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        This is not the world you know. Time and time has done a lot to it. You are now in 4520. It seems like what you know now, but it's just an illusion. Nothing is the same. You can't buy nothing with 5$. To have a nice life, you have to be in the lucky few that work and live around the "Hot Spot".

         The "Hot Spot" is a big city into the city. There, you find all the wealth of this sick world. There you could have a nice life. Outside that city, there's the "Wild City". The real jungle, the place where life worth nothing and justice is just a dream. There's still some cops working outside the "Hot Spot", but they looks more like soldier than what you maybe know of a cop. In the "Wild City", the cop don't need a legal paper to visit you and fire at you. The "Wild City" is mostly a training ground for them.

         In the "Hot Spot", you have all the high tech that mankind has created. Cyber ware are still illegal in there, but if you have the cash it could became much more legal.

The big corporation

         The big corporation are the real ruler of this world. They have the cash and the power that goes with it. Between those big company there's a constant war for control. Everyone wants the pie, not just a part of it. To rule between them, there's the MMR ( Mega Master Ruler ). This organisation is the ruler between the corporation. It's purpose is to put sanction on the corporation that goes over the rules. It has an unlimited power to investigate any corporation and rules over their actions.

         The rules are simple. First, no kidnapping of people are allowed. No steeling is allowed. No killing  is allowed between the corporation else than for defence. No attack on the global network is allowed. No aquisition of land from war is allowed.

Your place in this world

        You are one of the millions living on earth or in any colony in that time. There's a lot of possibility for you. The choice is all yours.


         The SIT (Special Illegal Team) are working for anyone that have the cash to pay. Being a member of one of those team, you know that your life is always at risk. The cop want to eliminate you and the other team would like them to do so (if not doing it by themself). There's no real friendship between SIT member of two different team. A team is like a family, when your in a team, your not in any other (Or you could be in a real danger).

Life is money and money is life.

         Cash is everything, you could sell your soul for money in this world. Everything can be bought. Body parts are taken from willing people that sell those part to corporation. And some rumor says that there's some special team that don't pay and take all they want from unwilling people. But that's only a rumor. It's not special to meet one eye person on the street.


         The time when government were powerfull is long gone. Country are now only consider as marketing sector and what was the responsability of the governement is now in the hand of the corporation and the MMR.

         There's a few place in the world where the old ways are still in place. First, there's the old Province of Ontario (in the old Canada) that choose to keep their governement system. You also have England that has kept it's old ways and there's Italia. In those country, the corporation has to deal with the governement for everything. You do understand that those country don't have the same population as the rest of the world and that imigration is strictly apply.

         The border of Ontario are one of the most incredible security creation of the last century. To be able to visit this country, you have to use air transport or present yourself at one of the 4 doors that open to the outside world. With less than 9% of crime in those 3 country, they are the places where most of the riches goes to rest. The most common dream is to have the cash to live in one of those country.

         If you have any cyberware, you will have to get rid of them before entering any of those country. It's impossible to pass any cybertechnology trough their border.

         To live there, you have to be able to pay 5 million dollars every year. If you are there and don't have the cash anymore, you will have two choice. The first is to work for the governement and they pay for everything you need, and the second is to go out before they throw you out. There's no place for poor people there. There's some police team that have for only job to find and throw out of the country any people that didn't pay the taxes.


        In those years, to work for the police is like working for a corporation. You are living in the "Hot Spot" and share the nice life of all the other member of corporation. The duty gun is a battle rifle and you always wear a heavy armor on the street.

         For patrol, there's the car, the moto, the jetpack, the mini-aircraft, the tank, the armored transport and all the drone. And also all the special unit. The headquarther of the police in every "hot Spot" are very hard to enter.

         On the global nerwork, there's also some special team that work on keeping corporation safe from hackers.

Thanks to Laura for this really nice image.

Out of this World

         In this time of 4520, human has explored the space. For each discovery, there's a company behind. No space exploration is possible without the support of a main Corp. There’s something unique about space exploration, most of the people living or working on those far places, never came to earth. They live and died on those far planet.

         Earth's Moon:  The moon have a very big city on it. More than 4 Millions peoples lives theres. There's a sub city under the city, tunnel and tunnel going in all direction. No one really know all the tunnel and no one really care to make maps of those old installation. The Moon is under the power of the MMR, there's some of every Corp on the Moon.

         Mars: It do have a base, but it is only a small base for mineral excavation. Less than 50 000 peoples lives there. It is mostly mining workers and their family that are on Mars. Every one living there are working for Mining Astral.

         Seth: 3 years from Earth. At first, when we discovered this heaven planet, we tought that it was inhabited. But, we met some of the most visious creature that we could ever imagine there. The "Tak" are long creature looking like serpent. They move fast and when they get in touch with a human, they liquefy and envelop the person until it has control of the entire body. Then it consume all the molecular substance of the person, until nothing is left. With luck, no one of those creature has ever left this planet. It can't resist any negative G. So when a Starcraft leaves the planet, no creature survive the space. There's a base on Seth, but it is mostly a bio-research team that is there (500 peoples). The base is own by Neopharm.

         Cromalt: A moon 3 years from earth. This is one of the best mineral sources that has ever been found since our exploration of space. 30 000 peoples lives there. There's for 500 years of mineral exploitation on this moon. The only problem with this moon, is the planet under it. Quarmin is the home planet of the "Molnam". The Molnam are advanced creature able of space trip to near planet. Since we are on Cromalt, we only had one visit of the Molnam. But it cost the colony 40 man. Those creature are very dangerous, they have a technology that bind on them and gives them extreme power, like energy gun and personnal jet pack. They also demonstrate some incredible strenght ability. It has been 3 years since that meeting, and the base is still building defenses. The base is own by Mining Astral.

         Ashtong: This planet is 8 years from earth. It has an atmosphere and all the vegetal developpement that is needed for a human culture to flourish. There's a new colony there with 2000 peoples. And on the way to get there, there's a ship with 5000 new colonists that will establish some city on the planet. We don't know too much about the planet, but scientist are working on it. The planet is own by Marasarki Incorporated , but the MMR has realesed a motion to open the planet to every corporation because of the size of it and the ressource that is avealable.

         The spacial base of Caltam: This a place where most of the spacial trip out of our Solar system stop to refuel and rest before going further. There is more than 40 000 peoples working there full time. And on the planet Caltam down under the base, there's 5 millions peoples living. The planet is like the moon of Earth. The planet and the base is under the power of the MMR. Every Corp have business there.

Corporations   A city usual organisation  Character Creation  Main Rules
Equipment  Arm  Cost of life