This is the main rules for the game. As you will see, it is really simple to play Techno-Death.

Success, Chalenge and Miss:
        To play Techno-Death, you can use 6 face dice or even your hand. All the system is working on the Rock, Paper and Scissor style.

On the dice:

1 and 2 : Success
3 and 4: Chalenge
5 and 6: Miss

If you choose to use the RPS style, you could play in LARP or in a camp far in the wood with no sheet at all.

Rock beat Scissor
Scissor beat Paper
Paper beat Rock

When you have a tie, it's a challenge.

Head of column and Skills:

        If you donít have a dot in a skills, you can still try it( but a dot in the header is needed before you can try anything). You loose if you tie or  Miss the challenge.

        Each dot of skill give you the chance to make a retest on an Miss action. If you donít have any dot in the skill needed, you will not have the chance to make any retest.

        YouĎll use this rule for a tie, when both player have at least one dot in their skill facing each other. The one with the more dots in his skill is the winner. If thereís still a tie, the one with the most dots in his head of collumn will win. And if thereís still a tie, then itís a retest for both players.

Health level :

You start with 8 health level.

Healthy---level 8

Bad shape---level 7

Sick----level 6

Hurt----level 5 ( cost +1 dot to get a retest)

Really hurt----level 4 ( 2 test for a success )

Badly hurt----level 3      The GM will have to use the random chart to know what kind of bad things had happen to you. From this level and down to 0, you have to see a doctor to get better. If you donít, you could go down and die. ( 3 test for a success )

Inconcious---level 2 You canít do anything. ( you can use Resolve with 4 test to get back on your feet, and itís on every turn )

Near Death---level 1 You loose some essence ( 1,2 or 3) and without help,you will die.

Death----level 0 There is still some chance that someone could help you. But it has to be really fast.

Combat Rules

Firearms Combat

        The firearms rules in Techno-death are very simple. As a character you will have a number of health level. These represent the number of points of damage from firearms and explosives which you may take.

        LARP : When these health level reach zero the character must lie down with their eyes closed and may NOT talk (unless it is to state that they have been shot. The calls must be clearly audible).

Combat :

        First, each players have the chance to do something (anything, talking is doing something). The only occasion that a player could have a free shot is in the case of a surprise attack ( see down this page).

        Each round, each players in the combat shoose what they want to do. What they do wonít influence the chance of the other player to do what he want.

        A check is done for each player to know if the action is a success (Rock, paper and scissor).

            If the player win, the action is done.
            If the player miss, he can use a dot of this ability to make a retest.
            If the player tie, it is his stat in this skill against the stat of the other player that could be use against.

        When a player use a dot to make a retest, this dot will be remove until the end of the night.

        In a combat, thereís some skill that could be use on a tie. But if the player is using it that round to attack, he wonít be able to use it again to defend on the tie.

These are the skill :

Martial Arts
Ultimate Fighting

Surprise attack

        To get a surprise attack on a player, you have to be sure that he didnít see you attacking him. In other word, if you come from behind, itís a surprise attack if you shoot before he turn around. You have only one turn of surprise attack, the other turn the player can do something. If the player ear something and turn around before you fire, you loose your surprise attack.

        Shooting from distance (Sniping) is consider a surprise attack if the player didnít see you. And until he see you, itís still a surprise attack.

Healing Rules

        The majority of the healing which will be done in the system will be using Healing Patches. These are adhesive patches infused with drugs which are applied to the body directly against the skin and may be only used once.

        They release a measured quantity of medication into the body enabling the receiver to recover quickly, with a delay of only a few seconds in some cases.

        A character may only be patched once per day, unless the character applying the patch has a sufficiently high Medical skill, which allows him or her to apply more than one patch per day.

        Patches have levels which represent their strengths - this number is the amount of health level that are recovered when the patch is applied.

        Please remember that a healing patch may only be used ONCE and then all the drugs are used. Also you can only apply 1 patch of each kind to a person per day, unless you have a medical skill.

        There are several types of patches available - Body, Cure Disease, Dermal, Detox, Sedative, Stimulant and Neural.

The patches are colour coded for your convience.
Type Usage Color Level
Body Heals hits to the body. Can get a Mercs back from death if apply quickly. Blue 2
Cure disease Counteracts most diseases in the body Brown 1
Dermal Heals hits to the body or death. Special for the cyber ware. Silver Grey 2
Detox Counteracts most poisons in the body. Red 1
Neural Recovers Hackers death recieved in the computer net only. Yellow 2
Sedative Makes the recipient unconcious for 10 minutes. White 1
Stimulant Conteracts the sedative patch. And boost the perso. Black 1

Skill Definitions

        Skills have five levels. The level of the skill denotes how competent your character is at performing that skill.

Level Zero : This is equivalent to very basic knowledge (i.e.
someone picking up a gun for the first time and firing it). You use the head of the collumn for the skill needed ( if the head is at 0, you canít do anythingÖ).

Level One : Your character has basic knowledge or training of
how to use the skill in question, whether it be firing a gun or
bypassing a lock etc.

Level Two : Your character is competent in the use of this skill
Level Three :  You are considered very competent in the area the skill covers.

Level Four : You are considered one of the reference in the area the skill covers.

Level Five : You are one of the best in the wild, possibly in the world. This is very very rare only a very few characters ever reach this level.

        In the systeme of the game, each level of skill give you a retest for the night. When you use it and loose, the level is gone for the night ( you can use as many level as you have on the same test). If you donít have any level left in a skill, you have to consider that you wont be willing to use it  much more that night.


        In Techno-death, when you eat once a day, youíre a normal person. "You can go up to 3 days without eating, but after that it will cost you 1 point of health level per day without eating".

Badly Hurt Result:

        Now, when you reach the health level « Badly hurt », you have to use this table. In the game, this will give you Where the character is hurt. And it will give something to roleplay in the game for the player.

Random Bullet Damage Table

11      Punctured Lung
12      Blown Off Finger
13      Blown Out Eye
14      Flesh Wound
15      Shattered Bone
16      Shattered Elbow

21      Skull Entry
22      Punctured Butt
23      Shattered Knee
24      Punctured Liver
25      Blown Off Nose
26      Shattered Hand

31      Shattered Foot
32      General Gut Wound
33      Punctured Heart
34      Punctured Throat
35      Shattered Wrist
36      Shattered Sholder

41      Broken Rib
42      Broken Sternum
43      Cracked Collar Bone
44      Cracked Sholder Blade
45      Shattered Hip
46      Punctured Muscle

51      Shattered Jaw
52      Broken Neck
53      General Internal Damage
54      Fractured Skull
55      Punctured Intestine
56      Damaged Spinal Cord

61      Brain Entry
62      Clean Exit
63      Lodged In Dermal
64      Major Artery/Vein
65      Punctured Internal Organ
66      Ricochets Off Bone