rules
  5. Tournament Layout
  6. Profile Alteration

  1. Fighter Creation:

    • No new fighters after the Tournament starts.

    • Profiles must conform to the Fighter Template.

  2. Nonfighter/NPC Creation:

    • Can be added to the roster either before or during the tournament.

    • Profiles must conform to the Non-Fighter Template.

    • NPCs do not have to be Author Avatars.

  3. Fight Rules (as stated by the Master):

    • No killing. This is a friendly competition. Brutal maimings, however, are not out of the question.

    • Fighters are only allowed to use attacks that were specified during the tournament registration process.

    • No "punking" other fighters before their match. All it does is delay the fight. ("Punking" is defined as taking the opponent out before a fight in some underhanded way--giving them Mexican drinking water, backing them over with a car, etc.)

    • No "jobbing." We're supposed to be entertaining the audience. ("Jobbing" is defined as agreeing to accept a loss to one's opponent, generally resulting in a short and easily-won fight.)

    • The above rules will be enforced so that two fighters in particular will stay outta my face.

  4. Author Rules:

    • Anyone creating a character (either fighter OR NPC) must contribute to the story. Dumping your chara on us and then doing nothing is a major no-no.

    • No killing fighters. This may be a serious story, but there's no reason for it to get that violent. Attacks will be allowed to cause bodily harm and/or draw blood, but it must be assumed that when a fighter loses a match he/she is merely in shock or critically wounded, and will immediately be treated so as to be combat-worthy by the next episode.

    • All fights will be a collaboration between the parties involved. Tournament-related fights will be limited to one part every two weeks. Other exhibition matches and storyline-only parts will be written once a week as per normal ImproFanfic queue format and won't affect tournament standings. They will, however, be allowed to affect the plot of the story.

    • Fighters are not allowed to use attacks that are not specified on their profile.

    • No powergaming. This involves such things as allowing a fighter to dodge every attack or allowing every attack made by a certain fighter to hit 100% of the time.

    • Everyone should be willing to lose when a match is set up.

    • You are not allowed to seek revenge for having lost a match.

  5. V. Tournament Layout:

    • Teams will consist of two fighters. If any fighters aren't teamed up, then they will be paired randomly. All teams should also have a name.

    • Every team will fight all the other teams, and will be awarded points according to the outcome of each fight.

    • The team with the most points at the end of the tournament will face the final boss(es).

    • The point system will go as follows:
      • -1 pts. if a fighter "jobs"
      • -1 pts. if a fighter is caught cheating
      • 0 pts. if a team loses
      • 0 pts. for BOTH teams if the match ends in a draw
      • +1 pts. for fighters that are cheated against
      • +1 pts. for winning
      • +1 pts. per team's fighter left standing at the end of the match
      • +1 pts. for finishing a fight with a desperation or team attack
      • +1 pts. for winning without taking a hit
      • +2 pts. for finishing a fight with a flash finisher or ultimate

  6. Profile Alteration:

    • A fighter's profile movelist can only be changed after the tournament is finished.

    • All other information on a fighter's profile can be changed appropriately as the story dictates.

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